My Daughter's Arrival


My daughter continued to soak while I heated some water and made us each a cup of hot tea, fortified with a shot of brandy. In twenty minutes Dianna emerged from the bathroom and came to the living room, wearing a thick, fluffy robe I had left for her. I had made up a nice warm nest, a bunch of blankets and pillows, on the floor for her to lounge in while warming near the fire. I had enlarged the fire with more wood; it was a very cozy, even romantic, setting. When Dianna had settled down in the warm nest of pillows, I sat near her and learned why she had appeared so abruptly. She explained that her mother had a new boyfriend and there had been trouble. I listened to Dianna's grim tale of the boyfriend's attempts to molest her. She continued on. "I woke up one night and, at first, I thought that he was just lying on top of me, but then I felt the pain; he had raped me and was inside me. I tried to scream, but he put his hand over my mouth and threatened me. At last, he left. " "Did you tell your mother?" "Yes, but she claimed that I enticed him into doing it. She called me a slut and claimed she didn't care as long as she got her due. " "But you were a virgin. . .

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  " "She didn't care; she saw the blood on my nightgown and sheets. She merely gathered them up and threw them away. Mom warned me not to say anything. After that, everything turned worse; mom suggested that I go live with you. " This was a complete change from the bitterly contested custody fight in the past in which my ex-wife had been able to cut me off completely from my daughter with a lies, innuendoes, and a glib shyster. We made some popcorn over the open fire and drank more cups of hot tea and brandy. Di and I were both becoming quite mellow from the heat and the alcohol. Her gaping robe was giving me some erotic sights of her soft flesh. I reached out to her and started to rub her feet and legs as she reclined before the fire. She lay back against the pillows and closed her eyes. The robe opened more, and I could see most of her inner thighs as she lay on her back. My hands became more aggressive, and I rubbed her upper legs. Then I saw a pink nipple peeking out at me from under the edge of her robe. "Dad," she whispered, "I need someone to show me how beautiful sex can be, after the ugliness of what I have experienced. " "You're my daughter, honey," I protested, "I'm your father, and we can't do anything like that.

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  " "I don't care, daddy. I want to feel wanted and loved by someone, not used, rejected, and driven away. " A tear slid down her cheek. I smoothed her hair away from her face while my other hand continued to stroke her soft, silky skin. My fingers kept working in circular motions on the firm curves of her legs. The robe parted further, and her soft, white belly became visible between the edges of the slowly parting robe. "Honey, maybe we should stop this now," I said, but I could not prevent my own hands from moving, caressing, touching the pubescent flesh. "Don't stop, daddy. This feels so good. " Dianna wiggled and the robe opened more; she was bare down the midline of her nubile body from neck to crotch. I looked at her and saw her labia peeking at me below he soft down of he mound. It would be wonderful, I thought, to have my tongue buried in her pussy. I tossed more wood onto the fire, and resumed to my massage after pulling off my shirt. I was hot, and not from the fire alone. Di gave me a big smile and held her arms to me.

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   I leaned over her, and we kissed, pressing our lips together for the first time. Di lay back down, and I placed myself beside her; my hands slowly massaged her beautiful slim pelvis and smooth stomach. She was so warm from the blaze that she seemed to radiate heat to me. As we kissed again, I pushed her legs apart and briefly worked my hands between her soft inner thighs. Dianna whimpered when my tongue first touched her ear and neck as my hand returned to her stomach. I was dipping my hand lower as it circled over her belly. My fingers were soon combing through her girlish fur. "Dianna honey, lift up a little," I urged as I slid the robe from her arms so that it became just another part of her little nest. Her youthful, naked body lay stretched out beside me, ready to be taken. That little pause allowed me to think once again of what I. . . we were doing. "Honey, shouldn't we stop now?" I asked, thinking that she might have the will power to end this. "No, daddy," Dianna murmured.

