Mom Caught Me


My older brother Tommy called me. He was looking for a specific baseball card he was hoping to sell and he could not find it in his collection, so he wanted me to search my stash and see if I had it. I hung up and climbed the stairs to the attic where I kept my sizable collection of cards. I was on a search for an old Ernie Banks rookie card, framed in plastic and in mint condition.

I dug around a bit to no avail. As I was giving up the search to go back to my room I saw a box in the back, behind a bunch of my old stuff, but the box did not look like one that contained any of my stuff, so I searched it for the card and to see if any of my old goodies were stashed there. I opened the tape on the box and immediately knew it was not my stuff. It was a bunch of Mom and I guess Dad's things. I guess when they divorced Dad forgot this box or Mom hid it from him intentionally. Nosy, I poked around.

There was a lot of crap from their courtship and early marriage - pictures, wedding invite, etc. There was also a large manila envelope on the bottom, sealed up tight with tape. Of course I opened it. OMFG! It was full of pictures of mom completely naked.

There were photos from their entire marriage, I found as I studied the pictures excitedly. Apparently they documented in photos their sex life from day one.

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   There were pics of mom in her early 20's when she and dad met; there were naked pics of mom on their honeymoon, and tons of nudie shots from their 24 year marriage. There were even shots of mom breast feeding my brother and I as babies. Damn, mom has awesome tits!

I was enthralled by my find and even more so by my reaction. As I was 16, I was always horny as all fuck, but I was never really one to daydream about mom too awful much. These pictures changed that forever. I placed everything back in the box as bestI could and resealed it to look unopened, but the manila envelope went to my room with me.

I raced back down to my room and dumped the entire envelope's contents onto my bed. An envelope fell out. It was a regular white, letter sized envelope. I busted that sucker open and was shocked beyond belief when it was shots of mom and dad fucking. Apparently my dad used that camera tripod for something other than shots of still life! I should have known that amateur photog dad, who had his own darkroom, would have nudie shots in his collection. When they divorced I was only 11 and not yet seeking out sex stuff, so I guess they thought they were safe. Silly parents!

I began laying out pictures all over my bed. My cock was getting hard and well, I had to rub the fucker, right? I stripped and began to rub my cock as it swelled. I could not believe seeing my mom naked would so thrill me, but it damn sure did.

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   The pics of dad fucking mom did not hold so much of an interest for me. I guess my dad in the shots distracted me, but the ones of mom alone sure had the right effect on me.

Mom posed in various "cheesecake" poses and the like, but even better were the sex shots. There were pics of mom fingering herself; bent over the kitchen table; pulling her legs apart wide like she was waiting for a fuck; close ups of her fingers pulling on her sizable labia; bunches of mom hefting her big ass titties and smiling at the camera lens, and even a few of her sucking her own nips, and my absolute favorite pic of mom holding BOTH of her fat titties in her mouth at once by biting hard onto her nipples. This pic turned me on so much I began to rub my own nipples, my cock rock hard in my pumping right hand.

I began to seriously stroke my cock and I was having a blast. My mother's nudity and sexual nature was driving me over the top. I got onto my knees, pics arranged for me to view as many as possible and I began to stroke my cock with abandon. I got really turned on by another set of pics too. They were ones taken of my mom clearly in her late thirties and early forties when she and dad split up. I know because it was the one and only time in my mom's life that she dyed her hair from it's natural auburn/dark red to blond. She did it about 6 months before she and dad split up, so these pics were taken of a very mature mom.

I could not believe the body my mom had. Of course I have seen my mom in a swimsuit lots, but not lately. Like I said, when I was 11 or 12 I was not a jerking off hound dog yet, but now I was for sure.

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   The mature pics of my mom made me nuts. I held one of my favorite pics in my hand until the feeling of cum swelling deep within me forced me to drop it and go back to rubbing my nipples gently.

Next thing I knew cum was flying all over the towel I laid out for precisely that purpose. I dumped a massive load. It seemed like the longest cum of my young life too! I collapsed back onto the bed in a sweaty heap. I lay there, my eyes closed, my cock drained, my mind drifting off to incest places. And I guess I fell asleep.

I never heard mom come in from work. I had my iPod playing in my ears quietly as I drifted off to sleep, and I guess that contributed to my not hearing anything. I was on my back, uncovered, the photos slid into a huge and disorderly pile beside me. The first I knew I was not alone was my slight detection of a shadow crossing in front of my double windows. I lazily opened my eyes to see my mother standing there looking at the pictures. She was concentrating on them and did not see me open my eyes. Suddenly I froze as I lay naked on my bed, my mom standing 12 inches from me as she viewed the pictures and her nude and spent son. And the towel covered in cum lay at my feet, so as mom isn't an idiot she put 2 and 2 together pretty quick.

