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My name is Sam, and i'm 15 years old, and since i had hit puberty at the age of 11, i had lusted over my neice. Shes only about eight months younger than me. Shes my big sisters daughter, and my god is she hot. Her name is Christina. She's about 4ft9, long blonde hair, sweet pearly white skin, a beautiful ass, nice legs and a nice devoloping set of tits. When the contents of this story happened she was 14, almost 15. About once a month, Christina and her two brothers would stay here so my Mom could babysit and give my sister and her husband a chance to go out for dinner or something. Since i was about 11 years old, i started looking at my neice in a different light. I'd find myself stealing glances at her ass as she left the room, or when we were "playing a game" i would try and have as much psychical contact with her as possible. Over time, we both grew up (To my delight, her ass got better as the years passed. ) By the time she hit puberty, she was probably 13, or at least thats when she started trying to act a little more mature. And when all this happened, she was 14, probably well in to puberty by now. Whether she had ever lusted after me the way i did her, i wasn't sure. Once or twice i'd seen her staring at me for no apparent reason. Well, this particular day was November the 18th. A date that i will remember for the rest of my life.

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   She had been there all day, and she was wearing a really tight pair of jeans and an equally tight red t-shirt, showing off her young, perky nipples. (She was wearing no bra, which i noticed the second she walked in the door. ) We were in the same room most of the day, and i couldn't help but stare at her every few mintues. I kept getting images of cumming on her face, and all over that tight little ass of hers. Oh, what i would do to make it come true. When she stayed here when she was younger, her and her brothers stayed in the same room. At the age of 12, however, my mom started putting up a bed in the living room for her. Since then, i had little fantasies about sneaking in to her room and, for want of a better term, raping her. I know, it's horrible, but i couldn't help it. She was the one person i would do anything to fuck. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't need much sleep, so when 1am rolled around, i was the only one left awake in the house. Or so i thought. I was sitting on my bed, reading a Stephen King novel, as i often am, when i heard a knock on the door. I whispered, just loudly enough for whoever it was to hear "Come in", and put the book down beside me, marking the page. The door opened and Christina walked in, wearing a tight pink pyjamas, which gripped her hips beautifully.

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   She closed the door behind her. "Why aren't you asleep?" i asked her, sitting up. (I did so because i could feel a hard-on devoloping all ready, and when sitting up, i can cover the crotch area of my pants with my t-shirt. ) "I just couldn't sleep, and i knew you'd be awake. Can i sit down?" she replied. I nodded and she took a seat on the edge of the bed. "Actually, i wanted to ask you something. " she said, uncomfortably. "What is it?" i said, equally uncomfortable now, as i had a large erection. "Well, i wanted to know when you hit puberty. " she said it all in the space of about 1. 2 seconds, in an attempt to get it out of the way. I was slightly taken aback. "Uh, why?" i said, dumbfounded. "Well, to be honest.

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  . i only just "got there". " she said awkwardly. This shocked me even more than the original question. I had assumed she was well over a year in to puberty. "Well, to answer your question, when i was about 11. Why did you want to know?" i said, trying to sound relaxed, still fighting back one of the biggest erections i've ever had. "Well, i'm kind of. . confused. And i'm not really comfortable talking to my mom or any of my friends at school. " she said, gradually getting more and more awkward with each passing word. "So, what do you need help with?" i asked. "Well, i've never watched or looked at porn. I've never seen anyone have sex.

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   I don't even know what an erect penis looks like. I mean, i know what sex is, i just don't know anything other than that. " she said, much slower this time. I was starting to get a rough, and unbelievably outstanding idea of what she wanted. In the space of five seconds, i had thought she wanted me to fuck her, then convinced myself i was wrong, then thought she wanted me to fuck her, and then convinced myself i was wrong again (And a few more times in the short period of time. ), "So, what do you want me to do?" i said. "This. . is kind of awkward. But, can you show me your dick? Like. . erect? I know what a dick looks like, just not when it's hard. " she said, staring at me. Well, it was obviously going to be massively difficult for me to get an erection at a time like this. Oh wait, i forgot, i all ready had one! How convenient is that? I looked at her for a minute, then stood up, and began pulling down my pants, and then my underwear.

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   I was standing on end, and she just stared at me for a moment. "Oh, screw it. I was trying to be tentave about this, but i'm too horny for that. Will you please just fuck me?" she said, and before i could even answer her, she was pulling off her pyjamas. She wasn't wearing any underwear at all, and within seconds i had a full-frontal view of the girl of my dreams. My penis almost expldoded with there and then. She jumped down on the bed, and opened her legs. I didn't need much convincing. I jumped on top of her, and tried to rush my dick in. We were both virgins and both pretty inexperienced. I realised i was being pretty dumb, and just slid it in gently. God, she was tight. At first she was gasping every few seconds, and then let out a little moan of what i realised was pain. "It's ok. .

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  " i said with heavy breath. After a moment, her gasping became one that was obviously pleasure. Before either of us came close to cumming, i pulled out and moved up her body, with my dick resting on her neck. She may not have known what she was doing, but i guess it's a sluts instict. She grabbed my dick and stuffed it in her mouth, caressing it with her wet lips and tongue. She took my dick out and sat up on the edge of the bed, then took my dick back in her mouth. She bobbed her head backwards and fowards as i began breathing heavier and heavier. After a minute or two, i couldn't hold it in any more, and the image that had plagued me for so long had become a reality, as i cummed all over her pretty face. Her head was leaning back, and some of my cum dripped back towards her hair. She began rubbing my dick almost immediately in an attempt to get me hard again. After a minute, she got her wish as i began to get hard. It had that weird, exhausted, aching feeling, but i didn't give a crap. I'd go through any amount of pain to make sure this night went on as long as possible. She jumped back on the bed, and once again opened her legs. This time i gently placed my dick in her, and began sliding in and out of her, quickly.

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   She began moaning with pleasure. It didn't matter, no one was within three rooms of us, what with there being a bathroom, a closet and a room full of junk between my room and the spare bedroom in which her brothers were sleeping. After a moment, her moans were bordering on screams, as i was still no where near cumming. She reached her climax, but i kept going, pumping. She continued moaning, and cummed again. By this time, i had all ready cummed, and her tight vagina was swimming with juice. I slid off of her, and began licking it off, not caring some of it was my own. She moaned a little more as i licked off the cum, but i wasn't really going in deep enough to make her cum again. I went back up to her face and kissed her with my cum-covered lips. She got dressed, went back in to the living room, and slept. She didn't mention it in the morning, and in fact, didn't mention it ever again. But it didn't matter, because i knew from that moment on, she had lusted for me, as i had her. And i fucked the girl of my dreams. .

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