My Daddy


“Daddy? Daddy, are you there?”
You come into my room and sit on the edge of my bed and I look up at you with big pleading eyes. “Daddy, I can’t sleep. Will you tuck me in?” I haven’t been sleeping very well recently, and it makes me feel safe and warm when you tuck the bedclothes round me all tight with your big warm hands.
“Night, sweetheart,” you say as you tuck the edges of the duvet in tightly. You stroke my soft hair and lean down to kiss me on the forehead. I smell fresh and clean from my shower; you smell like my Daddy – musky and a little smoky. You stay a while as I snuggle down into the bed. As I drift off I feel your hand softly untuck one edge of the duvet and gently stroke my sleeping form.
I haven’t slept well since Mommy left. I know you don’t too, because sometimes I hear tiny noises in your room very late at night. You don’t know, but one time I stand outside your room in my little pajamas, listening, because I’m worried you’re missing Mommy too. I guess you must do, because your light stays on for ages and there’s this little noise that carries on and on for a while like you’re restless and then I think I hear you cry out. I shiver for a bit longer outside your door, my nipples getting all cold and sticking up, but I don’t hear you crying again. Sometimes I cry too, but only when you’re not around so you don’t see and get mad.
It’s night time and I’m in the shower. Night time is my favourite time to have a shower because as long as you don’t notice, I can spend as long as I want.

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   Having a shower is one of my favourite things to do. I love to feel the hot water rushing down over my face and body, and I love to soap myself with the gorgeous foaming stuff you got me for my birthday. Today I decide to use the strawberry scented one. I squeeze a bit into my hand and begin to rub my chest. I think my titties are pretty good – they are nice and smooth and round and they more than fill my hands. I think they might even fill your hands. My nipples begin to get a little bit hard as I rub my foamy fingers over them. I begin to spread the soap down over the rest of my body, down over my legs and back up, massaging my calves, my thighs, then I reach the best part. I part my legs slightly and begin to massage the place in between them, rubbing the soap in to make me real clean. I soap my butt and then slide my fingers naughtily in between my cheeks to soap my crack. Then, still reaching behind, I slide them further forward to the other little hole that’s already slippy and wet with more than soap and water. As I guiltily slide one finger in an inch I lean forward and get a shock when my boobies touch the cold plastic shower door. I can feel my nipples getting harder as my boobies press into the clear plastic. I almost giggle as I wonder what you would say if you accidentally walked in now. I think you might get mad, because what I’m doing feels naughty.

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   Slowly I reach around to my front and begin to stroke myself there, and I can feel my clitty getting all swollen and sensitive as I rub it with my soapy little hand. It feels really good to touch myself there, good but naughty. Sometimes I do it at night when I can’t sleep: after you’ve put me to bed and kissed me goodnight I slide my hand down inside the tightly tucked covers and slip it into my pajama bottoms to that special place. Then I close my eyes and begin to rub myself up and down until I feel wet. Sometimes I already feel wet, and then it’s really easy to slip a finger inside myself and crook it and stroke myself inside. Now in the shower I’m coming close to that good feeling, frantically rubbing my nub whilst sticking a finger inside my slippery hole from behind and all the while pushing my titties into the clear cold shower door. I hear you outside the bathroom door and as you call out my name I give a little-girl whimper and the gorgeous hot shaking feeling takes hold of me. Still throbbing and shaking, I manage to call back to you, “nearly done, Daddy!”
Worried, you call back, “Are you ok, princess? I thought I heard you cry out. ”
As the feeling subsides I stand up straight and begin to wash the remainder of the soapy bubbles off me. “No Daddy, I’m fine! I just dropped the soap!”
I come out in my pink fluffy towel and you look at me funny, and I get a hot shiver all over like you know my dirty secret. I can feel my nipples getting all hard again so I run into my room because the towel is very thin and I don’t want you to see them. A few minutes later you come in when I am drying my hair. You never knock but I don’t mind, it’s like our little joke when you come in and I have to pull something round my naked body. You always laugh and tickle me. But this time it’s okay because I’m already in my pajamas, my favourite ones with the little shorts and the top with a picture of a bunny on it.

