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Topic: Jade On FireSandra was on a week long trip to the West Coast and the morning she left Mom began her sexcapade. Sandra had gone to the airport and an ho9ur after she left I got up. We had some really good sex that morning and I had not showered yet but went out to make coffee in my pajama bottoms with no underwear or shirt. Mom came out of her room to the kitchen in her robe, tied at the waist but open very low, her cleavage visible. She had on lovely panties that were scat but short of being thongs. She came over and kissed me on the neck and said "Good morning. " I kissed her back and as I was going o kiss her cheek she turned enough so that our lips met and her tongue slipped into my mouth. It was a long deep kiss.
"What is that I taste and smell?" she asked me. I had not washed up at all and had eaten my wife's pussy through several orgasms fingering her while I tongued her. Jade took my hand and smelled the fingers that had been in her daughter and smiled and then sank them into her mouth teasing my fingers as if they were a cock. "Oh, that is Sandra, I may have to ry eating a woman, that tastes good. " she said smiling again as she kept sucking my fingers. "Was your cock in her too?" she said and she sank to her knes in front of me pulling my bottoms down as she did and she took my semi hard cock in her hands smelling the pungent scent of her daughter on me. She began licking it up and down and then took the length into her mouth circling her tongue around the shaft that was now fully hard. She began sucking me nice and slow and soon I filled her throat with a load of cum.

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"Well, so much for the kitchen, to bed now. " she said and took my hand and led me to her bed. She rolled onto it and her gown came open and she took her breasts in her hands pinching her nipples and then one hand went between her legs. "Now eat my pussy for me," she said and I dove in and began slowly eating her. She moved her hips against my face as if she was in another reality and soaked my face with an orgasm. She pulled my face to her mouth and began kissing her own juices from my face. "Oh, I think I love to taste my juices too, I think I want to have a woman, would you mind if I call someone to come over?" "I guess not. " I told her. She got up, her pussy dripping cum down her legs and her nipples hard as rocks. "
"Rosa? Hello, Jade dear. Can you come over now? Yes, I think I am ready to try it. Do you mind my son in law is here with us? Good. We are in the bed waiting Dear. " "I met Rosa at the market the other day and she likes men and women, she wanted to be with me but I said I did not want to try it yet. She gave me her phone.

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  " Mom said. "Okay" I said and was just enjoying a nice massage when the door opened and a voice came through the house. "Jade? It is Rosa. " Mom got up and went out to meet her totally naked still. Rosa's voice came back, "Oh, I am going to love playing with you. " and the sound of kissing and moaning came back to me making me hard. Rosa was taller than Mom and had a very buxom body. She was at least a 42DDD and her nips were full. Her hair was greying and long and was down past her waist. One tit was out of her top and the other barely in. She said, "Would you mind if Jade and I play a little, then we will have you back in bed, you can watch if you like. " she smiled and I got up.

    I pulled a chair next to the bed and my cock was fully erect as I saw Rosa stand in front of Mom and allow Mom to undress her. She pulled Mom up and stood against her their tits massaging each other and kissed her slowly. "Now Jade, I will teach you how to make love to a woman.

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      " Her kisses slowly got more passionate and soon they were on the bed caressing each other and Mom's legs came apart and Rosa sank in first two fingers then three, making Mom's hips buck against her hand. Rosa moved her chest to Mom and told her to suck her nipples. Mom took them in her hands and soon was making Rosa moan and squirm. Then Mom let out a cry and Rosa's hand was now fully in her pussy. Soon an orgasm shook Mom's body and Rosa sucked the juices from her own fingers and then gave them to Jade to lick. "Now let me eat that sweet pussy" Rosa said and she went to work sucking Mom's pussy and licking her clit. Mom was going nuts and orgasm followed orgasm.
    Rosa moved around and laid on the bed and spread her legs and said, "Now Jade, time to eat me dear. " MOm moved down and her face was in Rosa's pussy. "Oh, good pussy eater for he first time, oh yes, yes. " Then an ongoing dialog of instructions went on telling Mom how to lick and suck and finger her. I was hard and watching and pre cum was leaking from me and soon Rosa got up. "Now we need to take care of Steve" Rosa said and she came over and guided my cock into her pussy, sitting on it facing away from me, pulling my hands around to her tits which she told me she needed to hae palyed with rough. "Just pretend you are milking me Baby. " she said and I began.

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       She was moving on my cock and told Mom, "Come eat Rosa while your son in law fucks her Dear. " Mom got on her knees in front of us and began eating Rosa and soon I was filling her with cum and Rosa commanded Mom not to miss any of my cum, "Lick it all up Dear" she moaned. Then her orgasm followed as soon as Mom began hitting her clit again. We made love the morning through and finally Rosa kissed us both at the dor, us still naked and she said she would be back for more fun. All week, Rosa kept Mom hot and sometimes she was there in bed when I came home. Love a family affair.
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