My Brother's Baby


“Brett, you got your CD, go back to your own room and I swear if you two make me do this again today, I’ll have your father use his belt on you and I don’t care how old you are. If you want to act like little brats, then that’s the way I’ll treat you. ” With that she headed for the door, taking Brett with her. Britney sat on her bed, she didn’t know if she should cry or say fuck it to it all. She hated her brother; he was such a snob. He always cut her down in front of his friends, making her feel bad and running off with tears in her eyes. I swear, one day, he’ll pay for everything he has done to her, she thought. Brett, in his room was going to put the CD on, but threw it into its case and said to himself, now I’m in no mood to listen to this. Why does that girl do that shit to me? She knows I don’t like her in my room and I really hate it when she takes things without asking first. I really wish we got along better, Hell I spend most of my time trying to keep my buddies from getting at her, and maybe I’m going about it the wrong way. Lying on his bed, with his arms over his head, he pictured Britney in his head. For sixteen, she was really pretty: long brown hair that reached her butt, green eyes, and a beautiful smile. Often, he had thought about what she would look like naked. Her 38D breast standing firm and so round, her slim waist, and that ass was looking so firm. He thought about what her pussy might look like, is it shaved, or bushy or what?Brett started to get a hardon, thinking about his little sister. He stood up and looking in the mirror, he removed his clothes and checked himself out.

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   At 6’!’’, 210lbs, he had washboard abs, from lifting weights and his muscle tone was clearly sculpted. His dark hair, and brown eyes rounded everything out. What really made him feel good about himself was the fact that he had an 8” cock that was thick, about 3” thick. Plenty of high school girls, and even a teacher or two loved it when he rammed their pussies with that hunk of beef. His cock was stiff as ever, so he lie back on the bed and began to masturbate. He took a glob of lotion and spread it on his cock and then he began in earnest to jack his dick. Trying to think of some of his conquest, all that filled his head was Britney. His hand pumped harder and harder on his cock, wanting to release his cum from its confinement. Visions of his sister were filling his head, in bikini’s, bra and panties and of her beautiful large breast. God her wanted to place his cock between them and get off in her face. This did it for him, his cock flung streams of cum onto his belly and chest. After supper, being a Friday night, their parents were going to visit some friends and maybe even take in a movie. Both Brett and Britney were told that if there were any problems, to try their best to handle it like mature people, then they were left alone. Brett went to his room, while Britney started in cleaning the kitchen of the mess made at suppertime. Since the last argument this afternoon, Britney was trying to think of a way to approach her brother and maybe settle some of the hostilities between her and Brett.

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   She just couldn’t figure out what to say to him. As she cleaned the kitchen, she thought that if she just went to him, and maybe, just maybe, they could talk through their problems with one another. She sat in the living room watching the television, trying to gather up her courage and at about 8PM, she headed for the stairs and Brett’s room. She almost knocked on the door, but noticed that it was slightly ajar. Not hearing anyone in the room, she lightly pushed the door open a few more inches and that is when she saw Brett. He was naked, on his bed again with his giant cock in his hand, masturbating. Britney immediately pulled her head back and leaned against the hallway wall. Thinking to herself, she was amazed at the size of her brother’s cock. Although she hasn’t seen any before, she had an idea of what a normal cock would look like, but that wasn’t normal, my god it was so thick. She couldn’t help herself; she brought her head back to the door opening and watched as her brother jerked off. She looked him up and down the full length of his body, as his hand continued roaming all over his cock. Again her eyes went back to that huge cock in his hand. She was starting to feel the wetness in her panties, as her hand slid into them and her finger caught her clit and worked it. Little did she realize that while she was watching and playing with herself, her shoulder was pushing the door open even more than she wanted. She was so mesmerized by his cock, that when he ejaculated, she involuntarily gave a loud sigh, watching his cum fly in the air and land on his chest, that was a lot of cum.

