Love in the family


Love in the family


I am Carl an 17 year old boy and am part of a family made from 4 persons; my father who is never to be found at home he is either at work or at the club drinking with his friends and after this incident mum divorced him for lack of attention he gave her, my mother a house wife, me and my sister which is 1 year younger than me. My mother and sister have the same characteristics; Tall and slim, with a D-cup firm bust and a bit more than a handful of firm perfect ass, my mother is a redhead and my sister is a natural blonde and definitely they aren’t shy but they’re sure cock teasers. They like to wear tight clothes, whilst my mother is a bit more on the conservative side my sister being 16 likes to show more her assets, and was still a virgin. I am tall, athletic and ripped though I am not a blonde like my sister, I am not dark skinned, I am somewhere in the middle but not that white and own a fat 9 inch pecker.


It all started about 2 months ago, it was a Saturday. I was on my laptop in my room with the door slightly open, the rest of the family were out my dad was at work and mum and sis were out shopping. I had just woke up, was still in only my loose shorts which I use to sleep with, had breakfast and was on the internet searching for something to do, but there was nothing, my friends were still as sleep after a late night out and I had nothing to do so I stood watching some porn and wanking to it. Without me noticing mum and sis arrived home and had settled everything, sis came to my room to talk to me. She opened the door a bit so she could peep her head in, but before she could whisper a word she was mesmerized with the sight of me stroking my fat 9 incher, and stood there for a minute or 2 not making any noise. Then she went to her room closed the door behind her, stripped naked and laid herself comfortable on the bed, started rubbing her clit and with a vibrator she had she fucked herself, keeping a picture of my fat cock in her head and taking herself through several orgasm before she stopping.


Sis than slipped on a short skirt and tight shirt showing of a lot of cleavage and because she wore no underwear her nipples were poking out in the air rock hard. Horny and hot like fire, she stood in her room thinking how to put her hands on my cock, which she now desired so much. Sis silently came back behind the door to my room to see what I was doing. I was still watching porn and rubbing my cock, my sister from behind the door while rubbing her wet clit, made her mind that she would come in from behind me silently and grab hold of my cock and she will do whatever comes to her mind.


After a minute, slowly and silently, sis pushed the door open making sure she did no noise and closed the door behind her. So not to let me see her reflection on the screen, she crawled on her knees like a dog till she was right behind my chair.

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   She waited for a few seconds and from the behind me in a flash she had her hands all over my cock. Keeping a firm hold on my cock turned me around and pulled me up and placed on my king sized bed.


With a grin on her face but not believing how big my cock was, she said “Hey bro, you thought you were alone. You made a big mistake, not locking your bedroom door while viewing porn and rubbing this piece of lovely meat.


Then giving me no time to say anything, sis fell down on her knees placed my fat cock in her mouth and started to lick up and down my shaft and after a few strokes took in her mouth and sucked it while rubbing her wet clit with her free hand. She was giving me the best blowjob I ever had. With all the slurping and moaning in the room I was going mad. After some minutes of the best blowjob, sis stood up, took of her shirt, pushed me lying flat on the bed and placed her dripping wet pussy on my face like she was forcing me to suck her pussy and told me “You made my pussy so wet, with that huge cock of yours, now suck my bald wet pussy for being naughty and making me so horny”. I immediately complied without complaining and with my tongue probing in her tasty pussy, I was driving her crazy. Than in a swift move I got a good hold of her by her hips and without removing her pussy from my mouth threw her on my side till she was lying flat and I was on top. Then I turned placing my cock in her lovely warm mouth while I sucked her lovely pussy. For the next 20 minutes we remained like that sucking each other out. I drove her through 2 huge orgasms till I was feeling mine boiling up in my balls, but I didn’t tell her and left her sucking me to her surprise, when I wasn’t able to hold more I started fucking her mouth roughly and she noticed I was near and started sucking so hard, she was taking me in another world without moving an inch, and pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked it for a few seconds till I started shooting every shot of load after load of cum on her face and her hair.


 I pushed her onto her back and she spread her legs wide.   She said “I’m ready for it; I know you’ve always wanted to, so go ahead.

