Mrs. Finley's School for Boys


Things took another turn with Tommy once school was out for the summer. We would all be down at the clubhouse when he'd look at his watch and announce that he had to go home. We interrogated him and tried shaming him into staying, but he wasn't interested, he was obviously very anxious to get home. As the summer continued, he spent more and more of the day at home. I'd go over and try to find out what he was up to, but usually got no answer at the door. I had begun to feel like my best friend had abandoned me!One day while Tommy and I were looking at a magazine I'd got from my older brother which had these gorgeous naked girls in it, Tommy suddenly jumped up and said he had to go home. Well! I wasn't going to take it this time, so I ran after him and tacked him in the hallway!"Oh no you don't! You're going to tell me what the hell you need to go home for so bad!""No man! Lemme go! I have to go see my mom," he said as he struggled to free himself from my grip. "What the fuck do you need to see your mom for?""Come on dude! Lemme go! I can't tell you, I just need to go!""Well then I'm going with you! We're best friends and whatever it is you'd better either tell me or show me," I said as I let Tommy up while making sure I still had a good hold of him. "I can't, you can't, I mean mom won't let you. ""Have you asked her? Maybe she'd like some extra help, I don't mind helping clean up or do whatever at your house. ""Ah shit! It's not cleaning up, no. . . no you can't help she doesn't want your help she wants mine," Tommy whined. "How do you know if you haven't asked? If it's not cleaning what the hell is it?""I. .

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  . I, no I can't," Tommy just shook his head. "Well if you can't, then I can!" I said as I marched down the hall, down the stairs and out the door. Tommy chased after me and tried to trip me up in an attempt to get to the door first, but I managed to force my way in before he could close the door. We struggled a little as we practically got into a fistfight when his mother came around the corner. "Boys! Boys, stop fighting! What's wrong with you two? You're supposed to be best friends. ""Mrs. Finley, I know I have no right to ask what you've had Tommy doing, why you have him running home while he's out playing with his friends. But he won't tell me what's going on and I feel like I'm losing my best friend!" I blurted out as I slapped a hand over Tommy's mouth. "What I've had him doing? What in heavens name are you talking about David?" She asked with a stern look on her face as she pulled my hand away from Tom's mouth and pulled him toward her as if to protect him from big bad David. "Huh? That's what he's been telling us!" I cried in frustration. "Thomas William Finley! What have you been saying to your friends?" Mrs. Finley said a she turned her son around, holding his shoulders firmly. "B-but, mom! You said. .

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  . " Mrs. Finley's own hand flew to cover Tom's mouth. Then she smiled sweetly yet nervously at me and said, "I'm terribly sorry David, I'll sort things out with this son of mine, thank you for bringing this to my attention. "I carried myself back home with my shoulders slumped, my mind in a swirl of confusion. Sitting down on my bed I wondered what could possibly be going on. As I did so however, my thoughts turned more to Mrs. Finley. She was a very beautiful woman with an incredibly warm and affectionate personality. She had oft times been a part of my frequent masturbation fantasies. Somehow this got me thinking along the lines of Mrs. Finley and me, which gradually shifted to Tom and Mrs. Finley. Certainly had it been my own mother I couldn't have even dreamt it, but Mrs. Finley being the sexy woman that she was and that she was not my own mother somehow allowed room for the nastiest of thoughts; incest.

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  I jumped up and ran to the bathroom window where I could see Tom's house. The bedrooms were facing the back so I couldn't see anything, but it made me wonder, could that be what's going on over there? Things started to make sense. Tom was an only child so there were no siblings to interrupt things. During school Tom would go home right after school let out and be there for an hour, the hour before his dad came home from work to be more specific. Now during the summer, Tom was always going home during the day while his dad was away at work but his mom was home all alone. Images of Tom and his mother naked actually having sex spun around in my head. Could it really be? No! It couldn't be! But wait, what about the way his mother acted just a while ago? She seemed nervous and she'd stopped Tom from saying something, what was it? "But mom you said. . . " Hmmm. Turning around I began moving slowly; I was in a half-daze not completely aware of where or why I was going, but something propelled me forward. Leaving my house I walked slowly but unceasingly toward the Finley home. Pausing outside the front door, my heart pounding violently, my breath was short and labored and my cock was already straining awkwardly inside my shorts. I tried to door, damn, locked. I went to turn away but then I remembered Tommy telling me about the key to the side door under the mat that his mother left just in case she was out and he needed to get in.

