Molly and her Girls


Molly and her Girls

                  I married Jean, the love of my life when we were both in our teens. She was a beautiful red haired beauty with full high set breasts, wide hips and the ability to bring me to incredible sexual heights in a way no other woman ever could. Shortly after we wed, Jean had Molly, our only child and life seemed to have become perfect. A driver and a bottle of gin brought that perfection to a halt one night when that driver, his car and his bottle hit my wife’s car and made me a traumatized single parent in an instant.  

            Molly had just turned 10 when her mother passed on and in my grieving and confusion, I did not prove to be the ideal father. Molly never seemed to be able to relate to me and I struggled with raising a young daughter who looked more and more like her mother with each passing day and each inch added to her bust and hips and bottom. To stifle the urges I would feel around her, I became strict and authoritarian, not giving her the freedoms of other girls her age and not letting her dress in the same provocative ways as her peers. Her reaction was rebellion and we fought more often than not and at 18, Molly left home and made contact only rarely.

            I went on with life, occasionally dating but never remarrying, often taking my lady friends to bed but never finding the passion or the extremes of pleasure that Jean and I had shared.  

           One evening as I prepared to cook a small steak for my dinner, the phone rang and caller id showed an official but unfamiliar number. I answered with a cautious hello.

            “Mr. Scott, this is Mrs. Langston from Social Services. We were given your name to contact by a Miss Molly Scott in regards to her children. Miss Scott has been arrested and there is no one in the household to care for the children.

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            I was stunned and confused and made small acknowledgements but didn’t speak.

            “The children will need a responsible adult for supervision while Miss Scott’s case is pending. Will you be willing to take custody of them for the present time?”

            An hour later, a plain looking woman arrived at my door with young girls in tow. I knew Molly had two daughters but I had never met either one. Leah was the older at 13, a short slightly plump girl with fuller breasts and hips than should be allowed on a young girl. Her hair was a reddish blonde like her mother’s and her eyes were her mother’s as well, though with nervousness to them as opposed to the contempt which I always saw in Molly’s eyes.   Her sister Angie was 11, slightly shorter, dark haired and slender with breasts just beginning to bud, not much in the way of hips, full lips and eyes which matched her sister but with a fascination instead of nervousness.  

            After several tense official moments with Mrs. Langston, the girls and I were left alone and a silence fell over the house. Leah set to walking around the ground floor as if looking for the evil surprise that lurked in some dark closet. Angie took a seat across from me and started a rapid fire flood of words and thoughts.  

           “Are you really our grandfather? I never had a grandfather before. ”

            “I’ve always been your grandfather; we just hadn’t met before now. ” 

           “You won’t go out all night and leave us alone with no supper, will you?” she asked, “Or make us hide when you have someone over for a party?”

            “I don’t go out all night, “I responded, “and I don’t think a party would be as much fun without you and your sister. ”

            This brought a smile to her face and she jumped from her seat and threw her arms around my neck in a tight hug.

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   I hugged her back hard and remembered how good it felt to hug someone. As we hugged, my eyes were drawn to see that despite her lack of hips, her butt was round and full and fit her stretch pants in a way that a grandfather should not notice.

             I nervously broke off the hug and called her sister to return and I showed them both upstairs to a pair of bedrooms. One had been a guest room and the other was Molly’s old room, still adorned with posters and scattered items of teenage girlhood.

            “You can each have your own room if you like, or share one. You can choose rooms between yourselves but the one rule is no locked doors. I will respect your privacy but I won’t allow doors in this house to be locked. I don’t lock mine either. ”

            The girls mumbled their ascension and retreated to Molly’s old room to whisper conspiratorially.  

           I returned downstairs and fell into my chair. The situation was overwhelming. First I find my daughter is in jail, then two young girls I have never met are on my doorstep and lastly I found myself looking at them in ways I knew I shouldn’t. They both reminded me of Molly and of Jean in so many ways. One thought led to another and I felt a stirring below my waist. I remembered all the times of watching Molly grow to womanhood and fighting the urges to think of her as the desirable female that she was.

