Me and my Father In law-2


Me and my Father In law-2

By Jeevan

Jeevan_1950@yahoo. com

                  Friends! My heart was beating very fast. I then turned my back towards the hall and pushed my hands behind my back to show my FIL what I was doing. My fingers touched the hook of my brassier and I slowly unfastened it. I could not observe my FIL this way but I was sure he was looking. I slowly removed my bra and then threw it away. Ohhh! Here I was in my bedroom showing my FIL I was undressing. My choot became wet and I could feel the juices flowing. I then went inside the bedroom to take my salwar kamiz as I was pretending to change my clothes I took the pair and again stood near the door. I peeked inside the hall to find my FIL still watching. He was now watching the door and not the TV! I stood facing him with my breasts naked to his view. I felt my nipples grow and my breasts swell. I slowly put my hands over my breasts as if I am trying to cover them and then bent down to lift my kamiz. As I bent down I knew my breasts will jiggle and fall down due to gravity.

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   The two melons swayed as I moved and I could see my FIL looking at it intently.

Then I straightened up and removed the knot of my petticoat. I wanted to stand nude in front of the man in my dreams! I started to remove the petticoat and slowly pushed it down. It stuck to my hips and I had to wiggle my ass to let the petticoat go down the buttocks. This way I was dancing! My FIL was looking and looking. Ohhh god! What I was doing? What will he think? I suddenly removed my petticoat in hurry, as if I had discovered him watching and fled inside. I was afraid! I lay on my bed naked with the door open and the fear of my FIL walking in. I pushed my hands over my choot and found my clit throbbing. I massaged my clit and then pushed two fingers right into my snatch. Ohhhhhhhhhh ! I came instantly! My choot twitched and sucked in my fingers. This was the most powerful orgasm I ever had! I got up and put on my salwar and kamiz and walked towards the hall, my heart beating like hell.
             My FIL was not there! I searched for him but could not find him. Then I looked at the bathroom and found the door closed.

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   Ohhh! Was he jacking off? I slowly went near the door and put my ear to the door. I could hear him breathing heavily and then I was shocked! I heard him say,
            “ Ohhhhhhhhh Seemu! Why are you teasing me? Ohhhhh ! You made me so hot! Come on! Fuck my cock. Ahhhhhhhhh! That’s it! Ohhhh how I want to fuck you! Ahhhhh coming for you baby! Ohhhh ahhhh commmmmmiiin nnggggggggg!”
Ohhh god! What I was doing? Making this man, old enough to be my father, sexually aroused and masturbating for me. I am his daughter in law! Ohhh is this good? But I am really excited at that time. Its pure lust I have in my mind. I could hear lot of movement in the bathroom and I could not face my FIL in this stage so I hurried back in my room and lay on the bed. My hand slipped inside my salwar and onto my choot and I started to rub it imagining my FIL masturbating for me. I had closed my eyes and my hand moved down below. I came very fast and lay on the bed, totally exhausted.
             That night I was waiting for my husband Sunil to come home and to go to bed with him. That night we both fucked like mad with me lying on my stomach and he fucking me from behind. That way I could not see my husband but imagine my FIL fucking me. Readers! It felt so real that I thought I am being fucked by my FIL, Ravi. I had intense orgasm and Sunil asked me what had happened to me and why I was so much aroused. What should I have told him? I just kept quite and let my body respond.

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   I had fantastic sleep that night and it was full of dreams about my FIL. Where I was going? Where this will lead me? I can’t say!
                Next day I could not face my FIL. I was so shy in front of him that I hardly could look at him. I saw him looking at me from the corner of my eyes and my heart beat faster each time. I saw him looking at me in strange manner like never before. I had to avoid looking at him!

