My First Time with Aunt Linda


This story starts when my grandma died when I was 11 years old.   Grandma died of liver disease and Grandpa took it very hard.   Within a couple months of her death, my parents, my two younger sisters, and I all moved into Grandpa's house so he wouldn't be so alone.   My aunt Linda, recently divorced, had already moved in a few weeks before having come back from the city she was living in with her former husband.  
At the time, Aunt Linda was 26 years old and one of the prettiest women I had ever seen.   She was a petite 5'2" tall and about 115 lbs. with shoulder-length dark brown hair.   Linda had a great ass, nice legs, and big 34C breasts.   During the summer, she had a habit of wearing short-shorts and tight t-shirts that really accented the size and perkiness of her big tits.
Of course, being 11 years old when I first moved into Grandpa's house, I never noticed these things about her nor did I understand the sexual comments some the of the older boys on the street would make about her when they saw her outside in the front yard or bending over in her short-shorts digging something out of her car.   To me, she was just Aunt Linda.  
It wasn't until almost a year later when I started going through puberty that I started noticing Linda as a woman as well as the voluptuousness and sexy shape of her body.   I especially noticed those full tits!  Also, I began to understand the comments the other boys in the neighborhood made about her and wondered what it would be like to squeeze and suck on those big tits and to get a piece of that ass.   I knew it was wrong to think of my aunt in this way.   After all, she was my father's sister.   But I was a boy with raging hormones and I couldn't help it!  Just the thought of seeing Linda naked was enough to make me cum really hard every time I jacked off in the shower thinking about her.

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For the next year or so, I noticed everything about Aunt Linda from the dresses she wore to work that showed off her legs and the size of her boobs, to the sometimes-short nighties she wore which she never covered with a robe, to the ever-popular short-shorts and tight t-shirts.   I used to love catching her standing next to the refrigerator in her nightgown with the door open looking for something to drink.   All the while, the light from inside would shine through the thin nylon fabric allowing me to catch a glimpse of those gorgeous breasts!  It was almost enough to make me cum in my pajama bottoms right then and there!  Then, she would notice me standing there but apparently not notice how my gaze was fixed on her tits.  
"Did you want something to drink?", she would ask.
"Um. . . yeah. ", was about all I could muster to say while I snapped out of my daze.
Unfortunately, when I was 13, my parents, sisters, and I all moved to a house Dad rented for us.   Luckily though, it was only 4 doors down the street.   However, it disappointed me not to be able to live in the same house with my aunt Linda because it meant I wouldn't be able to see her in her nighties anymore.   But since Grandpa was old and Linda was a working woman, it was still my responsibility to do some of the household chores such as taking out the trash and mowing the lawn.   Of course, I always tried to do these things when Linda was home.
One Sunday morning, I walked down the street to Grandpa's house to remove the trash from inside.


    As I walked towards his house, I noticed that Linda was home since her car was in the driveway but Grandpa's was not.   Apparently, he was out having his coffee and biscuits at a nearby diner as this was his routine every morning without fail.   I assumed Linda was sleeping in because I knew she had gone clubbing the night before.   Thus, I entered the house with my key as quietly as I could so as not to wake her.   But I did hope I would see her before I finished taking out the trash.
As I walked into the kitchen and over to the trash can to pull out the full trash bag, I glanced down the hall and noticed Linda's bedroom door was closed.   "Damn", I thought to myself.   "She's still asleep. ".   To my surprise, as I'm pulling out the trash bag from the can, I hear the toilet flush from the bathroom down the hall.   Then the door opens and out comes Linda wearing a short pink nightgown!  My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw her and how I could see the color of her nipples showing through the material of that flimsy nightgown.   I nearly spilled the trash all over the kitchen floor as well! 
When she saw me she said, "Hi!".   I saw that she was carrying a bottle of Pepto-Bismol in her right hand and while she shook it as she walked toward the kitchen, I noticed how the motion made her big tits jiggle like crazy!  I had an instant hard-on.  
"I'm a little hungover. ", she said, referring to the Pepto-Bismol.

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"Did you have fun last night?", I asked.
"Yeah. Too much fun!", she responded laughing.
"Are you okay?", I asked with concern.
"I'll live. ", she answered.
Meanwhile, I was still fiddling with the trash bag while I studied Linda in that nightie up and down while she took a dose of the medicine.   There was an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as she turned around to look at me.   Finally, she spoke up.
"You like this nightie?", she asked sheepishly.
"Um. . . yeah, Linda.   It's nice.

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  " ,I stammered.
She giggled.   "Just nice? You don't think it's sexy?"
It took all my courage to respond.   "It's very sexy.   It's the prettiest one I've ever seen you wear. ".  
"Aww!", she said obviously flattered. "That's why you're my favorite nephew!"
I responded with a goofy laugh. "And you're my favorite aunt!"
As Linda moved closer to me, I picked up the scent of her perfume.   I wanted so bad to rip that nightie off her right then and there! But again, she surprised me as she put her lips to mine to give me a warm sweet kiss.
"You're growing up so fast!  I'll bet you'll have lots of girlfriends when you're older!" ,she said.
"You're already my girlfriend, Linda!"
Again she giggled.   "You're so precious.   Tell me.   Have you ever seen a woman's body up close?"
Embarassed at the question, I answered "Well.

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  . . . . no.   Only in magazines and movies. ".
"Well. . . " Linda said, "judging by the size of that banana in your pants I think you'd like to see mine.   Am I right?"
"Boy, would I!" ,I said excitedly.
"Well then.   It's time for me to properly educate my favorite nephew!"
With that, Linda took me by the hand down the hall to her bedroom.   When we got there she sat me on the edge of her bed.

