Topic: MY FLIRTATIOUS MUM Pt. 1 I spot my mum at it.    
 My mum's kinky flirting set my young girl juices have a younger brother Roy,a dad generally in the background and a flirtatious kinky mother. Mum like myself aren't film star material,but we seem to have hidden attractions. At this time,I had passed my super sensitive pre-puberty; - Oh god my breasts are showing,all the boys will look mum,stage. - Mum had explained how & why my body changes will start attracting males,she emphazied 'all' males,which missed me at the time. She also explained in some detail how I could expect my inner pussy lips to peek out of my vulva,how they would have a little bean as she called it under where they joined at the top which was sensitive when touched and men always tried to get in women's pants by rubbing it given the chance.
 She didn't need to explain further,I knew about men fucking women and boys hoping for the same for that matter. I was still very private regarding these bits on my body when around the home and in the vicinity of males. On the other hand,mum showed a far more flamboyant way with her sexy bits. She would giggle and say, "If you've got it,flout it girl,that's why god gave them too women" Often this was followed with a swinging of her breasts. 'Mum I could never do that what you do' "Give it time girl,you'll understand what its all about when you're ripe"
 I more or less understood what she meant by,me being ripe. So,with pert breasts and hard nipples,I'll get to my wishing to be a hypocrite I confess,although I hid my sexual bits I had given to trying to see others sexual bits. Nearest to hand was my father and brother and of course my mum. As a heterosexual,the males in my life were what drew me at this time. I found it reasonably easy to see dads cock and balls,he'd think nothing of leaving the bedroom or bathroom door ajar.

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   So quite often as I passed intent on a good look,he turning with nothing on showed me his bits and I especially liked the muscle flexing of his ass cheeks. He appeared to be completely oblivious to this except when mum pointed out he shouldn't flash his daughter. He just said "don't be daft,it made her"
 But my real target was my brother. Two reasons were uppermost for this; one because I knew he was forever trying to catch me with my bits showing. This also made it like a competition which I knew I was winning. Two was curiosity. I had recalled that when we were quite young and bathed together,his appendage always attracted me. It was big even as a kid. I knew this because I'd seen his mates at various times to make a comparison. Now I was sexually aware,I was determined to adjudge this appendage in comparison to dads.
 Up till now the nearest Roy had got to seeing me was a glimpes of my breasts and that was so short,to me it didn't count. None the less,just after I,knowing he was in his room crept near and I could distinctly hear wanking taking place. Acting disgusted,I confided to mum I'd heard him wanking leaving out,he'd seen my tits and was shocked by her response. "Again! I'm sure I had nothing showing when he passed me just now" I was even more disgusted,my own mum intimated she knew her own son wanked if he saw her bits. I just went to my room,where the more I thought of it,the more I found it arousing.

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   Till I finished up fingering myself to an orgasm. How filthy is that I thought!
 From this I decided I'd watch to see what my brother and mum found to get excited over with each other. Following from this a completely different scenario also titivated my senses. Me being left at home alone,my brother turned up with his mate. I knew this mate had an eye for me and I for him although I hid this fact. Horsing around in the yard,I became the target of some suggestive handling,not all by the mate. I twigged where this was heading as they were pushing and dragging me towards our shed. In the melee,I knew one of my breasts had popped out the bottom of my bra' and the handling of me had made my now growing nipples hard.
 I also felt Roy's mates hand on this tit but was not sure if he had it in his hand not realising all between use was my thin blouse. As my brother now lifted my both legs off the ground as his mate held my body under the arms and on my tits,to me I was on a looser,especially because my brother not only now had a look on his face telling me he had seen his goal only covered by my flimsy panties,but more to the point,my neck was being poked by what could only be a hardon. A glance confirmed it was one of two as my brother also was protruding at his crutch.
 With hidden strength I lashed out,although unintentional,the back of my hand caught Roy's mate on the nose and blood started pouring down his shirt. I was promptly and un-ceremoniously dropped to the floor. 'That was stupid,look what you've done to his nose,lets get to our sink and stop it' SORRY! but I knew what you were at,trying to get me in there. Holding a wad of cotton wool to his nose,Tim (My brothers mate) clarified,he just wanted to play with my tits.