After Sunil and MIL went off to work and my son to school we both were left alone again. My FIL was again watching TV and I was doing household work. After I finished my work I asked FIL if he would like to have some tea and bread. He said yes. I prepared tea for him and took it to him. While giving him tea I had to bend and my pallo fell from my shoulder. I knew that the blouse was low necked and half of my boobs spilled out. I stayed in that position for more than required time and I saw him staring into my blouse.

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   As he lifted the cup of tea his hands were shaking and his breath became faster. I looked at his lungi and found something sticking out. Ohhh god! He did not wear any undies below the lungi!   

And his member was sticking out. I felt so awkward and I rushed to my room. After some time I heard my FIL moving in the living room and I felt that he was very much uneasy. I decided to take a bath. I collected my clothes and walked to the bathroom. I saw my FIL sitting in their room and reading newspaper. But I could see his specks from above the paper and knew that he was watching.
Our bathroom has latch and there is a keyhole there. Usually I place some clothes over it to avoid somebody spying on me. But today I wanted my FIL to look in through it at my naked body while I took bath. I closed the door and removed my clothes.

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   While I was doing this I was looking at the keyhole to see if FIL was watching. This made me very hot and my hands went to my breasts and I squeezed them hard. I moaned with the sensation and then pinched my nipples. How I wanted FIL to watch! I turned my back to the door and continued to massage my breasts and pinch my nipples. Soon my choot became wet and I had to rub my clit and push my fingers inside. I still had not taken water on my body but was waiting for HIM! I again looked in the direction of the keyhole and found that FIL was there. His figure moved to and fro may be he was thinking twice before looking into the keyhole!
                Then the figure steadied and I knew he was there, watching me. That made me hotter and I spread my legs. (My back was facing the keyhole. ) My ass is nice and wide, attracts lot of males while I walk and I am very proud of it. As I spread my legs and made the two ass cheeks look prominent. I shook my ass seductively and then took my hands to the backside to caress the lovely flesh there. I knew that he was watching this. Then I bent down and opened the crack of my ass rubbing there and letting it spread to show my choot down below. I straightened up and started to take bath.

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   I poured hot water over my shoulders and rubbed the skin there. I took soap and applied it to my body. I then turned sideways and rubbed the soap on my breasts. I turned more towards the door but not fully. I rubbed the lather on my fleshy melons and sighed. Ohhhhhhhhh! God!
I caught both my breasts in my hands and kneaded them together. My nipples were already hard. I pulled both the nipples and sighed again. Ohhhhhhhhh Raviji! My sasurji! Why are you teasing me? Why don’t you approach me? I am a woman! I cant do this and ask you to fuck me!” Ohhh god sasurji! Come to me!” I just whispered these words and this made me tremble all over. Would I be able to say this to my FIL like this? I doubted I would do that.

               I was hot! I pushed my breasts upwards and tried to suck on the nipples. My tongue just touched the nipples and I teased them by moving my tongue lightly over each one. Then I again turned my back to the door and spreading my legs wide, pushed my hand to my choot. My two fingers slipped inside the juicy choot easily and I started to move them in and out. My hand was clearly visible from between my legs and I knew my FIL was getting nice view.

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   I moaned,                               

                     “Ohhhh Sasurji! Fuck me! Chodo muze!” Ohhh how I could say this? But this made me more excited! I continued to rub my choot and then I inserted one finger in my choot and moaned again. The finger went deep inside me and I felt better. I moved the finger in and out of my choot and gave my FIL nice show. The fellow must have been very hard, I knew he was! I did the most amazing thing I never have done. I lay on the bathroom floor with my ass towards the door, spread my legs and gave the intimate view if my private parts to my FIL. I lifted my legs up in the air and that made my nice ass lift. It must have shown FIL nice view of my slit and ass hole. In that position I pushed my fingers in my choot and showed him how hot I was! I had to complete my bath so I got up and hurriedly completed the bath. Now I had to open the door! I was still naked and I wanted to come out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around my body.           