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As my eyes adjusted to the light I knew it was over for me, or so I thought. My mom looked from the pictures to me and she caught me looking at her. It was now too late to fake slumber so I was officially busted now. "Well Derrick, I see you have been busy - and very, very nosy too!" Her tone was one more of resignation than anger. "Fuck mom," was all I said. "Fuck indeed!" she replied.

I grabbed my covers and tried to cover myself. "So, enjoy what ya saw Derrick?" she asked matter of factly. I was speechless for the first time in my life. "Jerking off looking at your mom naked huh, son?" I was mortified, but so was she, so I guess we were in the same predicament. I mean I was only 16 and always horny, so I could be in trouble for snooping, but not jerking off, but then again if it had been a Playboy I might have felt I had some cover, but not when clearly I had been stroking looking at my naked mom. "Look pretty good to ya, did I?" she asked.

I began to tear up. I was embarrassed and afraid. Would she tell dad and he would kill me? Would she kill me herself? Would I be grounded forever? I looked mom over as she stood there waiting for an answer.

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   What does one say to answer that question? All I could mutter was "Sorry mom. " "Sorry ya git caught, sorry ya snooped, or sorry for jerking off looking at your own mother?" Her tone was not so nice now and it hit me way wrong, I mean given the situation.

"No, I'm not sorry in truth. I mean I'm sorry I got caught, but that's all," I defiantly stated as I returned her gaze. She glared at me. In the bright light of the low afternoon sun her body was silhouetted against the sky and the bright light of the fading sun. Her form was mesmerizing now that I bothered to notice. She was slightly full figured and she was curvy with big, strong tits. Her skirt was tight, outlining her ass and thick thighs and her blouse tried its best to restrain those awesome tits. I decided fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound, and I threw my cover off my crotch to reveal my new raging hardon. Mom's eyes bugged. "Jesus Derrik! Where did you get that?" she asked in shock at the size of my cock.

Feeling cocky, pardon the pun, I shot back, "Well clearly not from dad, right? Am I the mailman's kid or something?" "You are a rude and obnoxious young man," she answered, clearly not pleased with my remark. "Yeah, well you asked the question so I answered it and looking at dad's dick, it seems I got this one from somewhere else, right?" She glared at me. "I mean, can't blame me for asking who else was fucking ya then, right?" "You arrogant little Sonofabitch!" she yelled and leaned in to slap my face.

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   Big mistake for sure.

I grabbed her arm just as she slapped me and began to wrestle her away from me. I quickly overpowered her, much to her anger and chagrin. I don't think she or I ever imagined she'd someday be wrestling her naked and hardon adorned son. "You want this big cock Mom? Is that what you're bitching about here? Jealous all those years dad fucked you with a small cock? Now ya want this big man sized 8 incher to slam your hole some? Or did someone else fuck you with their big cock and that clown, whoever he is, is my real dad?"

Now mom was pissed. "Take your hands off of me!" she screamed. "Too late now Mom! You had your chance to be nice and make this all disappear, but now, not so much. " She began to recoil in fear, and for good reason. I quickly threw her to the bed and jumped on her, straddling her chest and pinning her arms with my knees, my cock bobbing inches from her face. She looked at me bug eyed and fearful. Her fear only more excited me, which shocked me I must confess. I am not, or at least had never in the past, been sexually aggressive to any woman, but suddenly this situation brought out the animal in me.

"Get off of me before I call the police!" she seethed. I laughed. "Okay give that a try while I have ya pinned!" I replied.

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   She immediately saw the futility of that hollow threat and a slight smile crossed her face. "Alright, if you'll calm the fuck down I'll get off ya," I said as I let her up. She surprised me by not getting up but instead lay there looking at me. "What has gotten into you Derrick?"

"I don't know" I sobbed through tears beginning to run down my cheeks. "What do you mean 'you don't know?' You tried to rape me, your mother!" she hissed. "No, I did not try to rape you. , I merely stopped you from slapping me again. If I wanted to rape you, I would have!" I yelled back at her. "Oh you would? You would forcibly rape your own mother?" "Well, ya can't fucking rape the willing and if I wanted to fuck you and you weren't willing, well then that would be rape, right there mom? But I am not raping you, so drop the bullshit!"

I seethed at her and she could see I was on the edge. "Perhaps we'd best forget this whole thing," she said as she rose form the bed. "Oh yeah, that'll work!" I sarcastically shot back at her. "Well then, what next Derrick? How do we resolve this?" I looked at her clueless, and still tearing up from anger, embarrassment and feeling like my life was over. "I don't know Mom! I didn't anticipate this scenario when I came all over the towel looking at nude pictures of you!" "Get dressed Derrick. We need to talk and I can't talk to you while your naked. " "Why mom, my fat cock making ya horny?" The look she gave me would kill a normal man, but I was way too deep in now to get all worried about that.