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   Yeah,you're mad thinking I'd let you in front of my own brother. 'No,he wouldn't have seen us,he couldn't have,he was going to pull your knickers down to have a look up under your skirt at how much pussy fur you've got. So there's no way he'd see your tits from under there would he'
 It was such a stupid statement,I wanted to crack skulls. But at the same time I got a buss out of just what lengths my brother would go to,just to get a look at my furry bit. It also added imputus to seeing his cock,because what was hitting me in the neck was nowhere near as what I spotted pointing towards my thighs in my brothers trousers. We done what we could to wash blood off Tims shirt and they parted company from me for his home,leaving me now disgusted with myself for thinking what might have happened to me if I'd not fought quite so hard.
 With the thought,what if I'd let my brother see and what if Tim had played with my tits and coupled with my mother's comment. "They all try to get in your panties by rubbing your bean,I found myself on my bed doing just that until my orgasm took over and shook me to my very roots. There I was again,wondering how big it was and why did mum get dirty telling me Roy wanked off to her. OOPS! someone's home. Without further ado,I pulled my knickers on and appeared down stairs like the innocent I was. Hi you lot,what's for tea? Roy was with mum and dad and that was that.
 All evening as we sat around after tea and dad had gone off to the very shed I'd nearly been carried too,I watched to see if I could see what my brother Roy got hot over with mum according to mum. After a while mum true to form went off to get herself into her bedclothes and I followed suit. I loved doing this,because as I doned my PJ's I never wore panties under and it felt so free around my middles.

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   I also was conscious that if I happened to be sat with my arms resting on my drawn up knees I could feel the PJ's pressing against my pussy. I was sure when dad was sat in he tended to glance in my pussy direction more often than was good for him,but mum never twigged this and after all,he let me see his without quibble whenever I chose.
 Mum on the other hand sat always in the same place on our settee and had a habit of sitting on her heels. This I thought would be uncomfortable but she seemed okay with it. She always seemed to be slightly askew though when sat like this. I knew also that like me she always discarded her pants when she put on her,in her case,nightdress. Roy never changed his clothes till going to bed as did dad. Maybe it hid more than their thoughts I guess. Roy never failed to sit on the easy chair opposite to mum and of late I'd noticed it gave him a good view of me if he looked my way,which he did much more since I'd given to changing clothes like mum.
 So on this occasion I on seeing mum shift to her favourite sitting style went out to the fridge had a cool drink and returned taking a glance at what if anything Roy saw of mum. As I went behind Roy's chair,I stopped and whispered, 'I've said nothing about earlier' but my real reason was to have a lingering look at what Roy could see. Typically,mum had reached sideways and in doing so while trying to reach a newspaper,her breasts were swinging sexually inside her silk night attire with the Vee neck showing some cleavage. But more to the point,by her reaching,the back of her nightdress had dangled allowing a portion of her thighs/ass cheek to be seen,even to the extent that a few of her pubes around her pussy sides and certainly a bit of her lips were before my brothers eyes.
 She sat back,looked at me still behind my brother's chair and questioned. 'What are you two conspiritors up to now' Nothing we chirped in harmony, 'That's alright then,sometimes I got my doubts about you lot,you're to much like your father' Ah! that was a stock statement for most things.

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   Sitting back down I attempted to make sure I really was tight across my quim because surprising to me I felt a twinge seeing mum show,even if inadvertently her pussy to my brother. I could just see enough to know it had an effect on Roy,which in turn was now having its effect on me. Just how big was he now?
 It took a while,but then Roy got up and headed for his room. I could see he had,had to wait for his hardon to subside. Cheekily,I said to mum all grown up. No guesses for what he's gone up to do! 'Again? never,not that quick,you're obsessed with him doing that,have you caught him at it or something'?  Flushing up a bit,N-O,its just so obvious,whenever we change into flimsy stuff,after a while he disappears. She shocked me again. 'If you'd seen what he got to do it to,its bigger than your father's and you've seen his,you'd be less surprised'. I felt myself feeling hot and slightly embarrassed at the flat reference to me looking at dad's.
 How did you then? I mean,see it to know? 'Never you mind,but it wasn't dangling like you seen dads I can tell you' You're so dirty mum, - curious now,- how did you ever see it like that? 'Never you mind,but that's for me to know and you to wonder,but rest assure,I have and it is' I'm miffed at this,there's me wanting,so desperately to see it and mum like the cat that got the cream and unknowingly tormenting me blind. Or is she knowingly tormenting me? 'It'll come I'm sure,you just got to be patient if you really want to see it' I didn't exactly sulk off to bed just after,but I went up now wondering again what I may have achieved if I'd let myself get taken into our shed.
 As I left,dad appeared at the door just as I tried to go through it. Close and in a certain way he squeezed my ass cheek with, 'You off to bed chick' I didn't realise it was as late as that' 'night then' another squeeze. I went up a bit happier because I'd cheated a squeeze without mum twigging. That squeeze had a certain sliding of fingers along my bum crease that no one knew about almost like the couple of times I'd seen dad with a half hardon.

