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It was on such a night that Meghan devised an ingenious plot. She told her father that she would prepare dinner that night so he didn't have to. She crushed several sleeping pills and slipped them into the Marinara sauce she left simmering on the stove. She made sure to set aside a small amount for herself so he would not be suspicious why she was eating plain pasta. She prepared the plates as he often did and carried the plates to the table. The table was already set for dinner. He sat there sipping a glass of Pinot Noir as he watched her approach with the two heaping plates of pasta. She set one down softly on the table in front of him. "This smells delicious, baby girl," he said as he set his glass down. She set her plate down and took her seat across from him as she smiled, "Thank you, Daddy. " She kept glancing over at him as she picked at her food while he hungrily devoured the pasta. She smirked as she looked down at her plate, knowing soon the effects of the drug would kick in and he would be helpless. He dropped his fork onto the table and released a low groan. She looked up as he blinked and shook his head. "Something wrong, Daddy?" she asked in a mock-concerned tone. "Just feeling a little groggy, dear.

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   I guess I should cut back on the wine with dinner," he replied as he pushed his chair back. He started to stand up, but quickly plopped back down into the chair. His head was spinning. The wine mixed with the medication took hold much quicker than she had anticipated. This was going to be perfect. She waited a few more minutes as she watched him struggle to stay awake. She continued to eat her dinner as she waited for him to slip completely out of consciousness. With a loud thud, his head met the table as his body slumped forward. She stood up and cautiously approached him, lifting his head slightly and releasing it again. He was out cold. She hurried to the phone and called Neil's cell phone. She quickly cleared the table as she awaited his arrival. She returned from the kitchen to hear the front door slam shut. Neil tossed a bundled length of rope onto the table landing inches from her father's head. She smiled led at her lover as he wrapped his arms around her.

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   The two kissed passionately in front of her unconscious father. Meghan broke the kiss and pulled away from Neil. She picked up the rope as she flashed a wicked smile at him. "This will do wonderfully. Now help lift him up so I can strip him. Then we can tie him up. Remember, I have to be able to get to his cock so we have to keep that area free. " she commanded. "Anything you say, Baby. I can't wait to see what he does when he sees me pounding that sweet pussy of yours right here in front of him," Neil replied. The two worked quickly to remove all of Teddy's clothing. Meghan held him back against the high-backed wooden chair as Neil securely wrapped the ropes around his chest several times. She shook his body to make sure they would securely hold him in place. They then tied his wrists to the back of the chair. She pushed his hips forward slightly as she made sure his legs would stay spread for her.

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   Neil dragged the chair into position so Teddy would not miss any of the action when he awoke. Neither of them was sure exactly how long he would be out so they paced themselves. Meghan stripped down and hopped up on the table with her legs spread widely. Neil quickly moved between her legs and began to lap wildly at the tender pink flesh. Her moans filled the room, but still, nothing was registering in her father's mind. The drugs were slowly weakening in his system as time passed. After four intense orgasms for Meghan, Neil wanted inside of her. She instead convinced him to let her orally please him. She wanted to save the hardcore fucking until her father was able to enjoy the action. Meghan slid from the table and knelt down in front of Neil. Her fingers quickly removed the cloth imprisoning his swollen cock. Unlike most boys his age, Neil's cock was an impressive 9 inches long and very thick. She wrapped her fingers around it as she stared up at him with a delighted grin. The tip oozed pre cum almost immediately. She squeezed his cock slightly as her fingers mi milked as much as she could from him onto her velvety pink tongue.

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   A moan from deep in his throat slipped out as the tip of her tongue concentrated on the little split in the head, trying to force into the hole and coax out any more of his fluids. Her fist moved slowly up and down the massive muscle as she teasingly lapped at the warm, smooth skin. He gently played with her hair as he groaned. "God, Baby, you are such a good little cocksucker. " Her lips parted wider as she accepted him into her mouth closing just behind the ridge around the swollen head. Her tongue swirled languidly over it as she lightly sucked continuing to work her fingers up and down the length of him. The sweet agony of it was starting to get to Neil. It was all he could do not to grab her and fuck her face frantically. After torturing him for several minutes her fingers slid down his shaft a final time, leaving just two there to hold his engorged cock steady. Her lips inched down over him at a painfully slow pace. The feel of her hot, wet mouth around him was heaven and hell all at once. Her tongue pressed firmly against the underside of his cock as she traced over each prominent vein with the tip. His moans of pleasure filled the room and penetrated the thick cloud of medication that filled Teddy's head. Meghan's lips glided up and down Neil's saliva-coated shaft slowly. She had to make it all last as long as possible.

