Lucky Stone pt7


“Well if the sleeping arrangements are fine I’ll ring and order breakfast and when you kids dress we can discuss all the activities we can do here. ” Dad turned and left the room and I moved aside my pillow showing Sue my erection. “How about finishing this off before we go” I asked. “Cover yourself up and don’t be gross. Just because you got hard dreaming of Vesta, do not expect me to help clean you up” said Sue as she headed for the shower. I dressed in a baggy pair of board shorts and a T-shirt and headed for the living area to see what activities Dad had planned. Breakfast arrived followed by Sue and as we sat and ate we poured over an assortment of brochures. Mom and Dad decided to visit the shops and marina for some souvenirs and to book a boat to take us to the reef for some diving later in the week, then they would check out the resort. Sue thought the bush walks looked nice and said she might find some place private to work on her tan. I opted for the pool as they had volley ball starting soon and then maybe some snorkeling practice for our reef trip. Holding the stone as I headed out the door I hoped for some action this holiday. I was the first person to the pool area so I found a lounge in the shade and checked the place out. Soon a young lady, I’d say early to mid twenties, come done the path to the pool. She was wearing a tiger print halter top and matching skirt tied around her waist. Her breasts were firm but not large and I was getting hard staring at them. She took a lounge opposite me across the pool then placed her sunglasses on her face so I couldn’t see her eyes.

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   Then she raised one leg and gave me a look at her bikini covered mound. Feeling uncomfortable I went to the pool bar for a glass of juice and Alec the barman noticed my glances back to the women by the pool and filled me in on her story. “She comes here this time each day and flirts with any guy who is here, and then she comes here for a juice. Then she has a quick swim before the rest of the crowd arrives. Her husband told her this was a surprise trip but the surprise was three of his buddies were already here and they have been off golfing and diving and left the poor girl alone. ”I was wondering what to do when I felt the stone heat my chest. “Give me a glass of juice for her and what did you say her name was?” I asked Alec. “Her name is Tiffany and I think she may be a bit too out of your league being a married woman and you just a boy” replied Alec as he gave me the drink. I didn’t bother to adjust my cock in my shorts and walked around her lounge so as when she turned her head she would be looking straight at my crotch. “The barman said you usually have a juice this time of day so may I present you this glass?” I was correct because as she turned her head it was level with my stiffening cock and her gaze hung there for a moment before accepting the drink and asking me to sit. “Well no guy has got the nerve up so far this week to talk to me so what’s your story” her voice was cold but not mean. I gave her a quick version of events and then asked about her and why was such a beautiful woman here alone. “My husband planned this to be with his buddies and I got to come along because one got sick and they had a spare ticket. I was hoping for some sun, sand, surf and sex but so far all I’ve seen is this pool and some shops and my husband has no chance of any sex for a long time. ” She drank her juice done in one long swallow then grabbed my hand and said follow me.

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  Tiffany pulled me along the pool walk then to a secluded path that wound up to the hills. Rounding a bend that put us high above the pool area but still hidden by the tree tops she stopped suddenly and embraced me tightly and kissed me deeply forcing her tongue down my throat. Her hands were everywhere trying to get my t-shirt and shorts out of the way. I responded by dropping a hand to her cunt and rubbing my hand roughly over her mound while trying to force a finger into her slit. Her crotch humped against my leg as her hand forced its way into my board shorts. I gripped her arse pulling her forcefully onto my leg as her humping wore a hole in her bikini briefs. Dropping to her knees she pulled my shorts down and released my hardening cock. Tiffany’s lips wrapped around my cock head and she squeezed hard as her head swallowed it inch by inch. Head bobbing deeply her tongue licked and her throat sucked as her lack of sex drove her into a frenzy. Standing up she untied her halter to reveal her firm breasts. I grabbed one and roughly squeezed and then pinched the nipple all the time her breathing was rasping in my ear. “Fuck me, fuck me now” she gaspedI moved the crotch of her briefs aside and positioning my cock gave a trust at the same time Tiffany squatted and this caused my cock to slam into her cunt up to the balls in one deep plunge. “Oh gawd” she screamed “again and again till I pass out, keep fucking me. ”I pulled back and then slammed forward repeatedly, lifting her off her feet with each stroke. I took a nipple in my mouth and suck and bit as I fucked this woman harder than I could remember.

