Mom and Son Make Changes In Their Lives


But the regime did pay off, for both of them. Chad noticed muscles forming on his once gangly body. And everyday, Julie got closer to the images in the yearbook. But things really took off for Chad during the summer break after his sophomore year. He spent practically every minute of the summer in the gym. When Julie got home from work around three, she would join in and by dinnertime both were ready for a totally bland but healthy dinner. All while Chad’s Dad grumbled about “real food. ”Since Chad’s Dad never cared about anything but fishing, and Chad cared nothing about that, he never encouraged him. His Mom saw a potential and decided to see where it might lead. One day, at the beginning of August, she handed Chad a small package. Inside was a video game. “Mom, you know I don’t play these anymore,” Chad admonished. “I know, but I think you should this one,” she replied. “But football!? I don’t even know anything about football!”“I know. That’s why I got it for you. Play it.

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   Learn it. And then when school starts, try out for the team,” she explained. “Why?”“Because it would be a waste for you to get in such good shape and not use it for something. It would be good socially for you too. ”“What about you?” Chad wanted to know. “What about me?”“What good is all your work for?” he asked. Chad didn’t say it, but his Mom had surpassed the goals in the yearbook photos. She was trim and tight and it shamed Chad when he would catch himself thinking of his Mother that way. “Well, hopefully it will get your Father’s attention,” Julie answered. “If it doesn’t, I’d better start looking out for him,” Chad remarked, thinking his Dad would have to be gay not to want to be with his beautiful wife. Chad was sure she made her old cheerleader uniform look better than in the photos. Chad did make time to play the game and after talking with the coach, tried out for the team. By mid season, 16 year old Chad was the youngest first string member of the varsity team. His teammates respected him and no longer teased him, as they had in previous years. Chad was no longer a nerd, he was a jock.

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  For some reason, his status had attracted the attention of the school’s female population. He even caught a few teachers checking him out when he would walk by. But Chad’s confidence on the field and with his teammates didn’t transfer over to dating. Chad was awkward around girls. He went on a few dates but stopped after a particularly bad night. During a heavy make out session with a cheerleader named Nancy, the girl had worked her hand into Chad’s pants. As soon as her hand wrapped around Chad’s stiff dick, he exploded in his pants, much to his embarrassment and humiliation. He told Nancy a story that it had happened because of “the stuff” he was taking. Chad thought he would rather her think him on steroids or something than as a quick shot. He convinced her not to say anything because they would kick him off the team. Fortunately, she bought it and kept his secret safe. Chad had not dated since and redoubled his exercise routine. And so, Chad was upset that practice got cut short. He didn’t bother to shower or change, planning on getting a good workout when he got home. Chad knew his Mom would be home and maybe she would get a little gym time too for old times sake.

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  Chad arrived home and went into the gym. Not finding his Mom there he went into the house, grabbing a bottle of water from the kitchen. He looked around and made his way up the stairs. He heard voices from him parent’s bedroom and figured his Mom was watching TV. Chad turned to go into the bathroom and suddenly turned and walked back into the hallway. Julie wasn’t watching TV. Chad didn’t know the sounds, but he did know the words. And he did know one of the voices. The one that said, “Come on baby. Fuck your cheerleader. Fuck me good and hard. ”Chad knew the words because he had read them on the Internet. Other than his embarrassing mishap with Nancy, Chad’s whole sexual world was the Internet. He would read stories, look at pictures, or chat with strangers or roleplaying as they call it. Almost the same words he had just heard his Mother speak, Chad had read while jerking himself off.

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  But the other voice. The man. He sounded familiar but didn’t sound like Chad’s Dad. Chad moved down the hall and found the door partially open. He peeked in and was faced with the shock of his young life. There on the bed was his Mom and Steve, one of the neighbors from their street. Chad’s Mom was in her cheerleading uniform, or at least parts of it. She was on her hands and knees, her sweater pushed up as Steve’s hands tweaked her nipples. Her skirt was tossed up over her back and Chad watched as Steve pumped his cock in and out of his Mother’s pussy. Chad wasn’t upset at what he saw. He was excited. A fact confirmed by the growing bulge in the front of his gym shorts. He backed out of the doorway and without thinking went to his room and picked up his camera. If he had taken the time, it might have seemed ironic since it was the camera his Mother bought him last Christmas. Chad checked the settings and went back to the doorway.

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   He snapped several pictures and then changed to video mode. He stood his ground, filming the neighbor fucking his Mom. He only wished it recorded sound. The sounds of his Mother begging her lover to fuck her harder and faster. The moans and groans. The squelched yell from Steve as he held himself deep in her and his Mother’s own “fuck yeah” that signaled the end of the performance. Chad retreated and put the camera back in his room. He picked up his water and quickly made his way out to the garage gym. He started his workout mostly from memory. He needed the distraction that the exercise gave him. Chad’s active thoughts were of what he saw and how he could use the information. Chad finally settled in to a real workout by the time his Mom came in the garage. “Chad,” Julie said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were home. ”“Short practice today,” Chad grunted between reps. “Coach didn’t want us to get worked up before the game.

