Mom In The Middle - Part One


Angela began thinking that the sleep over might not be quite as much a headache as she first thought. A wicked grin on her full pouty lips as she visualized peeping in at the young boys, maybe even getting to see them both jack off. Angela had watched her own son Jeremy masturbate many times since he first discovered just how good it felt. When Jeremy had turned 13 just last year he soon discovered the wonders of jacking off and Angela had peeped in on him in both the bathroom and his bedroom as he brought himself to some violently explosive climaxes. She felt ashamed of herself at first for watching him but for some reason just couldn't help herself from coming back to watch him each chance she got. Now with two 14 year olds under the same roof her mind raced with lurid thoughts of watching the pair of them jerking their sweet young pricks till they showered their gooey loads all over the place. Her cunt begin to tingle and she felt the wetness seep into her panties as she visualized the scene in her mind. Jeremy and Robby bounded into Jeremy's room quickly unpacking the knapsack and stashing the coveted sex books under the bed. Both boys could hardly wait till they had the chance to look thru them and jerk themselves off as they had several times before while spending the night together. Jeremy looked over to Robby and giggled as he said "my dicks hard enough to drive nails with dude, I can't wait to wax it good. "Robby just laughed and told him to keep his pecker in his pants for now but he was also looking forward to pounding his meat real good the first chance they got. The boys continued to stash their snacks and video games on Jeremy's desk and got ready to head down for dinner. When dinner was over and Angela went to the kitchen to wash up the dishes the boys headed back up stairs and decided to get comfy and kick back for the evening. They both striped down to their boxers, T-shirts and socks and began playing a video game. As the evening wore on and they tired of the game they decided to check out the magazines that Robby had snatched off his older brother. When they thumbed thru them they saw some of the wildest shit they had ever seen before.

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   Robby was beside himself not having glanced at them till just this moment. They were magazines featuring women and animals. Women sucking and fucking both horses and dogs and soaking wet with the animals sperm. Both boys were shaking as they held the books rapidly turning each page to see what the women would do next. Each page depicted women lustily taking an animals penis into her mouth or cunt. Sometimes there were men in the pictures jacking themselves off over the women as they sucked on the thick black tubes of horse prick or the poker red tip of a dog's swollen member. Women split wide open by massive members of either animal and vividly depicting the frothy mix of juices that would leek from her gaping hole. "Holy shit on a stick. " Jeremy blurted. "Look at the dong on that damn horse, it's fuckin huge man. " "That girl is suckin hell out of it. " "Gawwwwwwwd, look at the jizz running out of her fuckin mouth. " Robby just leered at the pictures rubbing his tender prick thru his boxers as he looked at each new page. Soon both boys were rubbing their throbbing cocks thru their boxers, pre-cum leeking out the swollen tips and dampening their shorts. Jeremy wrestled his prick free and began sliding his fingers up and down the wet shaft as he looked at the magazines.

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   Jeremy's penis was only around six inches in length but somewhat thick and meaty in it's girth. Robby on the other hand was a bit longer at seven inches and more tapered but the head was much larger, dwarfing his shaft. "God dude, I gotta beat my fuckin meat bad. " "I gotta shoot off or I'm gonna Burst right open. " "Cool, me too man, I'm gonna jack the fuck out of mine with ya. " grunted Robby. With that both boys slid their boxers off and pulled up their T-shirts to keep from blowing their thick loads all over them and began working their pricks. The youths were leaning back looking at the books, their hands a blur on their trembling rigid pricks as they rubbed and pulled them up and down. Neither had much hair on their balls and their cocks were creamy pink in color, both tips beet red with the squeezing and pulling they were giving themselves. The thick veins on each boy's penis jutted out engorged with blood, humming with vibrations that raced up and down the pulsing shafts. "Fuck man, let's spit on each other dicks to juice-em up a bit. " Moaned Robby. "Yeah, shit yeah, drizzle some spit on the fuckers so we can really get goin. " Jeremy urged. They each leaned over the other taking turns letting thick warm strands of saliva drip over each others shafts.