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You sit on the edge of my bed and pull me into your lap. “Those pajamas are getting a bit too small for you,” you say. You trace your finger along the top where it meets the skin of my chest and I shiver. It’s true that since my boobies got big it does press very tight against them, but they’re my favourites.
“No, Daddy, they fit just fine!” I argue. You tug at the hem of the top – it doesn’t quite stretch down to cover my tummy any more and you tickle my tiny concave stomach. “Stop it!” I giggle and begin to struggle in your lap. Your hand brushes against my bottom as I writhe.
“These are getting too tight for you too, baby,” you say, with your hand on my bottom. Secretly I know you’re right, the tiny shorts are more like those “hot pants” I see on music videos. I suddenly worry about how tight they are, and how snugly they fit against my – you know. I begin to wriggle again, worried that you’ll be able to see everything outlined against the thin fabric.
Your big Daddy hands grab me so I am sitting in your lap facing you with my legs either side of your body. Your hands feel hot through my pajamas as you hold the sides of my body firmly. I can feel the shorts pressing hard against the still damp lips of my little girl parts and I worry you’ll see, but you won’t let me move.


   “Now, you know you need new pajamas, don’t you baby,” you say.
“Awww, Daddy. . . ”
“Don’t you aww Daddy me young lady. We’re going to the mall tomorrow and we’re not coming back until we’ve bought you new ones. Is that clear?”
I mumble something and you pull my chin up and make me look at you. “I said is that clear?”
“Okay Daddy. ”
“That’s my good little girl. Now give Daddy a goodnight kiss. ” I kiss your rough cheek and you nuzzle a kiss into my clean soft neck and it tickles. Then you pull me hard into your body for a goodnight hug. I think you must be missing Mommy a lot tonight because you hug me very hard for a long time and stroke the soft skin of my back under my top.
The next day we go to the mall. I’m excited to be going shopping with you, I always used to do it with Mommy and since she left I haven’t had anything new.

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   We go to a big department store and I try on three or four cotton nightshirts with teddies on them, but I don’t like any of them as much as I like my old pajamas. “Never mind, baby,” you say as I show you the last one. “I think I have something at home you might like, but you mustn’t tell anyone, because it’s a secret. ”
I’m so excited about our secret I can’t wait until we get home but you want to go to another section of the store first. We get to the ladies’ underwear section and I am surprised when we stop and you tell me to have a look for what I like. I never needed a bra before Mom left, but now my titties are getting bigger I guess I should get one. You pull a sales assistant aside and talk to her quietly, and I hear something about “this little lady” and “whatever she wants. ”
The assistant is a pretty lady with blonde hair who says her name is Kelly, and she guides me into a curtained cubicle. “Now, your Daddy tells me this will be your first bra, so we’re going to have to measure you up first, okay?”
She helps me take my tshirt off and even though she is very nice I cover my boobies shyly. “Don’t be shy now,” she says in a friendly voice. “I remember when I went for my first measuring, I was so scared, but there’s no need to be. ” She takes out a tape measure and makes me lift my arms in the air. “Mine must have been about the same size as yours when I first came,” she said. I can’t help noticing that now they’re huge. She wraps the tape measure round me and first measures under my boobies, then wraps it round them over the nipples.

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   Her hands are very cold and they make my nipples stand up. “Almost done,” she says soothingly. “Though you’ve got no need to be ashamed, you’ve got a very lovely pair here. Are they ever tender still?”
I think about when I touch them in the night. “Yes, sometimes. ”
She stands behind me and I look at them in the mirror and then she puts her hands round me and puts them on my titties. “Does this hurt?” she says, gently pressing and massaging them.
“No,” I say.
Kelly massages them a little harder, squeezing them a little in her hands. She isn’t that much older than me, I think. She looks like she might be a high school senior. “Does that hurt?”
“A little bit. ” It feels a lot better than when I touch myself at night. I can feel my nipples growing hard against her hands.
“You’re a perfect C cup at the moment, which are big for your body type” she says.

