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My cock by now was extremely hard, the 5 ½ inch shaft straining against my tight underwear. I slid my hand beneath the material and withdrew it, keeping my hand clenched in a fist around the shaft. Beginning to stroke the length of the shaft, I browsed through more pictures of beautiful naked girls. I was lost in my lust. So lost that I didn’t hear the door open, or hear my Mother’s footsteps towards my room, and by the time I saw my door swing open from the corner of my eye, it was too late. I can’t recall which of us was more shocked. “Max…” She’d stammered, trying to think of what to say next. In the mean time my face flushed a deep red. It was that moment her shocked expression softened to something that almost looked like pity and maybe there was longing mixed in with it too. But that expression was quickly replaced by a hardened, cross look, one that would frighten any young teenager. ~“Max!” She said it this time with a lot more power behind her voice. “I never said you could masturbate in my house!” At the time I didn’t read into the question, simply took it as my Mother yelling at me for catching me masturbating. She walked over to my single bed and sat on the side of it, her long black hair cascading down her back, some spilling over her shoulders and down the front of her button-up shirt. Her dark brown eyes pierced me and it felt like I was being shot with bullets of anger. I’d never seen my Mother like that before, and I’d never been so afraid. She kept her legs firmly planted on the floor, just spread slightly in her black work slacks.

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  “Come here Max. ” She gestured across her lap after she said that, and indignant, I almost spoke out in protest, ‘I was too old to be spanked,’ I thought to myself. Of course, that thought was cut off after she added a forceful “Now!”The feeling of humiliation already began to spread through my body, but I complied, walking to my mother and laying across her lap, hands and feet reaching down to the floor to try and hold myself up. Her slender thighs that dug into my chest and stomach were ignored as I caught the scent of my Mother’s perfume. It was a lovely subtle smell and to this day I love smelling it on her or any other woman. The scent of it always manages to stir the arousal in my crotch. The pleasant thoughts were cut off as I felt her fingers reaching under the waist-band of my underwear, stripping them off, down my bottom to my ankles. It was the first time I’d been naked in front of my Mother for a long time, and my face had managed to flush an even deeper red. The feeling of the air gliding gently over my smooth buttocks was a pleasant feeling, until I felt her hand slap down hard on it. A fiery stinging shocked me, and quickly spread from one cheek to seemingly coat my whole rear. My Mother always did have a good fore-hand in tennis, so I guess it’s easy for her to translate it to this, just as long as she doesn’t hit any balls doing this. Humiliation was my strongest feeling, and tears had even begun to rim my eyes. The second smack seemed a lot harder then the first and the explosion of fire fuelled the stinging of my tender bottom. But there was something else to it, something that was almost the slight hint of pleasure. The third smack reinforced that slight tingle of pleasure that I’d begun to feel in my crotch.

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   My cock again stirred, unsatisfied with the quick removal of pleasure earlier. It was after the fifth smack on my raw little bottom that my cock was fully erect, pressing against my Mum’s outer right thigh. Lust had again overcome me, and I began to hump my Mother’s thigh, pushing my cock against it for any kind of stimulation. My Mother must have noticed, but she didn’t stop me. She continued to spank my bottom: six, seven, and eight. I could feel an orgasm building, and all my desire was focused upon it. I ground my crotch hard against my Mother’s pants, the material adding to the pleasure as it grazed across the head of my cock. The ninth smack to my tender bottom put me on the edge. By now it was the pleasure that was far stronger, the pain only a small hint from behind it. I don’t know whether she stopped because I came, or whether she’d set ten spanks as her limit before she started. Ten was enough for me though. As her hand slapped down onto the tender flesh of my bottom, I ground my crotch hard against her thigh and my orgasm erupted from within me. Pleasure shot from my raw bottom and from my crotch. My eyes shut tight as my mouth opened with the animal moan of extreme pleasure. Cum squirted from the head of my cock in spurts.

