Mom and the Boys Part 2


Part twoI’m sorry but memories can overwhelm you so I had to stop and finger myself.

Now on with my history,

Matt and I were really enjoying our sex.   Graham his older brother went to a catholic school across town and left three quarters of an hour before Matt, and so we would have sex in the kitchen on the table, in the bathroom, on the stairs. Infact anywhere, give us a moment and his cock would be in my mouth or pussy.   Then he would come home after school and away we would go again and of course most evenings when Graham went out. Matt developed a little trick of slapping my butt as we fucked, not really hard and not too much, just enough to make me jerk on his cock and to make my climaxes even better.

It had been some 4 or 5 weeks since that evening when we first fucked and I was asleep in bed.   When I looked at the clock, it was about 3 in the morning and I could feel a climax on the verge of erupting.   Oh my god, wet dreams now I thought, but wait what was this.   I could feel a hand on my pussy gently arousing me and another playing with my nipples.

Of course it was Matt but this was new he had never really bothered with my breasts although touching them would arouse me very easily.

So I decided to play along and pretend to be asleep.   However, it was only minutes before I came and he realized what had happened.   He took his hands away, my bedroom door opened and a shadowy figure lit by the faint street lights slipped out. I lay satiated and now understood why I had been so slimy the last few mornings.   The next day I waited for Matt to say something, but when he didn’t I decided to surprise him the next time it happened.

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     That night I stayed awake till very early morning but I had no visitor. After a few quiet nights I stopped lying awake.   It was nearly ten days later when I was awaken one by the bedroom door being quietly opened and saw a shadowy figure slip in and close the door behind him. I waited trying to keep my breathing the same, then realising I was laying on my side and as such making it very awkward for anyone to touch me.   I did a pretend moan and rolled onto my back and spread my legs. I waited and waited.   The clock went from 3:10 to 3:30 and just as I was thinking I had been mistaken or he had left, I felt a tug at my blanket.   A movement in the bed and then a hand touched my thigh.   Very gently it moved up my leg until it touched my pussy.   Gently it found the mound of my hole then slipped over it until it was fumbling with my vaginal lips.   A finger slid into me and it took all my will power to not moan and rise to it.   As it gently worked in and out of my pussy I was worried he may know I was awake as I felt my juices start to run as I became so slimy with cum.   By now the other hand had found my breast however I had a nightgown on this night and I felt him fumbling at it trying to pull it up. I used this as an excuse to roll onto my side so I was facing him but at the same time making sure his access to my body was not restricted.   He stopped and remained absolutely still after I moved.

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     It was some moments later before he resumed his fingering.   I was now in an ideal position right on the edge of the bed.   My left arm was free and I was able to let it fall gently down till it touched the floor just in front of the figure kneeling at my side. I used the ploy of stirring in my sleep and reached out to find I had hit jackpot and a hot hard cock was in my grasp.   But wait this wasn’t Matt’s.   This cock filled my hand and was so thick my fingers wouldn’t meet around it. I reached over and turned on the night-light to find, Graham Jr. , naked beside me.   I had not seen him nude for years but there right in front of my face as he stood up was a cock to die for.   Later I found out it was nine inches long and I was still unable to get my fingers around it by a good couple of inches.   To avoid a scene I had to think fast so I said well don’t just stand there squeeze in here and tell me what this is all about.   I’m sorry mom he said but I thought you wouldn’t wake up. Well jump in or you’ll catch cold and quietly because we don’t want to wake Matt do we.   He slipped in beside me and I asked why he had done it.   I knew you were lonely now that dads gone he said, and I wanted to make you feel better.