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   “But by the looks of it they’ll carry on up to a D or DD when you get a little older. ”
“How big are yours?” I manage. “Your titties. ”
“You should always call them tits,” she tells me. “Especially in front of guys. Do you want to see?”
I hesitate. “O – okay. ”
She strips off her shop-logo tshirt and I can see her tits bursting out of a black lacy bra. She takes it off and holds them in her hands, massive round globes. “Now how big do you think they are?”
“I don’t know. . . ”
She takes my little hands and places them on each of her tits, so soft and warm I gasp, and I can feel her nipples reacting to the cool air and my touch. She guides my hands in a rubbing, massaging motion like she did to me. “I’m an E cup,” she says as I rub her huge soft mounds.

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   “Guys love a girl with huge tits like mine. ”
“Will guys love my tits?” I ask.
She grabs my tits again and squeezes them and rubs my nipples. “Yes honey, guys will love them. You’ve got a beautiful pair. And a lot of girls love tits too. ”
Suddenly she grabs my head and forces it down to her breast. Without knowing why, I suckle as much soft titty flesh as I can into my mouth, licking the deep pink bud of her nipple with my wet tongue.
She moans and carries on rubbing my naked tits. “You do that real well, baby. But your daddy will be wondering where you’ve got to. ”
Daddy! I’ve forgotten you’re waiting outside the changing room for me and I feel guilty for doing naughty things with Kelly while you’re waiting outside. “Can I get a black bra like yours?” I ask as she puts my clothes back on me. My nipples are still really hard and they stick out from my sweater. I worry you might see them and know.

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“Of course you can, honey. ” Before she opens the door of the changing rooms Kelly strokes my hair off my face and then kisses me right on the mouth and slides her tongue between my lips. “Don’t tell anyone about this, ok, sugar?” she tells me, and strokes my bottom and it makes me feel all hot inside.
I worry you can see my blush as we come out. “Here you go, sir!” Kelly says brightly. “We’ve chosen a lovely bra and panty set, haven’t we?” I nod. “Now, if you ever need anything else, be sure to come back and see me, won’t you? I’m here most weekends. ”
You promise that we definitely will, and you’re very friendly to Kelly as you pay for my new bra and panties. I get very hot as I remember what the blonde assistant was doing to me just a few minutes ago. She winks at me as we turn to go and I think how I’ll keep our secret.
I’m so excited about my new bra and panties I forget all about your surprise, so when you bring down a box after dinner I get excited all over again. I open it and take out what is inside, folded in tissue paper. It’s a gorgeous black nightdress in lovely shiny material. I stroke it against my cheek, it’s so soft and silky! “Thank you, Daddy!” I cry out and jump up to give you a hug.
“I bought it for Mom,” you say.

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   “But I never got a chance to give it to her. So now I’m giving it to you, my new number one girl!”
I go and change into it and do a twirl in front of the mirror. It’s very short, and the top part is made of a lacy material that almost doesn’t cover my titties. I think about what Kelly said about them getting even bigger, and I use my hands to push them up and imagine what it would be like to have huge ones like hers. I love my new nightdress but it makes me feel funny, I think it’s the soft satin and the scratchy lace but already my nipples are hard as I touch them. I turn round and realise that my panties show under the fabric. Feeling a bit weird, I slip them off and turn to admire myself. The hem of the nighty only just covers my ass. If I bend forward and part my legs just a little bit, I realise I can see my tiny puckered asshole.
Then suddenly the door opens and you come in! I’m so embarrassed my Daddy almost saw me looking at my ass in the mirror and touching my breasts, I quickly put my arms round me to cover myself. But you don’t seem to have noticed. “Come on, princess, give Daddy a twirl!” you say.
Shyly I twirl around, suddenly aware of how short and clinging it is. But it’s ok, I remember, it’s only my Daddy! You used to give me baths when I was little, you don’t mind what I wear. You laugh gruffly and clear your throat.