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    "Just relax. " ,she said.   "It's time for Sex Education 101. ".
Linda grabbed the sides of her little pink nightie and pulled it up and off over her head.   Those big 34C tits bounced free and I nearly fainted as I got my first real look up close and personal.   "Study me all you want and feel free to touch whatever you feel like touching. " , she instructed.
Of course, the first thing I went for was those large tits.   I caressed and kneaded them first. Then I nuzzled them with my face and kissed and licked those delicious nipples.   Linda obviously loved it and moaned with pleasure.   "Mmm. . .

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  . Are you sure you've never done this before?" ,she asked.   "Uh-uh", I responded, the whole time never taking my mouth off her gorgeous boobs.  
"Geez, you're really turning me on.   You have such a gentle and passionate touch. " ,she purred while stroking my hair. Finally, when I had enough fun with her tits, I kissed my way down her stomach.   Linda started moaning even more.   As I got to the top of her little pink bikini panties, I noticed that they were wet right where the crotch was.  
"What is that?" I asked her referring to the wet spot on her underwear.
"Those are my love juices, Honey. " ,she answered. "They start to flow when I get sexually excited. "
"So I'm exciting you?" , I asked innocently.
"Yes, Baby, you are!" ,she said.

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With that response, I just had to look at what was underneath those wet panties.   I put both pairs of my index and middle fingers just inside the waistband of Linda's panties as if to pull them down.   As I did that, I looked up at her face to see how she felt about my taking them off.  
She nodded in approval. "Go ahead.   Do whatever you want with me. "
Without hesitation, I pulled those little pink panties down to the bottom of her ankles.   She stepped out of them and kicked them aside.   Linda was now totally naked in front of me and what a beautiful sight it was!  I took a good long look at her neatly trimmed pussy and saw how swollen the lips were.   I also noticed the sweet musky scent eminating from it.  
Instinctively, I started to kiss and flick my tongue at her hot wet pussy.   Linda was really moaning now.   "Oh Baby, that feels sooo good!  You are definitely my favorite nephew!"
After a little while, Linda laid back on the bed and spread her legs.   "Keep doing what you were doing. "  I laid my face between her legs and really started eating her out.

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    She tossed her head from side to side and tugged at her hair as I pleasured that sweet pussy with my mouth.   Finally, Linda screamed, "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum!"  At that moment, she exploded her hot love juices all over my face.   I did my best to lap them up as best I could.
As Linda came back down to Earth, she said "Now it's time for Auntie to pleasure her favorite nephew!"
She instructed me to lay on my back while she undressed me.   First my shoes and socks came off, then my shirt, jean shorts, and underwear in that order.   When my underwear came off, out popped my rock-hard 7-inch cock.
"That's pretty good size for kid your age!" Linda said excitedly. "Here comes your first blowjob!"
She first licked the tip of my cock then gradually put her lips around the head.   Before long, she began sucking on my 13-year-old cock like it the most delicious popsicle she had ever tasted.   The slurping sounds were driving my crazy and within a couple I was ready to burst.  
"Linda, I'm gonna explode!" I yelled.   In a few seconds, I was squirting a hot load of jism down her throat.   The feeling was so intense, I felt like I wanted to pass out.   When I regained my composure, I looked down to see that Linda was finishing licking me clean.   It was at that moment I realized my Aunt Linda was a cum hungry slut!
After that terrific blowjob, Linda moved up the bed to lie next to me.

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   "Did you enjoy that?" ,she asked.   "I loved it!" ,I answered enthusiastically.   
"Well, I'm not through with you yet!" ,she said.
With that, she parted my lips with her tongue and we proceeded to do some deep kissing.   Meanwhile, she used her hand to bring my young cock to full attention once again.   Then I began to hungrily kiss and suck on her big tits again much to her pleasure.
"Now I'm gonna show you how to fuck!" ,she announced.   Linda laid on her back once again and spread her legs.   She then maneuvered me on top of her so that my crotch met hers.   She then took my cock in her hand and directed it to the opening of her love hole.   "Now push it in gradually and when it's all the way in, start moving up and down slowly but move with me. "
As I slowly pushed my rock-hard cock into Linda's pussy, she let out a low and long-lasting moan.   "Okay, Baby, start moving. "
I did as instructed and moved my hips up and down slowly while at the same time she moved hers in rhythm.   I couldn't believe the feeling of my cock buried in Linda's hot wet pussy as it clamped down and massaged and pulled at me.


    Before long, we were moving faster.   My mind was in another place but I could hear us both grunting and moaning.   Again, it wasn't long before I could feel my balls swelling up with another load of cum.
"Linda, you're gonna make me explode again!" I said in an almost panicked tone.  
"Go ahead, Baby!  Give it to me!  I want to feel you squirt your hot sperm in my hot pussy!  Unnngh!  Unnngh!  You're gonna make me explode too!"
By now, I was pounding her pussy with all my strength while she used her legs to pull me into her harder and deeper.    The bedsprings were squeaking like crazy from all the movement.
At last, I heard myself yell as I unleashed wave after wave of hot jism in Linda's sopping wet pussy.   At the same time, she let out a scream as she experienced her own earth-shattering orgasm and covered my cock with her love juices.   I collapsed on top of her and we laid there hugging each other for several minutes.
Finally, Linda spoke. "Did you like that?"
"You're a great fuck, Aunt Linda!"
"Well then," ,she said.   "Let's do it again!"
We fucked again for a good hour all the while showing me different positions and bringing about several intense orgasms.
Afterwards, I finally did get around to taking out the trash!  When I got home, my mom asked me what took me so long at Grandpa's.
"Oh nothing.   Linda was showing me something.

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Man, did she ever!

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