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   I didn’t know if my strength would hold through two more teenage girls.

            Dinner that first night was pizza and afterwards, I told the girls to bathe and dress for bed before we sat down to watch a movie.   A short while later, both of them came down in towel turbans and long t-shirts.   I had fixed a big bowl of popcorn and Leah sat on the couch with the bowl between her and me.   Angie complained that she couldn’t reach the bowl and sat herself down on my knee.   As we watched the movie, a silly animated thing with hamsters, my arm slipped around Angie’s waist and she lay back against me.   It was so nice to feel another body close to mine but I found myself fighting back against the blood which tried to swell my member in response to the closeness of a female body. My thigh was very warm where Angie’s bottom straddled it and it took all my concentration to keep my erection at bay.   This was all the more difficult when Angie would squirm and wiggle which seemed to be happening more than not.

            At the movies end, I gave them each a big hug and told them to head up to bed. As they headed up the stairs, I looked down and realized that there was a large wet spot on my thigh where Angie had sat.   I ran my fingers over it then sniffed.   The scent of little girl essence was overwhelming.   My mind jumped to a thousand fantasies as I smelled the sweetness and my cock finally won my evening long battle to make it behave.  I started to rub it through my shorts and then stopped myself, not wanting to risk one of the girls being traumatized by coming down and finding grandpa pulling his meat.

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    I went to my room, pulled the door shut and stripped to my boxers before jumping in bed.   With the lights out, my mind went to thoughts of these two beautiful girls and how I wanted to touch those perfect bodies and taste every inch of them.   My hand stroked my cock which seemed harder than I could remember in recent years.   As my mind undressed and took liberties with the girls, they each, one after the other, became their mother, Molly.   I saw her as a teen, willingly sharing my bed and giving herself to my desires.   It was these fantasies and my fight against them which had created the wall between Molly and me.   I didn’t want a wall between my granddaughters and me but my fantasies would not be stopped and in a moment my cock exploded in a blast of cum across my chest, then another and another.   I grabbed my t-shirt from beside the bed and wiped up the evidence of my illicit thoughts before drifting off to sleep.

            The next morning the girls came downstairs as I fixed breakfast.   Angie was in a knee length pink robe but I couldn’t see what she wore under it. Leah was in a t-shirt which hung almost as far as Angie’s robe.   I could see how the shirt draped over her ample young breasts and I felt the blood rushing again to my member.   I turned my back to the girls as I tended the eggs, hoping that neither saw the bulge in my sweatpants.

              Angie came over to the stove where I stood.  

           “What are you fixing?” She asked.

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            “I’m fixing bacon and eggs with toast. ” I answered. “My new girls need a good breakfast. ”

            “Mom never cooked breakfast. ” Leah said with a slightly sarcastic tone. “She didn’t like cooking. ”

            “I tried to teach her when she was young,” I said, turning to the table. “But she never seemed to want to learn from me. ”

            “Will you teach us?” Angie queried with beautiful expectant eyes.  

           “I would love to teach my two little girls. ”

    Angie almost squealed with delight though her older sister made a face that showed that trust would come when she saw proof.

            Through most of the day, we shopped and talked and I learned a bit more about how things had been with the girls and Molly before this week.   Molly had been married to a man who, if Leah was to be believed, only stopped yelling and drinking long enough to father the two girls.   He had gone to jail two years ago and Molly had taken the girls to live with an older man named Jeff. Leah became quite uncomfortable when pressed for information on their life with this man Jeff and I didn’t push.

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   We hit several stores for new clothes for the girls and the grocery store for provisions for dinner and the week ahead.

            On returning home, we put away the food and newfound goodies and set to cooking dinner.   Working together in the kitchen seemed to bring us closer and as we chopped and rinsed and cooked even Leah’s cautious demeanor seemed to ease.   After dinner I told the girls to get bathed and that they could help me with the dishes afterwards. I couldn’t help but watch their sweet bodies as they bounced up the stairs.

