My dream come true.


Well hello this will be my first story on here so I hope you enjoy. This is a true story on how I met the woman of my dreams and her 2 daughters. The names have been changed to protect our identity.

Well the story starts with me explaining myself. My name is Zach and I am a 35yr old single male from St. Augustine, Fl. I am a retired IT Tech that now owns and operates his own custom computer and home theater business here in my home town. I am 6'3", 235lbs of tone muscle. I am very athletic, I surf, play soccer, run and lift weights on a regular basis, but my pride and joy is hanging between my legs. I am 7" to 8" long when I am soft and around 12" long hard and as thick as a coke can. In high school I had the nickname mule from all the guys in the locker room. That is not the only part of it though I also have very big balls and that produce a pure gallon of cum. I have been known to cum over a full cup of cum when I am really turned on. The problem with that is I intimidate a lot of the girls I have dated so it has been hard to settle down with someone, although for the longest time my sex life was really good. I dated a lot off and on and was even in a serious relationship with one of my best friends for 6yrs but she never wanted marriage or children for that matter because she was bi and liked having both men and women so we called it quits about 4 years ago, although we still keep in touch. But even all the women I dated and the sex could not fill the emptiness in my heart that had been there since I was 16.

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Growing up in my little town was a blast, I lived in a little neighborhood that was walking distance to the beach and as long as I can remember I lived next door to the most wonderful girl in the world Tiffany Owens. We were the same age and had been friends since pre-school. We played together, went on trips together, stayed at each others house and basically did everything together. People use say we were joined at the hips cause we were always together. Tiffany's parents were not the best parents in the world growing up (they felt like she was holding them back from being truly successful) so she spent most of her time at my place and since I had no siblings my parents loved having her over. As we hit puberty things changed a lot for Tiffany, she blossomed early and at 12 she already had C cup boobs and and ass to die for. Me on the other hand did not fair as well I was still short and thin but my dick did start to grow by 13 I was at least 7" long hard and at the time thought I was a little bit of a freak. Tiffany loved me though just the way I was and she loved touching and playing with my dick (she called it her little man). Even though at the time we did not go all the way Tiffany was my first in everything else, kissing, touching, blow job, oral and mutual masturbating, but we never had sex. We were both scared and still young. That all changed when we turned 15, by this time Tiffany was a pure knock out with long curly blonde hair, D cup tits, long legs and an ass that made a gay man take a double look. She was very popular at school and was also on the cheer-leading squad. I on the other hand and grown a little I was about 5'8" but was still skinning but by this time my dick was about 10" long and as thick as the inside of a paper towel roll. Well during the summer before out sophomore year of high school Tiffany came over crying and told me that her dad took a job in South Florida and that she would be moving. I was shocked cause I thought that this was the girl that I was going to spend the rest of my life with, but we promised that we would keep in touch.

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So on the night before they left, me and Tiffany decided that we were going to go all the way and be each others first so we could always remember each other. So she stayed over since my parents were out of town on a business trip and for the first time we both decide to do it in the hot tub. I was so nervous as a started to undress her and slide her bra and panties off, but she laughed and told me to relax as she took my now throbbing hard cock in her mouth, by this time she had sucked me off so much she could take it down her throat with out gagging and she loved the taste of my cum and loved how it felt on her face and tits. She kept sucking me till I was on the verge and cover her in cum and she stopped and told me to step in the hot tub. We both got in and started kissing and touching. I took her right breast in my mouth as I slipped a finger into her now soaking wet pussy. I loved how here pussy felt, she had been keeping cleaned shaved ever since she started growing hair and I loved it. I started kissing down her stomach towards her slit and as I ran my tongue over her clit she let out a moan and grabbed my head and shoved he pussy in my face. I ate her pussy till she had her first orgasm of the night. By this time my dick was so hard it was aching, so she looked me in the eyes and asked "was I ready"and I told her "more then anything"so she slowly lowered her self on my hard cock (I wasn't worried about blood because we had took here virginity with her moms dildo 2 yrs before) she got down on it half way and could no go any further. She set there for a minute getting use to it and I was in heaven, her was the girl that I loved more then anything sitting on my hard dick and I reached up and kissed her like I had never kissed her before. As she slipped her tongue in my mouth she started to slowly ride up and down on my dick. I broke our kiss, looked her in the eyes and told her for the first time that I loved her. She looked back at me and with a tear in her eye told me she loved me too. Now she started really getting into our love making and was bouncing up and down on me faster and faster, then she had the biggest orgasm of her life as she dug her nails into my back.

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  I told her I was about to cum and she told me till fill her pussy with as much cum as I could. About that time my cock exploded in her and she screamed that she could feel it filling her as I cant cumming and it ran out of her over filled pussy into the hot tub. As we both came down from our orgasms I held her in my arms and told her that she is my soul mate. She said she felt the same and started crying saying it wasn't fair that she had to leave me. I told her that we will keep and touch and that I will visit her as much as I could. We stayed like that for hours and had sex 3 more times before she went home. The next morning I came out to wish her good luck and to tell her I loved her one more time. We kissed and as she rode off that was the last I saw or heard from Tiffany.

Well 20yrs later and back to the present day, the day started off like most other days I got up early and did my morning jog down the beach, then surfed a little even though it was kinda flat that day. So I went in fixed some breakfast and I was eating the phone rang and it was the store calling telling me that they had a networking and home theater install at a private beach home and the customer asked for me specifically. I thought this was weird since I had crews that did the work now and hadn't did any installs in 2 yrs. So I said o. k. and got ready to head out. As I pulled up to the gate to let me into the property I got a funny vibe about the place and rang the bell to get onto the property.

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  The voice that came over the intercom gave me goosebumps as it sounded like an angel talking to me. She said to follow the drive up and come to the front door. I got out of my truck and went to the door and rang the bell. As the door open I dropped my pad and just stared cause in the door way stood the most beautiful thing I had every seen and she looked me in the eyes and said "Hey Zachery long time no see" I thought my heart had stopped and time itself had come to a stand still, because standing before me was the love of my life, my Tiffany. With out thinking I reached out and grabbed her and kissed her right on the lips and as I did she reached around me and slowly slid her tongue into my mouth. We broke apart and as tears rolled down her face she invited me in.

Hope y'all like I will finish the next part and introduce the daughters if you wish me too.