Mom is Passed Out Little Boys will Play


It’s not a matter of when I first started thinking about my son, it’s when he started thinking about me. I admit I’m not the most attractive women in the world, not ugly, just not a ten. One thing I do have going for me though is my bod. I’ve always had big tits, an ample booty and I do work out. God may not have seen fit to make me gorgeous like my younger sister, but he was kind in my proportions and I did the rest. Girls like me have to work with what we got and at 36, I was determined to look good in a bikini.
I am a single mother, with a son James, 16 and a daughter Lilly, 17. My husband left years ago and nobody misses him. Every year we take a trip to my parent’s cottage on Lake Erie, stay for a week around the 4th of July, then head back home, much relaxed. We really look forward to our little vacation.
Both kids have managed to make friends there, other families religiously visiting at the same time of year. I have even managed to meet a few of the parents and have shared drinks on more than one occasion.
On the first night, Lillie had asked to stay with a couple of other teenagers and after speaking to their parents I agreed. I let James stay up late watching the old movie collection my dad had stored there and I sat out on the patio wearing a cover-up over my bikini bottom and slurping down white Russians, listening to music and getting my buzz on. Those damn white Russians are sneaky fuckers (maybe I mixed them a little strong at that ) and before I knew it I was puking over the railing and stumbling around the deck trying to get the patio door open. After falling several times, I gave up, crashed down into a comfortable lounge chair, and promptly passed out.

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  Instinctively I knew it was warm enough and the screen mesh would protect me from mosquitoes so I really didn’t care.
It must have been many hours later that I began to wake. What first roused me was the cool air on my skin. It was dark and I couldn’t see well at first, my eyes still blurred by alcohol, but it soon became apparent that my top was bare and the cool air wasn’t the only thing touching my skin. AS my eyes adjusted, I could faintly make out the silhouette of my son sitting in a chair propped next to my lounger. His one hand was traveling over my breasts, stopping to pinch my nipple every now and then.
I felt a tug at my waist and realized he was tugging the bow tying my bottoms on. I felt a conflict of emotions, but did not make any move to let him know I was now awake. Despite myself I felt my pussy tingle and my nipples harden. The one side of my bottom came free and again cool air touched me as I felt him lift the part covering my shaved pussy.
I let out a slight moan and shifted slightly in my chair, feigning complete drunkenness, using the move as an opportunity to part my legs enough to give him access. He shifted in the chair lowering his mouth to my nipple and I felt his wet mouth suckle me as his other hand traveled to my slit. Probing fingers slipped into my moist cleft and a thrill went through me as his fingers slid over my clit and into my hole.
I must have been drunk still, because I was definitely getting off on my 16 year old son sucking my tit and fingering my pussy. His hand left my pussy for a moment and I felt him lift my own hand.

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   After a little shifting around I found him wrapping my fingers around his hard dick, his own covering mine. I was surprised at his thickness, certainly not bad for a kid his age.
That’s when I made my move. I tightened my grip and started muttering my ex boyfriend’s name. He froze, and then tried to move away, but I clutched him hard in my hand and leaned towards him.
“Oh Billy, I slurred” hoping to sound drunk and dream like “let me suck it” I hoped he would think in my drunken stupor I thought he was Billy and not fight too hard. He must have decided this was the best course of action because he stopped squirming and I managed to get the head of his cock in my mouth. I sucked more in and went to town.
Needless to say he, didn’t last long and was soon gushing in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him “fuck me Billy, fuck me” I pulled him down on top of me. He took the bait and soon I felt him slip inside of me. We fucked like banshees for the better part of an hour, him coming in me more than once. Finally, I let him go and pretended to pass out again. I felt him redress me and he left for a while.
He came back later, trying to rouse me to go to bed.

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   I acted just conscious enough to let him walk me in and put me to bed. After he left, I dipped a couple of fingers in my pussy and tasted our mixed juices. I even masturbated one more time before finally dozing off.
The next day, I merely held my head and commented on drinking too much. Lillie asked to stay again and I quickly agreed. I went back out to the patio for a little “hair of the dog” James, though concerned, told me to go ahead and tie one on, he said I deserved a little R&R. I think he felt I deserved another good fucking too…. he must have, he did not waste any time the next night.
Tonight I’m thinking of catching him with his hand in mommy’s cookie jar. I think we need a sex talk…maybe a little instruction too…
To be continued (if you like it let me know)

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