            After their baths, the girls came down in shorts and t-shirts.   When we had shopped, both of the girls seemed to pick out shorts that were seriously tight.   I could not help but look down at their young butts as we set about doing the dishes. Angie was washing, Leah was rinsing and I took the job of drying.   There was a lot of playful bickering between the girls about who was not working fast enough and who was doing a better job and things soon escalated into splashes back and forth and eventually into Leah taking the spray nozzle off the faucet and spraying her sister, drenching her t-shirt and shorts and most of her hair.   With a squeal, Angie took a bowl full of soapy water and threw it on Leah, soaking her in a similar fashion.

  Both girls then turned to me and Leah sprayed me with the nozzle as well.   We all laughed loudly but I couldn’t help but notice that the wet shirts clung to the girl’s breasts and the air conditioning throughout the house made their young nipples stand up for attention. Needing its own attention, my cock sprung upright in my shorts creating a bulge of circus tent proportions. I saw Leah’s eyes fix on my shorts, then Angie’s as well.

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             “I…I’ll be back girls. ” I sputtered turning and hurrying to my room and closing the door. My heart pounded in my chest and throbbed in my member. I wanted them both so bad. I wanted to touch them and taste them and so much more but a voice kept saying it was wrong.  

           I lay back on my bed, my thoughts racing but not getting sorted out. I began to rub my hard meat through my shorts.   My eyes closed and I saw Molly as a young teen. I saw her come to me and give herself to me and as we joined our bodies together, Molly became Leah and then became Angie and then back and forth between them.   My cock was out of my shorts now and I pulled it hard in a steady rhythm.   I did not notice as my door slowly opened.

              “Are you ok, Grampa?” came Leah’s voice.  

            I froze in mid stroke and then fumbled at trying to tuck my rod back inside my shorts.

            “I’m ok, dear. I’ll be back down in a minute.

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           “You’re not hurt, are you, Grampa?” 

           “No dear, not at all. Why would I be hurt?” 

           Leah stepped cautiously across the room towards me. “Jeff said that a man really hurts when his thing is big like that and he needs help to make it better. ” As she said this, her small hand reached out and lightly grasped my cock. “He told me that since it was my fault that it hurt, I should help make it feel better. ”

            My thoughts raced to anger and hurt and then to the sublime feeling of her hand on my member. I knew I should stop her but I wanted her. I wanted all of her in every way.

            “He liked when I did this, too. ” She said softly, leaning over and sliding her tongue along my shaft and across the swollen tip. I gasped at the feeling of her mouth touching me and my hand reached out and caressed her young ass in its tight shorts. Her small mouth opened and her lips surrounded the helmet end of my cock but she could only take a little of my 8 inches before she had to stop. Even this made my brain swim in a pool of pleasure.   My balls tightened and I felt ready to blow, but I didn’t want this to stop so soon.   I gently lifted her head from my crotch and looked in her beautiful but apparently not so innocent eyes.

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    I gave her a soft kiss and pulled her damp shirt up and over her head and threw it aside.   Her firm full breasts were even more exquisite than I had imagined and I leaned in to place my mouth over one of them. My tongue found the erect nipple and played across it. I felt a tremble go through Leah’s body as my lips closed on the hard nipple and suckled it.   My thumbs hooked the waist of her shorts and began easing them off.   Leah wiggled to assist me in removing them and suddenly I had a young naked beauty before me in bed.   Even with her baby fat, Leah’s body was perfection.   Her breasts stood high, her hips flared in a most inviting manner and her tummy sloped to a patch of thin reddish hair above puffy labia which beckoned me onward.

            “You are so beautiful, Leah. ” I whispered.