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  Brett thought he had heard something so he looked up and saw Britney standing in the doorway with her hand in her pants, masturbating. He jumped out of the bed before Britney even realized that he had seen her and grabbed her arm, pulling her further into his room. “How long have you been at the door”, he asked?“Long enough“, as she continued to stroke her pussy. He pulled her hand from her pants, in anger; her tore her blouse off of her, and shoved her pants to the floor. Britney was standing in front of her naked brother in matching bra and panties; they were cream colored and lacy. Brett had never seen his sister naked, but he checked out her large breast in that flimsy bra, her nipples were hard and pushing hard against the lace. Her panties had a big wet spot, but he could see her protruding pussy lips under the panties. He reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, then threw it on the floor. Finally her breasts were freed and his eyes took in all of her very firm breasts. He was going to make her pay for barging in on his privacy. Britney still could not take her eyes from Brett’s cock, as it hung between his legs. Even soft it looked beautiful. She hardly paid attention to what he was doing to her; she really didn’t care right now. Standing in front of her, he said, “clean the cum off of me with your mouth”. She placed her mouth on his chest and her tongue slid out to taste her brother’s cum.

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   It wasn’t nasty like she had been told, as a matter of fact; she liked the way it tasted. Her mouth and tongue cleaned all the cum that he had spurted on himself. He pushed her back a little and his hands went to her tits. It took two hands to handle these babies, so he placed both hands on her left breast and squeezed it hard, making her cringe in pain. She tried to pull away from him, but he was much stronger than her. He brought her to his bed and on her back; he sat next to her and went back to her tit. He pinched, and crammed the globe in his hand and it really did hurt Britney, but he didn’t care, she was going to pay. He sat on her stomach and assaulted both breast with his hands, making her twist and turn on the bed, complaining, “That hurts Brett, stop, dam it that hurts. ”His cock was hard again, with him on her stomach, his cock was just inches from her face. He slid up between her breasts and placing his cock in the middle, he again pressed her breast together, encasing his cock. He rocked back and forth, fucking his 16-year-old sisters tits. One hand reached behind him and reached into her panties, she was still wet. He pulled hard and her panties tore from her body in one swift movement. His hand again found her pussy and he roughly rammed a finger into her wet pussy. “Dam Brett, be careful, I’m still a virgin”, she said.

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  Brett’s mind knew right then and there, what it was he was going to do, to punish her. He pulled his cock from her tits and layed flat on her and his cock was right at her entrance. Without a single thought as to what was about to happen, he thrust his cock all the way into her pussy. “UGH, OH MY GOD, THAT HURTS, YOU BASTARD, YOU FUCKING BASTARD,” she screamed. Brett gave her no mercy, he power thrusted in and out of her pussy. Finally it was wet enough to ease some of the pain that Britney felt in her loins. She could only let her brother do what he was going to do for now, she was helpless underneath his strong body. She took no pleasure in what was happening. Never in her life did she think that her first lover would be her brother and not like this. When he finally did climax into her pussy, he fell to her side and she rolled off the bed and ran to her room. Tears filled her eyes and her body racked with sobs as she relived in her mind, what had just took place. Britney went into the shower to wash away the filth she felt all over her, but no matter how long she stood under that water, she didn’t feel clean. She dried herself off and lay under her blankets and cried herself to sleep. She was wakening the next morning, by someone shaking her, and calling her name. She didn’t want to open her eyes, until she recognized the voice as belonging to Brett.

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   She immediately went still and pulled the blanket over her head, telling him to leave, that she never wanted to see him again. Brett had not slept for one second last night. He hurt his baby sister, like no one else in the world could of. He sat up all night wanting to kill himself, commit suicide, anything to try to let her know how sorry he was. Brett realized after the fact, that the one person in this world, that he loved the most, was his sister Britney. He spent the majority of his teenage years, keeping those boys he knew away from her, and he thought it was to protect her, but all this time it was because he wanted to be the one to love her. With tears streaming down his face, he begged Britney to listen to him, pleaded that he was crazy with rage and didn’t think things through last night. “Britney, sis, please forgive me, I couldn’t live another day if you don’t forgive me. I never wanted that to happen last night. Not that way, at least. I really love you!!, I do. Never in my life did I ever think of raping you. Please Britney, listen to me, I’m begging you. Britney could not help but to hear his words, as hard as she tried to. Thinking that he was a monster at first, and then she heard him say that he didn’t want it to happen “that way”, that he loved her and wanted to be with her.