   “Now, who wants to watch TV in Daddy’s room?” You sweep me up and throw me over your shoulder and take me to your room. I love to watch TV with you in there, because you have a massive bed I can jump on. You throw me down on your bed and turn on the TV. There is a Hilary Duff film on, so we decide to watch that. Soon I get cold and curl up against you. I love spending time with you Daddy and making you feel special, because I know how much you miss Mommy.
I’m so tired I can’t help my eyelids beginning to droop, but you don’t notice. I think I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember I am under the covers facing you. I think you must have fallen asleep as well because the TV is off. You make a little noise like you’re dreaming and I realise that your hand is on my hip. It must have been that that woke me up. Now your hand is moving down over the curve of my hip and when it reaches the end of the satin nightdress and touches my soft skin I realise I have to move. I roll over so my back is to you, but my nightie twists round and rides up and instead of falling away your hand is resting on the bare skin of my ass. I can’t move it or you would wake up and be embarrassed. My heart is beating hard in my breast and I can feel my blood pumping through my entire body, but especially my bare ass where your hand lies.

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   It feels like I’m on fire and I’m afraid to move.
Then I feel you move and your big hand is moving over my silky little body to my titties which are bursting out of the top of the nightie and you take one in your hand and squeeze it, very, very gently and I’m so scared my shaking body will wake you up. Then you pull me towards you and I can feel something pressing against my ass, something long and smooth and hard, and I realise it must be your – thing. I begin to cry silently, I’m so confused. My body begins to shake with sobs and you hold me tight and close to your body. I can feel your hot breath on my neck and you stroke my hair and whisper ‘shhhhhh’ into my ear until I stop shaking. ‘Daddy loves you, don’t worry,’ you whisper and carry on stroking my hair. Then you give me a Daddy-kiss on the cheek, and you carry on stroking my hair so I lie still and you kiss down my neck and collar bone. “You love Daddy, don’t you baby,” you murmur as you lay me flat on my back.
I nod unsurely but I think I’m going to cry again. It’s completely dark and I can’t see anything you’re doing. “D- Daddy?”
“I said, you love Daddy, don’t you princess?” you ask again in the darkness.
“O – okay, Daddy,” I sob.
“That’s my little girl,” you whisper, and you turn on the bedside light, which gives a soft reddish glow. Then you pull the nightie off me.

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   I shiver as you run your hands over my sensitive breasts, and I can’t stop a little squeak coming out when you place your warm lips over my nipple. “It’s okay sweetheart,” you whisper as you kiss down my tummy.
Suddenly I notice that you are naked, and your thing. . . your thing is long and hard and sticking straight out, and it gives me a funny feeling to see it.
“Wha- what are you doing Daddy?” My voice is tiny and tearful like when I was little and had a scraped knee and you’d always kiss it better.
“Daddy’s just playing a little game, baby. Don’t you like Daddy’s game?”
You reach my tightly clenched thighs and begin to slide your fingers in between them. I want to tell you I don’t like your new game but I am scared of upsetting you. Suddenly with your hands between my soft thighs you force them apart and hold them there. Then you touch between my legs and slide one of your fingers inside my tiny wet slit. I can’t help letting out a little cry as I feel it, it feels like when I do it but different and strange and sooo much better. I bite my lip but it’s too late. “Does my baby like that?” you ask me, and suddenly you put another finger inside me and begin to move them in and out.

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   It feels. . . good.
“What are you doing, Daddy?” I ask again breathlessly.
You begin to suck and bite at my tits as you do whatever it is you’re doing to me down there. “I’m fingering your cunt, baby, your tight little cunt” you answer. “Say it for me, what’s Daddy doing?”
“You’re. . . fingering my. . . cunt?”
You moan and bury your face between my legs and suddenly you’re sucking and nibbling on my sensitive clit as you finger me. You pull my body half off the bed as you lick and suck me, kneading my ass in your hands and pressing me into you.


