Mom's Pantyhose Adventure!


This is an abridged version*
My mother came home late one nigth after being at a bar. She was very drunk at this point. My mom is 43 years old, she has a nie sexy ass for the guys who like ass's. My mom was wearing something I thought she would never wear. A small skirt with tan pantyhose. She also had a tight white shirt on which accented her huge tits (she has implants, but natural looking). I could see how the pantyhose made her legs look very sexy. She was so drunk I had to walk her to her room. As I was walking her, she somewhat tripped over something. Wen she tripped I could see her cotton crotch on her pantyhose. These pantyhose looked so new and clean too. I saw her full ass in pantyhose as well as her pussy(kinda). My mom's pussy was trimmed but not completely shaven. She had a run way about half a centimeter think running down her vagina. I helped her up and told her she was way too drunk for her own good. When I was helping her up I grabbed her pantyhosed ass to get her up, this was such a turn on, My cock was so hard by now.

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When I got her to her room, I said goodnight and she closed the door, or atlest I thought she did. No longer than 10 minutes later I hear moaning from the other side of the house. My first thought, was my mom is masturbating! So i crept slowly ove to her room,and as I got closer I heard " eat that pussy good, ahh yeah" AT this point I knew she was watching a porn. I peered through the door and surely enough she had her legs high in the sky, toes pointed and she was rubbing her pussy through her tan pantyhose! The bed was pointed away from the door and towards the TV, so I could slowly rub my cock to her. I also noticed she was watching a hardcore pantyhose video. Some older woman was getting her pussy eaten hardcore through her grey pantyhose by a guy. This made me rock hard.
I watched her for about 10 minutes. This is what my mom did while masturbating in tan pantyhose. SHE WAS HARDCORE!

At first, she had her legs spread real far out and her toes pointed rubbing her trimmed pussy. Then after about 2 minutes she started to slap her pussy and talking dirty saying " beat that pussy good, you like my pantyhosed cunt?" Then, she got into doggy style. I could totally see her ass in the air and she reached back with her left hand, and ripped a hold in her cotton crotch!!! I could see my moms puss from behind through the hole in her pantyhose. She still had no idea I was watching too! She had a realitic dildo on the bed( flesh color, veins,8in. etc. ) this thing must have costed a fortune! While in doggy style she grasped the dildo in her left hand.

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   She slapped it on her pussy a couple of times while saying" yeaah slap that pussy, you wanna pop your cock on my puss? huh?!" This made me so hard, I was beating my cock to her at this point. After slapping her vagina, she slipped it in her pussy and started to fuck herself hard. I could tell that she shaved herself nicely.
I made a noise by accident while beating my cock, and my mom looked over at the door quickly. SHE NOTICED ME! She quickly covered herself up , but the porn was still in motion. She said "John, what are you doing , goto bed!!!!" I told her I was getting something to eat and I heard a scream. She replied " did you like it?" I hesatently said . . . " . . . what" She said" me pussy fucking myself" I said " I Don't know,. . .

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  . . . . keep going guess"( the dorr was wide open at this point, and I could see the porn, my mom and her pantyhose, everything. She looked at me while covered i nteh sheets to hide herself and said " you want me to keep going?" I said "yes". She raised her legs in the air and turned herself towards me. She started to rub her pussy again in the ripped nylons facing me !  I got so horny, I pulled my pants down and started to beat my cock hard. We both were rubbing ourselves, she looked at my cock and I stared at her pussy.  I said while I was stroking myself " ahh ya, rub your pantyhosed-pussy for me" and she maoned back at me in a very seductive position ( legs spread apart wide and toes pointed). I saw her pussy for the first time from 10 feet away. She had the runway strip of hair, it looked waxed from the smoothness. She had the nicest pussy on a 38 ever! didnt have big pussy lips. Didnt even look like she gave birth! nice pussy. She kept talking dirty while faced towards me masterbating, moaning " ahh ya, fuck it  , you like my pussy in pantyhose?" I said " yeah" while beating myself hard.

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   I finally squirted a huge load on the carpet in from of me and she came at the exact same time(while still moaning). apparently she can squirt when she cums, cause she squirted pretty far. After that I walked to my bed and went to sleep, she never said anything about it, but she still watchs porn to this day.
for all you pantyhose fetishists, ENJOY!

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