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   He always flushed up on those occasions and even tried to hide it without much success.
 Then it happened,it was purely accidental but I got my answers all at once. Like any other day our family routine just happened. Like a normal day I appeared home as I thought first. I'd forgot this day was slightly abnormal,in that Roy and mum was doing their thing together and as far as I knew it was out of our home. Wrong! Whatever their original plan was,a new plan had developed. I was given sometimes to mooching off home from my job with my bosses consent very occasionally. This was one such an event. On arriving home I was slouching on my bed when I realised mum and Roy had arrived home. Mum was giggling and Roy was saying 'Come on you know you want to'
 'Dont be silly,that's too dirty,anyway,your sister is on to you,she know's what you get up to when you do' I put two and two together and realised the "you do" was when my brother has seen mum's tits or pussy. My hearts pounding in my chest,If to dirty is what I think it is. No wonder mum has seen Roy hard and no wonder he wanks so much. I'm tempted to sneak out and look what they're up to,but frightened I may get spotted thus bringing everything to an end,whatever they are debating doing. 'Ah,come on mum,just this once eh! let me just a little bit then' I hear some rustling noise which I can't work out followed by mum giggling, 'Fucking stop it now,what if someone was to catch us'? 'I'll do it quick then,just let me do it'
 By now this is driving me mad.  I snuk out on the landing and look down.

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   I freeze and feel my pussy twitch all at one and the same time. There below me,my brother is doing to mum what his mate said Roy was going to do with me. His heads under mums skirt and there's some pulling judging by his elbow movements going on. The rustling was still happening and I realise its an underskirt that makes her overskirt flair out. Mum giggles again as she tries to hold my brothers head. 'Stop it,you were only suppose to look not touch' I can now see her panties have already been taken off and are on the floor to one side. She jerks and grabs at his head. 'Don't you dare,N-O-O stop you shouldn't even know about those things,N-O-O please N-O-O what would dad say if he thought I'd let you ----- lick me'
 I know my brother seemed old for his years but I'd never till now even thought of that and there's my younger brother trying to lick mum's pussy. I so needed to play with myself on the bed but I just couldn't drag myself away from seeing what would happen next. What did happen, was mum opened her legs even wider and I knew Roy was being allowed to do it to her. Mum's head was now looking up towards me but unseeing as she had her eyes firmly closed so tight. She was bending her legs out and in and mumbling rude words. I didn't listen as by her movements I was living ever jerk of her body,I knew she was feeling what I did when I masterbated.
 Then she came,her hands grabbed at Roy's head as she tried to push her pussy harder at his face. Her legs were bent so much she looked a foot shorter.

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   'Fuck! We never ought to have done that' she said as my brother's head reappeared from under her skirt. His look was a picture,he knew he'd had what he wanted,then with even more neck,he took his cock out. I'd now seen it,fuck it was hard and huge for his age,I could see he had about eight inches with a thickness about half again as much as our dad's. Mum looked at it,Roy waggled it. 'No don't be stupid,that's just too dangerous' Roy caught her hand and placed it on his hardon. 'No Roy. we mustn't you can't persuade me to let you,now stop it right now,I told you no in the first place' Persistent little swine my brother,he pulled mum's skirt up again and rubbed it against her thigh. 'Come on I'll only take a minute and anyway,you were trying for this each time you showed me your pussy,its cruel to let me see it and now say I can't' Mum was listening as he pressed ever nearer to her body.
 'Just this once,alright'? She now held his cock and was placing it at her hole. 'Push in now' He thrust and I realised I'd just seen how to get it up me. Mum grasped at Roy's ass,he at her's and enthralled I watched my brother as he fucked and came deep inside mum. They hung for a few minutes,then. 'Quick now,pull it out and put it away before we're caught,it must be getting near to your sister coming in. Roy grabbed mum's pants,grinning, 'We better put them in the wash' 'Fuck off you little swine,stop gloating at your mother,I never intended for you to shoot it in me,I'm all soaking wet,what if you've made me pregnant'? 
 My brother saying nothing made to come up stairs with his cock still swinging from his groin nearly as hard as when he put it in mum. I shot out of sight knowing my pussy was also soaking wet with my juices.

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   Laying on my bed I had to figure out how to appear without them realising I'd been here all the time.

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