   I give an involuntary little moan as a feeling builds up in me like I’ve never felt before, not even in the depths of the night when I touch myself. How could my Daddy be doing this to me? I begin to whimper as the pleasure builds up in my cunt, but suddenly you stop and groan, “Daddy’s turn now. ”
Now you’re kneeling over my face and pushing your thing into my mouth. I gag but you just push it into the back of my throat and start to thrust it in and out and I have no choice but to wrap my lips around it. It tastes so salty and it’s so big it’s choking me. I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me, what I’ve done wrong. You’re moaning as your rock-hard thing slices in and out of my mouth.
“That’s right baby,” you growl, and you don’t sound like my Daddy. “Suck Daddy’s cock like it’s a lollipop, suck it all the way down. ” You grab my hair and force me to accept it right into my throat, fucking my sweet little mouth that’s never tasted cock before.
As soon as you take it out I open my mouth to scream but you put your hand over it, your big Daddy hand that’s always made me feel so safe. Then you slip your other hand down my quivering body and in between my thighs and I don’t think to close them. “Ohh!” You’re touching my clit again, rubbing it in circles and it feels so hot. Now suddenly your body is on top of me, crushing me, and you’re rubbing your cock up and down my wet cunt slit, and I can’t scream because your hand is still gagging me.
I try to bite your hand and in the same instant you thrust your rock hard cock inside my tiny cunt.

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   I scream against your hand in pain and sudden pleasure as you begin to fuck me, holding both my wrists easily above my head in one big hand. “Unnnh!” I moan as your cock fills me up. You’re so much for my tiny cunt to handle, you’re making me cry out every time you ram that long hard cock into me.
You let go of my mouth but all I can manage is a moan before you place your lips over mine in an incestuous kiss, raping my mouth with your tongue until you feel my tongue flutter back. You push my legs up above my head and I moan into your mouth as you fuck me deep, your cock hitting the back of my cunt, shaking my tiny body and making my tits bounce with every hard fucking thrust.
“Tell me you want it, princess,” you growl, and you bite my neck and send shivers down my spine. “Tell Daddy what you want. ”
And even though what you’re doing to me feels so hot and good I don’t say anything because it feels hot and good and wrong as well.
But when I don’t say anything you grab me by the hair and turn me over so my face is pressed into the pillow and then you begin to fuck me roughly, grabbing my long hair and using it to bounce my body against your shaft.
Smack! I cry out as you hit me hard on the ass. Smack! I begin to cry despite the hot wet feelings building up deep inside me. It feels like you’re penetrating me deeper than ever as you push my face into the pillow and pull my body against you.
Smack! “Okay, what do you want me to say, Daddy?”
Smack! “Tell Daddy you want him to fuck you hard in your hot, tight little teeny cunt. ” Smack! “Tell Daddy you want him to shoot him cum all over you, in your cunt, on your ass, on your face. Tell Daddy you’re his little slut.

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The pressure of your cock deep inside me and your balls hitting my swollen nub of a clit has begun to build up and I feel like I’m about to burst. You grab my bouncing tits and grope them roughly, tweaking my hard nipples. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy,” I sob desperately and then moan breathlessly as you begin to rub my clit with your fingers. “I’m your little slut, I want you to come in my cunt. ” You’re fucking me so hard now my tits hurt, and your rough fingers against my clit make me scream out.
I’m cumming hard, I’m cumming and crying as my Daddy fucks the last of my innocence away, and my whole body tenses up as a massive orgasm shakes my tiny frame. And you’re ramming it into my tight convulsing cunt like a fucking jackhammer and you’re grabbing my bouncing tits and pulling my body hard against you as you cum, shooting load after load of hot spunk deep inside me, and I can feel it filling me and I’ve never felt so full of anything.
We collapse forward, your cock still inside me, and lie for a few moments in our own cooling sweat. Then you push me onto my back and begin to kiss me hard. And right now, at this very moment, I realise that this is just the start for my Daddy.

The End

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