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  ”Chad looked at his Mom. Her turquoise leotard fit her like it was painted on. He could see her nipples poking at the material, a reminder of her recent tryst. Chad decided on another set. “So how long have you been home. ” Julie cautiously queried. “Long enough to know my Mother is a slut,” Chad answered, not even trying to hide his disgust. Or was it anger. Or was it jealousy. “Oh. I can explain…” Julie tried to say but was interrupted by her son. “Let me guess, you were just walking around in your bedroom and you slipped and fell on the bed and Steve Williams from down the street heard and thought you may need help and he tripped too and, oh yeah you were both naked and he wound up fucking you. ”Chad’s Mom actually chuckled at her son’s ‘explanation. ’ “No, I will admit it was a bit more planned than that. ”Chad couldn’t let it go.

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   “Oh. I see. You’re working your way down the street. Do you do odds first and then evens or the other way around. ”“You know I don’t think I appreciate you taking that tone with me young man. ”“Yeah, well I don’t really give a fuck what you appreciate,” Chad quickly responded. Julie moved with plans to slap her smart mouthed son. Chad saw her coming and easily blocked her with one arm, grabbing the other and pulling it behind her back. He pushed her until she was up against a wall. Chad pressed his weight into her and leaned to her ear. “I guess I forgot to tell you, I took pictures of you and Steve Williams fucking. I sent it to Dad’s home e-mail account. Fortunately, I know the password. So you either start behaving or there will be hell to pay,” Chad whispered. Julie struggled against her son, trying to get away.

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   “It’s no use, bitch. All those exercise you’ve made me do has made me stronger than you. There’s no fucking way you can get away unless I let you go. ”“You little foul mouthed punk,” Julie yelled at her son, “ when I get loose you’re in for it. I should wash your mouth out with soap or spank you for talking to me that way. ”“You think I need a spanking for talking that way,” Chad pondered. “I think you’re the one that needs a spanking for fucking around on Dad. Or maybe I should call him at work and ask him to check his e-mail. ”Chad didn’t wait for an answer. Still holding his Mom’s arm behind her back he pulled her until he could set on one of the weight benches. He pulled and pushed and ended up with his mother screaming and kicking in his lap. Julie yelled when her son’s massive hand landed on her leotard covered ass. “Stop it,” she screamed. But Chad didn’t stop, he kept on wailing on her ass, over and over. Then he noticed something strange.

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   As his Mom sobbed and squirmed in his lap, his cock got hard. Every time he would slap his Mother’s ass, she would squirm and rub herself over it. It embarrassed him, but at the same time the control he had over his own Mom excited him. “Now see what you’ve done, bitch,” Chad said, raising his hips slightly so she could not help but feel his hard cock poking into her. “I’m sorry. Did it excite you to spank me,” Chad’s Mom asked still lying on his lap. “Yes,” Chad admitted. “It did me too. Maybe you can think of another way to punish your bad Mommy,” Julie wondered out load. Chad’s mind reeled. Was she really offering to make his mastebatory fantasies come true? He wondered how she would react. What she would say. What she would think of him. In the midst of thinking and trying to decide, his Mother made up his mind by squirming more over his cock. “Yes.

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   You have been bad. Since you got me hard, you need to take care of it. Pull it out and suck me off, bitch,” Chad said almost out of breath from the excitement. Chad let his Mom’s arm go and Julie stood up in front of her son. She looked him right in the eye for a long moment. Chad sat nervously. Had it been a plan so she could get away from him? He noticed a slight smile across his Mother’s face. “Yes, sir,” was all she said as she sunk to her knees in front of her son. Chad was overly excited, like he was when he was with Nancy, his now other cheerleader. He lifted his hips as his Mom pulled his gym shorts down. For a moment he thought there was something wrong. “Oh, my,” Julie said. “What’s the matter?” Chad asked, afraid of what the answer might be. “What’s wrong is I’ve had the biggest cock I have seen for a long time in my own house and I didn’t know it. ”Chad’s fear bought him a few extra seconds.


   But as soon as his Mom put her lips around the head of his cock, swirled her tongue a few times, dipped down a bit and pulled back up, it hit him. “Oh shit! Not again,” he screamed, unloading a torrent of cum into his Mother’s mouth. She didn’t seemed phased and took her time pulling on his softening manhood, making sure she got every drop of his cream. When she was done, she sat back on her feet. She looked at her son and realized he was almost in tears. But they were not tears of joy she realized. “Honey, what’s the matter? Didn’t you like me sucking you off?” Julie asked. “It was great. Better than I had ever dreamed,” Chad answered with his head hung low. “So you’ve thought about me doing this before have you,” Julie asked. Chad nodded his head. “What did you mean about not again?”“About me shooting so quick. It’s happened before. I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Chad rambled. “Baby, nothing is wrong with you.