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   She removed the blanket from her head and saw the tears flowing from his eyes. His hands together, begging. “I begged for you to stop last night, you didn’t listen to me. You were so rough with me; I bled in the shower for twenty minutes, trying to wash away the blood. You violated me, and you’re my brother. How could you”? she cried. “I know there is probably nothing I can say to you now, I’m so sorry. I love you. I realize now that I’ve loved you for the last four years, but was so afraid to tell you. You’re my baby sister, and I love you like no brother should love a sister. Britney was confused, he’s telling me that he’s been in love with me for four years, but her raped me last night, why?, she was thinking. “When you watched me last night, it was you, that was dancing in my head, keeping me hard. I don’t know why that happened. I have been thinking of how beautiful you are, and how much I wanted you, and last night, I took what I have been wanting. ” Brett said.

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  “Me, it was me you were thinking of while you jacked off ?”“Yes”“When I peeked in and saw your cock, I was mesmerized by it’s size, you’re huge”, she said. “Your cock was actually the first one I ever saw, are they all that big”?“No, the average size is six inches for a guy, don’t ask me why mine is bigger”, he said. “I won’t tell anyone what happen, we can just keep it to ourselves, but I swear if you ever come close to doing that to me again, I’ll scream bloody murder, do you understand”?, she said. “Okay, but I wouldn’t blame you, if you did”, he said. “You’d better go down to breakfast, before mom and dad come looking for you. Tell them that I’m not feeling to good, but you’ll bring me up something”, she said. At breakfast, Brett told his parents that he and Britney had talked for a long time last night and realized that sooner or later they were going to have to start to get along, if not for anyone else’s sake, then for theirs. His parents were happy that things were finally going to settler down in the house. Brett took some fruit up to Britneys room. She told him that she was very sore, between her legs, and thought she might have to see a doctor. He drove her to see a doctor in the next town. He had a lot of questions for her, but he treated her, gave her some meds to take and a prescription to fill. Brett paid for the doctor, and medications she needed, and then took her back home. It was quiet in the house, and their parents loved it. Brett and Britney talked every day, but never went farther than that.

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   About eight weeks later, Britney told Brett that she had missed two periods and that she thought she may be pregnant, but she wasn’t sure, she just didn’t know. Brett bought some pregnancy test, four different types, and gave them to her and waited nervously in his room. She knocked on his door and entered, handing him a plastic bag. “That’s everything, boxes, test, wrappers, and they were all positive, I’m pregnant”Sitting on his bed, they just looked at each other, both realizing that she could not have this baby, but not knowing what to do about it. As they talked things over…. let’s do this…. let’s do that, everything that they thought of ended up with their parents knowing what took place. All of a sudden, Britney leaped off the bed and stood in front of Brett and said, “I’ve got it, but it’s going to require your help and the help of one of your friends. ”“What is it, Brett asked. ”“Which one of your friends has the most money?”, she asked. “Fuck, none of them have any money”, he said. “How about their parents?”, she said with a grin. “Chad’s parents are rolling in dough, but they won’t give any to him, what are you getting at?”“Get Chad to fuck me, then I can complain that he got me pregnant, and his parents will have to pay for the abortion. I’m sure mom and dad would throw his ass in jail for having sex with their little girl”, she said. “NO, I don’t like the thought of someone else sticking their cock into you”, Brett said.