               That would suit the situation I thought. I looked at the keyhole and FIL was still there and the glass of his specks was visible to me. I decided to catch him! I wanted him to know that I was aware of his presence outside the bathroom and that he was spying on me. So I took some water in my hand and threw it on the keyhole.

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   It splashed there and some drops must have fallen on my FIL’s glasses. I saw movement and then there was nobody, the keyhole was clear. I hurriedly wrapped the towel around my body and opened the door to come out.


My FIL was not there! I looked around and found him sitting in the living room wiping his specs. Ohhh I had him! I had to cross the living room in order to reach my bedroom. I walked to my room and while passing through the living room I casually looked at HIM. I don’t know how I dared to talk,

            “What happened Sasurji? You are wiping your specs. ” I asked him boldly and smilingly.

            He looked shocked but smiling back at me he said, “Shalu, there was some water on the lens and I am wiping it. ”

I asked him, “How you got water on your specs sasurji? Were you near the bathroom? I splash lot of water while taking bath and some of it must have fallen on your specks. I am sorry. ”

He, “Ohhhh! You do more than splashing the water dear Bahu.

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   You took long time to finish your bath. I thought you had finished so I tried the bathroom door and heard you moaning. Was there any trouble? Were you hurt?”

I was stunned at the boldness and said, “Ohhh no sasurji I was moaning just for fun not due to any trouble. ”

As we were talking his eyes were on my breasts and lower side, taking in the female anatomy. I was for the first time looking straight into his eyes and I felt that I may explode with excitement. Today too he was not wearing anything inside his lungi as I could watch some tenting there. It was a big tent and I was sure my FIL was well endowed. My husband is 6 inches there and his father must be more than 8 inches down there. I was impressed with that and if we were not related like this I would have taken that lund right there!

My FIL was smiling and looking at me. There was pin-drop silence for some time and we both were just looking at each other. The ICE was not broken yet! I again smiled at him and went to my room. Today he was not watching any match and the TV was not on.

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   Still he was looking at it. He was not pretending anything now. He was looking directly at my bedroom door, waiting for me to give him a show like that day. I decided not to disappoint him!

I stood in his vision but with my back to him and boldly removed the towel that covered my body. I was stark naked now and my ass was towards my FIL’s vision. I moved a little to show my FIL the curves of my naked ass as I walked. I knew he was looking at it! I grew bolder and caught my ass cheeks with my hands and rubbed them.

    Ohhh god! It felt so wonderful doing it in front of my FIL. It was wicked, sinful but still I could not help teasing him. I was seducing him! It was he who had made me want him with all his behavior and jolly nature, especially his laughing! Ohhh god! He had seduced me in the first instance and what I was doing was submitting to him! I then spread my ass and showed my FIL the treasure of the woman, her choot. I very much wanted him to come to me and fuck me from behind so that I wont be able to see his face and there wont be any guilt in my mind that I seduced him.

    I then rotated my ass seductively and swayed it towards him. I was giving him clear invitation to fuck me and I very much wanted him to! But still I was afraid! I then rubbed my own choot for a while and believe me! I just came touching my choot and clit! My body shivered in the throes of intense orgasm and I could not stand! I hurried to my bed and lay there still naked and relaxed.


       My body felt no weight and was light like a butterfly. I was flying in the air, weightlessly! I don’t know when I dozed off to well deserved sleep, after such intense climax.

    In the sleep I was dreaming of my FIL fucking me from behind. I don’t know how long I lay there but I woke suddenly. I felt somebody sleeping near me, at my back. Ohhh GOD! Was he my FIL? I pretended to be asleep and felt the body of my FIL pressing against my back. Ohhh god he was there right near me. I felt his clothes, so he was still dressed! I could not wake up and show him I was awake, so I pretended to be sleeping. My FIL had finally gathered his wits and had dared to come near me in sexual way. I felt hand touching my ass. The touch was very light as if he was also afraid that I will wake up. With no response from me his hand pressed into my ass cheek and he caressed the flesh. His touch was soothing and arousing. I felt something in my choot and wanted to push my ass back on his hands.

