mom's visit


Every since I was a young boy I have had certain feelings for my mom that I knew I shouldn't. I used to catch her getting changed in her room or comming out of the shower. Just looking to catch a glimpes of her body. Though out my teenage years I would masterbate to her image in my mind over and over again. But never having the guts to do anything about it.
Move foward to when I was 21.
I had joined the army and was away from home for about a year when I recieved a call that my mom would be comming near post for business and wanted to see me while she was here. She told me when she would be arriving and where they had booked her hotel and that she would meet me there after I got out of work and we could go have some dinner.
I was excited after not seeing my mom for so long, I did miss her alot and couldn't wait until she was in town. A week later she arrived. The day went by so slow. I spent the whole day at the qualification range just hoping that I would be released in time to go see my mom.
1830 came and went. I was still stuck cleaning my weapon and waiting to get out of there. I had called my mom and she said don't worry just come over when I was done. I told my sergeant what was going on and he said that I could have the next day off.

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   I was excited but wondered about how long my mom would have. Finally around 2030 I was released and jumped in my car and raced over to where my mom was staying. When I arrived I was in my uniform with a change of clothes in the truck. I walked into the hotel and to my mom's room, knocked on the door but had no answer.
I figured she had already left to go eat but figured she would be back soon. I walked down to the front desk to leave a message telling her that I went back to base to get cleaned up and would call before I came back over. The person at the front desk saw me and told me that my mom had told her if I came by to tell me she was in the pool area. I said thanks and headed to the indoor pool and health center that the hotel offered.
When I entered the pool area I looked around and didn't see anyone. the pool was quiet and then I heard a noise comming from around the corner. I peaked around the corner and saw my mom stretched out in the hot tub. Her eyes were closed and she was laying her head back against the side of the hot tub. Her breast were sticking out of the water and I could see from the bathing suit her nipples poking through.
I stood there and watched feeling all those feelings coming back to me since childhood. Then I heard her voice breaking me out of my trance.


"Honey Honey, I am so happy you could make it. "
Then she stood up and came out of the hot tub. That is when I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. My Mom stands about 5'8, 140-150 with brown hair, 36c breast and a ass to kill for. She was sexy when i was younger and has only gotten sexier with age.
She hugged me and kissed me. Telling me how handsome I looked in my uniform. She kept hugging me. I felt her breast against my chest and my cock getting hard. she continued to hug me and told me she didn't want to let me go. We kept like that until I finally  had to get away from her so she didn't see my hardon.
She asked if I still wanted to get dinner. but I told her no because I had eaten a MRE while cleaning my weapon. She asked me to join her in the hot tub and relax but I informed her I didn't have any shorts with me.
She said no problem just wear my boxers.

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   So I said sure I will join you. I was still very dirty from the range so she said go use the shower before I got in the hot tub because it was hotel policy. The shower was a couple of shower heads on the side of the hot tub sticking out of the wall. I started to get undressed and my mom went back into the hot tub. I watched as she walked up the steps, watching her ass move side to side with each step.
I continued to get undressed and my mom made the comment "the army has done you good, you are really developing a nice body. " I thanked her and took off my BDU's to relize that I was wearing a pair of white boxers. ( you know the type that are see though when they get wet).
 She said go ahead honey clean up and join me. So I turned on the shower head and felt the nice water running down my body. Turning to my mom as I rinsed off.
she said " looks like someone wore the right set of boxers today. " I looked down to see the boxers stuck tight against my cock. I am not huge but not small by any means. I am 7 cut but very thick.

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   I could see my cock and pubic hear clearly through the boxers. I looked up and my mom was still looking at my cock.
I smiled and shut off the water and walked to the hot time. my mom's eyes never left my cock the whole time until I got into the water. We sat and talked a while playing around and even started to wrestle alittle bit. Each time her hand brushing my cock or turning and placing her ass on my lap. I thought I would shoot right then when I felt her ass sliding up and down my cock.
I got more brave and started to brush up against her tits and placing my hands on her hips as she moved around me. She would comment about how strong I have gotten and how I could control her with my strength. Then we heard a voice. the lady from the front desk came in to tell us that the pool would be closing in 10 minutes. She didn't stay and we were alone again. Mom asked me if I wanted to come up to her room and watch some t. v.
I said sure and let her know the good news that I didn't have to work in the morning.


