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When my cousin turned 16 it was amazing. I had always wanted to sleep with her. But her best friend had always liked me too. so one day we were on msn and her screen name said "three words to hurt a man . . . . is it in yet?". I was a bit offended about it, but as it was her screen name i ignored it. But none the less i still decided to make some thing of it. "so how do you know about sex?" i said"why shouldn't I?" she replied "and don't say your too young!" with a hint of anger. "well its true," I laughed "look I’m coming up in a bit who’s there with you?""I'm on my own" she said with a sad face
"awww diddums ill be there shortly" I saidThis gave me one hell of an idea. I had always wanted to sleep with Amy and Laura. and Laura was now 16 so my mind went wild. she was my cousin i kept saying. once i had arrived up there, Laura was in nothing, but a large t-shirt.

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   not even bra and panties. This turned me only majorly. but an 18 year old boy getting turned on by a 16 your old girl, and she is my cousin. “Happy birthday chick” I said“thank you” she replied.
She then kissed my on the lips. We parted and gazed at each other. What was I thinking? “my mums not back for 5 hours” Said Laura softly.
She smiled one of those sexy smiles where only one side of the mouth went up.
“I’ve always wanted you Billy” she said. At this she started to move closer with an elegant stroll “so we can take as long…… as …… we …… want” I had never heard anyone so turned on in my life. She put her left hand on my crotch and her right on my arse. I started to kiss her neck and pull her t-shirt off.
“not in her,” taking her hands off me and holding mine “my room I want to ride you in my room” we went up stairs, I held back a bit to see up her t-shit like I normally did. “I always liked it when you did that bill” she said with a kinky tone. Once we got into her room she closed the door. 

   The room was quite compact, but smelt so nice. With this she took her t-shirt off. My jaw dropped, she moved her hands down her body from her neck. Her breasts were perfect not too big and not too small. Her nipples were rock hard. I knew Laura had a good figure, when she wore tank tops and boob tubes I could she her stomach, and wow it was good. My cock was so hard. She moved her legs apart and put her hand over her shaven pussy. She rubbed it and moaned “do you want to fuck me Bill?” With out a thought off came my top. And Laura had got on her knees and started to undo my trousers. As she pulled them down I was getting harder. My cock popped out of my pants. As soon as that happened she put her hand on it and said “no going back now Bill,” she gazed at my hard erection and moved her hand “your going to make me cum and cum and scream for 4 hours” her mouth diver over my cock and she sucked it like a pro. “This your first cock?” I asked“Yes, but I’m a porn addict,” she replied “I also masturbate up to for time a night and 2 of them contain you” With that her hand cupped my balls, her mouth covered my cock as her head moved back and forth and her other hand was fingering her pussy. We were both moaning.

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  She moved her mouth off my cock and started tossing me off really fast “Your gunna come on my face now aren’t you Bill, then your gunna eat me out. ” her eyes closed and both hands sped up thinking about it “then your gunna fuck my pussy then my arse” she opened her eyes and looked up at me erotically I came over her face and in her mouth. She carried on playing with my 8 inch cock. I picked her up and threw her on her bed. Slowly I eat her pussy, and the best thing happened to me. She was a squirter. She came over my face. I looked up and smiled at her. She got all embarrassed. She bent over the bed ready to be fucked “take me like a porn star” she said. So I stuck my cock in then realised “what about protection?” I’ve been on the pill for 5 months, for really bad perio…” “ok enough,” I interrupted “don’t want to turn me off now do you” we laughed. I started off slow as she moaned. Her pussy was so tight. I came pretty quickly as it was so tight. We fucked in a few more positions.

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   “when am I fucking your arse?” I asked “when we go into the shower,” she replied panting, by this point we had fucked about 3-4 times. “which is now” we moved across the hall slowly as I was still playing with her. We Didn’t make it the other side of the room as I had bent her over and started to take her again. She was holding onto the cupboards and banister, screaming at the top of her lungs. She squirted over my legs. I waited a second for her to go back to normal. She turned around got on her knees and licked her juices off. She had said she really liked her own pussy. We finally got to the shower. Half the bathroom was a shower. So she turned it one and put her hands against the walls. And arched her body and spread her legs a bit. I played with my self to get my self hard again. It never took me that long to get hard. So I walked over and but the time I was solid.

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   I started to slide it into her tight, hot, wet arse. “slow please Bill it hurts” she moaned I took it slow, but she couldn’t take it we stopped. And washed up in time for her parents to come back. I washed her body for her and then left to get dressed and dried. I got down stairs and as I went to sit down my auntie came in. “Laura we’re home early hope your ready” she shouted “Hiya Chrissie” I said“Hi Laura said you were coming over to play with her,” she said I smiled and said “yeah I had fun, we played a few games” I laughed. That night was awesome. When we could me and Laura went off for a kiss or a quickie or if I was lucky a blowjob. Every now and then we meet up for a sex session, but only when we’re single. Hope you enjoyed I’d like some feed back please

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