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   She heard a soft groan from her father as he struggled to free the cobwebs from his mind. The sleeping pills were still winning the battle. To him it was nothing more than a dream. The moans he heard were just wisps of sound that floated on the heavy air. Meghan began to suck harder as her pace quickened just slightly. Neil's voice grew loud louder as she worked her magic. Her sparkling green eyes were aglow with the deviant desires that raged in her soul. Another groan slipped from her father as he shook his head. The effects of the drug were finally loosening their grip on him. This delighted Me Meghan even more. She ravenously slurped on Neil's cock as it pistoned in and out of her mouth. Her muffled moans mingled with his as he grew nearer to climaxing. Teddy mumbled as he groggily opened his eyes. He was not sure what was going on or where he was for sure. Meghan's lips locked around the thick fleshy rod in her mouth as she sucked hungrily, knowing any moment her father would see what she was doing.

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   "Oh fuck, Baby! I'm gonna cum. Don't stop sucking. Oh god, Meghan" He couldn't hold out any longer. Neil grabbed her head and held her in place as he began to wildly buck his hips. Her moans and the soft wet sounds of him pushing into her throat seemed to bring Teddy back to reality. He was still reeling from the tainted sauce. He was not sure if it was a nightmare or if he was actually watching his daughter's mouth get fucked by that little bastard he hated so much. He tried to speak but it just came out as an unintelligible slur. Neil drove all 9 inches down Meghan's throat and held her head to his pelvis is. Her nose was buried against him as he let out a guttural moan. Thick torrents of cum flooded down into her stomach as she hungrily nursed every drop from him. She struggled free enough to pull her head back. His last spurt landed directly on her tongue. She held it there as she clambered off the table and strutted toward her bound father. In an instant she grabbed his hair and tilted his head back.

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   Her lips pressed hard to his as she initiated the kiss. Her tongue sought out the crevice between his lips and quickly forced its way inside. He squirmed as the warm fluid was spit into his mouth from hers. She laughed as she pulled back. He sputtered, trying to get the taste of another man's seed from his mouth. "Awe come on, Daddy. It isn't that bad now, is it?" she chuckled cruelly. "What the fuck is. . . " his words were cut short by a slap across the face from his daughter. He could only stare at her in utter shock. He realized now that she was completely naked. His eyes drifted from her face down to her fleshy breasts and trailed lower to her pussy. He had never seen it shaven smoothly before.

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   His eyes were transfixed on the hairless patch of heaven for a moment before she struck his face again. Neil stood behind her with his still limp cock in his hand as he tried to stroke some life back into it. She looked down and noticed her father's cock was starting to stir. "Oh my god look at that little thing" she exclaimed as she pointed at his cock. It wasn't tiny but compared to that massive package Neil had, Teddy's 7 1/2 inch cock did seem a bit small by comparison. Her mockery of his manhood did not help matters. He tried to close his legs and shield his cock from view to no avail. His body was bound tightly to the chair. Meghan knelt down in front of her fat her to more closely inspect his member. She raked her well-manicured nails over it and watched as he quivered. This brought an unexpected smile to her lips. She looked over at Neil for a moment. His cock was becoming hard quickly as he stared at her touching her own father like that. Her eyes then quickly shifted their gaze to Teddy's face. He was biting down hard on his lower lip to keep from moaning as she dragged her nails along his skin.

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   She watched his face as she deliberately lowered her head. Her hot breath tickled as it moved across his skin. Her soft pink tongue passed over the very tip of his shaft causing him to shudder. Teddy heard himself moan and could not believe it. Was this really happening or was it all some sort of twisted dream? Again, she tauntingly licked across the tip of his cock, this time feeling it jump in her grasp. She looked over at Neil's 9-inch rod and licked her lips. It was once again hard and ready for action. She spread her knees further apart. Neil moved in quickly behind her. He ran the tip of his teenage cock up and down her dripping wet pussy. She looked up at her father with an evil delight. "Mmmm, yeah, Baby. Fuck me Neil. Get that monstrous cock inside me and show daddy how to fuck his baby girl," she purred. Teddy's eyes grew large as he heard his daughter talking like a slutty little vixen.