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  Britney placed her hands on his thighs and she felt his maleness starting to rise, so she slid her hand over it. Back and forth. His cock was spreading the seams on his jeans. She continued to rub his dick while looking into his face. “I’ll let you fuck me again, if you promise to be gentle with me,” she said. Reaching up to undo his belt, and pulling the zipper down, she reached into his pants and took hold of the same cock that brutalized her. Brett was amazed at what she was doing; it’s what he has wanted her to do for so long. He raised his ass off the bed, as she took his jeans off and got to her knees. She put her face into his crotch and took in his scent. Removing his boxers, it was right there, inches from her face. That beautiful 8-inch cock of his was hard, but felt soft in her hands. “Want me to suck this hard cock of yours…want it in my mouth?” Running her tongue from the base to the tip of his rod, Brett placed his hands on the back of her head and said, “Oh Yes!!!, please…please suck my cock. She lowered her mouth to her brother’s stiff fleshy rod and inserted the tip into it. He tongue licked the pee hole and for the first time she tasted him from there. His cock head was so velvety smooth, as she flickered her tongue all over it.


   As she had never done this before, she had to go by what her friends had told her. She had to go slow, this was a lot of cock. Her mouth stretched, as she went lower and lower. Her tongue licking everything it could feel. She paid a lot of attention to the thick vein running the length of his cock. God he was so wide, it was starting to hurt her mouth, and she only had half of him in her mouth. She raised her head, back to the top of his dick, and sucking hard on it, it made a popping noise when she let loose. “I want to suck you for a little while, but don’t cum in my mouth, you can fuck me and cum in my pussy, if you want to”, she said. He showed her how to use her hand along with her mouth, when she returned to sucking his cock. His hands were not idle, reaching down; he felt her breast through her blouse. This time, he was kind and gentle to her. He started to remove her blouse, and she helped him, then he unsnapped her bra and she removed that too, still with his cock in her mouth. The bare flesh of her breast was heavenly, and her nipples were so hard. He placed the palms of his hands on her erect nipples and moved in small circles. Britney was now breathing real hard, she was making love, for the first time and it felt so nice.

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   She stopped sucking his cock and told Brett that she wanted his man meat in her. She stood, as Brett removed her jeans and panties, now completely naked, her body having these sensations she never felt before, as her big brother placed her on his bed. He got between her legs and she spread them, wanting him in there. Wanting her big brother to slid that eight-inch cock in her pussy and love her like it should have been the first time. Her pussy was so wet, never before had this happened to her. His cock was mere seconds from going into her body. Into that very special place, only she could give. His cockhead was there, pushing, little by little, not wanting to hurt her. It was killing him not to ram that cock to the hilt, to be inside of the woman he really loved. Her pussy stretched to accommodate his cock, inch by inch, until he was finally there. Deep into her, his balls feeling her ass, but he didn’t move. “Now brother, fuck your little sister with that big hard cock of your”, she said. He came back slowly, his cock feeling the smoothness of her pussy walls. How they felt against his hard member. In again…out…in.

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   out, my god this is so nice, he thought. Of all the women that he had fucked, the best was down the hall from him, all this time. “Go faster”, Britney said, “Go faster”He sped up, as she asked, his balls were starting to tighten, harder and harder, he wanted to cum. “Oh!!!OOh sweet Jesus, I’m going to cum sis, I’m going to cum in your pussy!!!!!!Britney was trying to match his thrust into her body and she too was just about there, for she knew when she was about to reach that plateau. When Brett said he was going to cum, her senses seem to go haywire. His cock was shooting his cum into her and she too was drenching his cock. The came together, kissing to keep from shouting to the entire neighborhood, and their parents downstairs. Their lips pushed together, each gulping for their own air, their pelvises pounding at each was rewarded for their efforts. Brett fell on top of Britney and held her, wanting to say anything, but wanted to breath more air first. Britney, underneath Brett was panting, little tears falling from her eyes as she thought to herself… I knew making love would be great, but I had no idea it would be this great. They cleaned up, dressed and started to get their plan into motion. Brett let Chad know that Britney might be interested in seeing him, and that she didn’t have anything to do Friday night. Chad jumped at the chance to be with her, so the next time her saw her, he approached her and they set a date for Friday. He was going to take her to a movie; maybe even get a chance to hold those large tits in his hands, just maybe. He picked her up, drove to the theater, and Britney found them seats in the darkest corner.

