My Auntie's Best Friend


I raised my hand and rang the doorbell. I wait, and then there's this odd noise and rattling coming out of the speaker. There are some muffles words too, can't make them out properly but I guess it doesn't really matter. I say "It's Jason, Aunt Maria!" but I guess that doesn't get through all the things going on at the other end. In any case, she presses the release button and if growls at the lock, Buzz! snap! in I go. My mom had told me to drop by Aunt Maria's to collect some of her stuff and bring it home after school (I'm still in high school, but happy to have turned 15 last month) I walked this way. . . in a hurry, too, cos I love my auntie! (Actually, I love her looks and she's a nice person too. She had a baby girl about a year ago, but the father left her. . . He was a real horse's ass. )I walked right in as she never locks the apartment door and she tells me to excuse the mess. "Baby Jodie's not been very well today" She had to hold her all day, so no time to tidy up. She shouldn't have told me, I would have understood.


  "Don't worry, I'll help you tidy up if you want. " Yeah, what a wonderful young man, wanting to help her out. I had my reasons; the last time I did that it paid off nicely, I had great fun watching her carelessly move around putting things in their proper place and at the same time jiggling all around me. . . I mean, she is a real nice woman, very well put together, you know? Baby Jodie starts screaming, Aunt Maria says it's about feeding time so she sits on the sofa and puts Jodie in position and starts feeding her. She's the luckiest little kid in the world, i think as i glance at them. I've always been decent enough to give her space and not stare, so this is what I do this time as well. I look, but I don't stare. She has an awesome pair of tits, but I try not to think about that so much. I get on with the picking up and my aunt tells me how I could help her out I really wanted to. . .   I catch a glimpse of the beautiful semi hard nipple being caressed by the baby's mouth.   I don't find that erotic in itself.

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   I guess I shouldn't, really, so that's not a problem. But I can't help remembering the shape and size and colour and what I believe to be the texture of those things. . . "What does that stuff taste like, anyway? Do you know?" I ask. "Of course, it's quite sweet actually. I tasted a bit myself, I was curious, but a long time ago. If you like, when she's done, I'll get a little for you to try!"No way. She's not serious. . . I mean, is that OK, anyway?! For me, her nephew, to taste her milk? I'm not a baby. . . yeah, ok; I am kind of curious but not that much.

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   Wait! She doesn't expect me to suck it straight from there, does she? Nooo. . . she said she'll "get some" for me. Would have been great, though. "Baby's done, and there's plenty left in these tankers. So I'll just milk some out for you so you don't die of curiosity. "This is where it gets interesting. I stopped everything and watched her intently. Sure, she's got no inhibitions. Sure, she's a hot 34 year old. She has awesome big 38C's (they used to be B's, but it's nice how they've grown to an almost insufficient C cup since the baby). But more than anything, she's kneading them, milking them, for me now. FOR ME. I am just a little bit shaken by this realization.

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   My dick begins to swell at this wonderful show. I watch mystified. The nipples turn a slightly darker shade of pink when she squeezes them, and they seem quite hard to me. I'm tingling! She tells me she's done, so raises the glass mug she used to milk herself in and looks at me, saying: "Here, try it. You should try anything once, right?"I am finding it hard to start moving, it's sort of uncomfortable with my semi bulging at the sipper of my pants. It would have been a lot easier to just stand there, watching her do that. For me!I start walking, and I get back to myself. Oh my god. . . yes, she noticed it too. As I started to move, I felt the root cause of the tent in my trousers.  She's laughing! Not a cruel laugh but a girlish giggle. "Oh, gosh, hahaha, I'm sorry Jason, but I guess you're still not used to seeing me, are you?"I already blushing profusely. I turn immediately and sit on a chair, facing partially away from her.

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   She calms down, and apologizes again. She lays the baby down in the cradle next to where she's sitting I am sort of. . . mortified, but I gather the strength to say "I'm sorry. . . ""No, you shouldn't be! Not at all, baby. . . it's me who should apologize, I didn't realize this has such an effect on you. I should have known, you're a real young man now. . . ""No.

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  . . I mean, no, it doesn't have this effect on me. Just. . . ""Yeah, yeah, I know all you guys, you think you're immune and as soon as you see a naked tit you're all drooling. "Speaking of naked tits, I guess she realized she hadn't covered herself since she started laughing, because she's doing it now. Upon hearing her say that, though, I have to defend myself. "No. . . come on. . .

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   this has never happened before, has it?. . . "She stops and looks at me, a little puzzled. "It hasn't, you're right. Or at least I haven't seen it. . . I'm sorry. Don't worry about it, anyway, just leave it cos it's no big deal. ""You never did that just for me, that's why!" I don't know why I said that. Her look changed. She smiled slightly. Her whole composure changed. Something's happening to her, and I can see it clearly for several seconds.

