Me, Jack, and His Family Part 1


One day Jack called me up and told me about this new porno movie he found in his house. Jacks mother was recently divorced, so I guess she needed something to get off on. Anyways he asked me over to watch it with him. He said his mom was leaving and his two sisters were out, so I said id be over as fast as I could. I knocked on the door and Jack greeted me with a big grin on his face. We quickly ran back to his room, and a little later we heard his mother leave. He popped in the movie and are jaws dropped, it was a girl orgy of both mature and young girl. We sat there for about five minutes until Jack couldn’t take it anymore and he pulled out his cock and began to stroke it. So I followed suite and took out my cock and slowly stroked it to the hot scene on the TV. Then Jack popped the question, “You ever think about sucking a guys dick?” and then he sputtered out, “Not that it would make you gay”. I thought in the back of my head, maybe it would be all right and I said, “Yeah why not, Ill try anything once”. We both looked at each other with a puzzled look, so I said, “you want to do me or should I do you”?He Muttered, “Ill do you first”. He got down on his knees grabbed hold of my already stiff cock, and hesitantly took it in his mouth. I felt so good; he then began to take more of it in until he was gagging on it. I looked up at the TV imaging it was a mature women like Christy Canyon, sucking my cock. Then suddenly with out warning his door swung open to expose his mother who had forgoten her purse in his bathroom.

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   She stood at the door with her jaw dropped as she watched her sons head bob up and down on my cock. It took me a second to get Jack to stop and turn his head. Jacks mom yelled, “What the hell are two attractive boys like you doing pleasuring each other”?We both just looked at her with a blank stare. Jack stood up and wiped his mouth and I put my monster back in my pants. Jacks mom said, “ Oh no, you both get your little peckers out, I am going to teach a lesson for doing such nasty things, as soon as your sisters get home, Jack. Now sit on the bed and Ill be back with your sisters Jack!”About a half hour later Jacks two sisters arrived. We heard Jacks mom inform his sisters of the situation and the both began to giggle and laugh. Jacks mom reentered followed by his two sisters. Neither of us new what to think First all three of them went into Jacks bathroom to freshen up and change into sexier outfits.
    After about 20 minutes they all walked out in nice kinky make up, with all the wearing tight orange leather pants and orange latex tops. Jen walked over to me and Stacey walked over to Jack. Jen grab my cock and pulled me up, Stacey did the same to Jack. They both then stripped in front of us. It was a good dance for a couple of amateurs. They then kneeled down and proceed to give us head.

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      Jack mom said, “Now isn’t that better than another guys mouth”?We both nodded are heads and closed are eyes in ecstasy. I wasn’t too long before we were both ready to shot are loads. Both the girls stopped sucking and jerked our cocks off over their faces. We both shot massive load on their faces because little did we know Jacks mom had been slipping cum pills into our food. They both stood up with cum and make dripping from around their eyes and nose. They leaned in for a kiss and we both leaned back further. His mom yelled, “You damn perverts do what the girl want you too or you will answer to me!”We both swallowed are pride and kissed the girls cum covered faces and they then told us to lick the salty mess off. At first it was nasty but after the first few spurts were licked up we began to enjoy the taste…Part Two Soon to come…. .
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