Mom Does My Laundry. I Do My Mom.


It had been a long week with school. I felt overloaded as a freshman in college. As usual, as my home was only 40 miles form school, many weekends I would go home, do laundry and eat some of mom's home cooking. Last Friday my weekend trip home became even better than expected.

I walked in about 6:30PM and mom was in the kitchen making some homemade sauce and pasta. The smell drew me to the kitchen. What I saw took me back a bit. Mom was standing at the stove stirring sauce, breaking up pasta to drop in the pot and putting the finishing touches on some of her most delicious garlic bread. But it was her clothes that threw me for a loop.

My mom's ample ass was stuffed into the tightest cutoff jeans shorts I'd ever seen her wear. They were truly Daisy Dukes and the curve of her ass peeking out beneath the short legs was a thrill. I plopped down at the dinner table and made small talk, all the while watching as she shook and jiggled as she did her cooking chores. I must confess I had jerked off fantasizing about my mom many times as most young men do. This time I was getting an awesome look at the object of my oft-occurring fantasy and it was awesome.

I rubbed my hardening cock beneath the table as she stood 6 feet from me, her back to me, her thighs and calves forming a beautiful sight to my 19 year old eyes. Mom was pretty hot to me. 

   I like 'em healthy, and mom is one indeed. Large breasted, a slight bit of extra baby fat, a full ass, and fabulous legs. I was in awe at the total package as she stood with her back to me. I wanted to leap up and rub my hard cock against her as as I cupped her tits.

Mom made small talk with me but I don't know what she was saying as my mind was elsewhere. Then I got caught eyeballing her. Mom turned half around to do something on the counter top next to the stove and her profile threw me for a loop. Her breasts are full, her waist clearly definable and as I said, nice hips and a real phat ass. In profile, and in the loose fitting t-shirt and skin tight jeans shorts, the whole sight just held me spellbound.

As mom turned I was staring at her ass and thighs. She was looking at me saying something to me but my eyes were glued to that awesome profile of her form. "Cory," she said, an exasperated tone to her voice, "my eyes are up here son. You act as if you've never seen me in shorts before. " I was still rubbing my cock under the table too and she noticed that as well. I decided the best tact was the honest and direct one.

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   "Sorry mom. I have never seen ya in Daisy Dukes before and it is quite a sight! Hard to believe you still haven't remarried. " I added.

"I've had suitors son, but I am first your mom, then a woman, so maybe when you finish college I'll date again, but til then I am too busy working and being mom to bother with all that. " "Well, there are surely millions of disappointed men due to that reality," I smiled at her. She looked warm and inviting and her smile was welcoming for the compliment and the sentiment.

"So ya think your fat old mom is sexy?" "Ahhhh, yeah mom, you're real sexy, and ya ain't fat. Ya ain't skinny, but most men I know, when they get right down to it, like curvy women, and you're all woman and all curvy," I replied. "Damn son, " mom grinned, "you're good for my ego. Wanna date?" she teased me. "I wish!" I eagerly replied. "Wish?" she asked, her head cocked to the side in a very sexy manner. "Yeah. . .

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  I mean if I met you in a bar I would surely talk trash to ya, try and buy ya a drink. . . ya know?" She smiled warmly.

Mom then dropped what she was doing and out of the corner of my eye I saw her turning off all the burners on the stove. I didn't bother to consider it really at the time, but looking back, I should have known. She then turned, leaned her butt on the stove and looked at me most disconcertingly. "Buy me a drink now Cory. "

I looked at her kind of odd, not sure what that meant, then her smile made it clear. I rose and my bulging crotch made clear my cock was as willing as my mouth. Mom looked directly at my crotch and her expression was one of lustful desire. Her eyes narrowed, she licked her lips slightly and looked into my eyes. "Is that for me?" looking back to my crotch. I decided to let it all hang out and I allowed my left hand to brush my bulge again.

"Turn around, like you're at a bar," I directed, playing along.

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   She smiled and turned her back to me. I went to the fridge and pulled two Michelob's from the shelf, and opened them. I walked to behind my mother and reached around her, handing her a beer. "Something cool to drink, pretty lady?" "Ewwww! I would love that. Thank you," she replied looking over her shoulder toward me. I leaned closer to her in putting the cold glass bottle in her waiting hand and allowed my crotch to brush her ass. She gasped in pleasure and then pushed back against my hardening cock restrained by denim.

As she ground back against me I put down my beer and placed my hands on her hips. Again she expressed her pleasure with a purring acceptance. "Wow, a cold beer, a hot man and a hard cock poking at my ass. Careful fine sir. I might turn into less than a lady if ya keep this up. " Mom teased. "Too late. I have already turned into a lust driven lecherous man and you are the object of my desire.

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  " I whispered in her ear as I pressed my back against her. I leaned hard and she leaned over the sink a bit more and pushed her ass even harder against my cock.

By now I decided to go ahead with this no matter what. I reached around and unsnapped her jeans. She sucked in her breath to make it easier for me to get the tightly snapped hasp loose. I slid down the zipper and mom gasped again, this time a deep breath as my hands slid the tight jeans over her hips. She wore no underwear to my absolute delight. Now my mother stood bottomless, her back to me as I now began to grind hard on her exposed ass. She pushed back as hard as I pushed toward her.

I stepped back and undid my jeans. I slid them and my boxers down to my ankles and rubbed my hard 7 inch cock, then slapping mom's ass with it. Mom reached back and with both hands took my cock into her warm hands. "Oh god, it's so big and thick Baby. Is this for mommy?" she purred. Without a word I pushed gently on her shoulders and she leaned over the sink until her ample ass was pushed out and available.