   He could not believe what he was seeing. Her head dropped back slightly as she let out a passionate moan. Neil wasted no time in sinking it all into her pussy. She tensed as he bottomed out. Her hips bounced against his pelvis as she pushed back into him. She put her hands on her father's knees as she stared up at him through slitted eyes. "Oh god, yes, Baby! Fuck me harder," she cried out. She looked down at her father's raging hard on and smiled. She stared dead into his eyes as she leaned forward and took his cock into her mouth. Meghan rocked back and forth between the two cocks as she moaned with delight. Teddy could not believe it was happening to him. He had longed to feel that hot little mouth of hers wrapped around his cock for so long the sensation almost left him breathless. "Suck his dick, Meghan. Oh god, yes. Swallow that cock," Neil instructed.


  All Teddy could do was moan and grunt as she mercilessly suckled. Meghan's movements became frenzied as she slammed back into Neil. Her muscles had begun to spasm around him as her juices flowed freely. Caught in the grips of the incredible orgasm, she devoured her father's cock. Teddy felt himself slipping quickly. He knew that any moment he would succumb to his daughter's skillful mouth. Her lips clamped tightly around him as she milked his throbbing shaft. Suddenly she stopped as Neil grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back. She let out a sharp scream as his milky warm seed flooded her cunt. Another orgasm ripped through her as she nearly collapsed at her father's feet. He stared at her, panting and disappointed. His balls ached, wanting to release his pent up load. Meghan recovered for a moment before she shakily rose to her feet. She looked at her boyfriend and smiled. "Now, look.

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   Daddy's going to have blue balls if I don't help him get rid of that load. What should I do honey?" she asked sarcastically. "Fuck him Meghan. Ride his cock. " he replied. Meghan laughed. "That little thing. After you I probably wouldn't feel it. " she paused. "Then again maybe I could let him have my ass. "They both laughed, as her father remained speechless. He was almost afraid to speak again, as if it would shatter his fragile dream. Meghan straddled his lap and teasingly began to grind against him. Her massive breasts were in his face. He couldn’t help himself and leaned in.

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   He closed his lips around her nipple and began to suckle like a starving child. This brought out a passion inside de her. She reached down beneath her and guided the head of his cock inside her already drenched pussy. He let out a loud moan around her taut nipple as he continued to suck. Her thighs slapped loudly against his as she bounced up and down on his rigid me member. He had never felt anything as perfect as her tight young cunt. He groaned as she road him harder. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls as she impaled herself on his cock over and over again. Her hands gripped his shoulders tighter as her breath came in short bursts. Her chest heaved as she cried out "FUCK ME DADDY". Teddy almost came immediately as he heard her voice echo in his head. Her hot nectar splattered on his thighs as it washed over his cock and spilled out of her slick slit. Her nails dug into his flesh causing him to yelp. She lifted her hips as she reached down. This time guiding the thick mushroom head toward her puckered anus.

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   With a quick shift of her hips, he was buried balls deep in her tight rear entrance. She let out a loud moan as her body shook. He tried his hardest to pump his hips but the ropes made it nearly impossible. Quickly she began to fuck him with all her might. His cock was throbbing; ready to explode when Neil interjected. "Get his cock back in your pussy, Baby. I want some of that ass. " Meghan obeyed and slid her father's swollen shaft back into her aching pussy. Neil moved in quickly and guided his cock into her stretched ass. She let out a loud scream as both holes were filled with cock. Her body went into overdrive as she moaned and writhed. Teddy could feel the cock invading her ass through the thin membrane separating the two. The friction and heat drove him quickly over the edge. He started to groan as his juices spurted for what seemed an eternity into his daughter’s cunt, mixing with the messy ambrosia that poured out of her. Meghan leaned in and kissed him passionately as Neil continued to pound her ass.

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   Her tongue sought Teddy's as her muscles continued to squeeze his pulsing cock. Neil jack hammered into her hard and fast for several minutes as Teddy's semi erect cock slowly softened, nestled deep inside his daughter's tender folds. He could feel the cum seeping from her and leaking onto him as her body was jolted with each thrust. Suddenly Neil tensed up, holding his cock deep inside of Meghan's hot little ass. Her bowels were flooded with his last load of cum for the evening. She clenched tightly around her father's cock a final time, causing him to cry out as she painfully squeezed his sensitive member. Her entire body shook uncontrollably. Neil withdrew, letting a large amount of semen escape the gaping hole. Meghan slid off her father's lap and stood up on wobbly legs. Her two fingers slid between her legs and scooped out a glob of the sticky secretions from her pussy. She smiled and forced both fingers into her father's mouth as she laughed. "Next time, Daddy. . . I'm going to make you lick me clean since you are such a little bitch.

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