             I gently laid her on her back and again kissed her breasts then my lips explored down her smooth tummy and to the thighs.   She giggled a little girl giggle as my kisses touched her inner thighs but her legs parted for me as if on cue.   I saw the moist full lips there which longed to be tasted. My fingers parted them and my tongue slid up along the crevice and to the engorged knob of a clit.   Leah pushed her face into a pillow as I suckled and stroked and massaged the hooded passion button with my lips and tongue.

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    I had never tasted such a sweet muskiness and I became like a parched hound lapping at a fresh bowl of water.   Suddenly I could hear her muffled moans through the pillow and I felt her body begin to quake against my lips.   I could not stop my wild tongue and in seconds I was lapping at a flow of little girl juice as her hips bucked and jerked at my attentions.   As I felt her body slide down from her climax, I lifted my head and crawled up beside her and wrapped my arms tightly around her.   Her breathing was still short and quick but in a moment she raised her head and looked to me with a timid smile.

            “Jeff never taught me about that. ” She whispered. Her hand went down to again grasp my cock. “Do you want to be inside me?” she asked softly. “Jeff said it was always better for the guy to be inside. ”

            “Did Jeff go inside you?” I was not sure that I wanted to hear the answer.  

           “I didn’t like when Jeff went inside. It felt good, except the first time, but I didn’t like Jeff.   I think I would like you inside, Grampa. ”

            My cock twitched and throbbed with her words and I moved my body above her small frame.


    I leaned in and gave her a long kiss as I stroked the tip of my cock up and down between the slick dripping labia.   I slowly pushed against the entrance to her love tunnel.   I saw her grimace in discomfort as I pushed further but I could feel her opening up to allow me in.   Although I had been with a virgin or two, I had never felt anything as tight as the velvet vice that surrounded my pole as it disappeared deep inside her.  In no time, my balls fell into the canyon between the cheeks of her beautiful ass and I felt the tickle of her slight bush against the curls surrounding the base of my shaft. Any look of pain had left Leah’s face and only passion showed there now as I pulled back and slid again fully inside her.   I wanted to be loving and gentle but with each deep stroke my inner animal found greater hold in my being.   Soon my hips were rocking, thrusting my cock hard and fast in the dripping young pussy which gripped it in a way I had never known. Leah pulled her legs up and bucked her hips to match my rhythm. Her moans and cries were of an old older experienced lover but with a little girl voice which only sent me to new heights as I felt my balls tighten and the seed pushing up the center of my manhood.   I felt Leah’s muscles contract around my cock and her body shook as if in a seizure. I could hold no longer and thrust my cock deep inside her convulsing cunt and erupted in a volcano of hot semen in her deepest inner reaches.   My eyes closed tightly and in my mind I saw Molly beneath me, taking my seed and sharing this ultimate intimacy with me. My eyes opened again and I saw my beautiful Leah. Her eyes gleamed with love and pleasure and I knew that life would never be quite the same for me again.

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             “I love you, Leah. I always will. ”

            “I love you, too, Grampa. ” She whispered.

            We lay silent for a moment in each other’s arm then a thought struck me hard.

            “Leah… where’s Angie?”

             “It’s ok, Grampa. ” Leah said softly, “She wanted me to come and make sure that you weren’t hurt. ” 

           I was confused. I knew their mother Molly’s boyfriend Jeff had taken liberties with my granddaughter Leah but I didn’t realize that her younger sister Angie was aware of it or possibly had been involved as well.

            Leah saw my look and said softly, “Jeff did things with Angie too but he was never inside her. He said she was too young, but sometimes he wanted her to watch as he did things to me. ”

            Part of me wanted to scream and cry at hearing this but the part of me which had just taken my granddaughter and left her full of my semen found a wild fascination in it. As my manhood grew again, Leah took notice and looked in my eyes.

            “Do you want to be inside me again, Grampa?” 

           “I would love to, dear, but later. For now you should get into some dry clothes and we can go find your sister.

