More Forbidden fruit.


More Forbidden fruit is the follow on.
Yes,guilty as hell,I spent a whole month sweating whether allowing my son's sperm to go up my vagina instead of making him pull out and spit it onto my belly. The sweat of pregnancy was compounded because from the moment he took his ass out of my bedroom,I was determined it was only a mad moment not to be repeated. - From the closing comment of 'Forbidden fruit' you'll recall I failed in this endeavour,partly because as he retired from my bedroom,his sweat covered ass cheeks had the hairs all stuck to them through the frantic efforts he'd put into our shagging. . . and here I relate why.

He walked away with a look on his face of the 'cat that got the cream' Equally I couldn't help feeling my esteem was boistered up knowing a young twenty year old had got so much satisfaction from my runting vagina, - three orgasms and the sperm he delivered with them left me with my cunt tingling and a feeling his knob was still throbbing there up inside me. I lay for awhile and subsequently fell off to sleep. As I drifted off,I knew it was never too happen again. I woke with a start,my husband was shaking me. "Christ Loise,you're uncovered and showing everything,if the boy see's that,you never know what his hormones might make him do" - "Sorry! Sorry! What? I'm naked, Oh god,I had a terrible dream,I must have kicked the bedclothes off me"

"Cover up before he see's something" - My mind was racing,did Harry see any fluid leaking from me,if he did,do I admit I've been unfaithful with our own son taking me. He's just said it could have happened if John had seen anything. No,say nothing,you'll put the blame on John and it wasn't really his fault,you're his mother,you could have stopped him if you really wanted too. Anyway it was a one off accident,never to be repeated!

Attack being my defence,I offer my husband love of a sexual nature. He starts okay feeling my tits toying with my nipples then what seemed only moments fingering my clit,I hear the usual snores.

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   The bastards gone to sleep again,christ he's only my age,hasn't he got any oomph at all when it comes to fucking!! Oh shit then! - I get up and wander down to the kitchen to make myself some sort of hot drink. Still naked,I'm startled as with minimal of light a body clicks the switch and there stands my son with that damn cock of his proudly stood straight out in front of his belly. "Bet that made you jump mum,I came down for a cool glass of milk,heard someone moving,thought it was dad and waited to see what he was up too. When he zonks he's generally like a dead man. What do I find? Its my own live damsel in distress, Completely naked and raring to go.

"John,stop it,you mustn't even think about that,what if your dad found out,we'd both be for the high jump - Although he's jumped already if you ask me!" - John looked perplexed, - I explained forcefully - The bastards dead from the navel to his knees, sorry,I shouldn't put my disenchantment onto you" - I couldn't stop glancing at that cock - while telling myself its wrong and I shouldn't be lusting after my own son's cock and there was no way I would give in to this lust! NEVER AGAIN.

My last exclamation was an error. He closed on to my backside and with arms wrapped right around me,making his forearms squeeze my titties together while his hands was placed flat on my belly. "Mum! It'll be alright,I can look after you like I did this afternoon" - I hissed back at him, - "NO John,don't even think it,it was wrong and we must never ever think of doing anything like that again" - I went all hot as not only had he held down across my tits and started smoothing my belly but I was now conscious of that damn cock of his stiffening against my ass cheeks and as he rocked gently moving me also. I felt the blasted cause of my predicament slip neatly into my ass crack. I felt what he was at as he pulled his hips away a bit and on pressing back against me again,his knob slid comfortable up along the crack of my ass and I knew it had slid easily because I now sensed a trail of precum where it had slipped past my asshole.

A thumping sound came from above, - "Dad" - the whisper came simultaneously from our lips. John shot into the living room and I stood petrified of getting caught completely naked after all Harry had said about John's hormones. "That you Loise,what you doing,god I need a piss,my bladders bursting,I think I got something all fucked up down there,I shouldn't need to piss like this" Then I heard him close the bathroom door, In a flash I'd grabbed a dressing gown,clicked the kettle switch and made ready a cup. All was covered,or was it? I quietly opened the living room door,Nothing?? Then I saw him,he'd dived onto the settee and covered himself in a throwover.

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"Is he gone?" - "No,peeing" - "Oh! think he'll bother down?" - "Dunno! See what I said,just how dangerous it is" - "Its got to end here,you hear" - "Yes mum,you just shouldn't have such a nice body and that tight little pussy. What's a boy to do,here all alone with a sexy vixen like you" - The door clicked upstairs again and I dived back through the door just as the kettle clicked. - "Don't do any for me Lo' I piss to much already" - He was gone. Now resting my bum against a stool, I found I was gasping with excitement,or was it fear of being found out. Son snuk causciously back into the kitchen with the throwover hanging loosely from his shoulders,so loose in fact that that damn cock was displaying itself again. - Damn my eyes! Stop looking at the bloody thing,its only a cock! - Stop it,that's what John said this afternoon and look where that got you.

"Night mum,I better go up quietly" - Bleeder,taking double strides up the stairs made the thing prance while the throwover revealed the sodding thing at every other step. I knew I was wet and I knew I wanted to masterbate. NO! NO! NO! This is the time to fight it,show you won't become that cocks slave! I did,it was hard, - but I weakened. By the morning a devil in my brain said - Look woman,if you're pregnant,its already happened,so why not let him have you as much as he wants,just for the month. Then if you haven't clicked you stop it forever!

What made it worse was John now took every opportunity to flash me. - Goading me on - "Go on mum,admit it you want to do it again,I know you do!" -I lasted two whole days then it happened. he purposely walked into the kitchen with just a sweat shirt on that trailed about to his pubes. His cock looking like a spout pointed out and down as though that one eyed monster was looking for something. "John! For god sake put something over that bloody cock of yours" - "Mum,don't talk like that to him,can't you see he's all sad now,look how its got its head hanging down" - "Stop talking dirty like that,you know its upsetting" - Twisting my words now.