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   All being shot right upon my Mother’s thigh, as my cock stayed squashed against it. I came down from those dizzying heights of pleasure to feel my Mother’s soft hand gently rubbing my flaming buttocks. It was a nice calming feeling. “I take it you enjoyed that my little boy?” She spoke down to me, with a touch of laughter tingeing her voice. The humiliation was still there, but it’d been calmed over by the orgasm, so it was a dull feeling, almost as if it belonged to someone else. I managed to nod as I slid off my Mother and sat on the floor in front of her. My cum was soaking into her pants, and there was lots of it, standing out against the black material. She then did something that shocked my completely. She drew her hand down, and ran a fingertip through the cum on her thigh, moving it to her mouth, where she sucked it clean. “Not bad,” She said to me with a slight smile. “I think we’d both best have a nice cooling shower now, my boy. ” And with that, she walked out of my room to her own. I sat stunned on the floor. My mother had come home early, and caught me masturbating, but it didn’t stop there, she’d actually made me cum. Thoughts raced through my head.

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   It was the most sexual experience of my life, and it’d been with my Mother. Distantly, I heard her shower starting, but I still had yet to move. Eventually I resolved to simply ignore it as I thought my Mother would and hoped that the memory along with my feelings would eventually fade. ~The next morning when I felt my Mother pat my bottom before pushing me out the door however, left me with the thoughts of the day before, and the familiar feelings of arousal pulsing through my body. The day of school seemed the longest ever, and for the whole of it I was lost in thought. I’d gotten home with the arousal still tingling through my body. I went to my computer again and began to masturbate, hoping Mother may again catch me before I came. She didn’t. In fact, until the weekend, the only hint of our sexual fun was the pats on my bottom I received in the morning. It was Saturday when she’d called me into the living room, having me sit on the couch beside me. Her eyes seemed to bore through my skull, seeing my hidden lust for her. I kept my eyes averted, either on my hands of the floor. The humiliation was once again stronger than the arousal, which I’d hidden deep within my mind. I’d tried to smother that fire of arousal that burned for my Mother, but I couldn’t, it’d been fuelled by my teenage hormones. The memories of our talk aren’t as vivid as the day she spanked me, but I remember basically what she’d said.

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   She’d asked me about that day, whether I enjoyed it or not. I’d managed to indicate that I had. She went on to ask me if I wanted such things to happen again. I took my time, thinking that question out. But the fire flamed much stronger, and overcame any morals I had on the subject. With a blush, I’d nodded to her. She seemed to relax then, not that I’d noticed her being tense in the first place. She must have been extremely lonely since dad had left and now I guess I was his replacement. I truly was the man of the house. Well, that fantasy was quickly shot to pieces by what my Mother had in mind for me. This part I certainly remember well. “You’re to be my little boy, Max,” She’d said it suddenly, and it confused the heck out of me. ‘Could she mean that I was to be her…well, her slave?’ Yet the thought wasn’t as frightening as it should have been, in fact, I found the situation far more arousing. “You may call me either Mother or Mistress, anything else and you’ll be punished. ” She’d stated it simply.

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   My un-spoken question had been answered. The knowledge of it stirred the arousal of my crotch. “Yes Mistress,” The reply had come so easily. It felt right. After hearing her explain the details - that I was to do as she said and if I felt there was something I simply couldn’t do I was to tell her now - she’d nodded in finality and told me to strip. I sat still, looking at my hands, lost in thought. So much had been decided from this short conversation, my mind was trying to digest it. “Strip!” she’d said again with a stern tone. ~“Yes Mistress,” I quickly replied and removed my clothes. She put her hand on my shoulder, stopping me from sitting on the couch and pointed to the floor in front of her with her other hand. I understood, and took my place on the floor. She was wearing a thin, flowery summer-dress and as she smiled down at me and spread her legs, my eyes shot straight up between her thighs, to glimpse the soft flesh and black thong. I felt my cock stiffen, but ignored it as I marvelled at the delicious sight before me. “You’re going to get your first taste of Mummy,” She said with love and lust. “Now pleasure me, my beautiful little boy.