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   "I want this so much. " She turned to me and kissed me again as she ran her hands over my chest, teasing my nipples. Di was very excited and opened my lips with her probing tongue. She opened her own mouth to me, and I began nibbling her lips. She responded, and our tongues wrapped around one another. Di's breathing was becoming labored, and her hips undulated slowly against me. My cock, swollen with excitement, was bulging against my briefs. Her soft hand located my hard dick, and she squeezed my shaft, touching me through the thin layers of cloth. "Take these off, daddy," she whispered. "I want to feel you too. " I sat up and quickly divested myself of the remaining clothing, tossing it aside. I lay next to my daughter again. Her little hand found my burgeoning shaft. "Show me what to do daddy," Dianna said. I put my hand over hers and showed her how to slide it up and down to please me with slow, steady pistoning.

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   My hard cock was a shaft of iron in her gentle hands. My balls were swollen with my semen, which was all too ready to shoot out. I did not care if she was stroking slower than my urgent need desired because I didn't want our first time together to end quickly. I wanted to prolong this first, incestuous pleasure. Dianna had spread her legs wide apart, encouraging my own busy fingers to find her secret places. I could touch every place on her sweet body from head to toe. My lips moved to her neck and then to her soft breasts. As I kissed and licked them, my lips engulfed each perky nipple. I sucked each one, listening to the moans of delight inside my daughter's chest. I moved down her belly to her excited and moist pussy; I could now enjoy her aroma; it was stirring up my illicit desire. My movements had pulled my hard cock from Dianna's grasp, but my tongue traced the slit between her damp labia, and that was reward enough. Dianna was panting, and her pelvis was rotating under my face in a slow gyration. Eventually, I would enjoy her hips grinding under my own as I fucked her, but now I had her sweet, fragrant pussy to taste. I dipped my probing tongue deep into the pink folds, and my daughter groaned. I could feel her hand on my head pushing and guiding me, informing me that she wanted my oral touches.

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   I licked and kissed, teasing her with my lips and tongue. She was so excited that she came as soon as I began sucking her pussy. "Ohhhh, daddy. . . Ohhhh. . . That feels so good!" she groaned as I drank from her well of nectar. Her hips lifted and pressed my face from below as her hand pushed my head from above. I lapped her cunt until I could hear that her breathing had become more regular and her hips had relaxed. "Was that good, honey?" I asked, sliding up her hot body. "Was that what my little girl needed?" She put her arms around me. "Daddy, that was wonderful!" Her hand found my swollen cock again, and she began to pump my shaft. "What can I do, daddy, to make you feel good too?" she asked.

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   "Would you like to suck me, honey?" "OK, daddy, do you mean suck your penis?" "Yes, honey, kiss it and lick it too. " "Yes, daddy. " Dianna kissed her way down my body. I raised my head to watch her progress. When her face was inches from my erection, she lifted her head and smiled at me. Then she lowered her head, took the head of my cock into her little mouth, and sucked it like a lollipop. She allowed it to pop from her lips with a lewd slurp and began to kiss her way down the shaft to my aching balls, now heavy with my creamy seed. She slid her wet lips up and down my shaft with her mouth half opened and her little tongue dragging along my hard pecker. "Oh, Dianna honey, I'm gonna come soon," I groaned. "Try to suck my cum as it gushes out, baby. . . that would feel so good. " "Yes, daddy," my daughter whispered back, allowing my cock to emerge from her hot mouth briefly. She opened her lips wide and wrapped them firmly around my thick cock.