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   He put his arms around her when the movie started and during the course of the movie, he started to feel the swell of her breast with his fingertips. She wore a very low-cut blouse just for this purpose. She faked a low moan; he got bolder and reached in and cupped her breast. She allowed him this pleasure for a while, then placed her hand onto his lap and caressed the hardon he had, then whispered in his ear that she wanted to leave, and go somewhere “more private”. As he drove to his house, she leaned in closer to him and placing her hand back on his stiff cock, she rubbed him, telling him to hurry, that she wanted to see that hunk of meat he had there. Entering into his home from the back, his parents not at home, he took her straight to his bedroom. Closing and locking his door, when he turned towards her, she had removed her blouse and was dropping her bra onto the floor. He went to her; his hands were on her breast like two magnets coming together. She kissed him and was working his pants down his legs. They both finished undressing and she layed on the bed. “Fuck me Chad, fuck me good and hard, I want you”, she said. He didn’t waste a moment, he was on the bed, spreading her legs and placed his cock at the lips of her pussy. Inserting the head, he felt the heat radiate from her. His cock just wanted the warmth of her pussy, so he pushed in further until he was seated up to his nuts. Then he began stroking in and out, slowly at first, but then faster and faster.

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   His cock wanted release…wanted to unload inside of this beautiful pussy. Britney was beginning to feel more than she thought she would. His cock felt good…a small log in her, so she began to meet each of his thrust. Slamming her pussy into him, as hard as he was slamming into her. Both let the animal in them take over. Neither was going to last very long, they both realized that. “Oh yes Chad, shove that man meat into me, make me cum, make me cum hard”, she said. Chad loved hearing her talk that way. His orgasm started deep in his sack and like a fire hose, shot his cum into her. She repaid him with an orgasm of her own. Both squirming on his bed, reaching that plateau. After they cleaned up, and dressed, they headed for the door to take her home. When the door opened, there stood his parents. His dad said, “Just what in the hell do you think you were doing in there, young man?”His mom said, “Don’t answer that, I don’t want to hear it. ” Looking at Britney she asked, “How old are you?”“16, Mrs.

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   Harrison,” she said. His parents took in their breath at this and just glared at Chad. Bringing them to the living room, that asked if protection was used…did they go all the way. Chad told them everything, being afraid not to. Britney just sat there pretending that she was embarrassed by all of this, not saying much of anything, but loving the fact that they got caught. Chad was told to drive her home and to bring his ass right back. He was in serious trouble. When they arrived at her home, Britney said, “Just be thankful that you were my first one, I never felt so good like that. Getting out, he headed back home. Thinking to himself that he finally popped a cherry, and didn’t even realize that he did. Although Chad was told never to see “that girl” again, he could not help himself. When he saw her, he had to have her, and she accommodated him. When the right time came, she told Chad that she had missed her periods, and wanted him to get some pregnancy test kits to see if she was pregnant. She did the whole thing all over again, telling Chad she was definitely pregnant, showing him the test results. “I can’t have a baby Chad,” she said.

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   “We have to get rid of it”Chad didn’t want the responsibility of being a father either, and told her he’d figure out something. After that night, Chad struggled with his thoughts and finally decided to talk to his father. He was going to be pissed, but he would help. The next day Chad had the chance to talk alone with his dad, and he was right, he got pissed. The diatribe coming from his father was long and hard to swallow, but in the end, his father agreed to pay for the abortion. Chad let Britney know, and things were set up and the abortion completed, all without her parents knowing that anything was wrong. Brett took care of her at home until she felt better. From that day forward, when they had sex together, he used a condom. That is until Britney turned eighteen and moved out to her own apartment. She fucked her brother every chance she could, any way he wanted to do it. She got pregnant again; this time she had her brother’s baby. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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