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   Pure animal lust as she rode my dick to breaking point. Continuing to pound her pussy she grabbed her own breast from me and stuck the nipple in her mouth. Her hand slid between us and rubbed her clit vigorously trying to bring herself to orgasm. “Fill me up with your juice” she said “I want it to leek down my leg. I want my husband to taste another mans cum in my cunt. I want it now. ”I couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot the first of several spurts of cum deep into her pussy. Her vagina was on fire and slick with our mingled juices as I pumped her with everything I finally slumped against her as the exertion of the fucking and the tropical heat took its toll. Tiffany pulled my cock out and pushed her bikini briefs into her hole. “This will hold it in for later” she rearranged her halter and skirt gave me a peck on the cheek and said “I needed that stud. Thanks for livening up my holiday. ”I tucked my cock into my shorts and sat on a log as Tiffany made her way back to the pool. It was then that I heard a slow hand clap and turning to see who was watching I saw Vesta walk from behind some bushes further up the path. “You seem to make friends easily and you were a bit more active than on the flight. What’s the matter aren’t I your type?” Vesta walked over and sat on the log next to me her hand running up my leg to feel my cock.

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  Voices from the pool area bought Vesta around “Well there goes my quiet swim for today. How about joining me at our house?” with that she took my hand and walked back up the path till we reached a gate. Vesta punched in a code to open it “This is the private area of the island and as long as you are with me you’ll be OK”I spent a few hours with Vesta as she showed me the house, gardens and parts of the private area of the island. I told her it was getting on for lunch time and I had to meet Mom and Dad. I found Dad by the pool checking out the talent and stopped to ask how the morning had gone. He went on about shops and boats and all the stuff at the resort. Then he mentioned a gym run by an ex footballer who was one of his favourite players a few years back. I told him I was going to check it out but he looked at his watch and said the gym was closed from 1:00 till 2:30. I told him I’ll just go back to the rooms and get my digital video camera and scout around. “Don’t make any noise your mother was going to lie down as she is still a bit jet lagged from the trip” he said as I walked away. I went in through the side door directly to the bedroom. I found my camera and checked the battery was fully charged and a full tape was in. Just then I heard a faint knock on the main door and as I opened my bedroom door to look into the living area I saw Mom wearing a light sun dress open the door and let in the gym instructor who was wearing a cut off muscle singlet and bike shorts. Even from across the room I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts. I turned on the camera and placed it on a small room divider to record the whole show and sat back to watch.

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  The door as no sooner closed then they were in a passionate embrace. Mom had her hand behind his head forcing his tongue deep down her throat. He had both hands on her arse gripping tight. Mom moved to one side and straddled his left thigh and began humping it like a bitch in heat. Her left hand began stroking his cock through his shorts and it started to grow in size. “Is this a new dress?” he asked and when Mom said no he gripped it at the neck and ripped it into two pieces leaving Mom naked. He squatted down in front and told Mom to put her arms up so as not to get hurt. I was curious as to what he had planned when he put both arms between Mom’s legs, cupped her arse cheeks and then lifted her into the air. With her arms over her head Mom avoided hitting the ceiling and swinging her legs over his shoulders now had her cunt planted firmly in his face. He began a steady head action licking his tongue deep into her pussy. Mom was riding his face to feel very contact. Meanwhile his hands were pulling her arse cheeks apart and his finger was seeking her arse hole. Making contact he forced one finger in, up to the second knuckle, as Mom nearly leaped off his face. Her breathing was becoming ragged from his assault on both holes when he balanced her on his hand with his finger up her arse hole and with his free hand pulled down his shorts to release is monster cock Then he said "Come on, lady, let's get down to some real fucking. " He then tossed her from his shoulders onto the lounge causing it to slide across the floor and face directly towards the camera.

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   She turned her back to him and knelt on the lounge with her arse facing him. He removed his shorts as he walked across the room all the time pulling his cock. He went around the lounge to face her and offered his long cock to her waiting mouth. Her hand gripped it, barely meeting around it, and then her tongue flicked the tip coating it with saliva. Next she took the head into her mouth followed by an inch or two of his cock shaft. She paused for breath before taking another couple of inches all the time her tongue was working around getting his cock well and truly slicked. She moved her hand to her mouth and holding his cock firmly slid it out to the head before sucking it back in. Mom had a steady rhythm going as she worked his solid rod over good although she was never able to take more than half his length because it was so thick.
    He took his cock from her mouth and moved to sit on the lounge “time to get serious babe” he said and Mom moved to straddle his thighs. She put her hands on his muscular legs and slowly lowered her cunt to his waiting cock. I had a perfect view as her pussy lips made contact with the head of his cock for the first time. Neither of them made a sound as his cock head parted her pussy lips and began to disappear inside her cunt. She paused for a moment to adjust to the size and feel of his cock until she again lowered herself onto his cock. Mom made some small moves up and down again a couple of times to make sure his cock was coated in her juices. Spreading her pussy juice on his shaft enabled her to take his cock deeper and deeper into her.