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   Trust me. All young men shoot fast. Tell me about the time before. ”Chad spent a quick minute explaining his situation with Nancy. Julie remained at his feet and listened to a story that to the young man was horrifying. “Well, I don’t know about Nancy, but I’m honored that I got you so hot that you cum that quick. The more we do it, the better you’ll get at holding off and making it last,” Julie explained. Chad looked up. Now there was joy on his face. “You mean we can do it again?”“I don’t see as I have much choice. It’s either do as you say or you’ll give the pictures you took to your Dad, right?” Julie said. “Yeah, that’s right,” Chad answered catching on. “Good, Stand up and take that leotard off, slut,” Chad commanded. His Mother rose and stood again before him. She lowered the leotard off her body and stood naked for her son’s approval.

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   He motioned her closer and he lifted his hands to her breasts. He rubbed them and squeezed them. It excited him to run his fingers across her nipples and watch them harden. “Pinch them,” Julie said. Chad did and a moan escaped from his Mom’s lips. He lowered one hand and pushed it between her legs. She spread her legs further to let her son have better access. She had cleaned up the remains of her earlier encounter, but now she was hot and wet again, not even getting close to being satisfied by her neighborhood lover. Chad ran his hand through the soft tuft of hair and across the slick slit. His other hand continued to toy with his Mom’s tit. He didn’t know much about the female anatomy, but when his thumb ran across a little protrusion at the top of his Mom’s slit, her knees became weak and a loud moan escaped her lips. Julie placed her hands on Chad’s shoulders for support. He continued to play with her soaked pussy and alternated pinching each of her nipples. Julie was wound up tighter than she had been in a long time. Her eyes were closed and her head was back as she pleaded and begged.

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   “Fuck me, Sir. Please give me your big cock. I need it so bad. Please take me now. I can’t stand it anymore. ”Chad stood and moved his Mom to a standing position, her arms on the weight machine. He moved in behind her and with hard cock in hand, guided it towards her pussy. The first touch of his big cock against his Mother’s skin sent her off again. “Oh, God. It’s so fucking big. Please, in me. Now,” she panted. Chad began to ease himself in, feeling his Mother’s pussy stretching to take him in. He kept pushing until he was almost all the way in. His mother’s arm shot behind him and pulled him the rest of the way, her cunt cumming and wetting his stiff shaft.

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  “Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck,” was all she could say. Chad stayed still, not quite sure what to do for a moment. Once Julie regained her senses, she did. She began humping back and forth on her son’s cock. Chad got the idea and started pumping into her. “That’s it, baby. Fuck my slutty pussy. Ram your big cock in me all the way. Take what you’ve been dreaming of baby. Fuck me hard and fast then fill my cunt with your cum,” Julie told her son. Chad didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed his Mom’s hips and thrust in and out as fast and as hard as he could. It was all Julie could do to take it and grunt as he fucked her. She found the air and energy to make one more request. “Spank…my…ass.

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  ”Chad’s hand was almost in place anyway and he lifted his hand and brought it down on the bare skin of his Mom’s ass. Julie’s grunts were replaced with short, one word held his Mom as he dumped his second load into her cumming pussy. He could feel the slick walls pulsing around him, milking every drop out of him. Julie was all but spent. As he pulled out, she could feel the globs of her son’s cum gushing out of her and down her legs. She eased herself towards the weight bench and sat down. Chad moved next to her, ready to fulfill another fantasy. “Lick it clean,” he ordered. Julie looked up with a renewed sense of energy and reached out to take her son’s cock in her hand. For the second time in as little as fifteen minutes, she had his cock in her mouth. But this time it was covered with the combined juices of their coupling. She moved her head up and down, licking Chad clean. The young man began to harden again, much to the surprise and pleasure of Julie. “I guess it’d be too much to ask to have you blow me again,” Chad said. “You can do anything you want to me, and I have no choice but to let you, or face a disgraceful divorce.

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   I’m pretty much at your beck and call, to serve you when you please and how it will please you. No matter how nasty you get with me or how often you want me to do something for you,” Julie replied. Chad didn’t have to blackmail her, he realized. He didn’t know why and didn’t really care at the moment. He just smiled. Julie smiled too, knowing things would be different, but better at the same time. What she had been looking for in a few other men, she had found in her son. She would guide him and teach him and along the way, she would have the time of her life. She found what she was looking for, because unknown to her son, when Julie looked at the pictures in the yearbook, it wasn’t just the body she was looking at. She was also looking at the slut that would let football jocks do anything they wanted to with her. And she would always come back for more. But now, she had her own football jock right at home with her, his cock sliding back between her slutty lips again. .
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