My baby girl daughter


It all started with my daughter’s question: “Daddy, I need money?”
It was early morning and I was reading the news paper. I answered, “Get a job, honey,”
“Dad! I’m serious!” Melanie said.
“So am I honey. ” I said.
“But I’m only 13!” She replied.
“Well, you know, be a babysitter. ” I answered carelessly.
She only thought of it for a second. “Okay. ”
I was a bit surprised. “What? Really?”
“Yeah, daddy. Good idea. ”
“As long as you’re responsible. ” I said.
“I will. ” She said happily.

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“In fact, before you go and fetch customers, how ‘bout you take care of little Jakey for tonight. I have a business meeting and I don’t want to drop you off with mommy. ” I said, remembering my meeting.
“Okay. Will you pay me?” She asked.
“If I must. ” I said, “Ten was the last time I saw my daughter as… a daughter.

Late that night, after my stressful meeting, I arrived home. Coming into the living room, my girl turned the T. V. off quickly and jumped up. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Oh nothing. ” She shot back. She was wearing her school uniform.

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   A skirt that came didn’t reach her knees and a white blouse. I couldn’t help and notice she was bra-less. Her socks reached all the way up to her knees.
“You put Jake to sleep?
“Yep. ”
“Good. Here’s your pay. Maybe buy a bigger skirt. You’ve been embarrass me. I’m going to sleep now. ”
By now, I was sitting on the couch and turning the T. V. on. “Goodnight sweety. ”
She left as the screen came on and I was shocked to see what appeared on the screen. Porn! “Melanie! Get back over here!”
My sweet daughter came back scared at the sound of my voice.

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   “I’m sorry daddy. ”
“What were you watching?”
“HBO. It just came on! I swear! Jake was asleep!”
I contemplate as I see the girl on the screen getting her pussy licked by another girl while a guy masturbates. Then I turn the T. V. off. I was a bit turned on already, and there was no wife. I signal her to sit by me. She does so in a cute way.
“You’re not… doing that-”
“Daddy! That’s gross!”
“Then why were you watching smarty. ”
“I dunno. It gave me a weird feeling. ”
I sigh. I was very aware of what her “funny” feeling was. “Just, be smart and don’t do anything stupid, okay?” She nods and gives me a hug, completely climbing on me and sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist.

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   I could feel her crotch. She asked a frightful question next: “Daddy, do you get those feelings?” I looked at her. She was so young, beautiful, and delectable. My question was even more frightful, maybe, “Wanna make more money?”
She nods. I give in the feelings in my pants and kiss her lips. She kisses me back, and then begins to stick her in my mouth. The wet softness was warm and inviting. I begin to grab her small breast and I massage them. “Ah. ” she moans in pleasure. I unbutton her blouse and rip her shirt off. Her breasts were swelling in my hand as I cupped them and stroked her hard nipples. Then I begin to lick them and biting them. My hand reached up her skirt. To my surprise, she had no panties.

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   Just a wet, hairless crotch. I begin playing with it.
She goes crazy. “Oh DADDY! YES! AH!”
This makes me go crazy. I wrap my arms around her and carry her. She kisses and licks my chin, the way she did so innocently when she was a baby. “Baby girl. ” I whisper in her ear as I kneel down and lay her out in front of me on the floor. She spreads her legs. I kiss her soft hams and squeeze her butt. Then I begin to kiss and lick her pussy. Her orgasms make her yell in pleasure and at the top of her lungs. She cums all over my mouth, her juice literally shooting out. I thrust my tongue in her as far as I can. “DADDY! I’m CUMING!” I go up and lay on top of her, undoing my pants.

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   My dick stroking her pussy and almost going in. I kiss her lips as she keeps yelling due to my fingers shooting inside her. “I want to do you baby girl. ”
“Fuck me daddy!”
I don’t know where she learned that type of language, I really don’t, but I reach for my pants and pull out my wallet, and from there my condom; all the meanwhile my daughter humps my leg, rubbing her pussy up and down and squirting more juice. Before I can put the condom on, she begins to lick my dick like crazy. ‘oh god. ” I say. Then I push her back down and lay on top of her. “I love you baby,” I whisper to her, knowing what I’m doing is wrong; and will hurt her. “I love you too daddy,” she whispers back.
I let my dick in slowly. “Ah,’ she says softly at first with pleasure, “Oh…. ah, ah ah! AH! AAH!’ As I begin to loose control, I full on fuck her. In and out, hard, feeling the tightness of her virginity break away at my thrust. God, how she yelled.

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   In pain and pleasure.
And then I begin to shoot. My heart keeps on racing, but I begin to halt.
She is out of breath.
“I love you. ’ I tell her as I kiss her. “I love you too daddy. ” She attempts to say between catching her breath. I pull my dick out. I glance down. There is blood in the condom.
“Are you okay baby?’
“Yes daddy. ”
“Okay. Good girl. I’m gonna take a cold shower now.


   I kiss her again and look at her.
She’s better now. She smiles at me.
“Can I join you, daddy?” She invites….

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