   She was so happy she jumped across the hot tub strattling my waist and hugging me. I know she felt my cock pressing against her pussy because she stayed there and rubbed up and down a few times. then she got out and grabbed her towel. I sat for a minute longer but my cock would go down. I was so embarassed when she told me "to come on lets get out of here. "
I stood and with all my glory walked out of the hot tub. she just stared at my cock sticking straight out infront of me. I grabbed a towel quickly and covered myself. She just smiled and told me that she felt great that she could make a young man stand to attention like that. I told her she was a beautiful woman and could make any man stand! She huged me and we headed up to her room.
 Once we were there I dropped my clothes in the chair and while still covered in my towel sat in the other seat. Mom told me to get out of those wet boxers and that she was going to get into some dry clothes. I was sad because I thought I would get to watch my mom in her swimsuit for a while longer.   then to my surprise my mom walked into the bathroom but left the door open so I could see everything in the mirror over the sink. She dropped her bathing suit facing away from me and I saw her ass.

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   she then bent over running her towel from her feet up her body giving a great view of her pussy from behind. How I wish I was right there and could stick it inside her. She then turned around and faced me. Looking me dead in the eyes through the mirror kinda challanging me to do the same.
I stood up and dropped the towel and then my boxers standing ther totally nude with my cock standing infront of me. She nodded with approvement. I couldn't believe it we were both just standing there looking at each other. Mom then walked out of the bathroom and over to me. She kissed me on the lips and grabbed my cock. then she began to stroke my cock and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I tasted her siliva and and grabbed her ass cheeks pulling her towards me.
We stayed that way locked in a embrass that was both taboo and passionate. she then slid down me kissing my chest till she got to my cock. She then licked the head sending quivers throughout my whole body. I loved it.

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   She liked from the top to the bottom of my shaft. then to my balls where she sucked and nibbled on them. I continued to enjoy her treat for me as she took inch by inch into her waiting mouth. I couldn;t believe that all my dreams were comming true. She continued her assault on me until I felt the cum building in my balls. I told her I couldn't last much longer but she not to worry that she wanted me to feed mommy like a good boy. That was all it took. I grabbed the back of her head and she picked up speed sucking all of me into her mouth
I told her "I am cumming, I am cumming" and she continued until I shot all my seed down her throat. she stayed right there taking all I had and wanting more.
She then looked up and smiled telling me I tasted great.
she stood up and kissed me again. I took her hand and led her to the bed. When I laid her down with her feet off the bed. I don't know if she was thinking if I would be able to go again but my cock was already hard again and I wanted to be inside her so bad that she knew that it wasn't the end.
I kissed her passionatly and then took my time with each breast licking her nipples and nibbling all the way down her stomach to her soft patch of pubic hair.

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   I then kissed her inner theighs and smelt her woman scent. She smelt great and I couldn't wait to taste her pussy. She pulled her legs to her chest and showed me where I came from. I gently licked and kissed until I got to her slit. Then it happened I stuck my tongue into her pussy. She cried out and I went to work. I didn't want to give it up. I wanted to like this pussy forever. I continued my assult until she was telling me that she was cumming. I burried my face into her pushing my tongue into her pussy as far as it would go. She screamed in pleasure as she soaked my face. I couldn't believe it I just ate my mom's pussy and made her cum so hard that she collasped panting on the bed.
I kissed up her body to her lips and she then took control. Pushing me on my back she slid ontop of me and grinding her pussy on my cock. Then with one motion she went up and slide down on my cock burrying it deep in her pussy.

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   We both cried out as I penetrated her. I could feel her muscles contracing on my shaft. She slowly started moving up and down. Building up speed as she grinded against me. I could feel every inch of my shaft inside her. I was on fire. We kept making love with her on top until I couldnt hold back any longer.
I told her I am cumming and she told me she was too. We came together hard and long. she collaspsed on top of me where we lay together for the rest of the night. before we fell asleep she told me that she didn't have a meeting in my town but she had been looking at these sites on the Internet and couldn't get me out of her mind. She had told my step-father that she had a business meeting just to come and put her plan into action.
I told her that it was a great plan and that we have to do it more often. then we fell asleep in each others arms not as mother and son but as lovers.
The next day we didn't leave the hotel room.

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   We ordered room service and stayed in bed all day enjoying each others bodies. That was 7 years ago that happen and I am still in the army but every chance we get we are still making love. I can't wait until next time.
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