Me and My Mom Part II


Hi its Jake again, I am now 14 years old. Since then me and my mother were fucking non stop. Now, my cock is 11 inches thick and when its erect its 12. It drives my mom wild. I have 2 kids. Carrie and Sam. They are 1 year old each. Lets get to the part now.
I was playing with the kids one day and mom walked in. "Hey jaaakiie" She purred. I knew this day was not going to be boring. "How about we show little Carrie and Sammy what we do? Then they can join us. " My mom moaned. She walked up to Carries nude body and pointed a finger inside of her. Carrie's eyes opened and she let out a soft moan. I was aroused at the second.

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   My cock was getting hard and I threw off my pants.
All in a few moments we were all on the bed nude. I lay my mom on her back and sucked her clit. The babies watched us with wonder. I then couldnt take it. I just wanted to fuck her big pussy. I rammed her so hard, and the bed shook. THe babies giggled and started laughing. I was full 12 inches and my mom was moaning, groaning and screamaing. "JAAAAAAAAKIIIIIIEEEEEEEE IM SO PROUD OF YOU BIG BOY!!" I was very happpy and I pumped her like hell. She was enjoying it more then I was. I let load after load out and she screamed. We fucked for atleast 10 minutes straight and my cock wasnt limp one bit. We fucked hard until she orgasmed a full 3 cups onto my dick. The babies were in awe.

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   I grabbed sam and played with his small 1 inch cock. I licked and sucked it and he moaned. He loved this feeling.
Carrie was being fingered by mom. I wanted to finger fuck too so I gently slid my finger into Sam's ass. He was already wet and I could feel him tight. I slid it in and out, he groaned and cried. But of full intense pleasure. Cum starting slowly coming out and I knew my boy was well. He didnt have a sperm yet so his cum was safe. Meanwhile, Carrie was cumming too while mom licked her clit and fucked it. Our kids were enjoying this too much. I then picked up my prick and held it out to Carrie. She opened her eyes and cupped her mouth around the small tip.
It felt so good and arrousing to have your baby sister suck you.

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  I moaned gently. My mom was putting on a puppy dog face so I turned my dick to her. She stood in Doggy style position and I jack hammered her tight ass. After 15 minutes I was still hard and we had came about 20 cups of cum each.
My mom couldnt wait to fuck me. She slid her finger in my ass and pumped it rapidly. I loved the sensation, I guess I am both in love with women and having my ass fucked. I'm not gay, I just love the feeling. I came another load as she popped her finger out.
"Jaakiieee, tomorrow mommy's getting a vibrator for the kids. And while I am gone, get carrie and Sam wild! Ok my big boy?" My mom asked. With that she put on a silky robe,shoved her breasts in my face and left.
After that I continued with Carrie and Sam. Full throttle.
Too Be continued in Part III.

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