my cousin part deux


    I look down at eve, and her eyes are burning with passion. She slowly crawls towards me. . . . real sexy. She arrives, her lips centimeters away from my raging cock. She then says:"trey?. . . . will you fuck my ass honey?"I'm at loss for words. I'm not exactly sure how i even got here, but i don't care. . . i still havent cummed.

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   "you want my dick in your ass baby?"it felt awkward, but the right thing to say. . . she wanted to play real nasty, she loooved the way this suspense is killing me. "mmm" she responds by turning around, on her hands and knees. . . waiting. When I look at her ass in this position, my other side takes over again. I grab my cock at it's base. . . contemplating somewhat. . .

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  . i look down and notice it still has plenty of saliva from her wet mouth. i then guide it to her hole. . . . putting slight pressure. she gasps with surprise. . . apparently she didn't think i'd come through. . . . .

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  ha!I ram my cock in her ass, quickly covering her mouth because i know she would scream. My palm met her vibrations as she screamed loudly. I ram my cock in her ass more, i fuck her hard, without mercy. . "is this what you want eve?! you like my big cock in your ass? huh you little slut? you probably wanna taste my cock now don't you?!?! dont' you?!!!?"y-yeah giv. . . ve it to me. . . . . aahhhhhh shit give it to me. . .

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  . . . . . "I pull out, get to her mouth as fast as i could and ram it down her throat. I look down at those beach blue eyes and i know thats it. . i fuck skullfuck her faster and faster, a pool of saliva running down her chin, her eyes watering. . . i finally unload. . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . holy shit i swear on my life i came in her mouth for 20 minutes at least. I totally emptied my ballsack into her stomach, she swallowed all of it and then lied back with a smile on her face. . . . . . . The next day I had breakfast with my family, to whom they said they had a wild night at south beach. I simply smiled to myself. "so trey, what'd you n eve do last night, i heard you guys saw a movie?"  I look up at my mom. .

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  . apparantly she wanted my attention from my plate. " yea we saw King Kong. . . awesome movie""what does that girl do when kong dies, i never saw it. . . "ummmmm i don't fucking know. . . . . . .

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  " umm it's complicated. . . real big twist, i don't wanna ruin it for you""oooh ok. . . so you what are you doin toda--""eves. ""woaaah ok ok sorry i asked well finish your homework first"as you can guess i didn't give a flying fuck about my homework. I went straight to Eves house, finding her in the pool. She diddn't know i was there yet, she was sort of sleeping on the side (they have this waterfall thing. . . dificult to explain). I took advantage of the situation to look at her beautiful features. Her breasts were adorable.

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       Not too big, something like a B cup or mayb bigger, i really don't know how to describe that kinda thing. But they were honestly the perfect shape. She had a petite figure. . but it was more sexy than cute petite. . . she was just pornstar material. And i get to fuck that body. . . . wow. I was still shaking from the night before, still at awe to how in hell i eventually fucked her.         I shed my clothes and went into the pool.

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   I swam to her and got on my knees next to her pussy. I was gonna taste this beautiful thing. I lowered my head to literally a cm away from her pussy, and took a whif. NOTHING! This made me happy because i have a thing with the way these things smell. I spread her legs very softly, as to not wake her up. Then i took my first taste of her clit. I licked all around, I went nutz. This was the best tasting pussy i've ever had. I managed to reach her asshole with my toungue and tickled it a little. This was when she started to wake up. I quickly got up and covered her eyes.     I started kissing her, slipping my toungue in. She obliged, quessing who it was. We started making out as i fingered her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. She found my cock and a huge smile swept over her face.


   My slut loves her cock. I decided to switch to my other self, turned her around and shoved my cock in her pussy, un lubricated. She let out a muffled yelp and she felt an initial pain, but then started panting as i brought her close to an orgasm. Because of the cirumstances and because i was no longer surprised that this is happeneing to me, it was easier to cum. I dropped a load into her pussy after just 10 minutes, filling her up.     she was pissed!!!!    Part Three coming up if i get good comments on this one toops. I'll give you a hint. . . . shes not pissed for long. . . neither is her mom. .

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  . . .
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