More Than She Expected...Pt.1


Jacquee was a very pretty woman, and despite the fact that she was his sister Wayne took every opportunity he got to let his eyes roam over her curvy, almost perfect sexy body when she was around him. At 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair and piercing brown eyes, Jacquee was just about the prettiest woman that Wayne had ever seen. Often he found himself staring at her firm round butt as she walked by him, or sneaking a peek down her top when she would bend over in front of him. Often Wayne wondered if his sister knew that he was lustfully ogling her, but as far as he knew, if she did she never let on. This year she was turning thirty-five, and Phil wanted to make her birthday special. Four days before her birthday Jacquee called Wayne one evening to see if he had time the next day to dog sit their new puppy for her the following day. "Phil said he's taking me out for my birthday and I'd like to buy a new dress to wear, and I was wondering if you could watch Misty, our new puppy while I go out tomorrow for a while?" she asked her brother. "I work until 11:30, but I can take part of the afternoon off. I only have one appointment; it'll be no problem. " Wayne said. "Are you sure?" his sister asked. "Yep, it's okay. Besides, it's for your birthday. Now that you're getting old I should do what I can for my aging sister,” he said laughing. "Old?" Jacquee said in mock anger "Thirty five's not old! You wait at least I haven’t hit that forty something yet big brother!” "I'll see you tomorrow around noon, sis. " Wayne said laughing as he hung up with Jacquee.

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  Wayne was really looking forward to seeing his sister. Any time he got to spend some alone time with her was wonderful, and the next day he practically ran to his car after his appointment was over, and then quickly drove to her and Phil’s house. He let himself in and found Jacquee finishing up some dishes in the kitchen. She was wearing a pair of jeans, which Wayne noticed hugged her hips and round ass very nicely. As she turned around to greet her brother his eyes roamed up towards her breasts and he noticed her nipples poking out slightly through her light sweater and he felt his cock twitch to life. Although Jacquee's breasts weren't overly large, Wayne always found them very nice. They were round and full, and on several occasions when she wasn't wearing a bra he noticed that they turned up slightly, and seemed to be very firm. "Thanks so much for doing this, Wayne. I shouldn't be too long, maybe an hour or so. " his sister said. "That's no problem, sis. I don't have any plans, so take your time,” he said smiling at her. "Okay. Misty is in her cage in the laundry room so she should be ok. Just go check on her a couple of times, but other than that, make your self at home.

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  " she said. Wayne nodded. "Thanks again, Wayne. You're a big help!" his sister said and gave him a quick hug and kissed his cheek. Wayne felt his sister's breasts brush over his arm and his cock began getting hard. He felt his face flush, and he suddenly felt quite nervous. Jacquee immediately sensed his nervousness when she saw him blush and she clutched his arms and giggled. "I'm going to get going. I'll see you later. " Jacquee said as she grabbed a coat and her purse. Wayne smiled at his sister, and stared at her as she walked to her car, wondering if she could tell he'd gotten turned-on around her. "She sure looks great in those jeans,” he thought to himself as he stared at his sister walking. Once Jacquee was gone Wayne got some reports from his attaché case and began working on some figures to pass the time until his sister returned. Once he'd finished with that he looked in their fridge to see what they had and made himself a sandwich then went to watch TV. A big over an hour later he heard the back door open and his sister calling out to him and he went out in the kitchen to meet her.

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   Jacquee was standing there carrying a large shopping bag with a big smile on her face. "That didn't take you too long. " he said. "I can't believe my luck!" Jacquee said setting the bag down on the kitchen table and taking her jacket off "They were having a sale, and I found this amazing dress at 30% off. I'm going to go try it on. "Wayne watched his sister walk by him as she went up to her bedroom to change, then he returned to the living room to watch some more TV. A short while later he heard her calling out to him from upstairs. "Come up here and see it, Wayne, and tell me what you think. " his sister said. Wayne put his glass of root beer down on the coffee table and went up to his sister's bedroom. When he walked in the room Wayne was shocked by how sexy his sister looked in her new dress. It was black with a plunging neckline, and came down to just above Jacquee's knees. She smiled at him and turned around to show him the dress. The back of the dress was open so Jacquee's back was exposed and Wayne felt himself getting hard as he watched his sister modeling for him. One thing he noticed was that the way the dress was designed meant that her bra strap was showing in back. 

  "So what do you think?” Jacquee said grinning. "Wow, sis, you look great!" he said running his eyes over her, hoping she wouldn't notice the growing bulge in his jeans. "Really?" she said surprised as she spun around once more. "Oh yes, just one thing. Turn around,” he said. Jacquee turned around and her brother took a few steps towards her and hooked his finger in her bra strap and snapped it. "Something will have to be done about this,” he said with a laugh. Jacquee reached in back and ran her fingers over the strap and smiled. "Yes, I forgot about that. Hold on,” she said laughing. Wayne watched as he sister turned so she had her back directly to him and slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders. "No peeking at my boobs, big brother,” she said with a giggle as she reached back to unhook her bra then let it slide down her arms onto the floor. Jacquee pulled the dress back up over herself then turned around to face her brother again. She looked down at her chest and smiled up at him as she adjusted it to make sure her breasts were fully covered. "Better?" she said smiling as she turned around slowly.