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   I’m proud you’ll be first with that huge monster of yours”  With that I placed my monster at my sister’s tiny tight virgin pussy.   I slowly started to push it in, and you could hear my sister gasp at the size of my cock and while I worked it in till I hit her hymen.   I gave her a few moments to adjust to the size of my fat pal, then without any notice I gave one hard pump as hard as I could tearing her hymen and keeping it in filling her pussy full of my meat.   Her nipples were standing about an inch tall, which meant she was in seventh heaven and after a while I was fucking her like a rabbit.   She was moaning and churning, and screaming in pain which in no time turned into pleasure while I fucked her for she was worth taking her through numerous orgasms. I continued to pump her hard till I felt my cum boiling in my balls. I announced I was ready to cum immediately sis shouted through moans “AAaaaahhh. . . . . . . Fill my pussy. .

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      . with your cum”, but I had other ideas I pulled out grabbed her by her hair shoved my cock in her mouth filled her mouth full of my cum till she couldn’t keep holding anymore and cum slid out of her mouth and went drooling down on her tits. She then swallowed what she had in her mouth and sucked my cock clean and shining with her saliva and we stood there to rest a bit before we could continue again.


    But with all the horniness we had we never realised that our mum was hearing everything from the kitchen and had crawled her way up behind my bedroom door. Hearing us fucking and she was rubbing her clit and took herself to an huge orgasm imagining us fucking. After she was ready and we had stopped fucking, she made her way in my room and seeing my sister with her face, hair and tits all covered in my cum and me naked stoking my monster, she started shouting, yelling at us and every now and then taking a look at my huge cock mesmerized. I wasn’t looking in mum’s face with fear of what I thought was next, but then to my surprise I noticed that mum had a wet patch on her tight hot pants she was wearing. I looked at my sister and made her a signal to look between mum’s legs to see her wet patch. Like we had one mind, me and my sister stood up at the same time, my sister grabbed mum’s hair and dragged her face down to her tits and instructed her “Mum lick my tits clean from my brothers cum, I know you want it, your all wet” and after a few seconds of struggling she complied and stood there licking her tits clean from my cum. While mum was busy cleaning her tits I roughly tore her clothes and threw them aside. Then I got hold of my again hard cock spat on the head placed on at the entrance of her wet tight pussy, and with one fast move I was fucking mum with all my 9 inches of fat cock.


    Seeing that mum was complying to every instruction me and my sister were giving her, I placed mum flat on my bed facing the ceiling instructed my sister to suck mum’s pussy while pushed my cock in mum’s mouth. She took every inch with great pleasure and worked my cock like a pro in her mouth, moving back and forth covering her teeth with her lips and applying pressure as she fucked me with her mouth.  Than mum pulled me out and told me “From where did you get this lovely huge cock, surely not from your dad. I have been longing for this after I had you and your sister he rarely gave me any attention.

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       It feels wonderful as it had been many years since I gave a blow job to your dad and receiving oral sex” and shoved my cock back in her mouth and continued to fuck her mouth till I unloaded shot after shot of cum in her throat, which she accepted willingly and swallowed everything I gave her and continued to suck me and in no time I was hard as a rock again and shouted “Fuck me . . . . . . as hard as you can an shove that huge monster of yours up my ass” and she grabbed my sis from her hair gave her a passionate kiss and than from her hips mum brought sis sitting on her face and started to suck her slit and tongue fucking her. Seeing mum like that I immediately went to do work grabbed mum’s ass placed my cock at the entrance of her asshole and shoved my cock in fucking her for all she was worth and after a few minutes I was shooting my cum up mum’s asshole filling her till cum was flowing down her ass. while I pulled my cock out of mum’s ass my sis came from behind me lick mum’s ass clean from my cum and scooped my cum with her tongue of mum’s ass taking mum trough orgasm of pleasure then I shoved my cock in mum’s mouth to clean it for me.


    Mum than decided that she would divorce dad because he never gave her any attention and he went to live with his parents. After he left I told mum and my sister that they can’t fuck no one else and that they had choose either become my sex slaves or marry mum had to marry me and my sister would become my daughter apart from my being my sister and I would have absolute power over them and I promised them to be the man of the house and would give them the best life they ever had which they chose the last one. After a few months we moved to another place were no one knew us, me and mum married and as a young happy family and we took it a habit to stay naked at home and every time I wanted, I fucked mum now my wife or my sister now my daughter and later after me and mum married, mum was pregnant with a girl from me and my sister was waiting to see if she was knock up too.  


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