Me, Mom and Kathy - Part 4


It wasn't long before she was rubbing her hands on my lower stomach turning my semi-hard cock into a ragingly stiff one. "Oh now look what I have gone and done. " She said as her soapy hands wrapped around my cock. "I've gotten you all hot and bothered. I guess I have to fix that now. "She proceeeded to rub her hands up and down my cock. I was surprised at how much like her mouth it felt. It had only been a few hours since I last shot my load, but I felt it coming again, no pun intended. Mom turned the shower head towards the wall and got on her knees in front of me to gain better access to my cock. She then expertly used both hands on me until I was just seconds away form shooting my load. "Mom, I think I'm gonna cum!" I said gasping, trying to hold out for a bit more pleasure but it was too late. "Oh I'm cumming!!!" I announced rather loudly. As I said that, one spurt, then two flew from my cock onto her face and tits. Never would I have imagined thinking this, but this was just a super sexy site before my eyes. A woman on her knees in front of me, with my cum dripping from her face and tits. This has got to be every man's fantasy and I can't tell a soul! Damn!"Ok, Eric, Time to finished getting cleaned up.

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   I think we're going to go to Chili's for dinner. I haven't been there for a while and I want to have their chicken fingers again. " Mom said. I agreed and we finished getting showered and got dressed. I could not wait for dinner to be over. I wanted to get back home and start my next "lesson. " We got to the restaraunt and was seated almost as soon as we got there. Surprisingly, when I got there, Kathy was sitting at the table that the waitress had brought us to. Mom must have had this planned. I again felt my temperature rising and my face was surely turning as nice shade of red. Kathy got out of the booth style seat and let me in. Then, to my surprise, she sat next to me. "Hi Kathy, Fancy meeting you here!" Mom said sarcastically. "Yeah! Fancy that!" Kathy said with a sly grin as she looked at me. They both looked at me, then each other and smiled.

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   I began to wonder how in depth this planning had been. I wonder if this was a plot that goes back further than when I saw them through mom's window. I wonder if that is why the window shades were open? A million thoughts went through my mind at that point. As my mind was racing, the waitress came by to take our orders. I was too into my thoughts when kathy's hand ventured over to my leg and gave me a small pinch. "It's your turn to order sweetie!" Kathy whispered to me. I hadn't even looked at the menu yet. I stuttered for a few moments when mom suggested to the waitress that she come back in a few minutes so I could have more time. I then began to look at the menu intently when Kathy's hand went from my leg to my crotch. As if I didn't have enough of a hard time readin the menu I now had another distraction. Kathy continued rubbing my cock through my jeans as I tried to read the menu. My cock was hard as a rock by now and Kathy was rubbing harder and harder. The waitress finally came by and I just sputtered out that I would like a mushroom swiss burger on white bread. Both mom and Kathy laughed as I obviously stuttered out my order. They both knew I was getting nervous about the situation.

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   It had only been hours since my first sexual experience with mom, and now Kathy was here to give me the ultimate in life's lessons. I just wanted to get back home. At the same time, though, I knew what I was going home to, so how do I act? I'll just play dumb and act like I don't know what's going on. The waitress brought us our food, and I ate it quickly. I'm not usually a fast eater, but I was intent on finishing and getting out and back home. My dick was still hard, and it needed some release. Much to my dismay, mom and Kathy were not as eager to leave as they ordered desert. By this time, Kathy was still rubbing my cock, only now she had undone the buttons on my pants and was rubbing my cock through my boxers. To keep from being completely obvious, she pulled her sweater over my dick as she masturbated me. She had obviously had enough of this as she undid the button of them and pulled my cock out into the open. I knew mom knew what was going on, but did not care. After all, she knew what Kathy had planned for me. This only last a few minutes before my breathing became eratic and my cock began to twitch in her hands. "Damn! I dropped my fork!" Kathy said as she bent down to grab it. Her head was now right over my cock.


   Being brave, I moved the sweater over to the side. She took the bait and as she lifted herself up with fork in hand, she slid my cock in her mouth and give it a few quick sucks before coming all the way back up. I felt like my balls were about to burst when the waitress brought their desserts to them. I quickly covered up when she came by and oncovered it again when she left. "I'm gonna cum" I whispered to myself hoping she would do something other than let me come all over myself then have to leave the restaraunt. She grabbed her chocolate cake and put it in front of my cock. she moved her hand faster and faster until I began to shoot. My orgasm came like a thunderbolt as the public scene here was putting me into over drive. My cum almost completely covered her cake like icing and she more than happily put the cake back on the table and began eating it. I was too spent to be surprised. I slumped in my seat as she happily ate my cum like a creamy white frosting. before I knew it, it was time to go. I was still in a sexual wonderland. Never before had I come three times in one day and I knew it wasn't even over for this day. We got up and casually walked out fo the establishment after paying our bill.

