My First, My Brother


 I had just turned of age but you wouldn’t know it by the look of me. I had hips that accentuated my narrow waistline and my breasts already filled a B-cup; Hair was beginning to sprout in places it never had before. I was really quite proud of the figure now reflected to me by the bathroom mirror as I ran my hands over it looking for any new changes. I didn’t hear Matt come bounding down the stairs and turned to find him starring wide-eyed at my naked form. “Matt, get out of here!” I cried. Blushing his eyes turned slowly to the floor as he left the room pulling the door shut behind him. I suppose I should have expected it as an old house like this did not afford one much privacy.
 We lived in a century-plus old home that still had an oil-fired boiler in the clay basement. The rooms were small and cramped for the most part. My parent’s bedroom was in the front of the house off the living room. The living room merged onto the office/den area was than merged with the kitchen. Mom’s sewing room was off the den and the only bathroom in the house was off the kitchen. In the bathroom was a door that opened onto a set of stairs that led to the attic, which had been converted to a pair of bedrooms for my brother and I. Only problem was my brother had to walk through my bedroom to get to the stairs and as I grew older I became more self-conscious about each trek.
 My brother, who is a couple years older than me, is quite the techno-nerd. He always had his nose buried in a book or he was bent over his workbench building one of his engineering projects.

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   He was tall and lanky for his age but had the most infectious grin, which could light up a room. When he wasn’t in school he was involved in some project the local community theater was putting on. He worked as a stagehand helping to build and paint the sets. I had ballet lessons after school three days a week and contemporary dance on the other two. Our mom kept us busy and didn’t allow television in the home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom but she really loaded on the after school activities. We rarely had time for fun and were at a loss for what to do with ourselves when we did have free time. I suppose that is probably why what happened, did.
 I had noticed my brother was acting strange lately and tried to chalk it up to curiosity. I would catch glimpses of him peeking at me when I changed or took a shower. I swear he would take every opportunity to bump into me or brush up against me. With our living arrangements he had a lot of opportunities.
 I remember it was on one particularly cold December Night that I climbed in to bed after piling it high with quilts. The heap of quilts didn’t seem to be much help in warding off the winter chill as I lay shivering in my bed. In the darkness I heard my brother’s door open and the quick patter of his feet on the bare wooden floor, which drew to a halt at my bedside.

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   “Sis, mind if I join you, it’s awful cold?” came his request out of the darkness. We had slept together in previous years so I didn’t see a problem. I raised the covers to allow him to crawl in and he was in, in a flash. Pressing his shivering form against my own. His shivering become more pronounced and from the darkness I heard his voice ask, “Mind if I hold you?” I sighed and rolled over to face him wrapping my arms around his quivering form. “Go to sleep!” I ordered and I felt his head nod an agreement as I drifted off. I remember how safe and warm I felt in his embrace. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I woke to the oddest sensation of warmth spreading through my body and my heart was racing. I found one leg had fallen back to allow a hand to insinuate itself between my legs, one finger was rubbing a bump there ever so gently. That’s when I realized one side of my nightgown had been pulled up to my hip. I asked Matt, “What’s happening?” He replied, “Am I hurting you? I’ll stop if I am. ” I had to think about that for a bit. Whatever he was doing it felt good and I really didn’t want him to stop. “No, don’t stop,” came my raspy reply. As time passed I found my heart raced faster and my breathing came in shot quick gasps, ripples traveled across my belly.

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   “It would feel even better with out our clothes on, you know?” he said. As I thought about this I heard him say, “You trust me don’t you?” That was a stupid question, of course I did. I sat up and pulled of my nightgown and I lay back down to turn and hold him again and found he was naked as well. I liked the feel of his bare skin touching mine and snuggled closer to him. I felt something brush between my legs and insinuate itself against the folds of my womanhood. I swear it throbbed against me. Now it was Matt’s turn to have difficulty breathing and this worried me (as Matt was seriously asthmatic). Quietly I asked him, “Are you all right?” “No,” came his reply, “I need you to help me,” he blurted. I asked him how and he replied that he would show me. He pushed me on my back and lay on top of me. “Open your legs,” he demanded. As I did so I felt his hand fumbling between our legs and something pressed against my pee hole forcing its way in. It felt as if he was splitting me in two and I told him he was hurting me and to stop. His breathing was getting really erratic and I heard him say accusingly, “I thought you wanted to help me. ” Guiltily I replied, “I do.

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  ” “Than let me do this, you’ll see,” he rasped. Our pause had allowed my body to grow accustomed to this intruder. Again he pushed more of his girth into me and I felt my body struggle to accommodate him. The next push he seemed to bounce off an obstruction causing me to winch and wrap arms around his neck. Frustrated, I felt him draw back and his muscles tense as he lunged forward tearing the obstruction apart and causing me to bite down on his shoulder and tears rolled down my face. The pain had peaked, it now began to recede and I found myself trying to raise my body to meet his thrusts. Each time he thrust in he would withdraw more slowly only to thrust in harder and faster with each stroke. The world around me faded away until my entire mind was focused on the wonderful feelings this interloper was evoking in me. I felt warmth, which became a growing flame deep within my body. His pole’s thrust fanning the flames of my desire. The deeper he drove, the deeper I wanted him too. I was disappointed when he withdrew and rejoiced when he drove back into me. My hands stretched behind me to anchor my body and give me leverage to raise my hips tilting my pelvis up to meet his harder and faster.   I was having difficulty catching my breath and the muscles in my body were drawn taut by my desire to achieve, what? I finally felt his pubic hair entangle with my own and thought he would stop. I was wrong he became a man possessed, he would pull his pole almost out of me only to drive it in with all his might driving the wind out of me.

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   Whatever he was doing, my body was helping him do it. By now both of us were gasping and groaning. Something changed deep within me and I felt the tip of his pole swell and something hot slammed into my body triggering a series of uncontrolled muscle spasms in my body. I opened my mouth to scream with joy and his mouth covered mine his tongue battling with mine. My arms shot around his neck and I held on for dear life as we sank back on the bed. We lay there for what seemed hours wrapped in each other’s arms his pole now shrinking in my body. He was my brother and I loved him for the gift he had shown me. Only thing I asked, “Could we do it again?” and I felt his pole begin to grow again.
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