Me and My Sister


   It all started when I was 14 and my sister was 11.   One night my parents were out on the back deck and we were downstairs watching TV in the basement.   As usual we ended finding something to disagree about and it turned into a little scuffle.   As we were rolling around on the ground my hand grazed over her chest and I didn't think much of it since it had happened before, but I had never thought anything of it.   However, there was something different about this occurrence; it almost seemed as though she enjoyed the touching.   Being a young boy with raging hormones I tried to see if I could try and touch them again and see her reaction.   To my surprise, she didnt mind the contact and this marked the first time I had thought of my sister in a sexual way.  
     Now I will get back to the story, but I want to give you all a little background on the two of us.   My sister, Emily, is a very "cute" girl, always a little taller then everyone else her age which made her look much more mature then everyone else.   However, with maturing faster so did her chest.   It is amazing how big her breats are!  When I was younger I would always sneak a peak while she was showering or something but I never thought anything of it until that one night.  
    Back to the story . . . so we were rolling around on the floor and I was starting to get a little horny when all of a sudden she jumped on top of me, grabbed my hand, and placed it right on her chest.   I was so shocked that I pulled it away and asked, "Emily, what are you doing?" she replied with, "Don't you think they are big, do you want to see them?" Not knowing what to do I responded with a, "Sure.

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  "  She slowly pulled up her shirt and her already mature tits were filling up the tiny little sports bra she had on.   I took one of them in my hand and immediately felt a shock go through my body.   Next we tried kissing, however we both felt it to be a little awkward.  
   After that, she took her bra off revealing her cute little nipples.   I again took them in my hand and I could see it in her eyes that she was loving every minute of it.   After a couple minutes of that I figured I could ask her if I could see her most private part and she was very apprehensive.   However, after a little sweet talking she agreed to slide her shorts down revealing her pink panties which I still remember to this day.   At this point I was shaking from being so nervous not only because I had never even dreamed of doing this with my sister, but also the fact that our parents were upstairs and we had no idea when they might come down.   Lucky for us they never ventured down to that basement and left us plenty of time to "mess around. " 
     I eventually convinced her to slide her panties down just so I could see her young vagina, but we were both too scared to do anything.   At this point, I spent a little more time on her tits and then we heard footsteps upstairs which promptly ended the night.   However, even as we were walking up the stairs I will still grabbing at her ass and she even turned around and let me fondle her tits right before we opened up the door.   We each went upstairs to our rooms and worked on homework for a while until about 9 o'clock when our parents started watching TV downstairs.   At this point I hadn't been able to take my mind off of what happened so I decided to act as though I was saying goodnight to my sister and see if she was still in the mood.   I walked in the room and it was almost as if she was waiting for me.

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    She told me to come closer and she immediately pulled up her shirt.   I couldn't resist and before I knew it we were right back where we started.   However, just like before, the night ended when we heard our parents coming upstairs.  
     This was just the first night, nearly 4 years ago. Similar ocurrences have continued since then and if you liked this story let me know and I will continue telling the story.   Yes, things do get much more serious.