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   - "Yeah it is for him,I think he'd perk up though if you gave him a kiss to show you cared" - "John you swine,stop saying things like that,I know what you're thinking" - Answering my own statement, - "I know what you're up too,trying to make me feel guilty and if I did,kiss it that is, - You'd hold my head until I sucked it off"

Stupid woman,you're getting yourself wet and hot again. - "Mum,I never even thought like that,but if you are,just give it a little squeeze then,there's no danger in doing that is there?" - The bastard,looking dog eyed he closed on me again and breathing hotly on my neck and ear whispered, - "If you only knew how he has suffered these last couple of nights,its my fault really,I've made him spit over and over thinking of your lovely pussy" - The fucking swine all the time nibbling at the nape of my neck and rubbing his now hardening cock against my ass cheeks,because he'd got my dress up above my bum and I had no knickers on.

"I know you and your little game,- NO Knicker's,make him work for it,that's the game you're on mum. I jerked back automatically as his hand slid under and round to my pussy. - All the neck action and cock touching was having the desired effect on me and he knew it. I felt myself being bent forward and to steady myself my hands grasped at the sink unit. That was enough,my head pressed back to his nibbling mouth as my vagina felt the head of his cock seeking out my slit. - "Please John, NO! What if we're caught?" - "We haven't been so far" was his curt reply at the same time I felt his hardness slip neatly up into my wet slippery pussy. All was lost, - "I'll only let you do me until the monthly thing,then its got to stop" - Caught up in the moment again, I pushed him back as I arched my back somewhat to help that cock get even deeper up my pussy and in seconds now I was meeting thrust for thrust until again his spurts spat at my wombs entance,in those seconds I willed his tiny sperms to impreganate me so I could have at least another nine months of this heavenly fucking. FUCK HARRY!!!, I needed fucking,a whole lot of fucking and I was going to get that fucking come what may.

John grunted and pumped at me and after taking breath,he started at me again, - Why the fuck can't Harry fuck like his son can? - I stood as John stopped fucking me and felt his cock shrinking. While liking the sensation of it slipping from me I equally wanted it to go up me again. "Fuck mum,that was a sensational fucking you done then,did you enjoy it as well?" - ""Did you?" - "Yes of course I did didn't you feel me cumming,my orgasm went over and over as you shot off" - "Good,that means I can have you more then does it?" - Meekly I confirmed he could and when after only an hour he was back for more,I neither refused or minded,I was as horny as he was. For the rest of the month we fucked whenever and any place we found ourselves.

I reach a new high or was it a low,when with my husband pottering about in the house I grasped my sons head in the garage and pressing him to his knees commanded he sucked my cunt with all the danger of being caught.

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   Not only that but the buzz was so exciting I told him to finish me with his cock. He did in no uncertain terms and just as he put his cock away,Harry entered the garage and looking suspiscious questioned us what we were doing there as he thought we were over at my mothers.

My lame answer that we're back was excepted,but I knew he was suspicious. I told John so who replied, - "Let him be,someone needs to fuck you and he can't" - Put bluntly like that shook me but on reflection,he was right. At least I'm not slutting around the town I told myself. Then Surprise! Surprise! John had most certainly hung one in there. Yes,I was pregnant. I wanted to be scared but I wasn't,in fact I was excited,really animal instinct as well - I could be fucked safely for another whole nine months. I knew John would be up for that but I had the problem of Harry, Do I tell lies and say a secret fling with some unknown guy caused it! I knew he wouldn't buy it being his,he'd given me not one fuck let alone a dribble of spunk for at least two months - When was it that fuck happened??.

I know it appeared I had no sympathy,but after all a woman has needs. - It happened like this. . . Out of the blue Harry said, - "You're up the duff I reckon" - I went all hot but responded, - "What on earth made you say that?" - "I'm not daft you know,I know I'm having a problem and I also know you are by not having me give you it" - Even hotter now with guilt and apprehension, - I blurt out, - "Its possible,yeah I might have" - Harry looked over and with a dead pan face he said, - "Might have shit, He's been fucking the ass off you" - I trembled visibly,my knees were knocking under my skirt,is he going to wack me? dump me? or what? - Calm as you like,he said, - "Was it good,like back when I used to do you good and proper back then. No more tho' babe,eh?"

This was all to steady,I just didn't know how to react, - Came the punch line - "Good is he,fuck you as good as I used too?" - I stumbled to answer,but lost for words he beat me to it.

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   - "Like the old man eh! Hard! Fast! but a bigger cock. that's my boy" - I wanted to collapse. I wanted to hide. I wanted to deny what he said. - Instead,I said - "The garage wasn't the first time" - "I know,but he missed out on that time when you were in the kitchen in the middle of the night" - "Want to tell me about the first time it happened?" - I feeling embarrassed beyond belief declined, - "That's fine,tell me about it in your own time" - The talk wasn't over it changed, Bit dodgy letting him make you pregnant and being such a close relative,reckon the child will be alright?" - "They'd pick it up and I could abort if there was a problem" - I was now shocked at my total coolness - "Yeah,good thing all they know about these days, 'Course you'll act as though its mine I 'spose, with them I mean" - "Yeah,its only our business" - "Yeah,like you being hungry with me not able to deliver. Will you tell him or shall I? You know letting him know he's got the okay to do you whenever you need it" - I waited for the bang to come but it hasn't, we get along fine and with John as horny as me,we fuck and explore as if we are man and wife. No problems with the baby,she's fine and my husband now enjoys a relay of all the fucking John gives me,plus the kinky stuff he now enjoys having with me.

But John never tires of letting his cock escape to torment the hell out of me,but we'll have to be more exclusive when our child gets older!.