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  ”I took it as permission to do as I wished to her, as long as I made her cum. I moved my hands up, between her thighs, and let my fingertips lightly caress the inner thigh’s sensitive flesh there before lifting my hands up and pulling the dress to her waist. She spread her legs further and I could see her tender flesh around the strip of the thong. It was red with its arousal. I could see a wet patch, obviously over the area of her pussy, soaked through with her own lubricating juices. As I moved in between her thighs, I hooked my fingers under the waist-band of her thong and slowly pulled it down her waist. She eased herself up and allowed it to slide down, past her thighs to her ankles, completely revealing her to me. Her large pouting pussy lips were drooling pussy juices. Her erect clit stood proudly unsheathed and aching for attention. “That’s my good boy,” She moaned through deep breaths, “Go on, touch Mummy, please Mummy. ” It was obvious that she was lost, anticipating the pleasure that would ensue. I reached out with one hand, moving it to her clit, just allowing a soft fingertip to lightly brushing over the nub. My Mother’s body shuddered at the contact and I felt my own arousal burning uncontrollably. As I grasped the little protrusion, I moved the fingers of my other hand to the lips of her pussy. The slippery lips of her pussy were soft and inviting, and after a few strokes along the length of them, I slid two fingers easily within her.

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   It was warm and slippery within her, a pleasant feeling. There was plenty of room in the softness of her vagina, so I pushed in a third finger, spreading the lips and letting more juices pour passed them. I rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger, lightly pinching on it as I rubbed. She was panting, deep and raggedly. Her eyes were tightly shut as she lay back against the couch. Continuing to roll her clit between my fingertips, I pushed the fingers deep within her pussy, and then curled them to slowly withdraw them, rubbing my fingertips along the wall. She was getting close to her climax, her body tensing and pulsing with pleasure. As I kneeled between my Mother’s thighs and pleasured her, sending her towards a powerful orgasm, I could feel my own building. I hadn’t even touched my penis, but it was hard and throbbing with pleasure. I could feel the pleasure tingling throughout my body, beginning within my crotch. The lustful moans of my Mother fuelled the excitement. I could feel myself in a heightened state of arousal, not quite able to cum, but so close to it. Pinching my Mother’s clit harder, I pushed my fingers again deep within her. She moaned loud as her pussy clenched tightly around my fingers. I slowly again began to withdraw them, running my fingertips along the wall of her pussy, until they glided across a surface that seemed slightly different from the rest.

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   The contact with it set my Mother off. Her orgasm exploded through her as her pussy clenched tightly, forcing my fingers out from her, juices pouring out after her. I continued to hold my pinch on her clit, squeezing the erect little nub. Her thighs and all around her crotch seemed to tense and suddenly then relaxed. With the relaxation of her muscles, her pussy lips parted slightly and her cum squirted out from between them. The first rope of it splattered across my cheek and lips, the sweet taste exciting my beyond the boundary and into my own orgasm. More strings of her cum squirted from her pussy as her body throbbed, shooting out onto my neck and chest, before the last of her cum simply oozed from between the lips. My orgasm exploded through me as her cum splattered across my face and upper body. My cock pulsed as my orgasm shot through me, with thick ropes of cum ejaculating from the head of my cock. The first load hit my Mother’s inner thigh, as her orgasm began to subside. My body tensed and the next rope of cum squirted out onto my stomach and more followed, coating my belly and around my crotch. The pleasure that pulsed through my body slowly began to fading. The last of my cum drooled from the top of my cock, and I fell back off my knees and onto my butt. I was panting deeply, as was my Mother. I looked up to see her smiling down at me as she spoke, “Good boy.

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  ”~I remember being pleased with myself then. It was the first time I’d seen a real life girl naked, and it was the first time I’d made anyone cum. I’d smiled back up at my Mother, content to be her little slave. That’s how our relationship started. And it’s pretty much how it’s continued. The past year has been the best of my life. I’ve loved being with my Mother, and I know she’s loved being with me. We’ll both continue to love and pleasure each other, regardless of what anyone else may think. If you’re lucky I may even tell you about some of the other things my Mistress has had me do. Until then, I’d advise you to clean up that mess you made and to go put some clothes back on. Max. .
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