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   When we got in the car, mom and Kathy occupied to fron of the car and I was left alone in the back much to my dissapointment. I sat in the car thinking about what was going to happen that night. I couldn't wait to get home, but at the same time, I didn't knwo what was going to happen, or how it was all going to get started. I figured i would just act as I normally would and wait to see what happens. Though, that would be hard to do since I just got a hand job from the person who I was supposed to finish my path to manhood with. We arrived back at our house and continuing with my plan, I left the car without a word and went into the house and sat down to watch TV. I flipped through the channels periodically looking out of the corner of my eyes waiting to see what their next move would be. They then came into the house and went to the kitchen to talk. I was dissapointed, but continued to watch TV. About an hour went by with no action from either of them, so much to my disspointment, I announced that I was going to bed. They just said ok, and sadly I walked down the hall. I was very dissapointed, but figured I was lucky to have gotten what I have, so just settled for a good masturbation session with what memory I had of the day's events. I settled into bed, stark naked and began jacking off imediately to the thought of mom's head bobbing up and down on my cock and Kathy's hands working my cock feverishly. I was pretty spent from the days events so, unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could cum. It was about 2AM when I was awoken by a sound at my door.

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   It wasn't a startling sound, but I woke up never the less. I didn't move, just opened my eyes. I saw a figure at the door. I assumed it was either Kathy or Mom, so I kept my eyes barely open to see what would happen next. The figure walked up to my bed, and I could see from the light in the hallway that she was wearing a night gown, but still could not descern who was standing before me. She lifted the night gown above her waist, then over her head. I could then tell that it was Kathy. Kathy was a little slimmer than mom and had smaller hips too. I still could not see her face, though, and hoped that she could not tell that I was awake. "Eric" She whispered, "Are you awake?" I just continued to breath harshly as if I were asleep. She then bent over me and began to pull the blanket back to reveal my cock. It was slightly hard and getting harder. I figured she would have guessed me for awake, but she just giggled quietly and wrapped her hand around my cock and started to lightly stroke it. It wasn't long at all before I was hard as a rock and she began to pick up some speed. I closed my eyes to better the sensation, when soon it was apparent that I needed such a thing.

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   Her mouth was enveloped around my cock whilst her hand still moved in an up and down motion. I decided this was when I needed to "wake up" so that maybe I could conciously get in on some of the action. "Wha. . . ? What's going on?" I said pretending to just wake up. "Shhhh" She said, "It's Kathy. " She added as her stoped jacking me off. "It's time for your second lesson. Do as I ask and you will do just fine!" She commented. She them moved her pussy over my cock and began rubbing her slit with the head. I can't describe the feeling I felt then, but that was only the beginning. She stopped rubbing my cock on her pussy and positioned it right at the entrance. She then leaned over and kissed me as she lowered her pussy onto my waiting dick. I felt like I was going to burst!She just rested there for a minute, occasionally wiggling her hips in a circular motion.

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   "Here. " She said grabbing my hands and putting them on her tits. "You can put these here for now. Most men like to play with them when they are fucking a woman. " She didn't need to tell me that. I already knew I wanted to play with them. I leaned up and tooka nipple in my mouth and she began to slide her pussy up and down on my cock very slowly. Almost being completely still, it looked just like only her hips were moving. She was a real pro!She prgessivley got faster and faster as my toungue continued the assult on her tits. She occasionally leaned down to kiss my neck and ears, which I imagined mom informed her that those were my spots. Instinctively when did this, my hands found their way to her ass and gipped each cheek as I thrust my cock into her. She stopped her movement to let me take control and I thrust into her like a piston. "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum!" I whispered in her ear as she sucked on my earlobe. "Not yet, darling, I'm almost there. " She whispered back.

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  I mustered every bit of strength and willpower I had to hold off until she was ready. I slowed my pace a little and continued to fuck her. She rose up a little and fed her tit into my mouth as I suckled it like a newborn baby. "This is my spot. " She informed me, so I payed extra special attention to it for a few second when I felt her body begin to shake. "Oh, Eric, I'm gonna cum! Cum with me!" She said quite loudly. I picked up my pace and felt my balls swelling with cum and she started to meet my thrusts. We worked in unison like a well oiled macine when her body suddenly began to shake. I knew she was cumming and let mine go as well. I could feel my cock pulsating as I shot my cum deep inside her pussy. "OH GOD!" she yelled as her body's shakes subsided. "Oh my god!" She said as she collapsed on me. I felt like she was just saying that to boost my ego a little, but I didn't care. That was the best experience I have had yet. She layed on me for a few minutes as I began to run my hands all over her body.


   "Oh wow, Eric, I didn't know it would be that good with you!" She said surprised. "Really? Was I ok?" I inquired. "Ok? You were great! I am quite surprised! Your mom didn't say that you were this good! But then again, she did not have the experience I did!" She said smilingShe kissed me all over my face, very lovingly. All the while, I wondered what mom was doing. Just then, I happened to look at the door to see Mom standing there. "Did you two have fun?" She asked laughing. "Uh huh!" Kathy replied smiling!"Well now that you have had your fun, it's my turn!" Mom said. Kathy got off me, kissed me then walked to the door where mom was. Mom kissed her right on the lips and my cock sprung to life again. kathy turned to wave and left the room. At this point I thought mom was going to want to fuck me too, but it turned out she didn't have that in mind. "Now that you have had your second lesson, your third will soon come. But for now, go to sleep. It's my turn to have some fun with Kathy!" Mom said as she kissed my forhead. She walked out of the room and turned off the light in the hallway.


   I layed there and thought about what could be next. And just dozed off to sleep. To Be Continued ---Only if I get a few comments that indicate that ya'll may want another. Also, I was thinking about wiritng another version of this but in Kathy and Mom's Perspective. let me knwo what you think about both :)More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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