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            As Leah went to get fresh clothes, I pulled on my shorts and t-shirt and headed downstairs. I found Angie in the kitchen at the table. Her t-shirt had dried somewhat but still clung to her smallish breasts. She smiled as I came in the room and I took a seat beside her.

             “Are you ok, Grampa?” she asked in a small voice.  

           “I’m just fine, dear. ” I replied. “When your sister comes back down, we need to talk about some of the things that Jeff told you both. I don’t think Jeff was a good man and I think he told you things just to make you do things for him. ”

            Angie gave me a confused look. When Leah came back in the room, I began to explain certain things to them. Jeff had used them and I wanted them to know that sex was something for people who loved each other and that men were not hurt when they had an erection and that the girls should have no guilt at causing this in a man, nor did they have to “take care of it” unless they wanted to themselves. We talked about masturbation and I learned that both girls knew about the pleasures of self gratification as well as the pleasures of giving each other the same pleasures. I was almost beyond shocked at the things I was hearing from the two young girls but inside me was a spirit which took glee in every revelation about the sexual knowledge of the 11 and 13 year old girls now living under my roof.  

           As it was getting late, we all agreed to talk more in the morning.

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            I tucked both girls into bed in Molly’s old room and gave each a goodnight kiss. Leah held our kiss for many seconds, showing me further proof of the lover she could become. Angie gave me long tight hug around the neck after our short goodnight kiss.

             “I’m glad we came to live with you, Grampa. ”

            “I’m glad too. Sweet dreams, girls. ”

            I returned to my room and climbed in bed. My bed smelled of the wild sex I had shared with Leah only a few hours earlier. Another erection began to rise in my boxers but I drifted to sleep before it came to anything.

            I came half awake a few hours later sensing someone in the room. As my eyes opened, I could barely see a small figure by my bed in the light from the dimly lit hallway.

             “Grampa, can I sleep in here with you?”came Angie’s small voice, breaking the late night silence of the house.  

           Before I could answer, I felt the bed shift with her climbing in beside me.   Her arms wrapped around my neck and as I reached out to return the hug, I realized that the small girl climbing into my bed was naked.

I tried to pull her arms from my neck but she clung tight.

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            “Please, Grampa, don’t be mad. Please let me stay. ”

            “We need to talk about this, Angie. Things aren’t like Jeff told you girls. You’re too young to be here naked. ” My words came but inside me I didn’t want her to leave. Her arms still tightly encircled my neck and I could feel her small breasts pressed against my chest.  

           “I don’t care about Jeff. ” spoke her little girl voice, “I want to be here with you. ”

            My resolve faded and I agreed that she could stay the night. She rolled over and spooned herself against me. Her round butt pressed against my boxers and my cock was almost instantly rock hard. Angie seemed delighted at this and wiggled her butt as she pressed harder against me.  

            “Leah said you licked her special place. ” She said softly.

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   “She said it felt better than anything. ”

            I didn’t know words to respond but her words continued quickly.  

           “Would you lick my special place, too, Grampa?”

            Any morals I may have had went out the window with her words. I lay her on her back and began kissing her soft young body. Though her breasts were budding and small, her nipples became large knobs upon them and my lips found these and also discovered how sensitive they were. As I sucked and licked her nipples, my hands began to roam across her small frame. My fingers ventured between her thighs which were spread wide. I felt just the slightest of fuzz on her mound and when my fingers reached her treasure, I discovered that she was already soaking wet. I knew I had to taste her nectar firsthand and my kisses began to move down her flat tummy until my tongue slid over the fuzz and into the pot of little girl honey. Her clit was unhooded and made a hard nugget at the top of her sopping slit. She squirmed as my lips locked around it and my tongue flicked across the tip. I pressed a finger into her tight pussy while my mouth played wildly with the swollen toy it had found. Even compared to her sister, Angie’s pussy was amazingly tight, though I felt no resistance as it took the full length of my finger. My digit slid in and out as my tongue lapped wildly at her clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I pushed a second finger inside her.

