Loving Family


I lay there holding my wife. We had just had incredible sex and we were both almost asleep.
Then the door clicked open softly and our daughter entered. She never knocks and we don’t try to make her.
“Mommy? Daddy? I can’t sleep. Can I sleep with you tonight?”
Mindy was fifteen. She hasn’t slept with us much for years but lately, since we’ve been getting more intimate with her she wants to sleep with us most every night.
“Sure Honey. ” I said.
We moved to make room for her between us.
She lay down and inhaled deeply. “Your bed always smells so good!”
That was because our bed reeked of sex.
“Do you want to sleep or play a little first, Honey?” My wife asked, knowing very well what the answer would be.
She giggled. “Play. ”
I moved closer to my beautiful daughter and my wife did the same on the other side of her. 

   We’ve always been a very close family and enjoyed cuddling with each other a lot. It seemed very natural to everybody when we recently took it to the next level.
My wife slid off our daughter’s large t-shirt and my two favorite girls started kissing deeply and stroking each other’s breasts. I put my arms around her from behind and started nuzzling her neck. My fingers trailed gently down her stomach and started to stroke my daughter’s inflamed pussy.
My dick was getting hard against her cute little butt. I felt my wife’s hand on my shaft, guiding me into my daughter’s hot pussy. She slid her leg between ours so they could grind their clits against each other and we could all make love together.
She reached out and put her arms around me and I did the same so we could hold our little girl tightly between us. I started gently thrusting into my daughter. Every stroke moved her against my wife, creating friction between them. I felt the heat of both their pussies and they were both moaning with delight as they continued to kiss and caress each other.
I increased my pace and reached down to finger my wife’s pussy. I found my daughter’s fingers already there and she squealed with delight as we entered her together.
We all came together, gasping our “I love you”s to each other.

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   Though I had just made love to my wife I emptied another massive load in my daughter.
We all lay still for a while then I moved my fingers, drenched in my wife’s pussy juices up to my daughter’s lips.
    She sucked contentedly as my wife trailed kisses down her breasts and stomach. Finally she reached our daughter’s sweet pussy and buried her tongue in it.
    My daughter and I started kissing as my wife pulled us closer so she could alternately lick her pussy and my dick.
    My daughter came, moaning against my lips, under the stimulation of her mother’s talented tongue and fingers and a few seconds later I came again in my wife’s mouth.
    She crawled up next to us again. “Sleepy now, baby?”
    “Yes Mommy. ”
    They hugged each other and then we all kissed, I loved the feeling of both their tongues against mine, and we all cuddled up for a blissful night‘s sleep.
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