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       Then he gripped her hips and as he pulled her down he thrust and with a cry of pleasure from Mom his cock disappeared up to the balls in her cunt. Her hands moved to her breasts and she pinched and pulled on her erect nipples. One hand slid down to her clit and she rubbed it in a circular motion and as he pounded her pussy her fingers grazed along his cock as each trust sent ripples of pleasure through her body. Mom’s eyes rolled around her head which flopped limply on her shoulders as he lifted her up and slammed her back onto his cock. He continued to lift and thrust and the sound of thighs slapping was the only sound in the room. Mom began to breathe deeply, as he grunted like a pig, their bodies racing to an obvious orgasm. Just as she began to scream with passion but he removed his cock and lowered her gently to the floor, then standing over her he shot his load over her sweat soaked body. Mom lay back and begged for him to finish her off as she needed his cock to get her off. “Sorry babe but I’ve gotta go” he said as he picked up part of her torn dress and wiped his cock clean. “Remember babe my break time is 1:00 to 2:30 if you need another private gym lesson. ” With that he pulled on his shorts and left. I was reaching for the camera when I heard Mom call out to me. “So Mark did you enjoy the live show?”I kept still but she called again. “I know you’re there honey and I bet you have a stiff cock. Mommy needs a stiff cock to get her off so come and help Mommy.

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      ” Her voice was really pleading and with nothing to lose I stood and removed my board shorts and let my stiff cock spring to attention. Mom was lying back on the floor, spreading her feet and raising her knees. She was now totally open as she looked at me and licking her lips. Her hands were grasping her tits and pulling at her nipples. She put one hand to her pussy and began to finger her cunt as I watched. My cock was throbbing and as my blood swelled into it I could hear my heart beat pounding in my ears. Mom bought her finger to her mouth and licked her juices from it. "Stupid muscle man doesn’t know what a woman wants. You know what you want don’t you Mark. Come and get it, fuck Mommy if you want it. " I can’t describe how much I wanted it. My cock was at the opening of her cunt. Her pussy was still leaking her juices. I leant over her and our mouths locked and our tongues worked deep into each others throats. Our bodies began to press and my cock entered into my mom's pussy.

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       It wasn’t as tight as before but after the stretching it had been given I wasn’t about to complain. Her cunt was hot as it swallowed my stiff cock. We both moaned loudly as the pleasure built from each thrust. I raised myself up of Mom and brought my cock almost all the way out before putting my weight behind it to slam home my full length each time. Mom was talking wildly, ranting about having my cock, wanting me to keep fucking her. Well if that’s what she wanted I’d keep giving it to her. I could feel the stone heating against my chest so I decided to go with my thoughts. I pulled out and told Mom to roll over and get on her knees. “Yes” she begged “do me, do me doggy style. Fuck your mother from behind. ”I had other ideas though. I gripped my cock and rubbed the head on her juicy slit then I forced the head into her arse hole. She told me to stop but I just slapped her arse as I forced more of my cock through the back door. “You told me to do what I want and this is what I want so shut up and take it. ” I couldn’t believe how forceful and aggressive I sounded and it was adding to the turn on.

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      By now I was halfway in and she was still asking me to stop. I pulled back most of the way and slapping her arse again I sunk my cock to the balls in one deep penetration. Again she cried in pain but after several deep thrusts and a few more slaps I noticed one of her hands move to her clit and begin to rub it. I could feel the pressure building and finally I released my load deep in her bowel. I dropped my full weight on her and we both lay flat on the floor. It was several minutes before we could speak and leaning into her ear I told her that as teenage boy I was horny a lot of the time and from now on she was to let me fuck her whenever I needed some relief. She tried to roll me off but I just forced her back down. “Listen here; you fuck complete strangers at a minutes notice. You did videos and now you’ve fucked your son so I don’t think you’re in a position to argue. You’ll do what I want when I want it or I tell all. ”She nodded her head in agreement. Things were looking good but there were two things I didn’t know. 1) I had forgotten to turn off the camera and 2) Sue had come in after the gym guy had left and saw what I did. It was going to be an interesting week. .



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