My Angel, My Lover


Her father hearing the explosion of glass came into her bedroom to see what had happened. "Hey babe, what's up, you ok?" Said Jeff. Tracy was starting to shake with rage shouting to her father. "FUCK IT, I'm not goin, I don't want to see Mom. " "She's a God damn bitch and I fuckin hate her. " Blurted Tracy. Jeff swept his daughter into his arms, kissing her softly on her cheeks and forehead. He could actually smell the fragrance of her soft skin, taste the warmth of her body as he kissed each tear from her face. "I love you angel, it'll be fine, I promise. " He whispered. Jeff gave her a final kiss and told her to get her bags as it was going to be a long drive and the day was getting short. Once they had begun to drive Tracy began to mellow some as she listened to the car stereo and drifted with the motion of the open highway. Looking over at her father she thought for being a man of forty-two he was still quite handsome, even sexy in many ways. His hair still thick and dark brown with just a hint of gray about the temples. His arms and legs tanned and muscular from toiling under the hot sun of their farm. Tracy closed her eyes as she thought of how his lips felt tracing down her cheeks, the touch of his strong hands as he held her waist pulling her to him.

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   She began to feel a slight tingling sensation that began in the pit of her tummy and spread down to her crotch. She snapped back to reality when she felt the first blush of wetness seep into the crotch of her panties. "Oh God, what am I thinkin, I gotta stop this shit. " She thought. Her father looked over seeing her jerk upright in the seat, touching her upper thigh with the palm of his hand. The hand seemed to linger there gently massaging the smooth skin, his fingertips barely curling inside her thighs. "Tracy, you all right sweetie, everything ok?" He asked. She placed her hand atop his, entwining her fingers between his, slowly edging his hand further inside her thighs. Somewhat breathless she told him she was fine and felt a bit let down as he pulled his hand away to take the steering wheel once more. Her father turned to her and smiled brushing a lock of hair from her face as he told her they'd soon stop and spend the night on the road before arriving at her mother's in the morning. "We got kinda a late start today and there's not much on this road if something should happen at night. " "Best to find a place to stay and then get an early start in the morning. " He smiled to her. Having driven another couple hours they found a small motel just off the highway where they stopped and got a room. The place was a bit rundown and a portion of it was undergoing renovation so the only rooms available were those offering a single king-size bed.

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   As they entered the room Jeff said to his daughter "Well angel it looks like we'll have to snuggle up tonight. " Tracy giggled and told him she didn't mind that at all, in fact she liked cuddling up with him as it made her feel safe and warm. Tracy told her father she was going to go pee before they went over to the adjoining restaurant. As she went into the bathroom she nudged the door shut with her heel, removed her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. She felt the first trickle of warm pee begin and relaxed closing her eyes as her mind raced back to what had happened in the car. She touched her thigh sliding her fingertips over it as she recalled the feel of her father's touch on her flesh. Her flow began to ebb and before she realized what was happening her fingers had begun stroking up and down between the still moist folds of her pussy. She thumbed the small pink nub of her clit and bit her lip to stifle a moan. Her thoughts filled with a mixture of images but one that haunted her more than any other. She visualized her father's fingers sliding between the warm tender folds, his fingertips pressing at the entrance to the wetness that lay deep inside. Tracy had masturbated many times in the past but never having thoughts like this. She tried to push them from her mind but all she could think of was her father's touch and wanting to be with him so badly. Her finger probed at the entrance and slowly slide inside where she began to caress the slick inner walls with a tickling motion. Tracy felt the muscles of her pussy constrict around her finger as she continued to ride her finger corkscrewing it in and out. "Oh shit, oh Dad, finger fuck me, make me cum.

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  " She gasped. Suddenly her father was standing over her, his hands reaching out to touch her shoulders as her orgasm hit. He was rubbing at the diamond hard erection straining at his denim shorts. The balls heavy and swollen with desire for his daughter. She shook, her body trembling as she leaned against her father's arms. "Dad, Oh dad, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop. " Tracy moaned weakly. Jeff lifted her from the toilet scooping her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her on the bed he began kissing her face and neck, his warm breath tickling her as his hands traced over the sharp angle of her hips. "It's all right baby, I've wanted this too, I've wanted you so fuckin bad. " He whispered. Tracy wrapped her arms around his neck pulling her father to her, kissing his lips, her tongue pressing into his mouth. Their tongues twisted and fought against each others like serpents coiling to strike as they breathed the warmth of each others breath inside them. Jeff kissed his young daughter passionately, urgently. Tracing his lips over her neck and shoulders as he cupped her puffy breasts in his hands.