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   I slapped her ass with my cock again, rubbing it across the cheeks, then sliding it between her legs and letting the head and shaft feel her warm moistness.

I leaned on her back hard and she pushed up a bit. I reached up and took a handful of her hair in my hand and pulled slightly to her delight. I let my mouth find her ear lobe and I nibbled it and huffed into her ear "Take you son's cock and put it in his mommy's cunt. " I placed my hands on her ass cheeks as mom reached down between her legs and guided me into her womanhood. She gasped deeply as I penetrated her soaked pussy. A few slow thrusts and my cock filled her as she began to squeal.

"Oh Jesus Cory! Oh fuck that feels so incredible! Fuck mommy Honey. " I did. It didn't take long for both mom and I to feel the pleasure building. As I slowly pumped her she took my hands and placed them on her tits. I could not believe how big and full feeling they were. I kneaded them under her bra and t-shirt as I slowly worked mom's puss. "I'm gonna cum Baby," she whispered as I stepped up my pace of feeling her tits and pumping in her faster. She seemed to hold her breath as her orgasm built until she released her breath and her orgasm.

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   She collapsed onto the sink and began to moan loudly. The sight, the sounds of mom cumming to my fucking her and my excitement built to it's end.

"I'm cumming in your cunt Mom!" I yelled and thrust hard into her. She squealed and let out a gracious guttural sound from her diaphragm. I pumped my cum into her as she gasped at each thrust. As my pleasure subsided she leaned back up, reached around her back and took me by my neck and pulled me to her. She turned her head to me, looked into my eyes and began kissing me. I held her by her hair and tongued her mouth as my pumping slowed to nothing, my semi hard cock still filling her pussy.

We kissed like that for a minute or two when she broke our kiss and my cock fell from her warm pussy. Mom tuned to me and looked me in the eyes and we kissed again. She reached down and took my cock in her hand and rubbed me slowly as my half hard cock stiffened again. "More for mommy?" she whispered as if in heat.

I pulled her t-shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, letting it fall from her shoulders releasing the most glorious tits I had ever been this close to. She pulled my t-shirt off of me and then used her feet to slide my pants past my ankles. I was already barefoot so I stepped out of them and stood before her.

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   She smiled as she continued to rub my now almost totally hard cock again.

"C'mon Baby, " she cooed, and pulled me by my hand to her room. I watched in awe trailing behind her as her ample ass shook, her big tits swaying side to side as she trotted. The sight was maddening. As we reached her bed she turned to me. I sat her back on the bed and climbed onto the bed and her. She slid back, opened her legs and began kissing me again. "Make love to me Cory. " I did.

My mother was rather athletic for a slightly overweight 47 year old woman. I mounted her, she locked her legs behind me, pulling my hips to her and I penetrated her again. Mom then held up each breast for me to nuzzle, lick and bite as I pumped in and out of her very slowly. We shared dozens of very passionate kisses as I fucked my mother, looking into her eyes the whole time. I confess I was enthralled with seducing my mother even more than had happened already.

Our lovemaking was incredibly hot, passionate and all-encompassing.

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   I worked my mom's pussy with abandon and she loved it all. She came repeatedly as I fucked her. As I began to sweat she licked sweat from my chest and her sexual abandon drove me over the edge. "I'm fucking cumming!" "Fill mommy up Baby!" she squealed as I thrust one last pump. My cock was buried to the hilt, my pubic bone resting on hers as I held myself dead still, in her fully as my cock drained it's cum into mom's willing and incredible pussy.

I lay on her sweating and breathing heavily. She held me to her so tight I could not move. Her legs were still locked around my hips holding me there and I was in pure Heaven. We kissed as my orgasm ended. I slid from on top of her and lay on my belly. Mom traced her fingertips across my sweaty back. "Bet you're hungry now!" she said, breaking the spell. She massaged me all over, paying special attention to my ass.

I drifted off to sleep to be awakened by mom serving me a sumptuous dinner in bed. Then a shower followed by nuzzling leading to more hot, sweaty sex set the tone for the weekend.

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   We never redressed until Sunday evening and we fucked almost non-stop for 48 hours, only stopping to eat and for mom to do my laundry, a clearly unexpected perk to our new reality.

As I prepared to leave and drive back to school, much to my total surprise, mom got weepy. I stood with my back to the front door, my mother pressed against me holding onto me as if her next breath depended on her body being held tightly to mine. As we kissed mom whispered things into my ear.

"So, will you be needing more food and laundry services next week Sir?" she teased through her teary eyes. I smiled at her and held her small chin in my hand and she looked up at me. "Hell, I'll prolly be back tomorrow night. It's only 40 miles, ya know!" Mom smiled a broad smile of relief that I was experiencing no regrets and neither was she. "I need the sexist woman I have ever seen in my whole life" I informed her. Her smile was priceless.

As I turned to leave, Mom pulled me back to her. "I love you Cory. " "I know mom. I love you too!" I kissed her with a peck on the lips and then to ease her fears and break the tension, announced, "Have my dinner ready when I get home woman, and be naked. You are mine and I will use you at my leisure!" She smiled, gave a snappy salute and swatted my ass as I walked through the door and to my car.


   She stood at the window, waved and blew me a kiss, mouthing the words, I love you.

I hopped in the car and drove off. As I arrived at school an hour later I called her. She answered eagerly having seen it was me on her caller ID. "I just want ya to know mom, I loved our weekend and hope our new life goes on forever, and I love you too. You are the sexist woman I have ever seen. " She gushed her pleasure that the weekend was only a beginning.

I hung up and ferried my clean clothes to my dorm room. My roommate Tommy watched as I did all this and then remarked "I don't think I have ever seen anyone happier at having clean clothes. " Little did he know!.