Mamma Mia Chapter 1


            The day started just like any other day.   Little did I know what fate had in store for me.   Life always seems to blindside you with its little surprises.   But, to be complete in the narration of my tale, I must rewind a few days to the beginning.   Please bear with me while I set the stage.

            My name is unimportant, but for the sake of this story, you may call me John.   The season’s had once again turned towards fall and I had spent the past few weeks after college trying to fit back into my parents house.   It seems that my degree that I had worked so hard for was little more than some fancy writing on a piece of parchment.   It almost seemed criminal to take someone’s money and yet deliver an education that was next to useless, but I digress.   I had decided to move back into my parent’s house because I had very few job prospects.   The situation was less than ideal.  

            It all started on Friday.   My dad had left that morning on a two month trip to his brother’s house in LA.   His bother was having some trouble with his new business and asked my dad if he could fly out and help. That night I had gone out with a few of my buddies to the local bar.   That night I had a little too much to drink and ended up stumbling back in around 2 AM.

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    I tried to be as quiet as I could be, but I woke up my mother anyway.   She came downstairs as I was trying to find my way through a dark kitchen to get a glass of water.   I winced as the light came on I turned around to see my mom chuckling at me.   She was wearing a sheer nightgown with a robe covering most of her breasts.   I could make out the outline of her erect nipples through the robe.   The beer had soaked through my brain and had disabled the part that kept my tongue in check.

            “Wow, mom,” I stammered, “you’re a MILF”

            Just as my brain was reeling with the realization of what I just said, I noticed that she was blushing.   Her skin took on a rosy sheen all the way down between her breasts, and I could swear that her nipples actually got harder.   I stumbled back out of the kitchen trying to figure out what to do next.   I couldn’t believe what I had just said, and in the back of my mind, I felt certain that I was going to have to find a new place to live.   I don’t remember much after that.   I passed out shortly after I sat down on the couch.   I awoke the next morning wrapped up in a blanket.   I started to sit up and became immediately aware of two things.   First, my head felt like someone had run over it with a truck, and second, I had the biggest hard on I had ever had.

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    As I reached down to adjust my boxers, the room seemed to spin.   The lights suddenly went out and all I could see was my mom’s head bobbing up and down.   I felt her soft lips closed tightly around my cock.   Then I was sitting on the couch again with my head throbbing.

            “What the hell was that”, I asked myself, “some kind of a flashback?  I must have had a really weird dream last night. ”   I stood up slowly and decided that I needed a shower.   A few minutes later I was standing under the hot water, letting it wash the throbbing in my head away.   It was doing absolutely nothing for the throbbing in my cock.   I figured, as long as I was relaxing, I might as well take care of business.   As I stood there stroking my hard cock, I kept picturing my mom’s head bobbing up and down.   I closed my eyes.   In my vision, I could see right down my mom’s robe.   Her nipples were just visible inside her nightgown.

  Just as I was reaching my climax, she raised her head and looked me in the eye.   I shuddered as I came.

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    My cum shot all the way across the shower and splattered on the tiles of the shower wall.   I couldn’t help it; I just kept cumming over and over.   When I finally came back down to earth and opened my eyes, I heard someone knocking at the bathroom door.

            “John,” my mom called out, “are you okay?  You’ve been in there for almost an hour” 

            “I’m okay mom,” I replied, “just trying to get rid of a hangover. ” 

            “Okay,” mom called out, “Just wanted to say bye.   I’m going out for the day and I probably won’t be back until tonight”

            “I might not be here,” I said, “it’s Frankie’s birthday today, so we’re going to go out and celebrate. ”

            It turned out to be a good thing that mom was gone all day.   I started to feel kind of weird thinking about her after my shower.   I sat around the house relaxing all day building up my energy for the party that night.   Every time my mind would wonder towards last night’s dream, I would suddenly feel horny and guilty all at once.   I decided that I was gonna try to get laid that night.   Maybe that would calm my hormones down.

            The party was pretty fun, but there was a distinct lack of available women there.   So I spent my time trying to drown my thoughts of mom in some really cheap scotch.   Unfortunately, it seemed that my dirty little desires could swim pretty well and I stumbled home secretly hoping that mom would be waiting in her nightgown again.

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    Once again, my luck was working against me and the house was dark when I got there.   I opened the door and managed to make it to my room without breaking myself or anything else.   I took my shirt and pants off and sort of fell back into my bed in just my boxers.   I drifted quietly off to sleep.