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   The nipples were stiff and pressed against the thin fabric of her top as he twisted and rolled them between his fingers. Slowly he traced his lips down the flat of her tummy licking a warm trail as he breathed the sweet aroma of her moist young cunt. Her father lifted her hips up, placing his hands on the warm firm globes of her ass as his tongue flicked over the lips of her vagina. His nose nestled into the silky patch of pubic hair as he began lapping greedily at the sweet nectar spilling out. Scooping the thin sweet juice up with the tip of his tongue. Spreading her silky smooth bottom he allowed his tongue to slither deep into the pucker of her ass. Tracy was gripping his head, twisting his hair between her fingers as she hitched trying to speak. "Eat me Dad, suck my pussy and asshole, tongue fuck me!" Her father's tongue pressed deeper into her flowing cunt, licking and lapping the young girl's cream flowing between her cunt and burning ass ring. Trading between the two delicious slick holes and then pausing just long enough to stand and undress as Tracy lay panting, arms reaching out beckoning him from the bed. As he started to climb back on the bed his daughter sat up, gripping him about the waist. Her full moist lips slid up and down his jutting erection. Tracy curled her fist about her father's prick, lapping the hot tip, wrapping her lips over it and twisting as she sucked at it. Jeff held her shoulders as he urged his daughter on. "Eat it baby, eat daddy's prick meat. " He choked.

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   The girl was furiously swallowing more and more of the meaty tube, her tongue lapping at the hairy ballsack hanging heavy beneath the shaft. Her fist raced up and down the thick stalk as she pursed her lips under the fat ridge of her father's cock tip. Nibbling at it, flashing her tongue over the piss slit that spilled the heavy strings of his pre-cum. Tracy's father was cupping her swollen breasts, squeezing them and rubbing his thumbs roughly over the enflamed nipples. The girl was fondling the cum-filled balls dangling between her fingers, she bit and lapped at the mushroom head of it jacking his scalding load up the pulsing root. Jeff reluctantly pushed his daughter's head away kissing her deeply as he pinned her to the bed. Taking her wrists and pinning them above her head she was captured by the heat that consumed them both. Looking into his eyes she spurred him on to commit the ultimate of their sins with each other. "Fuck me daddy, bust my cherry, it's all yours, it's always been yours. " The girl rasped. Spreading her thin legs apart her father slid the blood engorged tip of his prick up and down the slick folds of his daughters pulsing cunt lips. Tracy was leeking copiously, the clear juices running down her ass crack as she felt the flared head part her. "Ram it in me, fuck me now God Damn you. " She screamed to her father. Jeff thrust the entire length of his penis into his daughter, feeling the hymen split as the tip pushed thru and he sunk to the hilt within her.

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   His balls now ripe and full with his load smacked hard against her tender ass cheeks. Tracy wrapped her slender legs over his ass urging him deeper as she moaned and felt the sting of her hymen ripping wide. Blood began to trickle out and soak the sheets beneath them and cover the length of her father's cock. Shaking she reached down to feel the warm blood seeping from inside her pussy, tracing her fingers thru it. She lifted her fingers to her lips smelling the coppery scent and tasted herself. The blood warm and metallic on her tongue, she smeared it over her father's lips as she pulled him to her kissing him, tasting what she had given freely to him. Jeff kissed his daughter's neck and aching breasts as he plunged time and again into her sweet sucking hole. Withdrawing till only the head was still locked tight between her gripping cunt muscles and then slamming deep into her brushing her womb with his cock head. Tracy's contractions grew fierce as her cunt milked and squeezed at her father's prick. She raked her fingers over his back drawing welts and bloody trails as she twisted her hips beneath him rocking with each of his thrusts. "Oh fuck baby, I'm gonna shoot off. " Grunted her father. "I wanna cum right up you, fill you full of it. " He hissed thru his kisses that were covering her face and breasts. Tracy dug her heels into her father's ass cheeks as she held tight and whipped her cut brutally up to meet his thrusts.

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   Spurring him deeper, her feet locked over each other to hold him within the vise of her her once virgin hole. "Shoot it dad, cream my cunt up with your fuck load. " "Ream the blood and cum right up me God damn it. " She squealed. Tracy bit deep into her father's shoulder as her climax raced thru her hammering the breath from her lungs. She felt the first stream of hot semen flood her as it splashed deep into her womb. She could feel her tummy rise with each thrust and ripple from her father's ejaculation. Jeff cupped her ass tightly beneath her as he lifted her up and poured another gout of cock cream deep inside. Her pussy was frothy, slick with her cum and that of her father. The blood tinting the foamy mix a light shade of pink as they rocked and pushed at each other. More sperm hissed out of her father's prick as he drove into Tracy splashing the cunt walls with thick gooey spatters. "Oh fuckin hell, I've wanted this so long. " She whimpered. He father bit at her lips as he moaned with her telling her how he had wanted to fill her with his seed. They clung to each other locked in a lover's embrace as they felt the warm juices cover their thighs.

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   Tracy hugged her father close and kissed his shoulders as she told him how much she loved him. "I love you too my darling, my sweet angel. " Said her father. She looked deep into his eyes and asked him if they could just stay like this, if they still had to go to see her mother. Jeff kissed her warm lips brushing his cheek against hers and whispered to her. "No my angel, no we don't, not ever again. "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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