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   Well you have, I said but I like to cuddle too so put your arms around me. He did and I felt his cock hard against my thigh as I snuggled towards him.   I let my hand slip down and grasped his cock thrilling at its size and thickness. I began to masturbate him and he moaned and his hips pushed upwards. He turned towards me and kissed me around the face so gently.   His hands caressed my breasts and my nipples became hard and stiff.   He sucked on them with his lips and titillated them with his tongue.   I was getting so excited.   His hands had found my hole again and he so gently began to excite me.   I pushed back the blankets because I just had to see his enormous throbbing cock in my hand again.   It was huge to me and up until then I had never seen one anywhere near as big or as thick.   It stood throbbing with huge purple veins in it.   The foreskin was back showing a dark red slimy knob even thicker than the stem that it was mounted to and it had a lovely exciting sexy smell.   I wondered if I could fit it in my hole.   Even as I was thinking, Graham Jr.

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   pushed me back on the bed and taking his cock in hand began to masturbate himself.   I watched as his hand moved faster and faster.   His cock seemed to grow even bigger, and then it spurted huge streams of cum, hitting me in the face, splattered across my breasts and soaked my pussy.   I licked the hot goo from around my mouth and Graham did likewise from my breasts.   His cock had remained hard and as he licked he began to press it against my pussy hole.
      The cum added to my juices making me wetter that my lips parted and I found myself being stretched to my limit as he pushed his cock into me.   He moaned as it slipped inside me.   “Mom you’re so tight am I hurting you?” Just be gentle, I replied, this is so lovely I never thought it would be so good.   At that moment I seemed to open and suddenly with a squelch his cock sank deep into my hole.   We moaned, he with the joy of feeling my tight hole embrace his cock and I with the feeling of being so full and stretched I couldn’t have taken another millimetre. We lay and our hands wandered over one another’s bodies.   He sucked on my tits and I kissed his head and neck.   Gently I squeezed his balls feeling his cock jump a little at each touch.   He began to work his cock in and out and with each stroke I could feel my vagina stretch as his knob created a wonderful suction effect.   I felt my climax rising and then his cock began to thicken in my hole.

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         It throbbed and began to jerk; my juices began to run as my climax came to meet the buckets of hot cum shooting deep inside me from my darling sons cock.   We lay stuck together like two dogs, as wave after tingling wave of excitement ran through my vagina each one bringing an answering throb from the huge cock inside me.   Slowly they abated and he gently pulled his wonderful cock from me.   As it slid out there was a sexy farting sound as the air rushed in and our combined love juices ran out. We laid together as he caressed my breasts and told me how he had wanted to fuck me ever since, a couple of years ago he came home early one day, peered around my bedroom door to see me naked masturbating on my bed.   He watched for a few moments then came inside his underwear without touching himself. He quickly ran to his room to change and when he returned from his room I was still fingering my wet little hole and he came all over again.


    Now the weeks passed, Matt still had me whenever he wanted during the days and after school and Graham slipped into my bed late at night to fill the remaining hours of my nights.   My friends all began to tell me how good I looked and indeed the dark circles round my eyes had gone my skin looked brighter and fresher.    My hair looked shinier and fuller and I felt happier than I had in years.   Of course there are always flies in the ointment and after a few weeks they began to surface.   It became plain they both knew about the others position which caused not only jealousy but a kind of playing one against the other and to make matters worse one of their friends a local boy must have been told something because he began to make sexual moves grabbing my breasts and putting his hand up my skirt while whispering innuendos.   I was getting worried when a phone call made my day.   It was my stepfather, Trevor, whom I had had an affair with years ago.   They were getting divorced and he had heard of my problems and wondered if he could take me out to dinner.

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       I readily agreed, as I had never really gotten over him.   He was like me, sexy and game for anything.   He always took me out in a dress he bought me.   My breasts were clearly visible and I would wear no panties and flash my little pussy at people.   We had several threesomes with guys we met this way.   They were never allowed to fuck me, my little pussy belonged to him, but he did allow me to give them a blow job.   Another thing he would do was fuck my mother then come to me with her juice on his cock and let me suck it or ram his cum coated cock inside me.   It turned us both on and the sex was great.   So on the evening of our date I dressed in my sexiest dress and stood waiting for him on the corner he had designated.

    End of part two. .
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