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   My shaky legs struggled to carry me, but I finally managed to reach the door. Lifting up the mat, sure enough there was the key. Sliding it into the lock I turned it as quietly as possible, a small creak escaped as I pushed the door open, freezing in my tracks I listened for a moment. Hearing nothing I stepped in and just as gently closed the door. Standing in a small hallway with steps to my right leading downstairs and Tom's father's den to my left. I took one step into the den when the floor creaked slightly. I decided I'd better take off my shoes, so I did before continuing. I still couldn't hear anything as I passed the kitchen and the front door. Finally I reached the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. I was sure that if Tommy and his mother were up there they would hear my heavy breathing and the beating of my heart, but of course they couldn't. I crept up the steps, one by one, crawling with my hands trying to make myself small for some reason. Just as my head popped up into the hallway I clearly heard Mrs. Finley groan quite loudly. That stopped me for a moment as I perked up my ears straining to hear anything else. I could very faintly make out what sounded like someone rolling over in bed, the box springs squeaked and the sheets rustled slightly.

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  Remaining on my hands and knees I crawled very cautiously down the hall toward the master bedroom. The door was open and the sounds became clearer as I moved closer. I was just about at the door when I heard, "Oooooh!" and I was sure it came from Tom! There wasn't much doubt in my mind now about what they were doing. As I stood up just out of sight of the door I imagined what the scene I was about to look upon would be. Mother and son naked and writhing in bed? Tommy humping between his mothers legs? All sorts of obscene things ran through my horny little mind. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, but it didn't help to calm me. My mouth was dry and my cock throbbed painfully. I bit my lip and braced myself as I stepped out into the doorway and peered in. My heart stopped and I felt a chill run through my body, Tommy and his mother were staring right at me! They were sitting on the bed, fully clothed going through a box of old photos. "So long as you're here David, come and look at this sweet picture," Mrs. Finley said as she held up a photo she'd taken years earlier of Tommy and I playing in the sand at the beach. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there. I was so sure they had been having sex, now I felt like an idiot. I didn't even realize that my cock was making a very obvious tent in the front of my shorts. After I'd been standing there for a minute, Mrs.


   Finley got up and came over to me. I looked at her with fear in my eyes. I had practically broken into their house and sneaked up on her and her son. I felt horrible!"You look pale David, do you feel alright?" she asked as he placed her hand on my forehead to feel if I had a temperature. "Ah yeah, ah, I feel fine," I stammered out. "Would either of you boys like a drink?" Mrs. Finley asked. "I would! Thanks mom," Tommy called as his mother began down the hall. "Huh? Oh, ah, no. . . I mean, no thank you Mrs. Finley," I struggled to reply. She just smiled and I watched her ass wiggle back and forth as she walked down the hall, my eyes staying on her until she disappeared down the stairs. "What the fuck is going on?" I demanded, looking back to Tom.


  "Whadaya mean?" he replied with a grin. "You damn well know what the fuck I mean you ass! What the hell was all that moaning I heard?""I don't know what you're talking about, are you sure you're ok bud?" Tom innocently responded. Shit! Now I felt really stupid, was I imagining things? Maybe all this stuff about incest was in my mind. But there was something going on wasn't there? Why were they acting so strangely? I was extremely confused, but managed to stumble over to the bed and sit down. Tom just smiled at me and showed me a few other pictures. "I got your favorite Tommy honey, raspberry strawberry and pussy juice," Mrs. Finley called from the hall returning from the kitchen. "Oh yeah!" Tommy squealed as he jumped up from the bed. I was so confused that what she said didn't even register, but things became slightly clearer when she entered the room. Looking up my mouth dropped open, because there was without a doubt the most perfect woman I've ever seen, standing in the doorway completely nude. I watched in utter disbelief as Tommy knelt in front of his mother and lapped 3 or 4 times between his mother's slightly spread legs, causing her to moan hotly. Then he stood up and took the glass from her and swigged back a mouth full. "Mmmm you're right mommy, this drink goes so well with your cum," Tommy said with a grin wide enough to split his face in half. All this time Mrs. Finley's eyes never left mine.

