Mom's The Best Cocksucker Ever!


Of course, I can still be reached on yahoo IM as aprincelyfrog. . . I only want to hear from women.
Mom's The Best Cocksucker Ever!

I could always tell when Dad and Mom were heading towards a good hard fuck. Dad would spend all day teasing mom and since he worked from home he had all day to do it too! You could walk into room and catch them kissing and he'd have a hand up her blouse twisting a nipple or his hand up her skirt playing with her cunt. She used to try and pull away when we walked in and sometimes Dad would let her but mostly he was too big and strong and just held on to her. Sometimes she would struggle and sometimes she would just take it but either way his holding her always seemed to get her hotter. . . something I would understand later.

Usually when we'd catch them we'd all would turn around and walk out hollering at them or saying things like “Get a room!” or my sisters would say “Ewwwwww!” but sometimes we stayed in the room (mostly just to annoy Mom) or we'd ask them a question like nothing was happening. Dad always loved that part. Him torturing Moms tits or pussy and us asking a question like nothing was going on and her so hot she couldn't move if she wanted to. Anyway, this was all normal stuff for us.

My story started when I was around 14.

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  . . Dad used to take me to the gym with him and we'd always shower there. One day I kept getting a little wood because of some hot trainer whose boobs were constantly hanging out. I was embarrassed but trying not to make matters worse. Dad noticed but didn't say anything. Later that night I over heard him telling mom that I had an 8 inch cock, which was true. I couldn't hear what she said back because her voice was all muffled and then they started fucking. Mom was not just noisy but she was an exceptionally loud screamer and you could always hear Dad telling her “louder, I want everyone in this house to know you are a slut and I want them to know when you are cumming!”

So anyway, on this one day school had just started and I was a freshman in high school and there were soooo many hot babes that I was just fucking dying! By the time I got off the bus I was ready to explode! So I thought I would head into the bathroom and toss one off before everything got busy around the house. . . you know chores, homework and stuff.

Well I headed into the bathroom on the main level and found my Dad in there with my Mom bent over the tub and he was fingering her hot pussy and she was moaning and begging him to fuck her. She didn't see me but my Dad sure did and he just winked at me and told my Mom “I told you I don't have time right now, I have to run out for an hour and I'll fuck you when I get back!”

I turned around and went up to my room and as I was about 10 steps away from the bathroom door when my Dad came out followed by my Mom. Her face was all red, and she looked all out of sorts but I pretended not to notice.

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   Her eyes were all glassed over and I know she saw me but she didn't say anything.

Anyway, I dropped my books in my room and headed back to the bathroom still hoping I could toss one off. No one else was in site so I really thought I had it made. I closed the door and dropped my pants and boxers and my cock flopped out and was about 2/3 hard. I knew it wouldn't take long so I closed my eyes and leaned up against the sink and started stroking. It didn't take 10 strokes and I was at full mast and as hard as a rock. . I knew this was not only going to be a quick one but also a HUGE one! So I really started getting into it and it was feeling sooo good! I was picturing this one hottie from school who was in three of my classes with me and today she had worn a mini-skirt and was just so fucking amazing I wanted to fuck her all day long!

So there I was leaning on the sink, eyes closed, stroking for all I was worth when all of a sudden I hear “OH MY GOD! That THING is AMAZING!” and I opened my eyes to see my Mom reaching out to grab my cock and before I could even react she had fallen to her knees in front of me and said “I just gotta suck this thing!” and suck it she did. Without wasting any time my Mom had my entire shaft down her throat and my balls were resting on her chin. She started fucking my cock with her mouth so fast I thought I might cause brain damage! She was a total pro and just when I thought I was getting close she pulled her head off my cock and starting licking the shaft and licking my balls. . . that was the most amazing feeling and to this very day I love having my balls licked!

Mom didn't play around long though as after a few minutes she had me back down her throat and was fucking her own face on my cock. I had never felt anything like this before in my life and I was so turned on that I had no intentions of stopping no matter what. So knowing I was getting close I grabbed Moms thick hair with both hands and I started face fucking her as hard as I could.

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   I thought I might have been too rough but then I looked down and found her fingering her pussy so I know she was loving it as much as I was.

Finally I felt sweet release coming, I wanted to warn her but nothing was coming out of my mouth but grunts and groans and then the first blast hit the back of her throat and from that moment on there was no stopping me but even better there was no stopping Mom, she went after my cum like a starved woman who could only live on cum.

As I finished she kept sucking me and licking me while we both came back to earth. Finally I looked her in the eyes because I was starting to feel guilty and she said pulled my cock from her mouth and looked up and me and said “That was fucking amazing and if you will let me I will suck your cock every day after school. We just have to keep it a secret from your brother and sisters. ” I asked her, “What about Dad?” and she said, “Don't worry about Dad, he'll get turned on knowing I'm sucking you off and he'll be fucking me like crazy. ”

Nothing else was said to me but during dinner Mom and Dad kept looking at me and smiling. I didn't know what was up but I was too afraid to say anything so I just kept quiet.

Later that night Dad called me aside and said “Your Mom told me everything and I'm OK with it if you are.
    ” I said “What do you mean?” and he told me about incest and how lots of people thought it was wrong and how Mom should have asked my permission instead of just forcing my cock down her throat and how we could never tell anyone. I told him I thought it was amazing and that I loved it and I hoped she would do it again some day and that I would NEVER tell another soul. That's when Dad dropped the bomb and said “OK, every day after school you are to go into the closet in my room and you will find your mother in there and every day she will suck you off. ”

    So, now every day when I come home from school I drop my book bag in my room and head up to my Mom and Dads room where I always find my Mom waiting in the closet. Sometimes she's fully dressed from some meeting she's been to and sometimes just a bra and panties but every day Mom kneels down, pulls out my cock and sucks me off and every day its the most amazing blow job I could ever imagine.

    When my brother and sisters started asking questions Dad just told them that I was in high school now and that I had special things to discuss with Mom and that she and I were to be left alone and that ONLY Dad was to interrupt us.

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       And sometimes he does interrupt. . . well not really interrupt but he will stand in the closet and watch.

    He teaches me how to hold back and not cum so quickly and he teaches me how to get Mom really turned on. He has taught me what names she likes to be called and how to hold her head all the way down on my cock and look her in the eyes and tell her which two men own her mouth and cunt. Oh, pulling my cock out my Moms mouth and slapping her face with it is always fun. She gets so turned on and will actually beg to be allowed to suck it. I do love to hear her beg but sometimes I just tease her mouth. I never knew a womans mouth could get turned on but my Moms can. I can let her suck for a bit then pull it out and slap her face and give it back to her and get her really worked up and then just hold her face and start rubbing my cock all over it. She begs and then if I deprive her long enough she just sits there and whimpers until I give it to her and then she REALLY goes after it!

    You know whats funny? She never once let me cum on her tits. I tried to hose her down but she's such a cum slut that she would have no part of it. . .

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       she wants every drop of cum down her throat.

    And that's how I spent my freshman year of high school.

    Next I'll have to tell you about the day over summer break when my Dad was watching and all my mom had on was a thong which she had pulled aside so she could work her clit and thats when my Dad dropped the next bomb. . . he asked me if I had fucked Mom in the ass yet. . . I said “No. Not yet!” and Dad asked me if I was ready for that. . . but thats another story!


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