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   I looked and saw the indentations on her cheeks as she sucked me and pumped my shaft with her little fingers. I began to spew my jizm. "OHHHH! OHHHH! OHHHHH!" I groaned with each spasm of my throbbing cock. I was too lost from the world to see what my daughter was doing. Moments later, I began to gather my senses together enough to open my eyes. Dianna was gathering a smear of cum from her lips and sucking it into her dainty mouth. "It came out so fast, daddy!" she exclaimed. "I had trouble swallowing it when it spurted into my mouth, but next time, I'll be ready for it. " Next time! "Yes, honey," I assured my daughter, "but don't worry; that was exceptionally good. " Satiated by our first incestuous orgasms, we fell asleep in front of the warm fire.
    My last perception was Dianna's naked, beauty body. Later, I found a set of athletic clothing that I had accidentally shrunk in the dryer. It was loose on my little daughter, but did not detract from her youthful beauty -- nothing could do that. She had nothing else to wear except the clothes drying in front of the fire and a few things in her little backpack. I promised that I would take her shopping the next day and buy her a few outfits.

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       We had fun making a supper, more fun consuming it, and, by the time we finished cleaning up afterwards, we were bonded firmly as lovers. "Daddy," she asked. "Can we be like this forever?" "Yes, honey, for as long as you want. " Dianna threw her arms around me and pressed her face into my chest. We spent the evening listening to music and talking as we looked at out fire. I had turned the lights down, so we could also look out the window at the winterscape with a few twinkling lights of distant houses. A small herd of deer appeared briefly in the illumination from the floodlight of the front door. Later, we took a warm shower together and cuddled together under the covers of my bed. Out mouths and hands were busy, now refreshed from the strong orgasms of the afternoon. Our bodies were eager for new delights. "Daddy, I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel how a real lover takes his woman. " She wrapped her legs and arms around me and ground her pussy against my leg. "I'm so hot, daddy! I want you so bad!" I was hot too and continued our foreplay, exciting Dianna until she was gasping and panting. Quickly rolling a rubber onto my turgid cock, I lifted myself between her legs and pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

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       "Daddy, do it," Dianna begged. "Put your big penis into my pussy!" I slid the head up and down between her soft pussy lips, insuring that it was well lubricated by my daughter's cuntal juices. I pushed against Dianna, and she raised her hips to assist my thrusts. I felt the head slide into her vagina. "Ohhhh. . . god!" she moaned. Her hands clutched at me. "Are you all right, baby?" "Yessssss, daddy, deeeeeper. " I pushed again and so did she. My cock slowly moved into the depths of my daughter's tight cunt. I was buried all the way inside my daughter. Her legs lifted and gripped my thighs. "Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me now!" Her legs pulled against me.


       I began to slide my cock in and out, stroking her long and slow. She adopted the harmonic oscillation of my hips, undulating her own in the same rhythm, moaning each time or pubic mounds touched. The sharp edge had been taken from our sexual appetite by our earlier release. We moved against each other steadily, feeling the tension gradually elevate. Dianna suddenly froze and let out a grunt as her first climax exploded. I continued to move against her. When she enjoyed her second orgasm, her cunt throbbed around my cock, and I exploded with another flood of cum. As she started to doze, I moved from her and disposed of the brimming rubber, filled with my thick, creamy semen. When I rose the next morning, I permitted Di to continue to sleep; she looked sexy and beautiful snuggled up naked under the warm blankets. I made breakfast for us, planning what we might accomplish over the next few days. After we ate and cleaned up, we dressed discussed what clothing Dianna would require for her immediate needs. Then we drove to the mall in the next big town. Although she tried to discourage me, she ended up with several nice outfits, sexy underwear, shoes, a heavy, but cute coat, and some pretty boots. We had lunch in a nice cafe. To the people around us, we appeared to be a couple of lovers, holding hands, touching, and staring lovingly at each other.

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       The day cleared up, and we returned home with our purchases with a bright sun gleaming off the new snow. Later we went out again to enjoy a romantic dinner in a quiet restaurant. We stopped briefly to buy more food, stocking my pantry with enough for two people. And that is the way it was. After the first weekend, I took Dianna to the local high school and arranged her enrollment. Because it took a few days for the bus to begin picking her up, I drove her to school, but she came home on the bus. To everyone we appeared to be a father and daughter, survivors of a broken family, trying to get along, but we continued our secret incest for many years. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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