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  "Yep. " Wayne said as he stared at his sister. Jacquee walked over to the mirror to look at herself. She ran her hands down over the dress, smoothing out a few wrinkles, then turned left and right to check her out. She noticed that her nipples were hard and quite visible through the thin material and let out a laugh, feeling sexy and daring. "What's so funny?" her brother asked. Jacquee turned around and walked over to her brother, and with both hands pointed to her nipples. "These!" she said smirking "Looks like I'll be putting on a show if I get cold. "Wayne blushed and quickly turned his head up from his sister's chest to her blue eyes, which had a peculiar look to them that Wayne had never noticed before. Jacquee had been watching as her brother stared at her hard nipples through the dress and felt a surge of passion go through her body that ended up at her clit. She felt it jump and she got slightly wet. This was not the first time over the years that she had noticed Wayne staring at her body. At first she used to find it sort of creepy that her big brother was looking at her like that, but she found him so shy and nervous around her at times like that too that she couldn't get upset with him. Eventually she began to find it cute, and then in time she enjoyed teasing him. To her it was sexy fun because it was forbidden, and she liked to see how much she could tease him.

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  "What's the matter, Wayne, never seen hard nipples before?" she teased. Wayne felt his face getting hotter and thrust his hands in his jeans and shifted about. Jacquee reached out and placed a hand softly on his forearm and gave him a warm smile. "Wayne. . . " she said softly "tell me something, and be honest. ""What?" he said, feeling like his sister's question was a trap. "Forget that I'm your sister for a minute. Tell me, do I look sexy in this dress?" she asked slowly. "You look great,” he said smiling. "But do I look sexy?" she said with a smirk. "Yes, I guess. " he said, quickly glancing at her. "Wayne, if I tell you something, do you promise to never tell anyone.

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   Not Phil, not mom or dad no one ever?" she said with a serious tone to her voice. "Sure. What?" he said concerned. "I like it when you look at me, Wayne. It makes me feel sexy. Naughty. " she said looking up at him. "Really?" her older brother said with surprise "But. . . but I'm your brother. ""Doesn't that make it more fun?" she said stroking his arm as she smiled at him. "Yes, I guess. " he said smiling at her, feeling slightly more comfortable. "I love Phil deeply, but I love you too, big brother.

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   Nothing can ever change that. You and I have a special bond, and we always will, no matter what. I could divorce Phil, but I can't divorce my brother. " she said, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him close to her as she kissed his cheek. Wayne slid his hands over his sister's back, moving them up to feel her soft skin where the dress was open. He could feel his cock getting even harder as he felt her silky smooth skin under his hands. He was afraid that his Jacquee would feel his hard cock pressing against her so he tensed up slightly and pulled back so he wasn't pressing against her so tightly, but Jacquee ran her hand down to his lower back and pulled him tighter against her. "It's ok, Wayne," she breathed into his ear "I know you're hard. Just relax. "Wayne felt all nervousness and tension melt away with his sister's reassuring words. It was a relief to him that she knew, and she wasn't angry or upset. He let her pull him close against her body until he could feel his hard cock pressing inside his jeans into her lower stomach. "Your skin is so soft, Jacquee. " he said as he ran his hands over the exposed part of her back. "And yours is so hard.

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  " she said, giving her brother a wink as she pressed herself against his cock through his jeans. The siblings stayed like that for several minutes just holding and caressing one another until Wayne pulled back and looked into his sister's half-closed eyes. "Jacquee," he said looking at her "we really shouldn't be doing this, yes know. . . "His sister released her grip on him and slid her hands down over his arms and smiled at him, then frowned. "I know. I guess I sort of got carried away. I'm sorry,” she said. "Hey, I did too. It's not your fault. It's okay. " he said holding her hands "It's just that, well. . .


  ""I know. " she said interrupting him and pulling away slowly. "I love you, Jacquee. " he said and kissed her cheek. "I love you too, big brother. " she said, returning his kiss. "So, what now?" he asked. "I don't know,” she said smiling up at him "Our cards are sort of on the table, aren't they? It's not like we can pretend this never happened. I love you, Wayne, and I don't want things with us to be weird or tense. But, we were naughty today, weren't we?" "Oh yes. " he said with a smile. "Did you like being naughty with me, Wayne?" she said, dragging a fingernail down his arm. "You know I did,” he said chuckling. "Well, this can be our big secret as they say. When we're around other people, especially Phil, and mom 'n' dad, we'll have to be good… society's rules suck.


   But when we're together like this there's nothing wrong with us being naughty like this, is there? I liked it today, didn't you?" his sister said. "I sure did. " Wayne said staring down at his sister's breasts. "You like 'them?" she asked as she watched her brother blatantly stare at her breasts. "I always have. " he said smiling. "I wish they were bigger,” she said looking down at them and cupping them briefly. "Mum. . . what size are they?" her brother asked, feeling bold and horny. "B C-cup. " Jacquee said. "There's nothing wrong with that!" Wayne said as he stared at his sister's nipples poking out of her dress. "I'll tell yes what.

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  " Jacquee said smiling at him "If you're good, I'll let you have a peek at them sometime. ""Really?" Wayne said, surprised. "Yes, but if you're bad I might let you have more than a peek. " she said as she squeezed them and winked. "You are bad. " Wayne said laughing. "I am. " his sister said "But my birthday is coming up, so maybe you can give this bad girl a spanking. "Wayne slid his hand down the small of his sister's back and gently patted her ass twice. "It's a deal. “He said with a smirk. "Phil’s going to be home soon. I should change and get supper ready,” she said, wishing she. "Okay, and I should be getting home. " Wayne said as he stepped away from his sister.

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  "I'll see you Friday night, okay?" she said, smiling at him. "I'll be here around six. " Wayne said, "I'll see you then, bad sister. ""Bye for now. " she smiled as she felt her clit throbbing. To be continued. . . .