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   My tongue was possessed with a manic spirit as my fingers rhythmically probed her depths.

            Suddenly Angie’s body stiffened then shook. Strange animal sounds escaped her lips and before I could react, a surge of her juices gushed from deep inside her, soaking my lips and chin and the bed beneath her.   She collapsed back onto the pillow, panting heavily. I pulled myself up beside her and fell back to catch my breath.

             Leah’s voice from across the room startled me.  

           “See… I told you it felt incredible. ”

            “Mmmmmmm. ” Was Angie’s only response.

            I looked to see Leah’s naked form in the doorway. She moved to the bed and climbed in to sandwich me between the two naked young beauties. My cock was almost tearing out of my boxers and I lifted slightly as Leah’s hands went to pull the shorts off of me. My cock throbbed as my mind filled with thoughts of again burying my meat in Leah’s tight hole, but before I could begin to roll towards her, I felt a leg being thrown over my torso and Angie straddled my groin, pinning my cock to my stomach beneath her.  

            “You made me feel so good, Grampa. I want to make you feel good too.

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            She began to rock back and forth, sliding her dripping labia up and down the length of my pole. The feel of our rubbing together was thrilling and I took hold of her small hips and moved in time to her motions. Her juices were flowing freely and she slid smoothly along the shaft in mock coitus. Then, turning her head to her sister, Angie lifted up slightly and Leah’s hand went out to grip my cock and pull it upright. Angie pressed her weight down on the tip and I could feel her tight entrance pushed against the fleshy helmet end. Her eyes squeezed shut and her body pressed against me harder. It felt as if I couldn’t possible fit but abruptly the head popped inside. Angie’s face was a contrast of small tears and a slight smile at the hot intrusion. Just as suddenly she lifted slightly and then pushed down hard, impaling her tiny body on my member.  

            As tight as Leah had been, Angie was almost unbelievable. It felt as if wet hot shrink fit had encased my cock and it took a moments effort to be able to begin even short strokes inside her. Each stroke found her wetter and slicker inside and soon my thrusts were fast and smooth, though her tightness felt as if it would peel the skin from my member. She began to moan and then to squeal as she bounced her body up and down on the post she had mounted. I tried to hold back but without warning, my balls boiled over and my hot seed shot deep in her preteen womb. As I flooded her inside, Angie’s eyes rolled back and her body shook.

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   Her pussy began to pulse around my cock, milking more and more from it. Animal sounds escaped her lips and she steadied herself leaning on her arms against my chest. Our blended love sauce squirted from our snug union and seemed to soak everything in range. She fell forward onto my chest, my cock still clinched tightly in her hole. I wrapped her in my arms and softly kissed the top of her head.

             I turned to look at Leah and saw a strange look on her face as she looked past me towards the door to the hall.

            As I turned to see what had her attention a familiar voice shook me to my core.  

           “How come we never did that, Daddy?”

            My 32 year old daughter Molly stood in my bedroom doorway as I lay in bed with her two naked daughters; 13 year old Leah beside me and 11 year old Angie on top of me with my manhood still inside her. My mouth would not form words and my brain would not slow down long enough to find words for that moment. I had not seen my daughter since she was 18 but here she stood in my bedroom, the mother of the girls I had just shared sweaty lust with.   Her body though older had not lost the curves which tormented me in her youth. Her full heavy breasts filled her tank top and her wide hips pressed at the seams of her jeans. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail but I could see the same reddish blonde which she had passed along to her older daughter. Her question had torn through me.

            “How come we never did that, Daddy?”

             The girls both jumped up and ran to their mother, unashamed of their nakedness.

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   I pulled the sheet over my lap and sat up on the edge of the bed.

           “It’s good to see you, Molly. ” My words seemed so lame but I couldn’t find any others.

           “I see that you got to know the girls pretty well in a short time. ”

 Molly’s voice and expression were impossible for me to read. I sensed neither anger nor trust but what there was did not register fully in my senses.