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   She continued to stand there happily as my eyes roved back and forth over her body. I was spellbound. She was so incredibly beautiful! At 30 years of age she was easily on a par with the girls in those sexy magazines I usually jerked off to. It was like the centerfold had jumped off of the page and was standing just a few feet away from me. I instantly wanted her even though I felt extremely inadequate. With my scrawny young body, my complete lack of experience and most of all my small penis, at least I thought it was small, I mean it was a lot smaller than the guys that were fucking those girls in the magazines. She could see the discomfort I felt written on my face so she walked over and knelt before me. Looking down at my shorts she smiled, reaching out and rubbing the lump sticking up between my legs. I groaned softly just before getting a shock as she stood me up and grabbed the waistband of my shorts pulling them down to the floor. My cock sprang free and she squealed in delight, taking hold of it and suddenly stuffing the whole thing into her mouth. She sucked hard like she hadn't sucked a cock in years and almost instantly I came. I leaned heavily on her shoulders as my knees nearly gave out. I couldn't believe the feeling of her warm wet mouth wrapped around my virgin cock. She moaned with total satisfaction and licked every bit of cum left on my cock, "Ohh Davie! You've got a good-sized cock for a boy your age! And your cum, ooooh! It tastes sooo good!"My head was spinning. Mrs.

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   Finley was not only exceedingly beautiful and sexy, and knew how to suck cock like a whore, but she also knew how to talk with her phone-sex operator voice and say just the right things a horny young boy needed to be able to fuck her to satisfaction. I looked over at Tommy and saw that he was already naked and still had that huge grin on his face. I rolled my eyes indicating how good it felt to be sucked off by his mother and he looked at me with a knowing twinkle in his eye. "Well," Mrs. Finley spoke up, "I believe it's time for you to get out of those clothes David! That is, I mean, if you want to stay for awhile. "How could I have said no even if I had wanted to? Mrs. Finley was every man's wet dream. I wasn't sure if Tommy realized it, but I knew full well that it was one in a million odds that we got the chance to have sex with a woman like this, in our entire lives never mind as young boys. I nodded to express my desire to stay and melted when Mrs. Finley smiled in truly honest happiness. She gave me a rare gift that day, the gift of confidence that even I could have a chance with such a magnificent woman. She stood me up again, since I had collapsed back onto the bed after filling her mouth with cum. She proceeded to pull my T-shirt off and I stepped out of my shorts and underwear. She turned around and looked at Tommy, then back to me and smiled again, so pleased to have these fine young guys eager and ready to pleasure her. "Come darling, let's show your friend what sex is all about," she said to Tommy as she climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back.

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  Tommy quickly followed, jumping excitedly on top of his lovely mother making her laugh at his youthful eagerness. "Sit here Dave so you can watch us make love," Mrs. Finley told me as she directed me to sit on the bed against the headboard. I had a good view, but Mrs. Finley still made Tommy stay up on outstretched arms so I could see as his cock slowly sank into his mother's pussy. "Ahhh," Mrs. Finley sighed as her pussy was filled up with her son's very swollen cock. "W-watch closely," she panted to me as Tommy started slowly stroking his cock in and out of her wet pussy. As he did so, her cunt made hot wet sounds as her natural lubrication increased and spread around to make things easier and more comfortable. I looked at Tommy who was staring with fiery passion at his cock moving in and out of his mother. When he looked up and his eyes met his mother's it was clear that they had done this many times. I paid very close attention to the way they communicated their love and desire for each other. They were obviously full-on lovers despite their relationship and the fact that she was married. That didn't seem to bother them one bit and it didn't bother me either as Tommy's pace increased. "Ooooh yeah!" Tommy groaned as he began to really get into the sex.


  I watched with fascination and as my own desire grew I began to stroke my cock. "Don't do that!" Mrs. Finley said, "I want you hot and ready as soon as Tommy and I are finished. "It was very difficult, but I managed to keep from rubbing myself by sitting on my hands. The thought of getting my own turn with Tommy's mom after he was finished made me even hotter!"Mmmm honey that's good! You're such a good boy for mommy!" Mrs. Finley cried to her son. "Ah fuck! You feel so good! I love fucking you mommy!" Tommy moaned in reply to his horny mother. Tommy's pace increased once again and he began slamming his pelvis against his mother's cunt vigorously. My own excitement was just about at it's boiling point as well, I wondered if it was possible to cum without touching myself, just by watching this hot sex scene unfold before my eyes. I desperately wanted to be doing what Tommy was doing, or at least to play with myself, but I dared not go against Mrs. Finley's request for fear that she might not let me do what her son was now enjoying. "FUCK! Oh fuck! Your--cunt! Uhh! God mommy!" Tommy yelped and groaned, "Ah! Uh! AH! AHH! OOOOH!" He grunted, almost screaming with each powerful thrust as he pushed closer and closer to the edge. "Yes baby! Oooooh. . .

