My affections for daughter Karla, and her love for Daddy!


It all began when Karla was born, 14 years ago, the best day of my life! I had met her mother Simone just six months before and fell in love. I hadn't been successful with women before her, but Simone and me clicked, when we had Karla we decided to raise her to let her do whatever she wanted to do, allowing her total freedom.
Life was good for the first couple of years, Simone looked as great as ever and Karla had grown into my little princess. Then out of the blue one day Simone tells me she met someone else and had fallen in love. I was outraged and to make it worse she said she wouldn't leave him. After serious thought I decided to tell her it was either him, or Karla and me, to my surprise she chose him. So a couple of days later she left to live in Cleveland. I had loved her so much, I was devastated she left but I had to stay strong for Karla, the real love of my life.
I knew it would be difficult for me, a 23 year old man to raise a daughter, especially because I had no family, my parents are long dead and I was an only child. Simone’s family are from Ohio, hundreds of miles away and I had no friends so it was really just me and her.
For the first few months Karla cried and cried, I held her in my arms to try and comfort her and over time she forgot about her mother. We grew a special bond, I mean we did everything together and over the years we got real close. She told me everything she did, everything she was feeling, she was my little angel.
Years had past, Karla was now 14 and turning into a women. I had told her about periods and puberty and sex with ease because we were so close. By this stage she was eager to know all about sex and I didn't mind telling her, after all I had set out to raise her so that she had total freedom.

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   I had always bought her clothes and now because she was 14, I decided to start buying her a little bit more sexy clothing, sexy shirts, dresses, pants and even bras and panties, simply because she was turning into a woman and I wanted to make her feel special and wanted. She appreciated it and always gave me a smile and a lil’ kiss when I did. Which I have to admit and be honest was a turn on for me and yes it did give me a hard on and didn’t feel wrong to me. I hadn’t had a woman for years and she did have nice, big and curvy assets for a 14 year old girl.
She had always made me smile but watching her change into a women made me so happy, for years I had changed her clothes and bathed her so seeing her naked was no big thing, but now she was wearing sexy lil' things and growing female features. I thought about how to raise her into a women and it was then that I realized I was obsessed by her, I devoted all my time and attentions to her, I hadn't even dated another woman since her mother left, are my feelings for her wrong? She was my number one girl I thought.
A couple of months had past, and I have to admit Karla was really turning me on. She was doing everything more sexually, walking, talking, the way she acted and even her presence. She didn't hesitate to show me these kind of things, it just felt right and natural. I think she was even flirting with me a little bit by giving me massages and sitting on my lap and kissing me a lot, That’s when it happened, Karla gave me an erection.
One day she was sitting on my lap watching a movie wearing nothing but little dolly shoes, a red thong, a silky see through skirt and a tight blue boob tube, all of which I had bought her. It made my one eyed monster stir, I couldn’t help it. All of a sudden she turned to me and said,
"Daddy, can we watch one of those porno’s in your closet. "I was shocked she said this to me but without thinking I told her to go get the one she wanted and we could watch it, for educational purposes of course. With that she went to go get it, shaking her little tush on the way.

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   She came back with one called ‘Anal Explorations 5’. She got down on her knees sticking her ass up in the air in front of me and slapped in the dvd, turned around to me with a sexy lil’ smirk and said,
“You’re the best Daddy in the world. ”
With that, I went from ‘half sprung’ to ‘raging hard’, and said to her to come to me and sit on Daddy’s lap. She looked me dead in the eyes grinning at me as she slowly came to me, she snuggled in to me hard on and said,
“uummmm Daddy your dicks all hard, do you like this porno?”
I said “ Yes honey bunny, but I like you more. ”she said. "What, how did you find them?" I asked.

“Ohh Daddy. ”
After that I knew I was serious about having sex with my baby. On came the porn and she began wriggling on my crotch and dick. I began caressing her shoulders and then her back and then her ass, she kept smiling at me. Karla was touching me too, my legs, my chest, my arms. Watching the movie made me want to fuck her so bad, I told her that sex felt great and it’s completely natural. She asked me why I hadn’t had a women in my life in so long, and I told her that she was my number one girl. So she said to me,
“I can be your little sex kitten Daddy, I love you and you love me, I won’t tell no one Daddy I swear. Oooohhh Daddy I want you to fuck me so bad, I have for a long time, won’t you fuck me Daddy, I’ll let you fuck my ass or anything Daddy as long as you let me be your little sex kitten.

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Holy fuck! I thought.
“Ok then sweetheart, as long as you don’t tell anybody. ”
“Ok Daddy I won‘t, now touch me, touch my tits. ”
As I touched her little titties, she started to grab my cock through my sweatpants, I quickly stood up, as I did, she yanked my sweats down and then my boxers.
“Uummm Daddy, you got a big ol’ cock”
“Yes sweety, now suck”
She sucked and sucked, slowly at first and then right down to the hilt. She was doing it great, sucking my nuts too. I asked her had she had sex before and she said,
“No Daddy I was saving myself for you”
With that I said,
“Oh god, get up sweety and bend over that chair, stick your ass out. ”
“Yes sir” she said.
She bent over the chair and stuck her ass out while I pushed her back down. All the while she was smiling at me, loving it! I pulled her little bra up releasing her budding breasts, rubbed her now hardening nipples with my thumb. I then pulled her thong to the side leant in with my face and starting licking her lil’ pussy, then her clit and then her ass. She was moaning and groaning, it was great! My cock was now like a rocket waiting to explode, I spat on my dick and slowly pushed my knob into her sweet, tight little pussy. She moaned,
“Oohhh Daddy, that’s great, more Daddy more!”
I started the motions and then started ramming it home, in out in out, faster and harder till she was screaming at the top of her 14 year old lungs. This is great, this is great, how could this get any better I thought! And then it did, she said to me,
“Daddy, I want you in my little butt hole, please Daddy please, fuck my tight young ass, I need it bad Daddy. ”
“Ok sweetheart, stick your ass up high, I need to spit into it, to lube it up.


In went my cock, slow at first and then faster and faster, I was loving it, her moaning me groaning. Not long after I penetrated my 14 year old daughters ass I was ready to cum. I told her I was about to blow and she said,
“Cum on my face Daddy, cum on my face, I want to taste your hot cum just like in the porno. ”
Uuhh! Uuhh! I spewed hot jizz all over my babies face and eyes. She licked it up and said yummy! This was the best sex I ever had. Afterwards we talked and decided to do this every day and never tell anybody. She was my little angel and now my little lover.

"I snooped around your room when you were out and saw them, I saw a guy with a big dick and it made me horny. You told me all about sex Daddy but you didn’t tell me how it felt or how it feels. ”
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