Mom Is My Model (Part 1)


My cock hardened as I looked at her ass and breasts, which seemed to be more perfect than in reality. I unzipped my pants, pulled my hard dick out and began to stroke it softly. Her breast, her perfect ass, her hair, that look in her eyes, her slightly opened lips, her skin, that black thong between her butt cheeks, that nipple that could be seen through the bra…… I stroked harder and harder, closed my eyes and with a final moan I emptied my load all over a photo, which showed mom lying on a couch in a black bikini. “Jason?” I heard my mom calling from outside my room. As fast as I could I pulled up my pants and tried to throw the magazine under my bed but I was too nervous and just threw it on the ground, hoping she won’t see it. Then she stepped in. “Jason, didn’t you hear me calling? It’s time for lunch. ” she told me. I just stood there trying to look as normal as I could. She looked at me and then came over and took the magazine, which I tried to put away. Her hands opened it and she looked it through. Then her eyes widened and she turned red. I looked in shock at my cum dripping from off the paper. “Jason, what the hell…. ” she stuttered, “Did YOU … do that?”, and pointed at her picture with my cum on it. I was so ashamed.

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  “Yes. . yes I did it. Mom, please. ” I was so ashamed, I wanted to die. But then my mom’s expression on her face changed. “But Jason, that’s no problem. That’s just normal. I think all your little friends do the same, when they see my pictures. ” “Mom?” I was too confused to say more. “Yes, they stroke their little cocks and come all over my body. ” She walked over to me and her right hand caressed my cheek. I could smell her hair and had to clear my throat. Her finger touched my bottom lip. She remained silent for some moment and then asked me:“So you think I am sexy?” I nodded.


  “And you want to fuck me, cum on my ass and have me clean your cock?” Why should I lie, I thought, and nodded again. After that my mom looked straight into my eyes and smiled. She took two steps away from me and started to take off her clothes. Too excited to say anything I just stood there and watched my mom undressing in front of me. Her perfect round breasts were free to my view and after a short while, she just stood there in her black panties. “Now it’s your turn, Jason. ” As fast as I could I stepped out of my jeans, got out of my shirt and took off everything else. I couldn’t believe that I stood there naked in front of my mom with my hard 8inch cock standing out and ready to please her. “Lay down on your bed. ” she told me. So I was on my back lying in my bed, holding my cock and awaiting mom to join me. She came nearer and placed herself between my legs. Her fingers closed around my shaft and began to stroke it softly. She lowered her head and placed her lips at the top of my dick. Her mouth opened and then took all my 8 inches down her throat.

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   I looked down my body onto my mom’s head going up and down on my cock and just couldn’t believe that my mom sucked my hard dick. She kept on sucking for several minutes. “Oooh, mom, please… please let me fuck you. “ I begged her. She took my cock out, a thin line of saliva formed from her lips to my dick, and said: “I thought, you would never ask. ”Then she laid down on my bed and I pulled off her panties and saw her shaved pussy for the first time. “Oh, that’s what I thought about, when I came on your photo. ” I told her. She just smiled. “Than make it come true. ”, and she spread her legs for me. I placed my cock at her entrance, which was dripping from her juices. “Come on, Jason, do it. Fuck me! Push it in!!”That’s what I did. I slid my 8incher into my mom’s pussy and started to fuck her.

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       Her cunt was so nice and wet, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had. My mom moaned from pleasure and moved her hips to fuck me back. “Yeah. Come on. Do it faster, Jason. Fuck me harder!!”Of course I am a good son and so I did as she told me. I pumped her as fast and hard as I could, watching her breasts move to the rhythm of my fucking. “Oooh, mommy, that’s so good. You are such a slut, fucking with your own son. ”“Yes I am a bad slut. ”, she answered, “ I am a bad slut, please punish me for being such a whore !!”So I took her right nipple between my fingers and squeezed it hard. She closed her eyes and screamed in pain and pleasure, while I still fucked her pussy hard and deep. Then I took the other nipple between my teeth and began to bite it slightly. Another scream followed immediately. I kept it going this way for quite some time until mom screamed louder than before.

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      “AAAAHHHWWW !!!! Yes, I am coming !!!” my mom screamed and her whole body was shaking as the waves of her orgasm ran through her. After that I pulled out, because I also nearly reached my climax. “Let me handle this. ” mommy said to me and got up to stroke my cock with her hands. Then she took it into her mouth again. With a loud moan I came down her throat. I shot my hot load into her mouth, while mom tried to suck off and swallow it all. But some cum found its way out of her and was dripping down her face on her breasts. Mom licked everything off my dick and cleaned it with her tongue. Then she gave me a kiss and whispered:“That was so good, Jason. I hope that this was what you wanted to do and when you feel like you have to fuck me again…. . then just come to me and take me. ”This was an offer I couldn’t refuse. “I surely will, mom, I surely will.

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      ”END OF PART 1.
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