Mum needed sex,who could she turn too.


Mum had decided - We were out of here!

All I knew that, following the latest in a series of constant rows and fights between mum & dad, I got a txt at school - 'Go to grans,I'll tell you later when I link up with you!' - So I did and quite a bit later mum appeared. She said - "Give us a bit to let me explain to gran,then you and me are on our way" I made to make myself scarce but curiosity got the better of me. What had happened in this fight that was different from all the rest?

Suitable doors closed as tho' I'd gone off to the garden,but although I could see nothing,I got to where I could hear what was said. - Apparently it was a sexual thing. Not with dad,but having brought his mate back from the pub,both somewhat under the influence. It wasn't so much what dad had told her to do,but more to do with him excepting she done it with his mate for only a tenner. - "I tell you mum, I'm not a prude,but for the rotten shit to show me I was only worth a tenner for what his mate wanted. . . Well that was taking the piss and really hurt I can tell you!"

So - Dad was selling mum for far less than she thought sex with her was worth, really blew him out. I didn't know and she didn't say to gran what sex was involved but it was over! We were out of there. I scrabbled to make myself scarce as mum made to call me and take us wherever our new home was to be. - "I wont tell you where! So if the shit comes round,you wont know - Just say we've left town"

Shit a change of school then!

Now some months later, things had settled down and both our lives had become really tranquil. I admit,life with just me and mum was brilliant. She was happy and we done lots of stuff,but our time together at home was the best. .

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  . "Giles,didn't you hear me call?" - A tap on my bedroom door as the door opened quickly revealing mum with an armful of bedclothes. - "I called you to help me change our beds - what's so engrossing on that PC then? - lets have a look!"

I'd minimized the screen,but wasn't inclined to kill the web page as, if she'd looked she'd had noticed my tented boxers were inclined to display exactly what sort of page I'd been looking at - well reading really - 'SSP Incest' I let her restore and waited for a blast of 'Hmm! hope you're not following in your fathers ways'- I was ready as not so long before I notice my history setting had been changed to 'clear at end of session' - Only mum could have done it, so I reset to keep the history. Curious as too what she'd been viewing in my absence. That's what led me too SSP pages and from there it was an easy step to incestuous stuff.

Mum had been on 'forced sex' which integued me as this seemed to have been what had finally pissed mum off in the first place. - I concluded it was the money thing then, not that she was having to do dad's mate. mmm! - Mum now looked at what I had on screen - There was a kid about my age with a stick like hardon resting against his supposedly mum's thigh while his fingers were opening her vagina ready for fucking.

The story wasn't related other than it told about a boy getting up his mum. I'd rolled the page up to where his sperm was now shooting up deep inside his mother as she had her own orgasm. Reading she had me knackered, I couldn't denigh anything and surely my hardon couldn't be hidden if I stood up. I did anyway and recovered the bedding mum had tossed on to my own bed althought I knew it was for her's.

She read on,rolling the page further. - "Come on you,lets get it sorted!" - Happy to comply,she said nothing allowing me my secret that I knew what she got turned on with - 'forced sex' - could it be that she now also got turned on with mother/son stuff? after all she'd read it to the conclusion and in front of me and all! - "Just put the covers on the pillows while I get the stuff for yours now!" - Left alone,deceitfully I snuk the drawer open on mum's bedside cabinet. - Shit! She's got a dildo,so that's what I hear each night - her getting it from her dildo.

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   I took it quietly out and examined it,it looked a bit wet so I had a sniff - It wasn't so different from what my scent was under my foreskin after I'd wanked.

Putting two-and-two together I rummaged thro' her old bed linen to find what I'd noticed as we changed her bed. There it was a wet smeer,I snifft some more. It was! It was the same, mum's love juice was all over the area,she must have wiped her dildo after using it to bring herself to orgasm. - So mum was still sexually active even tho' only me and her had been at our new home all this time. Dildo now replaced, dutifully I headed down to put the dirty linen in the washing up basket and linked back up with mum now in my room.

Oh shit! She'd already pulled the sheets off and stood looking at a very wet patch of my cum on what was the lower sheet. Placed neatly on my cabinet was a couple of sheets of A4 a bit crumpled but I knew exactly what they were. 'Another story I'd printed off to wank over' - "That's different from the one on there now!" - With face as red as fire I stumbled, - "Yeah. But he's doing other stuff as well!" - "I noticed,but she didn't want him too did she!" - The bells rang, yeah, the mother had tried to stop him 'her son' but he'd forced her to have him.

"You know, I'm not altogether convinced a boy of that sort of age could make a mother. . . More like she wanted to anyway but rejected what he done to her because its so dirty and wrong" - My heart faded, for a second there just one second, I thought mum was up for it, you know doing it with me! - We concluded the bed making and that was it. Or I thought it was.

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That night I got disturbed as I heard mum talking as I thought, to someone. Couldn't be,we're both a bed and I'd have known if someone was coming over. - "No Giles,don't you dare,we mustn't" - followed by mum's bed moving as I realised she was doing herself to an orgasm while making out I was ravishing her. My cock was like an iron bar as I listened until with much thumping I knew mum had brought herself off. DARE I? I DARE!

Entering mum's room I get a - "Giles,that you? Go back into your room, I'm having a bad no a naughty dream!" - I ignored her and got alongside her in her bed - I could tell mum was withdrawing her dildo and a thump on the floor told me she'd dropped it out of the bed on to the floor. My cock lay against her thigh as she felt for it - "I knew it, its far bigger than the one we looked at. . . no we mustn't you mustn't do it too me. Okay, its okay mum,I'll just lay on you a bit - I rolled up and into being between her legs - See I'll just let it rest against you" - "Oh god! NO! You can't its touching my pussy slit,please don't do it to me! PLEASE! PLEASE! N-O-O! - Silence now as my cock slid gently against her slit,then between the lips of her slippery wet quim.

I let it slide in but didn't start fucking. Mum was panting and she knew I had my cock right up to my balls as our mutual juices started to mingle together. - "You're going to cum in there aren't you?" - "MMM! You want me too?" - "Its all too late now!" - her hips rose up at me and I responded, pumping now at mum's over wet pussy. The juices helped me hold off,her cunt was so slippery that I could barely feel any friction until with her strong thighs wrapping themselves around my ass she really begged me to cum up her as she orgasmed. I obliged as a full thrust of my cock shot off my first offering of cum deep,Oh so deep into mum's vagina.

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   She humped each time a further shot entered her body until I lay limp on top of her with my head placed between her ample tits.

We stayed like this until,she said, - "You're getting heavy,move over to the side for a bit" - I took this to mean she wanted me again in a while. - Silently we lay neither talking until a hand placed on my cock told me mum wanted some more. - "Play with me! I know its wrong but you've got me all worked up letting me see what you were reading and I never dreamed you'd come in and do it too me. Now I'm hooked on that nice fat toyboy cock of yours" - I had to know - "What just for tonight mum?" - "NO! Marlene wants Giles' cock now and everytime she thinks about her dildo!" - I smiled in the dark, I knew the sounds from mum's room happened nearly everynight. I hoped my cock would be forced like a stick of rhubarb - that is in the dark in a warm place - My mum's cunt!.