Me and my cousin pt. 1


My Cousin and I pt. 1
"Finally it's friday" i exclaimed as I woke up. See, I'm so excited because my lillte cousin Jessica is spending the night, Let me tell you why I'm so excited. She is 16 years old and about 5'1-5'3, about 90 lbs brown hair, brown eyes, and a bad ass body. She has these little tits that I've never seen before, but all the times i've imagined them, i pretty much got them down, especially since ive seen her older sisters tits. Theyre about a b cup, small brown areolas and 2 nipples that are brown and very eatable. She has a coke bottle figure that just blows my mind everytime i see her. And her ass, oh my gawd! she has an ass that i just want to grab ahold of everytime i see her and just bite it and massage it.
"Hey Joe" she said as she first entered my room.
"Hey jess, u spending the night?" as if i already didnt know.
"Yeah, the whole weekend" when she said that my heart skipped a beat because i knew sometime this week i was going to see her in her 2 piece bathing suit considering that it is summer and about 90 degrees outside.
"Joe, im going to be downstairs ok" shouts my little sister monica
"Ok, ill be here" i shout back "You going too jess?"
"No, im a little tired, so i think im going to take a nap in monica's bed"
"Iight" i say back. Now's my chance i think to myself. As soon as she dozes off, ill sneak in and see if i can catch a glimpse of her body. I begin to watch tv as if not even thinking of my cousin for about 45 minutes. As soon as i dont hear anything froom my sisters room, i start to make my way to her door.

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   I held my ear to the door to try and see if jessica was still up, nothing, so i slowly cracked open the door. There she is, laying there with her back towards me. Her shapely ass sticking out from under the sheet. I caught a glimpse of her black bra strap because the spaghetti strap shirt she was wearing was starting to come off her shoulders. I slowly made my way into the room, trying my hardest not to make a sound. She suddenly jerked in the bed and i froze. It was mothing, just a dream. She then readjusted herself on the bed and stuck her ass out towards me even more than before. that simple movement gave me an absolutely great look at her purely puerto rican ass. The shorts she had on were so short, i could see the curve of her ass that met her thick thighs. I immediately got a hardon, and me not wearing any underwear, my cock was completely visible to anyone who woke up or entered the room. Deciding that this would be possibly the most of her that i would see today, i pulled out my cock and started to jack-off. I started to moan her name, softly so as not to wake her up. i moved in closer and gently touched that part of her ass that was visible to me. again, she shifted in bed, but i didnt care, i kept on doing what i was doing.

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   I slid my shorts off completely and stood there in all my glory with my cock in my hand, and my fingers on her ass. i must've been beating it too loud because she slowly awoke and sat up, not having enough time to pull my pants up,i just stood there, hoping that she wasnt completely up and went back to bed. but she didnt, she just looked at me with those beautiful eyes and said "Joe, what the hell are you doing?!" damn it, if she tells anybody, im in deep shit considering that im 19 and her blood cousin. "Damn jess, im so sorry, i dont know what came over me, please dont tell anybody" i tried to beg her but to my surprise she didnt say that she would or wouldnt, she just looked up at me and said "Can i touch it?"
"hell yea" as i said this, she reached out her hand and gently rubbed her fingers along the lenght of my shaft.
"wow its hard, and real hot"
"you should fell it inside you" as soon as i said this, i knew i was taking a big risk, first of all my sister could come up at any minute or jessica could realize what i wanted to do to her and scream her little head off.
"maybe i will" when she said that my jaw dropped almost to the floor. she wrapped her hand around my erect cock and just held it "do you want me to do what you were doing?
"yes" i said. she started to move her hand up and down my shaft, jacking me off.
"damn jessica, that feels good"
"your dick is sooo hard, is it because of me?
"yes, yes it is" she then took her tongue and slide it across the head of my prick.
"ohhhhhhh" was all that i could muster as the feel of her tongue on my prick was too much to take.
"did that feel good Joe?"
"yes, try putitng it in your mouth now"
i helped her because i could see that she was a little scared of what i asked her to do. I grabed the wrist of the hand she had on my cock, and guided it to her lips.
"Now open them and put the head in"
"ok" she said, as she opened her mouth and slide 2 inches of my cock in her young mouth.
"ooooooo wow jess, now take more of it" with that said, she just giggled and looked up at me as she took 4 more inches of my cock
"h-h-have you d-d-done this b-b-b-b-efore?
"mmmhmmmm" i took that as a yes when she deepthroated that rest of my cock
"fuck jess, suck my fucking cock" she bobbed her head up and down my cock like a pro. slurping and sucking my precum as she played with my balls.

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"Fuck jess im gonna cum" i was sooooo hot from the sensation of my cousins mouth sucking my cock and her hand caressing my balls that i nearly exploded then and there. she took my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop.
"do u want to cum in my mouth Joesph?" my beautiful cousin asked me
"fuck yes i do" with that, she went back to sucking me off. She now had one hand on my balls, one wrapped around my shaft and her head bobbing on my cock.   i reached down and felt her little tits. i pinched her nipples through her halter top. I then slipped the straps off her shoulder and let the top fall from her bra. then she undid her bra, never breaking stride on my cock and let her tits bounce free from their lacey prison.
"wow those are pretty" i told my cousin, trying to keep myself from coming too soon.
i decided then that i wanted to feel her virgin pussy. i reached down and played with her belly button. she undid her tight shorts and stood up, again my cock fell from her mouth with a pop and a trail of saliva ran from my cock head to her mouth, dripping down to her tits and stomach. she wriggled out of her shorts with a devilish grin and a little shimmy that made me even hotter. she knealt back down and sucked in my cock without the use of her hands, wow was she fucking good at this!
I reached down to her surprisingly trimmed pussy, she must shave because she was practically bare with the exception of the little strip above her clit. i felt my way around and found her hooded friend.

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   she must've been enjoying this as much as i did because she was literelly dripping wet, her pussy lips slick with her juices. I slipped my index finger inbetween her slit and with my thumb caressed her clit. i felt her moan on my cock and that made her go even faster and deeper with my cock.
"fuck im gonna cum jessica" even though i tried to warn her, she never stopped, keeping the same furious pace as before. with one last stroke into her throat, my cock spurted its white hot streams down her throat.
"fffuuuuuuuuccckkkkk" i excalimed as i felt my cock drain its manjuice into my 16 year old cousins stomach. she tried her hardest to swallow my entire load, but it wasnt gonna happen, little streams came out form the sides of her mouth and dripped onto her nipples then the floor. she kept sucking me until my cock went limp.
"that was fucking great jess"i said as she let my cock slip from her mouth and stood up, barely coming up to my chin.
"you taste great Joe, did u like it?"
"yea, i loved it jess, you really knew what you were doing"
"youre not the first cock ive had in my mouth" that was good, very good, i didnt need a rookie sucking my cock.
"we have to do this everytime you spend the night here"
"yea we do, i loved suicking your cock, and i would love to know what your dick feels like inside my tight cunt" the way she talked to me completely changed the way i saw my cousin, she went from this little innocent girl, to this cocksucking, fuckdoll-like woman.
"me too jess, i want to fuck you so bad"
"tonight, when your sister falls asleep, ill go to your room"
"ok dont knock, just come right in ok, ill be waiting"
"ok" she said as she stood on her tippytoes and deeply kissed me, her tongue darting around my mouth, the slight sweet taste of my cum along with it. and with that, she went back to bed and i went back to my room, thinking of what we just planned to do tonight. boy, i cant wait. .

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