            My dream that night was really vivid.   I dreamt that my mom came into my room quietly.   A board creaked in the floor as she walked up to the foot of my bed.   The light coming in through the window washed over her.   She was wearing a red teddy under her robe.   One nipple peeked out over the top.   I felt her hand slide gently up my leg.   My cock sprang to life instantly.   She reached into the front of my boxers and pulled my manhood out.   Her hand stroked slowly up and down.

            “Oh my little boy,” she whispered, “You have grown so big, so hard.

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  ”  Her tongue stretched out and licked the underside of my dick.   Her other hand came up under my balls and rolled them softly.   I could see her lips open slightly and she kissed the head of my cock.   The tip of her tongue rolled around, making me even harder.   She sucked harder and harder at the head and then suddenly, she took all of me into her mouth.   I felt the head of my manhood brush against the back of her throat and she seemed to be swallowing my dick.   She was lying sideways on my bed now and her other hand slipped down her belly and she started rubbing her cunt through her teddy.   She was pulling the crotch of her teddy so tight, I saw her pussy lips slip out around the fabric.   She seemed like she was trying to pull her teddy up into her pussy.   Just then, she let go of my manhood just long enough to reach across her chest to pull her teddy down.   Her tits sprang out full and round.   Her nipples were pointing up proudly.   Her tits would have had girls half her age turn green with envy.   I longed so bad to touch them, to take them in my mouth and nibble on those pert nipples.   Her sucking never missed a beat and she was taking my whole cock into her mouth.

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    I looked down in time to see her pull the crotch of her teddy away and sink two fingers deep inside her cunt.   I couldn’t take it anymore, and just as she moaned in ecstasy, my cock started spurting.   My cum sprayed all over her face and tits.   As the first drops started hitting her, she clamped her mouth back onto my cock and started sucking me dry.   I could feel the suction from her mouth down into my balls as she swallowed load after load of my come.

            And then it was morning.   I rolled over in my bed, my limp dick hanging out of my boxers, and I rolled right into the results of my wet dream.   “ Oh dammit,” I thought, “I’d better take care of these sheets, or moms gonna see this.   But I guess it can wait until after breakfast. ”

            I sat up, pulled off my boxers and threw them into my hamper.   I put on some fresh clothes and went down stairs for some food.   Mom was standing by the breakfast table watching the TV in the other room.   I felt my face go red when I noticed the color of her robe matched the teddy she was wearing in my dreams.   I froze, trying to decide if I was ready to face her after my dream last night and my shower yesterday.   I know I couldn’t control my dreams, but I still felt like I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

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    She turned around and I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.   Underneath her robe, she was wearing her black nightgown.

            “You’re up early,” she said, “considering how late you came home. ”

            “I was hungry,” I said, “must have woken me up. ”

            We ate breakfast in relative silence.   She read her newspaper and drank her coffee, while I ate my cereal and tried to keep myself from blushing.   I finished my cereal, excused my self and went upstairs to change my sheets.

            I took my sheets into the laundry room and put them in the washer, set the cycle and added some soap.   Then I noticed a strip of red lace hanging out of then hamper.   Curiosity got the better of me and I opened the lid.   There, almost hidden beneath a towel, was a red teddy.   My heart started pounding and my cock sprang into the biggest hard on I think I ever had.   It was so big, it was pushing painfully against the zipper of my pants.   I couldn’t help myself.   I grabbed the teddy and ran into my bed room.

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    I locked the door and held up my hands.   Hanging between them was the teddy from my dream.

            “Could this be real?” I asked myself, “could this really be the one form last night.   But that was just a dream, right?”  I couldn’t believe what I held in my hands.   I slowly brought the teddy up to my eye level.   There, all over the front of the teddy, was dried cum.   My mind flashed back to my dream.   In my mind, I saw my cock bursting with cum, spraying my juices all over my mom’s tit and face.   My cum flying through the air and splashing all over the front of her teddy… This teddy.   With my hands trembling, I remember in my dream, she had pulled the crotch of this teddy into her pussy.   I slowly brought the crotch up to my face.   I caught a scent of her womanhood as I brought it closer.   A strange feeling caught me and I pressed the teddy into my face.   Taking deep whiffs of my own mother’s cunt juices.   I reached down with one hand and released my cock.

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    It only took two strokes to release the pressure building in my balls.   I could barely believe it.   My own mother had her full lips wrapped around my cock.   She had sucked so hard and deep to pull my cum out and she had smiled as she swallowed my load.   After the shock had passed, I realized that all my feeling of the past few days were beginning to get the better of me and I decided to act on them.   I started to work out a plan… but that is for another story.

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