Me and my cousin pt. 2


Me and My cousin pt. 2
My mind was still reeling from my encounter with my little cousin just hours before. i was now in my room, watching tv, my mom, dad, sister and cousin were all in the living room watching a movie. As i sat alone in my room, i started to daydream of what it might be like when i fuck my cousin later that night. i dreamnt of her coming in with red stilletos on, and a thong, her coming over to me and then slidng the thong off and playfully shaking her ass in front of me. I shook my mind from this delightful dream only to be surprised that it was alread 10:30 pm. "Holy shit, was i out that long" i exclaimed, the last time i looked at the clock, it was 8:00pm. With the knowledge that they would all be goin to bed soon, i readied myself for tonights event.   I gathered some fresh clothes from my dresser and went out to take a shower.
"do any of you have to use the bathroom, im gonna take a shower" i got no's from everybody except jessica. she moved past me, brushing her ass against my cock.   even through my shorts and underwear, i could feel her tight ass and the memory of her head bobbing on my cock came rushing back to me.
as she entered the bathroom,she left the door open slightly. with noone else around but me, she then gently opened the door to give me a full view of her naked body. Those perfect round tits, that sweet virgin pussy, and that fantastic ass was all i could take. i tried to grab her, but she pushed my hand away and gave me a smile, i knew what was on her mind.

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After my shower, i came out of the bathroom to find the whole house dark, theyve all gone to sleep. i decided to go on the internet because i knew ot would be awhile untill my sister got to bed.   I surfed around some porn sites and got myself pretty aroused. I decided that i wanted to last as long as i could with my cousin, so i went to my room and pulled out a hustler magazine i keep under my matress. I browsed through the pages, and landed on my favorite spread; a blonde getting reamed by an 11 inch cock. i pulled out my prick and started massaging it. With the flashed of my cousin and the pictures of the magazine, i came in about 2 minutes. sweaty from beating my cock half to death, i got out of bed and went to the bathrom to towel off. as i walked to the bathroom, i could hear my sister and cousin laughing at something, damn kids. i went into the bathroom, closed the door behind me and undressed, i toweled off from head to toe, and made sure i was nice and clean down there.
as i got back into my room, i turned on the tv and browsed through the channels. at about 12:30am, i turned off the tube and lay there in the dark with my eyes closed. i started to doze off when i heard footsteps getting closer to my door. when i heard this, i immediately woke up and started to get excited because i knew what was coming. the doorknob turned and i heard "joe, are you up?", not jessica, but my sister.

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   "what, what happened mon?". . . . "was that you that went to the bathroom?" she asked "yeah, it was me, go back to bed".   damn it, i thought it would happen toniight. i couldnt go back to bed, so i just laid there in the dark for what seemed like forever.
Finally, at around 1:30 am, more footsteps, and the the door to my room crept open, it was jessica. she had changed from her long pajama pants and long sleeved shirt, to some booty shorts and a white wife-beater. she came in and without even saying a word, took off the shirt and slipped outta the shorts and crept into my bed. she met my lips with a deep kiss, our tongues flailing about as if they had a mind of their own. DUring our passionate kiss, she slid her hand down to my shorts and cuped my balls. the feel of her hand on my sac made my cock stand at atention immediately.
"ooooh, excited already huh?" she said with a giggle
"well what do you expect?" i said, sitting up. she leaned back with her back against the wall while i dug into my top drawer for a condom.

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   Lifestyles: ultra lubricated. when i turned around to face her, i found her fingering herself. even though my room was pitch black, except for the slight light coming through my open curtains, i could she the expression on her face. she had an index finger in her mouth, sucking on it, her hair was in her face, and the other hand had 3 fingers busy sliding in and out of her moist pussy.
"i see ur excited too" i said to her opening the condom wrapper
"wait, let me do it" she said, as she grabbed the condom out of my hand and inserted it into her mouth. she pulled me closer by my cock and then sat me down next to her. she then slowly slide her head down and placed her mouth above my cock. using her tongue to push the condom onto my cock, she used her mouth and throat to slide it on my erect prick.
"oooo, yes, that feels so fucking good"
lifting her head from my prick, jessica licked my lips and pushed me onto my back. with me laying down, she stood on the bed, right over my cock. then she slowly lowered herself so that her pussy lips brushed the head of my cock.
"You ready to fuck me big cuz?" she asked me with a grin
"fuck yes jessica, slide on my co. . " i couldnt even get the last word outta my mouth when she slide her tight pussy around my prick. Taking nothing slowly, my cousin began to slide up and down my cock, very fast using her legs to balance herself.

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"ooooo Joe, your cock feelss soooo good inside me. "
"oh shit jessica, fuck my prick girl, fuck my fucking prick"
she then leaned forward and started licking my nipples as she was violently riding my prick. With us fucking so hard, i thought someone was going to hear us.
"damn, s-so your not a-a virgin h-h-huh?" i said between thrusts of my prick
"n-n-nope" She tried her hardest not to moan and scream, but it didnt work, my prick was fucking her too good.
"fuck me Joe, fuck me hard" with that, i sat up, and flipped her onto her back, never removing my cock from her pussy. i spread her legs and began thrusting my cock in and out of her with all my might, and all she did was raise her hips and began thrusting her hips to meet the rhythm of my prick.
    Her juices were flowing like a waterfall, my every thrust sounded like a plunger in a clogged toilet.
    "FUck joe, bend me over and fuck me like the bitch that i am!!!" happy to oblige her, i turned her over with one arm and my cock slipped from her with a loud pop. I bent her over and positioned myself behind her. she then looked back at me with the most fuckable look i have ever seen, she looked like a porn star. i rubbed my prick head up and down her slit, teasing her with it.
    "stop fucking around and put that big cock inside me u mutherfucker!" my 16 yr old cousin exclaimed.
     not to be outdone by her, i jammed my cock inside her without warning. her ass hitting my stomach,  it sounded like applause. my cock reamed her tight little cunt and made her fall with her head landing on the pillow and both her hands practically ripping the pillow apart.

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    "fuck joe, it hurts, it hurts sooooo good, fuck me harder you fucker you!"
    "shut the fuck up, your gonna wake somebody" with that command, i began fucking her harder, driving my point to shut up home.
    "Fuck joe, im gonna cum, im gonna cum all over your hard prick"
    "cum baby, cum on my cock, then ima take this condom off and nut in you"
    my cousins pussy started quivering, i knew it was close, she wrapped her legs around my thighs and clutched the pillow to her face, screaming into it. I felt her body jerk and felt her juices spurt out of her, all over my legs and bed sheets. it was like someone poured water on the bed.
    "Ok, now its my turn" pulled outta her and tore the condom off my cock. i jammed it back in her and felt how hot she was for the first time. i felt her juices, still flowing out of her, around my cock urging me to add my juices to her own.
    "fuck jess, your so damn hot. . im gonna cum in you bitch!" my cock, with its last thrusts, spurt my steaming hot load in to her, 9,10,12,streams flew from my cock into her womb, filling her with my cum. ive never came that much before, it felt like 2 minutes before i stopped cumming. i almost passed out from it and kept my balance by fucking her more, squeezing the last of my juice into her.
    "ooooo baby, your cum feels good inside me Joe"
    "yea, fuck your pussy is sooo good jess"
    i fell next to her on my stomach and she fell on hers. we lay ther lookin at each other. i reached over and pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss, again our tongues did the familiar tango they had done before.


    "i love when u fuck me joe, we have to do this more often".
    "no prob cuz"
    this was my cousin, she came over this morning a kid, and im sending her home a slut of a woman. and to think, its only saturday morning, we still got 2 more days to go through. . .