My cousin and I


Ok, so it all began when late at night, around 3 a. m. my parents get afrantic call from my cousin asking her to drive out to the next stateand pick her and her sister up. My parents didn't ask very manyquestion but just rushed to the car and drove out there. When I woke up all I found was a note on the kitchen table saying"Honey, we went to go pick your cousin Shelly up, call us at555-555-5555 when you get this note". I called them and soon found out about the situation. Apparently theywere being abused by my aunt's new boyfriend and finally called thecops on him and the police recommended that they stay with a familymember for a while. So they called their favorite aunt and uncle (myparents). After a day my parent came back late at night with my two cousins,Shelly and Kelly (16 at the time). It was late at night so we quicklymade them a bed on the two large couches that we had in the familyroom, it wasn't a premium motel, but it was the best we could do at thetime. They quickly went to sleep, as you can imagine from the exhausting carride and all the recent events. I went to my room and went to sleepalso. At about 4 a. m I awoke and felt thirsty so I went downstairs to thekitchen and got a cup from the cabinet and as I was filling it withwater from the sink, I hear a few snores coming from the couch (we havean open downstairs so you can bee in the kitchen and see fine into theother rooms). I walked over and looked at Shelly. She was beautiful.

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  She was about 5' 4" with long brown hair, her breast weren't thatdeveloped, but still about a high B. She had a very slim waist, and anice tight butt, it wasn't big nor small, it was just right. She was the hottest girl I had ever seen and I as I stood over her I could stop thinking about what I would like to do to her. Now, this is not the first time that I have had these thoughts. theprevious year my cousin's had visited for a week and while on the couchwatching T. V. , late at night me and Shelly started to touch each other. First I just put my hand on her stomach then I slowly worked my way upto her breast. She was moaning with delight. This lasted a few minutesuntil my other cousin, Kelly came and sat on the other couch. For thewhole rest of the week we barely even looked at each other. I took a sip of my drink, and then walked back up to my room. I drankthe water and laid in my bed and thought about Shelly. I started to geta boner, so I quickly masturbated and went off to bed. The next morning I was awoke by Shelly running into my room and jumpingon me.

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   I jumped up out of shock and she quickly calmed down and laid onmy bed saying, "You sure do have a comfortable bed", then she pattedthe bed, indicating for me to lay next to her. I complied and laid downso our faces were very close. She then kissed me on the cheek and saidin a joking voice, "You think I'm hot don't 'cha". I was caught offguard and could only mutter, "Hell yeah". She then smiled and rolledover on her stomach. I hadn't noticed by she was wearing very shortshorts that formed perfectly to her butt. I stared for a few seconds,and I think she noticed cause she said with a little laugh, "I don'tthink it's that great". We laughed and I reached out and grabbed herass and said, "A/re you kidding me, I love this thing". We laughed fora bit then we just kind of stared at each other. I was the one to breakthe awkward silence by saying, "Well I better get a shower. " With thatshe rolled off my bed and went downstairs, while I hopped in the shower. Nothing really happened that day, it was a normal boring day, I watcheda bit of T. V. , and talked to my cousin's. I rode my bike a bit and wentto a friends house.

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   But that all changed that night. . . . Me and Shelly were on one couch and Kelly was on the other, it wasgetting late and Kelly started to drift off into sleep. Shelly soonbecame tired also, so I took the remote and turn ed down the volume onthe T. V. so they could sleep. Kelly was now fast asleep and Shelly wasstill half asleep, half not. She tugged on my shoulder and said, "Laydown next to me, I'm cold". I dis as she requested and she was soonasleep. I put my hand on her stomach gently and she moaned and whisperslightly, "I love when you touch me". I guess she wasn't asleep afterall. I moved up on the couch so I my face was level with hers and kissed herlightly and whispers, "returning the favor". She smiled.

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   I then startedworking my hand on her thighs while my other hand was still on herstomach, her smile getting bigger as I worked slowly towards her vagina. I moved my hand from her stomah under her shirt and started massagingher breast, she moaned and curled her toes up. This made me go in adaze, my adreniline started pumping and I worked her breasts more andmore, she was biting her bottom lip and moaning louder and louder. My other hand was now over her vagina and I could feel her wetness, Islowly took her shorts off and moved and threw them to the ground, shehad on a nice black thong, that I could still clearly, even in the dimlight of the room, see the wetness of her vagina. I moved her panties to the side and I looked down in wonder at the perfect site before my eyes. She had just a few brown pubic hairs neatly trimmed into a patch and aset of puffy pick lips. My mouth started to water. I quickly kissed heron the lips a few times and moved down to her waist. I slowly plantedkisses on her tummy and then down to her public region. When I reachedher vagina I inhaled the musky scent of her wet vagina, it wasbreathtaking. I placed my thumb on her now erect clitoris and started to rub, hereyes lit up as she felt the sweeping pleasure rumble through her body. She half moaned, half grunted and arched her back. She was in heaventhanks to me. Tis made me smile. I soon placed one finger at theentrance to her vagina and pushed it in.


   DAMN she was tight. I couldbarly get my index finger in there. I could feel her pussy trying tomilk my finger, and I slowly worked my finger in and out. This wholetime Shelly is moaning and throwing her head back and forth. I started kissing her pubic region again and I slowly reached her clit,I started flicking it with my tongue, she immediately reacted bygrabbing my hair and forcing my down harder on it, saying "Don't stop!". Then she stated grunting , and her breathing turned into heavy laboredbreaths. Then she let out a huge moan and her juiced got all over mychin and hand. I licked some of them up and ten kissed her and simplysaid, "You taste amazing". We laid there for a little bit just looking at each other. We knew whatwe just did was wrong and taboo, but we didn't care, we were in a worldof our own. .

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