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"You have a filthy mouth!" she replied. "Well, I have a filthy mother, so don't blame me!" "Me? Filthy? Because the man I was married to took pictures of me naked That's not filthy. Many normal couples do it, ya know. " I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Now she was on the defensive so I went for it. "Yeah, but how many have discussions with their naked and sexually aroused sons?" She knew I had her. She had not tried to run away and in fact it seemed she was conflicted by all this, so I went for the kill.

"Is it so bad that I fantasize about you? You are so fucking gorgeous! I can hardly be blamed for wanting you!" Mom looked at me puzzled more than angry. "Well that may be so Derrick, but what you want is impossible. ""Why mom? Because it's wrong, because we should not do it? I know you're always horny as Hell. I know you have sex toys, cause yep, I have snooped in your drawers and I know you use them because they keep magically move from drawer to drawer and it damn sure ain't me moving your dildos, vibrators and that big assed cunt or ass plug ya have. Yeah, ya know, the big black one?" "You nosy little fucker you!" she exclaimed, more in resignation than anger.

"Yep! That's me. So, why is it so wrong?" She looked at me and I could see her resolve was not so strong now that her shock and anger faded a bit. I stood 2 feet from her and began to pull on my cock.

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   "Stop it Derrick!" "No! I want you and I know you want this fat cock in you, don't ya?" "Stop it!" she again said. "Take it in your hand mom. Ya want to - I know it. I want it too. " She looked at me most oddly. But clearly her adamant refusal was no more. Now she was pondering my words and trying to reconcile her thoughts.

"I won't ever tell anyone fer Christsakes. Do ya think I would tell Tommy and want to have to share you with him too?" I asked, half teasing. Her expression was one of consideration instead of steadfast refusal. "I love you mom. You have been driving me crazy for the last few years," I said, lying, but she didn't know that. I had not actually spent too much time fantasizing about sexing up my mom, but I figured maybe if I flattered her a bit, she'd soften, and lo and behold, she did.

"It's not that unusual for a young man to fantasize about older women and especially his mother Derrick," she warned. "Yeah, but I'll bet most of them don't actually catch their big cocked son's jerking off looking at pictures of their naked mother.

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  " 'You really are just so proud of that cock you have, aren't ya?" she asked. "Yeah, well you're pretty proud of those big ass tits on your chest, aren't ya?" She did not reply but her silence was deafening. "C'mon mom, admit it - it's a pretty big, thick cock, ain't it?" I caught her as she struggled to not look at it in it's half hard state, but she looked at it for sure and I caught her doing it, so I went for the kill.

"Have you ever had an 8 inch hard cock in you mom?" "How dare you ask your mother that question Derrick!" "Okay fine, I am not supposed to ask something like that, but I have and I wonder what the answer is. " I replied. Mom's expression softened a bit as she came to grips with all this. "I want to make love to you mom," I said as I reached for her hand. She bristled at first but then opened her hand to accpet mine. I knew then she was mine. I pulled her to me and she did not resist at all. In fact as I pulled her she put her free hand on my shoulder and did not recoil in any way. I looked at her as I stood above her full and compact short frame.

She looked up at me and I leaned in, gently touched her chin, and kissed her gently on the lips. To my complete delight she did not resist at all and in fact returned the peck on the lips. I pulled back and looked at her and whispered, "I want you momma.


   I want to make love to you very badly. " She broke the fake protest with a slight smile, an evil grin and her admonition "I don't want to be badly fucked Honey. If we are going to do this I want you to fuck me real, real good!" I kissed her again, this time her lips parting on their own as out tongues searched for each other.

"Oh God Derrick," she moaned. "This has to stay our secret for life Honey. " she cautioned. "I hope it does, for life I mean. " She cocked her head a bit and I added "I will of course keep our secret mom. I mean I hope we continue to do this for life. " I clarified. "Ya do, huh?" she playfully replied. "How do ya know you'll want to ever do it more than once with me? What if I am no good in bed?" I took her hand and put in on my swelling cock. Her small hand was warm as it slowly pulled and groped my cock.

"God Derrick, it's huge!" "So, I was right then, huh? Never had such a fattie on your little paws before?" Never!' she replied. I kissed her again and she became a tiger.

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   I stripped her as we kissed. She helped by pulling off her clothes as much as I struggled to get her naked. I had her skirt off her before she could get out of her bra. I reached back and undid the stays holding back those glorious tits. As I did so she slid off her panties and kicked them off, free from her ankles. I held her hand and stepped back to look at her real good.

