My daughter, a little girl no more


Tessa is my 14 year old daughter.   Always a very pretty girl, I noticed the other day just what a sexy young woman she had become.   She was going to a party and she wore a very revealing little dress.   I had never had sexual thoughts of Tessa before but although a father, I am still just a man and I had noticed that she had nice smooth legs, and although I was always a little embarrassed to think of it previously, a very pert, well rounded little ass.   This dress was tight and short, very short, only a couple of inches below that great little ass of hers, and it accentuated her ass beautifully.   I could scarcely take my eyes off her ass until she turned around to face me.
Her breasts looked so full and firm I couldn’t believe it.   They must have been a D cup, maybe DD, and they way they wiggled about in that dress, it was clear that they were not supported by a bra.   My breath was taken away, how could I not have noticed these before?!  However, my fatherly instincts kicked in and I created huge a fuss about letting her out of the house dressed like that.   My wife, who clearly still saw her as I had done only minutes before, told me in no uncertain times how stupid I was being, Tessa told me she hated me, and they both stormed out of the house to drive Tessa and her friend, our neighbour two doors down, to the party.
I felt bad about the fight but also confused, my Tessa had looked so hot, I was still in a state of shock, which I knew contributed to my over-reaction.   Throughout the evening, images and thoughts of Tessa kept entering my head. I tried to fight them but I couldn’t.   I knew then that I wanted to fuck my daughter and I had to try and see if I could.
Tessa was being brought home by our neighbour and I waited up for her, my wife having always been an early to bed woman.   I didn’t know what I was going to do but I wanted to speak to her and see how it went.

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Tessa came in around 10pm, still looking hotter than ever. and I asked if she had had a good time.   It was clear that she hadn’t and she was still frosty with me.   I apologised to her and after a while she forgave me and became more chatty.   She was sitting across from me and I knew that if I wasn’t staring at her breasts I was staring at her legs.   She must have noticed too.
After a short while it was clear that her miserable evening was as a result of her lack of success in getting this boy, Alan, to show any interest in her.   I knew that this was my best opportunity to steer the conversation in the direction I wanted.
I told Tessa that I thought Alan must have been blind or an idiot not to want to be with her and I told her how beautiful and sexy she looked tonight.   Tessa chuckled to herself and offered her thanks or my compliment.   I confessed to her that it was how she looked tonight that had caused my bad reaction earlier, that I had found it hard to accept what an incredibly beautiful young woman she had become, and I threw in an off the cuff remark about her having a smoking hot body!  She laughed but also turned a little red in the cheeks, however, she was clearly pleased to continue to receive my compliments.
I took it a step further, I asked her to stand up to show me how lovely she now was.   “Daaaad!” she exclaimed, clearly a little embarrassed, but nonetheless she stood up.   I motioned for her to twirl and she did, giving me a lovely view of her ass.  
I held out my hands and she walked towards me, her breasts bouncing so tantalisingly, and took my hands in hers.

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      I broke the grip and placed my hands on her waist, shaking my head and telling her that I couldn’t believe how beautiful she had become.   I said to her that soon no man was going to be able to resist her.   I said “Look at you Tess, you’re as pretty as picture, you’ve got a perfect figure, great breasts, lovely legs and a fantastic ass!”  It was as I said the word ass I moved my hands from her waist and cupped each ass cheek through her dress, gently squeezing.   She laughed, “Dad!” she again exclaimed, but she just stood there in front of me, smiling, with my hands on her ass.   I was smiling back up at her as if this was the most natural thing in the world.  
Tessa broke the silence, “Dad, your hands are on my ass!” she smiled in a jokey manner.   “Yeah, I know” I replied “do you mind?”.   She smiled and shook her head sheepishly.   I said “How about now?” and I moved my hands down her legs a little and then back up and under her dress this time.   Tessa inhaled in a mock shock kind of way but she still didn’t move away.   My hands were now on fondling that perfect ass through a pair of flimsy panties.    My hands explored the edges of her bare ass cheek and the finer curves through her panties.   Tessa still didn’t object.   We were both still smiling at each other.
Nothing further was said and I broke the stalemate by moving my hands under her panties and onto her bare ass cheeks.

