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I tried to fight but it was no use he was just to strong. I was laying with my head on the cushion of the couch my feet on the floor looking up at the ceiling with my hands tied and a piece of my blouse in my mouth when I saw a body fly over the back of the couch. I heard David sream out "What the. . . " then heard the thwack of a fist hitting the side of a face, then silence. "You Ok Mom? "Greg said untying my hands and helping me sit up. I pulled the gag out of my mouth and looked at Greg. He was in a pair of boxers. His chest heaved and his muscles were tense with the adreniline flowing through his viens. "I am fine thanks to you. "I said I looked down at the limp body of David blood oozing out of his lip his little pecker still standing at attention not knowing it was over. "Did you kill him?" "Not yet. Just knocked him out. I will kill him if you want me too. " He said very seriously "No, throw his pants over the top of him and call 911.

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  " I said. I heard footsteps behind me and saw my two daughters coming out having been woken up by the comotion. Julie was in a oversized tshirt and panties and true to form Sarah was in a nightgown with a robe and slippers on. "OH my god Mom" Sarah said as she removed her robe and put it over me. I had not relized that I was still naked to the world and was giving Greg an eyeful of all my treasures. I did notice at that moment, that he was taking it all in. "What the hell is going on?" Julie said. I started telling her how I was almoast raped and how Greg had knocked David out just in time. Greg went and called the police. It took about an hour for the whole mess to be cleaned up. The cops came and took statements from Greg and I and took the groggy David out in handcuffs. The cops said Greg problay broke his jaw. The girls went back to bed and I was feeling lonely and vulnerable. "Greg, will you stay in my room tonight? I am feeling a little scared and don't want to be alone. " "Sure Mom.

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  " he said without hesitation. We walked down the hall together with my arms around his waist and my head tilted into his shoulder. When we entered the room I took off the robe and my bra that was pushed up over the top of my tits. I looked down at my son's boxer shorts and saw that he was enjoying what he saw. "I would like to thankyou for stopping him. "I said as I let my skirt fall to the floor leaving me totaly naked. He stood there with a puzzled look not saying anything not knowing what to do. I walked over to my son got down on my knees in front of him and pulled down his boxers revealing a nice thick 8" cock. I kissed the tip of it and the licked all around it before shoving my sons dick into my moouth. "Ohh God! Mom that feels wonderful. " He said in a moan whisper "This is so wrong but feels so good. " I just kept slurping away on his beautiful cock. Using one hand to stroke him while the other one fondled his balls. Maybe it was the alcahol or almost being raped or maybe it was that he had saved me without even breaking a sweat, I don't know what it was but I was horny and wanted this man to have sex with me. Even though he was my boy.

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  My son. "Oh God Mom I am going to cum!!!! OOh my God!" He said as he grabbed my head and forced my lips to the bottom of his shaft. I felt the gush of his sperm on the back of my throat and swallowed for all I was worth to keep up with the the squirts of a 17 year old boy. When I sucked him completly dry I stood up and climbed into bed. He stared at me not knowing what to do. "You are the man of the house now Greg. This bed and my body belong to you to do with as you want. You protected your family from the threat of a hostile idividual. You have earned the right to do as you please in this house. " He walked over to the bed pulled the the covers off me and told me to spread my legs. I did as I was told and he went down and licked and sucked on my cunt for several minutes. Then he inserted a finger in my ass while he licked my clit. I screamed out and orgasm that shook my body for several seconds. He stood up and announced "I am now going to take what is offered to me. What you would not give the last man that wanted it.

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  What I stopped him from taking. " Then he leaned forward allowing his strong manhood to slide into my well lubricated cunt. He kissed my softly and let his tongue twirl around mine. Then as his tempo increased below he would take one of my nipples in his mouth and bite and pull on it with his teeth. Then as he reached full speed thrusting into me like an engine piston I came several times. All of a suden he stopped, my sons dick was all they way inside me, his body tensed as he sent his sperm into my belly. He then collapsed on top of me and we fell asleep feeling safe and satisfied. The End More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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