"Whatcha think son? Still want mommy now that you've seen her naked?" "Oh fuck yes! More than ever!" I pulled her to me and she fondled my cock as I tongued her mouth. "Your cock is so big Baby!" "Want it in you mom?" She just looked up at me and in a little girl voice asked "Will the big man use this huge cock to make mommy scream in pleasure?"

I sat on the bed and pulled her down on top of me. She crawled on me eagerly and slid herself up until her belly was on my chest, her huge hanging tits swaying in my face. I corralled each orb and sucked first one then the other nipple into my mouth. She sighed deeply and held my head to her breasts. I took my right hand and guided my cock against her soaking wet labia. "Want this cock in ya mommy?" She seethed in my ear "Fuck mommy Sweeite!"

I maneuvered my hips and swiped my cock head over her labia once more and then lifted my hips and penetrated her soaking wet cunt. She gasped as it went in and then she shook her ass a bit and her pussy engulfed more of my cock. Three of four pumps and the whole hard meat was in her all the way.

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   As she pressed her pubes against my pubic bone I saw as her nipples got so hard and swollen that I damn near came just seeing that. She rocked against me and I began to guide her hips in earnest.

But the best was when she held herself up on my chest and she took over fucking me as I watched her tits sway to and from her efforts. I grabbed each tit and tweaked each nipple. She then drove me to the edge by staring into my eyes as she rode my cock. "Oh God it feels so good Derrick. So fucking good honey. " I was mesmerized for sure. "Oh fuck mom, your going to make me cum!" I screamed out. "Cum in mommy baby. Fill me up. Make me your whore!" "Oh fuck!" I screamed as I began to spurt into her warm and tight hole. "I'm cumming too Honey. Make mommy cum on that fat cock Baby!' she hissed, looking me in the eyes as she did.

I held her ass tightly down onto my cock and felt her cunt contracting as my seed filled her wet pussy.

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   I pulled her too me as she was still cumming and our kissing was sloppy and nasty. She was licking my lips and face as we came in unison. Mom's bucking slowed and she lay on me breathing heavy and making little cooing noises. I held onto her ass and kept kissing her as we allowed the waves to subside after they washed over us.

She collapsed onto my chest and whispered, "I love you Baby. Your momma's hot big man. " I lay there panting and reveling in what had just happened. "Now, lemme fuck you real good and proper mom," I said as I gently pushed her from me. I was covered in sweat and she slid down and off my still hard cock as I rolled her over onto her back.

She pulled me down onto her and I penetrated her with a vengeance. I pumped her cunt through a half dozen screaming orgasms as we made love. I filled her once more and collapsed down onto her soft tits to regain my faculties. Mom held me tight and whispered in my ear, "I love you Derrick. I think I have wanted this longer than you. Now the only question is if we will ever do this again," she very needfully huffed in my ear.

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"If you'll feed me a bit and gimme a few minutes to rest, I'll make you scream for your dead momma!" I informed her. "Oh, now that sounds nice. How about you go shower, I'll order a pizza and we'll see just how many times you can fuck your momma in one night. Up for it Stud?" she teased.

I climbed from her and as I did she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. She licked my cock and then sucked it into her mouth. "As soon as we eat and digest I wonder if my big man can give mommy a mouth full of cum? Can ya do that for mommy?" "Mom, I can give you another 3 or 4 cum loads. Think you can handle it?" Mom smiled a sly grin and replied "Well, I guess we'll have to see if your delivery is as big as your mouth. . . and your cock!" "Just don't you worry about that mom. I promise I can give you more than you can handle. "

"More than I can handle? Son, you don't know your momma," she grinned. "Yeah, well you don't know your son there mom!" I proudly added. She rose, puled herself to me and said "I love you Derrick.

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   I wonder, will this complicate our lives?" "Only if you let it because I am nuts about you mom. I want to make you mine and mine alone. " Mom looked at me and began to cry. "Oh shit mom, no regrets now. I can't live with that!" I pleaded.

"These are not tears of regret Baby. These are tears of joyful excitement. I just had sex with the man of my dreams," she cooed as we kissed again. "Now scoot and I'll order pizza, then while you digest a bit I will take a shower. Would you like to see mommy all dolled up for her Baby?" she asked teasingly as she ran her fingertips across my chest and looked at me so alluringly.

"Sexy stuff and makeup ya mean?" She smiled and nodded. "I want to look so sexy for my man. Do you think I am pretty Sweetie?" she fished for reassurance. "Mom, you are the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen. "

Mom smiled at my assurances.

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