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  . . But she manages to regain her composure, and looks me straight in my face. "Here, try it, don't worry about all this, it's nothing. "I look back at her, and reach to take the mug from her hand. The white liquid inside looks just like regular milk, and there isn't that much of it. But as I reach towards her, it's like we're part of some ritual, it's in slow motion, and I wonder if only I feel it. . . I touch the glass container and take it from her hand. I feel butterflies in my stomach and my vision's blurring. I think I can see her closing her eyes, I don't know anything for sure anymore. I am smelling it, the white liquid, I don't know what it smells like, nothing I've ever smelt before, and I just put the cup to my lips and swallow. It's sweet! It's warm. I feel it ticking down my throat, I feel it going to my toes, but a lot of it stops where I had an erection moments before.

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   It's burning!. It ends. I look at her. She looks at me. What just happened? "What just happened?" she says, breathing a little heavily. "I don't know. . . it felt really strange. . . " I have an unbelievable urge to ravish this woman. She reaches out her hand to me and I go sit next to her. I am in a daze. So is she, more and more, I can see it.

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   I want to let myself go with her, to fall into her depths or something. Don't laugh, that's what it feels like!She has stopped looking at me. She lifts up an arm, and starts undressing. I think she's right. . . I do the same. I see her skin, more and more of it, it shines at me and her body seems all swollen with desire. Her nipples are hard like my penis. She's naked now, I see her sex, pink and seems swollen too, when did this happen? Glistening. I reach for it. We kiss, and she drops slowly to the floor, there's no control for either of us amd this lust takes me along. Her lips are wet, her back is so silky smooth, her breasts are swishing against my chest and it's wet, I guess some milk has come out. We kiss like this and I reach a hand up and touch her for the first time and fondle her, and she fondles me, but not for long. I want to be inside her.


   I touch her, no, I grab her soaking pussy and she is wet. My fingers dlip in and come out smeared with her wetness.  She opens her legs and that's it. I am inside. I've lost it now. . . I feel nothing but urges, pleasures, all over me, inside me; I am vibrating like an electirc cord! I see her transfixed, breathing into my neck, her eyes closed, her body squirming, I lift up a little, without stopping my pounding. Yesit's literally pounding by now. And see her full tits swaying on each side of her chest, I put my arms underneath her and hug her tight in that position. She's squeezing me so hard, her pussy is like a hungry constrictor's mouth around me, soaking wet but doesn't feel slippery, it's so tight! It makes me WANT to pound harder, pushing in deeper is all I can think of. I think my eyes are open but in this position there's no way I can see my dick going into her but that's what I see. She's squeezing my ass with her hands and pulling me towards her. Pulling my cock deeper into her sooping cunt. I have to make a real effort to pull back every time, she's tight around me, her pussy and arms holding me so close, but I need to thrust and drive into her! I fuck her with the whole length of my cock and every time I go in it's like the first time.


   So tight, so wet, so narrow that space! I want all of me in her, I mean I want my whole body to go into her somehow, it's insane but that's how I feel! She looks at me for a moment and I look at her, and we kiss, tongues mashing together, bodies flexing and vibrating. I pull out completely now, every time, and I find the opening and I penetrate her so hard, every time. . . I stop. Deep inside. I push, and push, and push and I don't pull out. This is no trick, this is because I feel this way. I grab her ass and pull it up towards me, she's pulling mine towards her, it's like we're trying to merge or something! But I don't think, there is no time. Her cunt sucks at my cum filled cock like the baby sucking for her milk.  I feel my balls clenching and tightening and I think I am moaning loudly. . . I pull out then push deep in her once, twice, four, ten times and it's all done. My Cock is like nothing i have ever felt before at it shoots my cum ddep into her waiting fuck hole.

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  Thoughts are flooding my head. Not so many thoughts, but my cum floods out of her, I feel it coming out, along with my limping member. It oozes from her slit and down our legs. Dare I open my eyes?"Christ, Jason. . . What the hell was that?. . . "I don't know. I am sooo confused!. . . I can't make any sense of this, though it was awesome. .

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  . "I don't know. . . ""Get up, please. . . "I get up, so does she, and I almost daren't look at her but of course, I do. She is flushed, and wet, all over, with her milk and lower down with my cum dripping andrunning out of her. I remember the baby! Amazing, she's asleep. . . oh well! "Jason, I don't know what this was. . .

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   but we must keep it our secret. That much I know. Oh Jeez. . . Were you a virgin before this?""Ermm. . . yes. . . ""No way!. . . I mean, a real cock was great for a change, but my God.

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  . . you're my nephew. . . what happened to us, Jason? Why?. . . ".
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