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    Oh my god, the feeling was incredible, sitting there, my daughter stood in front of me, and I was fondling her bare ass!  “You don’t mind do you?”, I said to her.   Tessa shook her head, “No” she quietly replied.
I decided I need to take it further.   I said to her “why don’t you give your old man a nice little kiss to show there’s no hard feelings for earlier”.   She laughed and gave me nice little kiss on the lips.   I said to her “That was a daddy/daughter kiss, why don’t you let me see how lucky Alan would have got if he had had half a brain”.   She laughed and seemed to think about it for a second before saying “OK” quietly and then bending down and kissing me long and full on the lips.   She gently moved her tongue into my mouth, I didn’t press it, I let her kiss me how she wanted, while still fondling her ass.   It was an amazing feeling, our mouths locked together in a deep passionate kiss.
She was kissing me far longer than I expected so I decided to take a chance and tear one hand away from her ass and onto her breast, through her dress. Tessa didn’t protest or stop kissing me.  
It was me who decided to break the kiss.   I told her how much I enjoyed it and that Alan didn’t know what he was missing!   She laughed again.   I said that I hoped that she wouldn’t have let Alan fondle her up like I had!  She laughed, “maybe” she said cheekily.    I expressed mock shock and asked if she would have taken off her dress for Alan.

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    “No way” she said most defiantly, which pleased me immensely.
I asked her if she would take her dress off for me.   She looked down at me and nodded her head.   My excitement was at fever pitch and she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the ground.   The sight of her firm proud breasts standing to attention right in front of me was breathtaking.   Stood in front of me in only her panties, I shook my head as if I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, which I couldn’t.   I cupped both her breasts.   They were so smooth, so firm, the way only a teenage girls can be.   I gently rubbed each nipple with my thumbs before I could not wait any more and took a breast in my mouth.   I began sucking and kissing each perfect breast, moving my hands back to her perfect ass as well.  
Tessa was making appreciative noises.   I broke away from her breasts, stood up, and kissed her long and deep, my tongue this time exploring her mouth.   I moved down to kiss her neck “Daddy”, Tessa said, a little breathlessly, I looked at her “yes sweetheart?” I responded.  “Are you going to fuck me?”
I broke away from her, it was quite shock to hear her say these words, but my god it was the biggest turn on of all time. I nearly came on the spot.

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     “Do you want me to?”, I stammered.   She nodded her head slowly, “Yes” was all she said.
I kissed her again and we moved down to the floor. I worked my way down her body, kissing every beautiful square inch. I reached her panties and inched them down, getting my first view of her pussy.   I gently massaged her for a while before I went down on her virgin pussy, gently easing a finger inside her.   I decided that she was as ready as she was going to be and I positioned myself to enter her.   She was so tight but I gently broke her in before getting up a full head of steam.   It wasn’t long though before I came an ocean inside her.
Afterwards, we lay next to each other on the floor, my head spinning with what we had done, I had no idea how Tessa felt but from the strange smile on her face she looked content.   I decided to see if she was willing to do a little more for her old man.   I asked her how she was, she said that she felt great … music to my ears.
I asked her if she wanted to do it again and she smiled and nodded.   I said “OK but I’m not 18 anymore, you’ll have to give me a minute” I paused a second “unless you want to lend me a helping hand”.   “What do you mean?” she enquired but I think she knew where I was headed.

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    “Well sweetheart, my little soldier” (don’t ask me where that came from, it just came out of my mouth!)) “needs a little encouragement to go again.   If you’d like to give him a little kiss or 2 I’m sure he’ll be ready to go again in no time”.   Tessa smiled and looked down at my cock, she took it gently in her hand and started stroking it, then without hesitation she repositioned herself and started to kiss my cock.   It didn’t take her long before she turned her kisses into a long slow suck, taking all of my cock deep into her mouth.   I was in place far above heaven, looking down to see my cock slipping in and out of that beautiful young mouth.
After some time I was ready again and although I could have came in her mouth I figured I would save that pleasure for another time, right now I needed to fuck her again.   I told her I was ready and she moved on top of me and kissed me long and hard, positioning her pussy over my cock.   She lowered herself on top of me and started to ride me.   Looking up at that beautiful face and those incredible tits was the greatest sight I had ever seen.   She was clearly enjoying this as much as me and it was surprisingly, and a little annoyingly, quickly before I unleashed another load inside of her.
By now I was completely spent and we agreed that we better go to bed, sadly not together.   Whilst laying in bed next to my wife thinking about what Tessa and I had done, it occurred to me that I hadn’t fucked her from behind, so that I could admire that beautiful ass from the best possible view.    Again, I figured that could wait until next time, because there damn well was going to be a next time. Maybe I could even persuade her to let me admire that ass in the best possible way, if you know what I mean! 

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