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   Fuck me sweetheart! Oh fuck your mommy like you know she loves it! Make me cum my hot little fuck boy!"I was dizzy and intoxicated by the sight, sound and scent of unbridled sexual passion as it spun out of control toward an unimaginable peak. I was so into the scene I could almost feel my own cock buried in Mrs. Finley's hot cunt. Oh god I wanted her so bad! I still couldn't believe how hot this mother and son were for each other, I no longer saw Mrs. Finley as this unattainable babe, but as a passionate, sexual creature just like myself who actually wanted me right after this! I wondered if I could compare to Tommy, but it didn't matter I needed to fuck her anyway. Tommy made strange animal-like sounds, it was hard to tell if he was in ecstatic pleasure or horrible pain, his face said pain but the fact that he wasn't stopping, rather trying to go harder faster and deeper said otherwise. "Ooooooh FUUUUUUUCK! H-here--it. . . uhh! Commmmmmes!" He howled and arched his back, thrusting so hard I thought he'd rip right through his mother. His eyes clumped tight as he jerked and shook and I watched as all of the muscles in his body flexed, especially his ass and legs as his hips pumped in very short very desperate spasms. I looked at Mrs. Finley, she was almost there but I could tell she was holding off, she hadn't completely abandoned herself to her son this time. She opened her eyes and looked at my cock, then up at me winking to let me know it was time. Tommy finished with a last few hard humps before withdrawing his softening cock.

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  Mrs. Finley pulled on my arm to show that she wanted me inside right away. There was no need for encouragement however, I was amazed that I hadn't cum already and there was no way I was going to waste time or lose my chance to cum inside the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Once I was in between her legs I looked down and saw a sloppy mess. Her pubic hair was soaking and matted down. Her own juices were all over her pussy, stomach, legs and the bed beneath and some of Tom's cum was oozing out. Somehow this just made me hotter so I leaned forward slightly and she grabbed my cock, guiding me into her hole. I started stroking slowly but because we were both so close to orgasm and since Tommy had just been fucking the hell out of her, Mrs. Finley wasn't satisfied with that. "No, no! Faster! Harder!"I was so hot I thought, "What the hell?" and quickly worked up into a frantic pumping motion. "Uh yes! Fuck it into me! Make me cum, make me cum!" Mrs. Finley begged. Within a few more strokes I was ready to explode and thankfully so was Mrs. Finley. "Mrs.

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   Finley! Oh you're so good to fuck! I've dreamt about fucking you, I've jerked off thinking about you, I can't tell you how much I've wanted you!" I admitted. "Oh Davie! I've wanted you so much too! Now fuck me baby! Oh honey I love your cock!""I love your pussy, Mrs. Finley! I'm gonna fill you with cum!""Yes! Oh yes! You're getting me so hot! I want to feel you in me forever!" She yelled. Ahhh! Ohhhh shit my cock! Oh my cock!" I yelped as the sensations from my cock began to overwhelm me. "Yes! Cum in me baby! It makes me feel so good that you boys love to fuck me so much!""Oh we do mom! And mom, Dave is getting ready to empty his load into you just like I did the first time! Give it to him! Take my friend's cock up your cunt! Make him fill you with cum!" Tommy commanded. "Yes! Whatever you say my love! Dave I want you to shoot it into me! Do it! Cum damn it! CUUUM!""Ahhhh! AHHHHH! Yes! Oh Mrs. Finley you're so amazing! OOOOOH FUUUCK! My coooooock!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as my body released all this pent-up energy and my balls squeezed, I felt the cum rush toward its goal like a raging flood totally out of my control. I hope you can imagine just how desperately I wanted to empty all that I had into this incredible woman beneath me. "YYEEEESSS! OH FUCK YESSSSSS!" Mrs. Finley screamed as she felt the second load of hot young boy-fuck fill her overheated pussy just as she howled and lifted me nearly off of the bed in her own orgasm. It was wild! It felt like I was riding a bull! She thrust and humped and yelled in delight, it lasted so long I was getting hard again by the time she settled back down. The three of us sat on the bed, Tommy and I kissed and hugged his mother and I said; "Thank you Mrs. Finley, I don't think I could have had my first time with a more beautiful woman!""Thank you sweetheart, but now that we've fucked, I think you should call me Alexis. ""Now boys, would you feel too embarrassed or could I come with you to your clubhouse tomorrow? I'd really like to spend some time with your other friends," she said with a wink and a smile. The End.

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