Me and My Family


I was 13 and in middle school when they started making us go to all of those Sex ED classes and watch videos about our bodies.   I was curious but scared because I was just beginning puberty and for a 13 year old I had pretty nice legs and a firm round ass because I had played volleyball my whole life.   My tits were only a small A-cup but that would change with time, as my mom was a full blown 38D.
I had just stopped wearing a training bra and had bought my first real bras and was slowly adapting to my ever-changing body.   One weekend I remember walking up stairs to my bedroom after having a movie marathon with my younger sister who was 6 at the time.   We watched one kids movie and she fell asleep so then I could watch the PG-13 and R movies.   Her room was in the basement so I put her to bed.
Then I walked upstairs and past my mother's room.   See our father was an international businessman so he was gone for months at a time and my mother was all alone.   Her door was slightly cracked open and I stood there for a sec and peeked in to see her masturbating agressively with a vibrator and her hand.   She was pumping the pink vibrator in and out and some of her pussy juices were dripping off of it when she turned her head and noticed me.  
I crept out into the hallway hoping she didn't but I only got a few steps when she called me in to her room.   I came back in and thankfully she had a sheet over her but she asked if I liked what I saw.   I was shocked that my mother would ask that question but truthfully turned on by her forwardness.   I sheepishly told her "A little. "  She said that was all right and it was a natural feeling at my age.

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    She patted her bed in a motion for me to sit down.
She asked me if I knew about sex yet and I told her about our Sex ED classes.   She said that was a bunch of crap to scare us and said "Do you really know about it. "  I told her that I guess I didn't.   She then told me to close my eyes and proceeded to tie a bandana over my eyes to blind me.   She slowly whispered into my ear that she was going to teach me about sex.   She lifted my arms and slid off my shirt to reveal my red flowery bra that I picked out with my friends at the mall and my mom mentioned how cute it was.
I was still wearing my volleyball shorts because I had a late practice so I didn't change when I got home, but that also meant that I didn't have any underwear on.   My mother knew this and waited until I was more comfortable before she removed them.   She cupped my petite breasts and played with the nipple through the bra.   She started kissing my neck and sent shivers down my spine and consequently I started feeling hot.   She reached behind me and slowly undid my bra and revealed my adolescent tits.
She very slowly kissed her way down my chest and began to lick and suck each individual nipple.   I have kissed boys before, but they have never seen any part of me so this was unfamiliar territory.   I began to get wet and horny and I started to fidget a little bit and my mother whispered "Trust me.

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  "  She pushed me backwards so that I lie flat on the bed and began to kiss my belly when I felt her hook my shorts on either hip and slide them down to my ankles to reveal my little patch of hair covering my passion flower.
I felt kisses moving up my inner thighs and all around my innocent vagina until i felt to two fingers pull my pussy lips apart and a wet tongue lick my clit.   She started out slow and picked up speed real fast and I began squirming from the pleasure.   My breathing picked up and then i moaned real loud and long and my mother pulled off my bandana and said You've had your first orgasm.
I was in awe of how my mother made love to me but the said that's not the end.   She pulled out some rope and tied both my hands to opposite bedposts.   I was a little worried but I trusted her.   She went over to her dresser and pulled out two vibrators, one was a strap-on the other was the pink one I had seen earlier.   I asked her what they were knowing full well what they were.   She calmly said to me that she wanted to take my virginity.
      I was worried know but looking back on it I can't say I blame her when my dad was gone 8 months of the year.   She had bought the set of vibrators because she got lonely and would rather masturbate than risk her marriage, even though my dad was probably cheating on her overseas.
    I nervously nodded yes in approval and she tossed the pink vibrator on the bed and put on her strapon.   My mother was 35 years old but in great shape.   Her ass, legs, face, tits, everything was as perfect as it could be for a mother of 2.

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        She was the MILF of the neighborhood.   She crawled towards me on the bed as I gazed at her massive melons, I reached out and touched them and she reassuringly said, You can do whatever you want.   So I began to suck on her tits without any foreplay because I had no experience, that would later change.
    After a little she began to lick my clit some more to get me wet again and place the head of the strapon at the entrance to my womanhood.   I asked her if it would hurt and she said only for a moment but she would be careful.   She hit the switch and it began vibrating.   I could feel the vibrations and I starting getting hot again as she slowly entered me.   She stopped at my hymen and told me to grab the sheets and bite the pillow and so I did.   Then she thrust forward and all the way into me as I let go of my grip and screamed.   She leaned down and gave me a hug with the strapon still vibrating inside of me and she lay there for a minute then she started fucking me.   She was on her way out and when I thought it was over she slammed back into me.
    She was going slow and then started picking up speed.   She pulled out and picked my legs up so they were pointed towards the ceiling and started fucking me with my pussy in plain view to her.   After I had a couple orgasms she got off of me and laid down exhausted.   I felt guilty because I was getting all the pleasure so I grabbed the other dildo and began fucking my mom.

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        She had a few orgasms and smiled at me.   I got up to go to bed and she said that I could sleep with her that night and any night from then on.
    This is my first story, any feedback is great, thanks.

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