           “Isn’t that just how it goes? You go away for a few days and come back to find your dad banging your kids. ”

            To my surprise, Molly began to laugh.

            “He tried to resist, Mom, for a little while, at least. ”

            Leah smiled proudly as she spoke. She and her sister still stood naked by my bed with their mother.

           “You girls must know some tricks that I never did. I could never get him to loosen up enough to seduce him. He was always a drill sergeant with me. ”

           “I was only strict because I didn’t want you to know the things I felt and thought every time I saw you get a bit older or a bit more developed or just a bit more grown up.

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          My voice was soft but the room was otherwise silent.

          “I wanted you in every way but I was so afraid. I really didn’t know how to be a single dad. ”

          Molly stepped closer to me and the bed.

         “Have I gotten too old for you, Daddy?”

          She began to unbutton her jeans as she stood barely a foot from me. I threw my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.

         “I love you so much, Molly. All this time I have missed you so and here you are now with these two beautiful girls and I don’t ever want to lose you again. ”

        “Maybe you can show me how much you want me to stay. ” She said, taking a step back and pulling her top off in a quick motion. Her full round breasts had surrendered a little ground to gravity but still sat high on her chest and demanded my attention. In another few seconds, her jeans and panties also dropped to the floor. The girl of so many years of desire, so many fantasies and so many frustrations now stood naked before me.

       “Do you have anything left for your number one girl or have these two worn you out?”

       My cock, though almost rubbed raw from Angie’s tight honey hole, sprang to life almost immediately.

      “Ohhhhh, is that for me?”

       Molly dropped to her knees and her hands caressed my shaft as she first looked it over and then slipped her mouth over it and took in its length almost completely.


    A shiver went up my back as her lips took me in. She had Jean’s full thick lips and the feel of them on my meat made my senses reel. Her head bobbed over my lap and all too soon I felt another load rising from my balls. I lifted her chin and steered her to the bed beside me. I wanted to make her whole body tingle, to make her smooth shaven pussy quiver against my lips and to make it grip me in a vice deep inside when I splashed my seed in her womb. I began to kiss up and down her soft body but she grabbed my arms and pulled me face to face with her. Her hand grasped my cock and guided it to her wet slit.

      “First things first, Daddy. I have waited too long for this part. We can do all the rest later. ”

      I thrust my full 8 inches inside her with one stroke. Though not as tight as either daughter’s, Molly’s pussy fit me perfectly. Our bodies immediately found each other’s rhythm and every stroke of my cock met a bucking pelvis pulling me in. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I slammed my meat hard and deep. My balls slapped against her ass with each thrust.

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   I kissed her lips and as my lips melted into them, I saw Jean and Molly and Leah and Angie all merging together into one vision. I became a wild man, pounding my swollen beast into Molly’s hole like a demon. Despite its earlier escapades, my shaft was as hard as it had ever been and seemed to have a mind all its own as it sought Molly’s deepest spot.

      “Fuck me, Daddy. Make your baby girl want to stay forever. ”

      I raised up a bit and my thrusts found a way to be harder and deeper and quicker. My thoughts were focused on Molly but I suddenly felt a hand caressing my balls. My load exploded into Molly’s wet depths. Her muscles pulsed against my cock as she reached her own peak as well.

      “I hope that’s just a beginning, Daddy. ”

      Fully spent, I rolled off of her and lay panting on my back. Molly rolled slightly and draped her arm across my chest. Angie climbed onto the bed and settled next to me opposite her mother. Leah moved from a spot at the foot of the bed and spooned with her mother. There were many questions to be answered tomorrow but for tonight there was sleep.

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      In the morning I awoke alone in my bed. Pulling on my shorts, I went downstairs for coffee and to find out where my bedmates had run off to. I found my three beauties in the kitchen, t-shirts hiding the bodies I had explored in such detail last nigh.

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