Loving my son.


I knocked on Luke's bedroom door, no answer, I knocked again, harder. Still no answer so I opened the door, Luke was lying on his bed reading a book and masturbating. My heart thumped, it was years since I had seen him naked, he was now fifteen and a big boy, if you know what I mean. I said, 'Luke,' he jumped like he'd been shot. 'Oh!What. . . what?'he tried to cover himself. 'It's alright darling, it's only me and you're not doing anything naughty, I did knock on the door but you must have been too interested in the book, what is it?'Luke was blushing furiously, 'Er. . . . well . . . um.

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  . er. . a boy at school lent it too me. 'I smiled, 'It's rude I suppose?'He nodded. I sat on the bed next to him, we were very close because we had lost my husband six years before and he was an only child. I kissed his forehead, 'It really is alright you know, nearly everyone does what you were doing there's nothing to be ashamed of. 'I pulled his hand away and revealed his cock, 'Mmm, you really are a big boy!''Am I?' he sounded puzzled. I wrapped my hand round the shaft of a seven inch cock that was thicker than any I had ever seen, 'Yes, you really are, you're going to satisfy a lot of girls with this. ''Fat chance,' he commented, 'girls don't seem to want to get friendly with me, I've never seen a girls boobs let alone her. . . well you know. ''Her quim you mean?''Yes. ''Well that's easily remedied, darling.

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I got up, put my hands up my skirt and slipped my knickers down, then lifting my skirt to my waist I parted my legs. I thought Luke's eyes would pop out of his head. I said, 'There's no secret about it, Luke, here,' I took his hand, ';just gently stroke me like this,'I covered his hand with mine and made him stroke my cunt lips, I could feel him trembling at first then his fingers got more firm. My body began to react, my heart was thumping like mad, what I was doing was wrong I knew, but how could it be wrong?Surely a boy's mother was the best person to show her son what to do?His fingers slid as my juice began to flow, the lips parted and a finger slipped inside. I kissed him and said quietly, 'Just do what I tell you, darling. 'I soon had him gently fucking me with his finger then teasing my clit, explaining how it felt to me and how a woman would become aroused and want to have his lovely cock inside her.

I made him undress completely and I did the same, then I lay back on the bed and spread my legs, I pulled him over between them. His cock nudged between the lips of my cunt, I put my hand down and entered it for him, he didn't need telling to push in and begin fucking. He took to it like a duck to water, naturally he came quickly and I felt a lovely succession of fierce spurts as his spunk spurted deep into me and filled me to the brim. I kissed him passionately as he flopped on me, 'Gosh, Mum, I never thought it would be like that but I wish itt had lasted longer!''I can teach you how to do that,' I told him, 'now I'm going to do so,mething you've never even dreamed about. 'I slid down his body, sucked his limp cock into my mouth and sucked and swirled my tongue around his lovely cock, swallowing what I garnered. Then I sucked him into a full erection and made him fuck me again. That was just the first time, I've taught him everything he needs to know about fucking and sex since and I'm sure he gets plenty because he always seems to have a girl in tow nowadays. .