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We would grieve together holding eachother tight and she would thank me and call me her rock, I was just happy to be there for her help her through the bad times. It was a cold Sunday night last year and I was sat down in the living room watching the American Football on Cable, i prefer the English games but I find it relaxing, my mother came back from blockbuster she had rented a film for us to watch, i agreed she said she was cold and needed a bath to warmup before we watched the film i said ok and she went upstairs. She called to me that she had some sweets in she bag and that she wantedme to put them in a dish she said her bag was in her bedroom. So I went upstairs and as i went passed thw bathroom I could see that the door was slightly open I that i cold she her in the bath through the crack, I started to think sexual things as I watch she soaping her large frame. This is the first time I have seen her fully naked, her breasts areally big with large button nipples she has a large tummy with a few beautiful freciles on them and as she puts her head bolow the water to wash her hair and can see her legs come up above the side of the bath and i get really hard. My mind returns to me and I relise that I shouldn't be watching her and I quickly walk to her bedroom, but as I turn I hear a floorboard creek and i hope she didn't hear it. I walk up to her bag and reach inside to take the sweets out as I do I can see her message book inside and i cannot resist to open it up and look inside. It is filled with how much she misses Dad and how much she loves me, as I get further into the book she begains to say that she's begainning to have unnatural feeling towards me, I quote "I dont know what to do, I love him so much but I cannot do anything about my feelings as it might drive him away and I cannot live with myself if he leaves me". Also "Today I accidently walked in on hime in the bathroom when he was having a shower, i could see his shadow and he was masterbating I felt like taking my clothes off and joining him but I cannot, what do I do my feelings for him aren't natural". I put the book down and start to think about what I have just read, oh my God my mother has sexual feelings for me, what do I do, I have the same feelings for her aswell, maybe i should act on them as I know she wants the same thing, my heart starts to beat rapidly. I hear my mother call out, "did you find them ok Honey?". "yes mother I did iam going to get changed into some more comfortablt clothes tell me when you want to watch the movie". "ok baby, i will". With that I walk up to the door and look in, she is drying herself off and I see he very shapely bottom right in front of me and i become instatly hard, she outs on her nightie and drsssing gown. I deicde that iam going to give her a show that she will never forget, I leave my bedroom door open I start to get undressed as my mother leaves the bathroom she looks in sees me with my back to her taking my boxer shorts, i can see my my mirror that she she stopped and looking at my naked behind I turn slightly so I can still see her in my mirror but now see can see my rock hard cock, I see she is licking her lips and i know that she really wants me, I pick up my new pair of boxers and she quickly walks away, knowing that she wants me I feel like iam walking on air as I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. She goes down stairs and calls me down stairs as she wants to watch it before she gets to tired.

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   Instead of sitting in my own chair I join her on the settee. As we watch the movie she puts her hand on my leg and starts to stroke it, she always does this whwn we sit together as it makes her more comfortable. There is a little bit of her thigh not covered by her dressing gown and i decide that iam going to stroke her nice plump thigh. As I move my hand closer he hand makes it way to my own thigh and behind my knee, I love being touched there and she knew that from when i was a little boy. I touch her leg and its so smooth and silky, its still warm ffrom her bath and I start tompush aside her dressing gown to expose up to her nightdress. I stop watching the movie and look at my mother, she is already looking at me and softly says "I love you" I say the same back to her and I move myself and go up to her face and I look into her eyes and she starts to lick her lips and I move closer to kiss her, our lips meet and a wonderful sensation travels through our bodies. She moves he hands around my waist and pulls me closer to her until Iam ontop of her, I then start to kiss her neck as she pus her hands inside my shorts and boxers and starts to slowly feel my buttocks. She asks me if I want to go upstairs where we would be more comfortable. I say yes and she looks at me and she looks so happy I help her up and she leads me upstairs to her bedroom. Once we are inside her room she puts on a love song album and lights a few candles she always keeps in her room and she puts the lights on very dim. We kiss again and she asks me if she can take my clothes off. i say of course so she starts by taking off my shirt and kisses my nipples and she then works she way down and takes of my shorts and boxers, and there i am with no clothes on and a 8 inch quite thick Cock standing fully out pointing at my mother. I then undo her dressing gown and I take it off I then take off her nightdress and now she is standing before me with only a pair of knickers on, I start to feel her breasts as I kiss her lips and i hen remove her knickers she is really wet and as I do down I start to lick her pussy, she starts to moan slightly and i decide that now is the time to make love to her. I lower her oto the bed and move ontop of her we carry on kissing and he says to me that she wants it to be loving and slow, I tell her thats what I want aswell. I use my legs to part her legs and now she is open my me to enter her, I left her 18 years ago and now iam going to reenter her in the move loving and perfect way.

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   I start to push my cock into her and she says she hasn't and any sex for ages and that he might be rusty. I tell her that I haven't had sex before and we both agree that its perfect that my first time is with the only women I love in the hloe workd my mother. I start to enter her and she tells me how much she wanted this and how much she loves me, i smile back and push my cock in fully into her pussy, she says that iam very big and she loves the feeling even more that she thought she would. I started to get in a slow lond and deep movement and I started to feel a orgasam building up inside me I started to move faster in and out of her and she was looking up at me with a big smile on her face and told me how she never wants to leave she bed again, she starts to buck and I grad the headboard to steading myself and to help me penitrate deeper, she was calling out my name and saying that iam nearly ready baby, I said yes mother me to, i see that she had a orgasam just before I did and we just laid there and fell asleep in eachothers arms. The next morning was a monday and we boh phoned eachothers work places to tell them that we wont be coming in for work today. I will tell you people about that later. . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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