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   Wetting them nice and slick where their hands could easily slide up and down the throbbing tubes quickly. Angela had been watching thru the adjoining bathroom door since the boys began fisting their pricks and shaking as she let her fingers worm their way between her puffy hot cunt lips. Her mind was a blur with visions of the pair of young boys just milking those sweet young cocks to a hot and creamy explosion of seed. "God I bet that spunk of theirs is sooooooooo damn sweet and so fuckin potent. " Angela shivered with lust as she imagined how it would be to have those young pricks in her mouth and in her cunt. To imagine herself being taken by both her son and his friend and filled to overflowing with both their loads. Even more obscene to imagine herself pregnant by either of them. The ripe seeds of the boys fighting for purchase deep within her womb. "Sweet God in heaven, I don't care, I want them to knock me up, feel their seeds flood me. ""I don't care if he is my son or not, I'd still love to drain his sweet little balls dry. " "Drain both those hot angelic pricks in my mouth and in my cunt as well. " Angela was leaning on the door frame her hand stuffed into her sheer green panties as she rubbed at her throbbing clit and slid her fingers in circles over the swollen bud. Her jeans were on the floor beside her, kicked off allowing her more freedom to plumb the depths of her flowing slit. Jeremy and Robby were in a state of total and mindless bliss as they jacked and pulled their tender cocks. Moaning and rocking on the floor as they leaned back against the bed and continued to spit warm saliva over each others pulsing erections.

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   Their hands were frothy wet with pre-cum and each others spit and both were racing to a climax as their balls began to tighten, filled to bursting with scalding load. Their hips arched upward as the delicious sensations raced up and down their cock shafts. Each stroke flinging wetness from their misty juices spattering over their legs and hands. Jeremy quickly jumped to his feet and yelled for Robby to come with him as they headed for the bathroom. "Go dude, lets shoot it in the shitter so we don't fuck up the carpet in here. " Urged Jeremy. The boys raced to the bathroom, hands still pumping their tingling cocks trying to squeeze back the loads racing up their engorged pricks. They squeezed at the base of their burning shafts fighting to stem the flow building within the bell-shaped heads. As the youths hit the bathroom door racing thru it Angela was caught by it's edge and bowled over onto the bathroom floor. Her hand still deep in her own panties and on the verge of her own climax. With their eyes half closed in ecstasy it was a race they had no chance of winning. Both Jeremy and Robby had reached the peak and were beyond control, as they stumbled into the bathroom both their pricks erupted in thick streams of fresh boy cream. So lost in their own climax their minds didn't register Angela laying on the floor till it was far too late to stop themselves. Twin spirals of stringy cum jetted out of the boys pricks. Angela looked thru eyes glazed over with fuck lust to see the milky strands spray into the air.

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   Twin arcs of semen flew from the flaring piss slits of the boys looking like rope twisting in long strands thru the air. The tips of their cocks now vivid purple as they beat their meat with every ounce of strength they could muster. The room was filled with moaning and grunting as more ripe seed spilled from their dick tubes. Pairs of pearl white streams hissed out as their piss slits flared wide and gaped open to land over Angela. She gasped in shock as her own climax suddenly hit her and sucked the breath from her lungs as her body was soaked with the boys double dose of semen. By the time their eyes focused and saw Angela laying beneath them all they could do was gasp and let the torrent of juice pour out over her. Their balls were heavy, hard and swollen to bursting with young seed that had to be spilt. They pulled and milked the ripe seed from themselves trying to wring every last drop out and savor the sensation. "Oh God, Mom I can't stop, it won't stop. " Screamed Jeremy. Robby was in shock but continued to fist his dick harder urging more of his load to spit out. Robby panted "Fuckin yeah, shoot the shit off, blowin BIG TIME. " Angela was drenched in her son's and his buddy's hot syrupy juices. Splattering over her belly and legs as she ground her fingers into her gushing cunt hole. Her panties were coated in pools of the thick sticky sperm.

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   Puddles of it gathering on her tummy and running down her legs and arms. "Shoot it boys, shoot your spunk all over me, give it to Mommy" She choked as she continued to feel the last dregs of their boy cream erupt over her. When they all started to recover from the massive climax they had just experienced they were speechless. Staring blankly and in shock at one another, trembling. "Well boys, I guess we've broken the ice, so no need to be shy now, why not enjoy each other?" Angela rasped with a sexy slur in her voice. "Oh the wonders I can show the both of you. "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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