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       I heard rustle of clothes and knew that he was undressing after confirming that I was asleep. He was murmuring somethng and I heard him say,

    “Ohhhh Bahu! Why are you teasing me like this? Why don’t you ask for it? Ohh yes you women are like this. You wont ask but want us to take the first step. Ok I am here now! Shalu! My darling! Come on touch me. Make me feel better. Ohhh god! You have such a nice ass! Ahhhhhhhhh so smooth and fleshy. Ahhhhhhn ! I want to touch you everywhere!”

    What could I say to this? I did not dare wake up! He did not wait for my reaction as he was assuming that I was fast asleep. His hand moved to my breasts and he touched them. Dear readers! It felt so nice! FIL then caught my left breast in his hand and lightly squeezed it. Ohhh god! I was in heaven. I could just feel the touch but not react. It was strange! His daring increased and he pushed his body tightly against mine. I could feel his lund touching the flesh of my gaand.

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       FIL’s lund was hard like a iron rod as it poked into me there. Ohhhh! He could not kiss me I knew. Alas! If I wake up! But I could not. He continued squeezing my breast and then caught the right one in his hand. He squeezed that too this time very hard and I might have moved a little with pleasure. He kept still as my body moved a little and then I lay still again. When he was sure that I was in sleep he just lifted my leg slowly and then with one of his hands he put his lund on the opening of my choot. WOW! FIL then pushed his lund slowly inside my choot and it slid in easily as I was very wet in there. He must have felt surprised about my wetness so he removed his lund and put his finger there. His finger must have gotten wet and I could hear him suck his finger from my choot with sucking sound. I thought that he would fuck me right now but I felt his tongue instead of his lund. His tongue was doing expert dance on my choot and tickled every inch of it.

    Ohhh god!  FIL then pushed his tongue all the way inside my choot and licked my vaginal wall everywhere. I was on the verge of cumming! Then he traced his tongue to my clit and tickled it lightly.

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       That did it! I came and my vagina spasmed and clit twitched. He must have sensed this as he was expert in this game. He pushed his tongue all the way inside my choot and took in the vibrations my choot made as I came. Choot juice too was flowing plentifully and he had to do fast job to lick it up. I could tell you all this as he made lot of slurping sound while doing it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pure bliss!

    Then in one fast motion he pushed his lund deep in my choot. I was not ready for this yet as I was coming out of great orgasm. My ass moved and he again lay still. Then when my movement subsided he started to fuck me slowly. I could feel that his lund was about 8 inches long and thick too. FIL was expert fucker and knew how to keep the rhythm. My husband was fast fucker and his rhythm was different. Sunil was fast in pushing his lund inside but slow in taking it out, that was the difference. MY FIL kept this steady.

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       He slowly pushed his lund in and took it out at the same rhythm. I had to struggle from not moving but could not help it few times. FIL slowly increased the tempo of fucking and in short time his thrusts were very fast. I could hardly bear the intense pleasure and started to move my ass in rhythm to FIL’s fucking. FIL was not in a mood to stop now , whether I was awake or not did not make any difference to him. IT was great! My hips moved in unison with the fucking and then I felt FIL turn me on my stomach and lay on my back. It seemed he was sure that I wont resist even if I was awake. He was right! Like a doll I was handled by my FIL. He was now fucking me with full force and soon his body steadied and his lund throbbed in my choot.

    He was cumming! I felt hot semen spraying the walls of my vagina and my own climax came. I too came and my vaginal muscles milked his lund. He must have felt the spasms of my vagina and he lay still on my body. No word was said during all this fucking. Just the action.

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       After he ejaculated he kissed me on the cheeks and his hands roamed over my breasts to soothe me. Did he know I was awake? May be he knew! I did not bother. But I could not face him. That was a fact!

    Continued in part 3


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