My Beautiful Angel


It all began by a complete accident, one day several years ago. A simple slip of the memory that led to the best years of my life – forgetting to lock the door, just once.

I’m a computer repairman. Not the sort you find at Geek Squad, half of who know next to nothing about computers – they have a few good techs and what they can’t handle goes to a repair center. No, I’m the kind you find in a strip mall, my store with that grungy little sign that leaves no illusions as to what happens in the store: “Computer Repair”.

I make a decent living, mainly through word of mouth. I won’t be modest and say I’m okay at what I do – I’m pretty darned great. Just about any computer, any problem, I can fix it for you or help you out with it. That hard drive the Geeks tell you they can’t salvage unless you fork over three hundred bucks?I can rip off all your precious family photos and important files for you for a third of that price (could do it less but hey, I gotta make a living).

I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer – at least, one that has come out and told me – and judging from the number of people in town that come in telling me their friend told them about the shop, I think that likelyhood is small.

My work consumes me during the day, and often I bring things home to work on at night, after supper, before I go to bed, any time I can fit it in. And that’s what it started as – a simple hard-drive recovery I took back home with me and was working on in the privacy of the master bedroom.

My wife and I live with our daughter in a small suburb of a big city I’d prefer not to mention. My wife, call her “Lisa”, works as a flight attendant, and our daughter “Sarah” is our precious ten-year old little girl, the light of my life. She’s a daddy’s girl, although how much of that is out of necessity I’m not sure: I’m home at least ten times more often than Lisa, who is essentially a flight attendant-aholic. She’ll take flights, grab other people’s shifts, even if she’s dog tired.

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  We’re lucky if we see here more than a few nights out of the month.

It definitely puts a strain on the marriage – the fact that I found out she was cheating with one of the pilots two years back surely didn’t help, but we stayed together because of Sarah – or at least I did. I couldn’t stand to hurt her like that, nor could I stand to lose her if Lisa were to get custody.

I believe Lisa knows that, and has used it against me since. I’m more than aware that she’s fucking one of her fellow attendants – I caught them at it in the house one day, although they don’t realize it, when I came back to grab a disk drive I’d left on the kitchen table. For all I know she’s screwing every pilot she comes across. Needless to say, my sex life is nonexistent, even when she comes home.

Anyway, I was working on getting files off someone’s hard drive, using my laptop to rip them off. I was sitting on my bed – it was close to midnight already and from the looks of it I had another hour to go to get it clean off the drive.

I’d already tucked little Sarah into bed and kissed her goodnight, so I’d switched on the TV in my room and gotten to work, vaguely listening to the news.

I frowned slightly as one of the folders transferred over onto the new hard drive – it was labeled “Annabelle gets dirty”. Now, I don’t usually snoop too much into the files of my customers, but this one just had me much to curious not to give it a click.

It came up with a list of picture files, and I opened one up, and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. There, right smack in the middle of my screen, was a young woman – no older than 16 – standing in a sexy, hips-cocked pose with absolutely nothing on. The swell of her large breasts barely pulled the eye from her gorgeous face and fiery red hair.

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I clicked to the next picture, and then the next one, feeling hot and bothered, as she went into sexier and sexier poses, eventually on her knees with her well-shaven pussy facing the camera as she looked back, biting her gorgeous lip, her green eyes seeming to say – “well, what are you waiting for, dummy, fuck me!”.

I was well into the stiff-stage, my erection tenting the heavy denim of my jeans, and I quickly yanked them down seeing the next picture – the same pose only with her fingers inside her pussy.

With Lisa being the bitch she was, this was about the only way I got off these days. She was a gorgeous woman, but I can’t even remember a single reason of why I married her. I quickly shoved my wife from my mind as I clicked through the photos which grew rapidly racier.

I pulled my dick out when on the screen another girl joined her – they could have almost been twins, if the new one had been a few years younger, but it was obvious they were related.

I’m not overly large – just about average – almost a seven incher. And every inch stood up like a flag pole as I wrapped my hand around it and began jerking off to the beautiful images in front of me.

It took a while to really get off, but then I was taking it pretty slow. I was getting close to the edge, and had hit a closeup picture of the older girl eating out the younger, when the laptop dinged its damned annoying ‘low battery’ warning, and abruptly shut off.

I cursed to myself – I was far too close to want to get up and find the charger, so I closed my eyes, trying to keep last image from the screen in my mind as I stroked up and down.

I never heard the door I’d forgotten to lock open up, or the tiny pitter-patter of footsteps next to the bed. I didn’t even realize she was there until her soft, melodic voice snapped me into awareness.

“What are you doing, Daddy?”She asked innocently.

My eyes snapped open, looking wildly over to my ten year old daughter who stood right next to me by the side of the bed, watching my actions curiously.



“Sarah!”I gasped, reaching feebly down to try to grab the blanket and pull it up over myself.

“What’s that, Daddy?” She asked, moving to quickly for me to stop her hand as it reached for my penis still gripped feebly in my fist.

Those tiny, perfect, innocent little fingers touched the tip of my cock, and that was simply too much.

I literally yelped, and my hips jerked up as I came, watching my daughters shocked, surprised face as my cum jetted upward, covering her hand – the girls on the computer screen long forgotten.

“Oh my god, Sarah!” I grunted, my hands reaching out to grab her arm and pull her away even as her hand was coated in my white cum. I pulled her confused body down to my chest as I shook, and gently pressed kisses to her forehead, muttering soothing words to her as my cock began to droop.

My hands groped around and this time managed to snag the sheet and pull it up to cover myself, as I slowly pulled away from my daughter.

She looked up at me with confusion, and even a hint of fear. “D-daddy, are you mad at me?What happened?”

I smiled, and leaned forward, pressing a kiss to her cute little button-nose. “No baby, daddy’s not mad at you, just very very surprised. ”

I gently grabbed her wrist, and used the blanket to wipe the cum off of her hand. “Daddy should have locked his door – I was doing a very private thing, and you weren’t supposed to be here. I’m sorry, sweetie. ”

She nodded slowly, the fear disappearing from her face. “I’m sorry, daddy, I shouldn’t have touched your thing.

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I shook my head. “It’s okay, baby. Just don’t tell your mommy, because she wouldn’t like that, okay?”

She nodded vigorously. “I won’t tell her, daddy. ”

“Good. Now, be a good girl for me, and go wash off your hands or they’ll be sticky. I’ll be in in a few minutes to tuck you back into bed. ”

Her brow furrowed. “But what were you doin’?”

I shook my head. “That’s something for you to find out when you’re older, baby. Now hop to it – off to bed. ”

She grinned, and then turned and literally hopped away, and I chuckled, staring after her. It took me several moments to realize I was watching her butt bounce up and down as she did it.


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